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TiPins Titanium Tent Pegs

Lightweight titanium pegs
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  • - Lightweight titanium pegs

TiPins Titanium Tent Pegs

Pack of 6 uberlight full length titanium tent pegs


Sorry, this option has now sold out. We do not currently have a restocking date. - Si Bourg

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These super light titanium pegs are made to a usable length and good for most ground conditions.

The 3 mm diameter rod makes these tiny terrors strong enough to penetrate hard ground. However, titanium doesn't mean indestructible so treat them with the respect titanium deserves.

Big Nick says "camping just doesn't get lighter than this!"

Key features
  • Weight per peg: 6.5 g
  • Titanium
  • Ti-Pins are 16.5 cm long, 3 mm diameter
  • Pack of 6
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

4 Reviews


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Great weight saving option

I have an old TNF Tadpole tent and replaced the v heavy stock pegs with these. They've done 4 OMM overnight camps and assorted other trips with no problems at all. Fraction of the price of Ti pegs from elsewhere. Recommended.

Do the job they were designed for

If you expect these to work like a full weight peg then you'll be disappointed but if you accept their limitations they work well and trim a few grams. I carry a mix of these and sturdier pegs for a compromise between weight and robustness.

The right pegs for the right job.

As with all things you get what you pay for and lightweight comes at a price. Also, thin tent pegs are not suited to certain ground conditions.
I got these to put in with my tents as spares and due to them being so light I'm not going to notice them in my pack.
Their tiny diameter makes me wary of their strength so I've treated them with care and placed them sensibly and they have been fine.
Due to their tiny diameter I wouldn't trust them in sandy or muddy ground but I have found them to excel in gravelly soil where they can slide in between the stones where my usual v-pegs can't.
I would want them as my only type of peg but having some of these with my tent has been excellent. I also need to add that these are excellent value for money.

John clarke
ti pins

don not bother with these 6.5 grams titanium tent pegs ,they really are a complete waste of time .half of mine bent into almost a complete circle.i have had them by different brand and they haven't been this bad these are the worse lightweight tent pegs i have every owned i dont know what grade titanium alpkit used in the making of them just avoid and go for a tent peg about 8 or 9 grams

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