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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Prism 100 aluminium head torch

With a strong waterproof shell, this waterproof aluminium head torch will shed light on even the most demanding environments.

Prism 100 aluminium waterproof head torch
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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

I confess: I am not the most coordinated of people. I tend to walk into things, trip over my feet and drop stuff. Unsurprisingly, my kit suffers for it.

Prism 100 is composed from hardy aluminium with a soft rubber head plate. This construction gives Prism 100 impressive durability. It has high resistance to impact and corrosion. So, if you are a little bit butterfingered like me, it will survive longer than most headtorches would!

With an IPX7 rating, Prism 100 can sustain being submerged in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes. So, if you drop it in the river you are crossing, it will be usable when you retireve it. The headstrap has a securing top strap making it ideal for runners, kayakers and moutaineers.

Prism 100 has a projection angle with free 180° movement and a burn time of up to 5 hours and 30 minutes. On maximum output, Prism 100 has a lighting range of 130 m. Weighing in at only 101 g, Prism 100 is a tactile 59 mm in length- fitting charmingly in the palm of your hand.

There are 4 modes of operation on Prism 100: high (100 lumens); medium (55 lumens); low (20 lumens) and 8 Hz flashing. There is also a lock mode to prevent accidental battery drainage. 

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • Aluminium body with rubber head plate
  • Durable: high impact and corrosion resistant
  • Free projection angle
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Vital stats
Main Light

Bulb: 100 lm XP-C Cree white LED
High (100 lm): 1 h
Medium (55 lm): 2.5 h
Low (20 lm): 5.5 h
Flashing: 5 h
IPX7 - temporary submersion to 1 m


1 x AA alkaline battery (included)


Weight:100 g
Size: 59 x 37 x 50 mm

Origin: China

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Best value headtorch I've ever seen

I see somebody said this was awesome, but dinged it a star for not having a wide angle mode. Sure, the main beam is tight and focused, but for £24 it's incredible value. Friends' Alpkit headtorches have always looked a bit flimsy to me so I stuck to Pretzl. The build quality on this one, however, blows every other headtorch I've seen in this price bracket (I'm thinking £40 or less, and I've not looked above that price point) out of the water.

Clearly then, it's due 5 stars. Sure, the beam is narrow, but that does at least increase your useful run time. If you're into an activity that needs a wide beam this isn't the torch for that job, but you should probably get one anyway for those times when you just want to see what you're doing, and don't want a piece of plastic crap to have fallen apart in your bag.

Mike Griffiths Outdoors
Packs a punch

I bought one of these just before a night navigation course I did in preparation for my ML assessment. It was awesome and wowed everyone including our instructor. On the night nav section of ML assessment it performed superbly in foul conditions. My only niggle is that it doesn't have a zoom/wide angle option. But for the price the build and quality are unbelievable. Just buy one - you won't be disappointed.

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Prism One of the best Waterproof Head Torches for Running

Prism takes the muddy race test

Waterproof, value for money and lighting output rolled into one package. Well worth consideration for obstacle racing. Great Value Powerful and Submersible Head Torch for Night Time OCRs

Muddy Race

Muddy Race November 2015 - Muddy Race