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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Lampray camping lantern and mobile phone charger

Lampray camping lantern and charging station


  • - Lampray camping lantern and charging station

196 lumen camping lantern and charging station for illuminating your camp life, with USB power output to recharge mobile phones.

This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Illuminate your night with Lampray. 196 lumens of light is splayed from this little guy, and his small small size make makes him easy to stow in your bag ready to brighten up gloomy day.

Lampray has a few tricks up his sleeve too. Not only is he rechargable via USB, but he can charge up your phone as well!

Lampray comprises of an attachment clip to allow for easy attachment inside a tent, on a tarp, a tree or even on a portaledge half way up a bigwall. But even better than that, Lampray includes a sturdy internal magnet for attaching to vans, cars, beams and any other metal-ware.

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Key features
  • Magnetic base and clip for easy attaching
  • Charging station for your phone
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Bulb: 1 x Cree LED (not regulated)
Lighting distance: 14 m
Waterproof: IPX5

Brightness / Burntime

High: 196 lm / 8 h
Mid: 100 lm / 12 h
Low: 10 lm / 110 h


Power: 3300mAH Li-polymer battery
Charge time: 5 hrs

Charging Station

iPhone charging time: 3 hours


Weight: 146 g
Size: ⌀6.5 cm x 5 cm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

12 Reviews


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jon caveman
Just brilliant

Thanks Alpkit for this absolute gem, charge your phone, light up the entire camp or read a book... this will step up and produce the goods.

Brilliant photon production device.

Beautifully made and well designed. Outputs an Impressive, even wash of light. Battery lasts ages.

An excellent bit of kit

I've had one of these for about 2 years. It sits in my truck from one week to another. It's great for lighting up the back on a dark winter's morning. Just find something made of steel and the magnet will hold it in place. It's robust as well as I discovered when I forgot it was on the back door when I slammed it shut. It can be hung by its carabiner and made a good awning light on holiday. It can also charge a phone.

Best Camping Light!

Extremely impressive light for camping & over night trips. Lots of settings, great battery life and very bright at max setting.

Extremely impressive piece of kit

Extremely impressive piece of kit. OK it’s a light, but it’s a bright (196 lumen) light, with some of the finer details that make it excel. I've had one for a year and think its a worthwhile investment.

First of all it utilizes a CREE LED (CREE are the leaders of LED tech), powered by a high capacity 3300mAH Li-polymer battery. One charge lasts for 3 days of camping on the mid-setting (100 lumen of light from the dome is plenty enough especially using the hanger clip attached to the tent ceiling).

The mag-mount is strong enough to provide reliable light when working on the car (the bright glow is better than directional light from a head torch).

Plus a great backup charger from that that high capacity Li-polymer battery, ensures that your phone / Garmin stays charged (tested it on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and it happily feeds it juice).

Could only be improved by having a replaceable battery. I'm assuming the light uses a fixed 18650 type cell, which typically sell for £15, so you can see why this light isn't cheap!


Brilliant design, very impressive. Great amount of globe light that fills the entire tent with a warm light, recharges easily and gets you through the night if you need to quickly top up an electronic device from it. Does come with charger cable.
Used it in our tent, recently in a tipi and outside in the evening in an event shelter.

Awesome little light

This thing is so great. It kicks out an impressive amount of light for its size and weight. I've been looking a a simple small decent rechargeable lantern for some time and this really nails it for me. We actually plan to use it when car camping with electric hookup as it's bright enough and less hassle than our mains light.

Ed Barham
Lampray lantern

Just received the lampray and used camping in the garden with the kids this wk end-feels like a quality product, arrived charged and it DOES come with the charger cable, despite what the blurb says-bonus! Very bright, a nice 'warm' light, very much like a regular house-hold bulb unlike many other LED lights. Can't coment on charging or durability as yet but I'm sure (as with all alpkits stuff) it will prove a reliable piece of kit. Top notch! Cheers guys!

Top lamp

A really well thought out piece of kit. Hanger & magnetic attachments are really useful - under car bonnets and in the hammock. The option to charge phones etc is a bonus too. Not the cheapest, but light and very versatile; does more than one thing which is never a bad idea. Well done Alpkit.

Excellent lamp

Extremely impressed with this bit of kit, quality build and very bright. Great service from alp kit would highly recommend it

jon caveman

Had this for a few years now. its my go to light for ambience and flood lighting the camp area. it does it all. battery holds charge for ever. some may think this is a little expensive for light and I have to agree, but it does what is says on the tin.

Edward Ditherhands
Awesome device!

I used to take a usb chargepack to deal with my phone and power a string of fairy lights. This device now does that and is lighter, magnetic, hangable and also a very useful light without getting the fairylights out. Absolutely one of my favourite devices. A fully waterproof version would get a 5th star.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Lampray in Outdoor Fitness Mag

An innovative and extremely useful accessory for any overnight adventure or camping trip...

Outdoor Fitness - April 2019

Outdoor Fitness Mag - April 2019 March 2019 - Jen & Sim Benson

OM Reviews 2016/17 New Product

immediately impressive

Outdoors Magic

Outdoors Magic December 2016 -

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