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Ordos 3 ultralight backpacking tent

3 person semi-geodesic ultralight backpacking tent weighing 1.6 kg, designed to maximise comfort and strength for its weight and pack size

Ordos 3 - ultralight and compact 3 person backpacking tent
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  • Kelp - Ordos 3 - ultralight and compact 3 person backpacking tent
  • Chilli - Ordos 3 - ultralight and compact 3 person backpacking tent
  • - ultralight and compact 3 person backpacking tent
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Mountain Marathons, transcontinental bikepacking trips… sometime a lighter pack and a good night’s sleep can make all the difference. 

Ordos 3 is our lightest 3 person tent. Perfect for ultralight adventures, its semi-geodesic construction with central ridgeline design creates a stable and dependable shelter, offering maximum liveable space for its featherlight weight.

Colour-coded webbing make the single hub design even simpler to pitch, a pre-attached rear guy rope means it’s field ready straight out of the box. Additional guy ropes are included to increase stability when the wind gets up.

To help organise your wares, the tent porch doubles as a storage vestibule with integrated ventilation channel, interior hang loops and mesh stash pockets in the inner are ideals for those smaller bits, pieces, torches, or gloves.

The tent fabric is ultralight yet capable enough to cope with the demands of trailblazing through the wilderness. The light panelled inner gives ventilation whilst keeps the insects out. An optional footprint protects the groundsheet.

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • Ultralight 2 pole semi-geodesic tent for fast and light backpacking
  • Inner pitch first
  • Ridgeline construction gives a spacious feel
  • Single door and vestibule
  • Pitches with 6 pegs, supplied with 14
  • 120 cm x 86 cm vestibule with integrated ventilation channel for storage
  • Mesh and polyester panelling on inner for ventilation and warmth
  • Two mesh stash pockets for organising your gear
  • Internal hang loops for torch or gloves
  • Factory-taped seams using waterproof, solvent-free polyurethane tape (PVC & VOC free)
  • Bathtub construction keeps moisture out
  • Colour-coded webbing makes pitching straight-forward
  • Outer can be pitched on its own
  • Pole system with press fit connectors, lightweight hubs and eco-friendly anodizing
  • Footprint optional
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Vital stats

Sleeps: 3


Total weight: 1595 g
Flysheet: 500 g
Inner: 500 g
Poles: 435 g
Pegs: 92 g
Guylines: 34 g
Tent bag: 19 g
Pole bag: 9 g
Peg bag: 6 g


Packed Size: ⌀14.5 x 46 cm


Outer: 100% Nylon ripstop 15D x 15D/186T x 154T PU3000 mm
Inner: Mesh: 20D polyester No-See-Um; Panels: 15D Nylon R/S
Floor: 20D Nylon R/S 3000 mm PU/Sil
Poles: DAC TH72M-6 Aluminium
Pegs: DAC TH72M-6 Aluminium J-Stake
Other: Buckles: Duraflex; Zips: YKK

Origin: China

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What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Steve H Mountain
Lots of nice extra features

I bought the Ordos 3 as a bigger 2-man option over my Wild Country Zephyros 2 (which has just enough size for me). It's still almost as light, but has headroom and a proper porch! I've used it twice so far, and very happy. The clip-in fixings are robust and easy to use, and I like the way that the groundsheet corners are colourcoded orange for the porch end. Pegs are robust, strong and light as well.
It's performed well so far... looking forward to using it more!

Gary Bacon
Travels with my Ordos 3

In 2015 my wife and I travelled to Romania with a dozen Explorer Scouts to work in a children's home - our chosen home for the two weeks we were there was an Ordos 3. We used it for various training trips wild camping in the UK before taking it to Romania - whilst there is was also used for a trip in the Carpathian Mountains.
We then used it again in 2016 when we spent 4 weeks backpacking again around Romania including a high camp at the foot of Mt Negoiu where it stayed up when all other tents were blown down - yes, the tent was way out of its depth (we should have had a mountain one) but it performed admirably.
It is roomy, light and easy to pitch - oh yes, I have used on two mountain marathons as well.
I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Great Value - and not so bad in the wind!

Agree with previous reviews - spacious tent and great value for money. Have used it for 3 adults on short trips with no problems. As a 2-man tent, it is positively palatial! As a bonus, it's light enough to use as a solo tent if you don't have the money for a quiver of tents and you don't want to bivvy out.
Used it this January in Scottish Highlands in severe winds and it held up well, with only a bent pole to show for it.
Agree that the inner is flimsy but that's hardly surprising! Little runs do appear, but no evidence of them turning into tears, so far anyway.
Overall, thoroughly recommend it.

Excellent value tent

First and foremost we bought this as a spacious wild camping tent for two people in favourable spring to autumn weather. The space for the weight of the tent is excellent, I am 6ft1 and there is plenty of length whilst sleeping. Head height is also excellent, and there is loads of room for two inside, however it may be a tad cramped if three were spending a lot of time inside. However there genuinely would be room for three adults to sleep in relative comfort.
Pitching is easy although it is inner first; however it is quick to put up and put the flysheet on, so would only be an issue in very heavy rain. It is also very easy to get a nice taught pitch.
We have used the Ordos 3 for around three months now, spending around 20 nights in it. This has inevitably (& nearly always!) included rainy nights, the tent has always stood up well to persistent rain and there are no issues with the waterproofness of the outer. The bathtub floor has a fairly low waterproof rating and does get slightly damp when the ground is wet, this has been easily remedied by using a footprint.
As mentioned previously, this was bought as a fair weather tent, and we were fully aware when buying it that we were not paying for a bombproof 4 season tent, even so far as one of the Alpkit guys telling us that its not good in windy conditions (one of the many great aspects of alpkit - their down right honesty!) however we have used it twice in very windy conditions - once just off the summit of Glaramara and once on a campsite on the far North West coast of Scotland. Gusts when in Scotland were forecast overnight 40-50mph (and they felt like it), the campsite had around 15 tents camping when we went to bed, and when we woke up at around 7:30am only two tents had survived; a Terra Nova Voyager and our Ordos 3. The Ordos stood up very well to the wind - it did move about a bit, and the wind was hiting it side on so the centre pole was moving slightly, but only when there was a particularly strong gust. I wouldn't want to use it in anything stronger than those winds, but for a tent that was sold as 'not been good at all in wind', it stood up brilliantly to strong winds. We even heard the couple who were camping next to us comment "look at that tent, its not even moving" (it was, just not as significantly as theirs!)
One addition that would benefit the tent massively would be an additional guy point in the centre of both side walls, the side walls do have a tendency, owing to the large surface area, to be blown against the inner in wind conditions. You can mess about with the pitch, and adjust the guylines to limit this happening, but two additional guylines would eliminate the problem entirely.
Another issue is condensation; the only vent is located above the door and is relatively small, and the inner is mesh, so condensation does build up within the tent fairly quickly.
Space within the porch isn't brilliant, but given the internal space of the tent there is plenty of room for stuff within the tent, so its not proven an issue.
So far this has proved to be a very good lightweight two person tent, and provides excellent value for money, and a fantastic weight to space ratio. With the addition of a vent at the end of the tent and two additional guylines this would be a fantastic three season tent, but for the price you really can't go wrong. Another example of why Alpkit is great.

Great little tent but desperately needs the footprint as standard.

We bought the tent had a quick work it out in the garden and then took it on an out and back weekend hike. The only place left at the campsite was at the top of the hill in an increasing wind and the tent went up really easily, we are quite experienced campers but even so the design did help. Then it rained serious rain and blew all night, well I think it did as the tent does not move much we both slept well after a hard day. Although only one night the tent stood up really well, packed away easily and is nice and light weight.
The only grip I would make is the complete lack of availability of the footprint for this tent and it does need it! What are yo thinking in your production cycles and plans surely one for each tent is a must, make it a standard component if you don't want to take it leave it at home but at least you have the option - WE DON'T! First time Alpkit has let us down in their approach, in all other aspects I fully recommend the is tent for two, tons of room, light weight and tuff.

Could be the greatest, but..

A great tent. Cycle toured with it on the Rhine route last year. Loads of room for two, plus all panniers etc. Only downside is the the inner. Its mesh is to weak. There are some bad ladders, especially around the door way. I doubt it would now stand up to an ant fest. Only gets normal tent wear and tear. I am very careful with my tents.

Good design, spacious, lightweight

Recently bought the Order 3 tent. Used it as a solo tent and also with my two children. Very spacious, lightweight and stable. Easy to put up, and good ventilation. The mesh on the inner is very lightweight though and several runs have started to appear; this mesh material is (in my opinion) just a little too lightweight and could do with being a slightly heavier denier. Also, the zip in the door only opens one way (i.e. not from the top). Overall, a good tent, but you need to be careful not to snag the inner (and most of the inner is made of the lightweight mesh).

Cautionary tale.

I bought the Ordos 3 due to it's excellent size to weight ratio and was not disappointed when it arrived. The tent is easy to pitch but you will need to buy more pegs if you want to use all the supplied additional guy lines.
We have only used the tent once to date and herein lies the cautionary tale. The tent was pitched carefully in a Cairgorm breeze and when my wife got inside she noticed two 'runs' in the mesh of the inner tent and a number of other potential runs. These will inevitably soon become tears.
I contacted Alpkit about this problem and they told me that other customers have reported the same issue. They do not believe that the 'runs' are due to a manufacturing problem and that the inner must have been snagged in use. I would dispute this.
I was not expecting the Ordos 3 to be as bombproof as my trusty Macpac Minaret due to it's use of lightweight materials but didn't expect it to show so much wear after one pitching.
In summary if you buy an Ordos 3 do expect it to be light and spacious but treat the flimsy inner with extreme care or it will not last long without tearing.
Alpkit have suggested using sealant to stop the runs becoming worse but take no responsibility for the problem described.

Review of the first Ordus 3 2015 version

Like the size and weight ,I bought the 2015 version so Alpkit have upgraded since then,having used the 2015 in the lakes on breezy morning not that windy there was real issues when the wind hit the side wall which has no middle guy line (it has now on their latest design ) the wind was bending the central spine pole badly also what would have helped if there was some Velcro straps sewn in on underside of the fly sheet which then would have then been attached to the central spine pole simple really,so was this tent actual tested by Alpkit? before it went on sale in 2015?makes you wonder...............so the 2015 version is best suited for camp sites with no windy days am afraid.

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