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Blip flashing red LED caution lights

Red Blip Strobe mini bike light


  • Chilli - Red Blip Strobe mini bike light
  • Tarmac - Grey Blip Strobe mini bike light

Be safe, be seen with Blip: a twin pack of red safety/signal mini-lights that can be attached to head torches, backpacks, and jackets to be visible at night.

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Oh the places you can go with such a versatile little light. Blip can go anywhere and attach to everything. 

At 10 g, Blip is practically weightless. It can be attached to a head torch strap of 2.5 cm width and utilised as a rear flashing light; perfect for road running at night or commuting on a bike as an extra safety light. You could even attach it to the back of your rucksack, your dog’s collar or perhaps even your child.

With IPX5 waterproof rating, Blip should survive those surprise rain showers. It has an expected life of 95 hours. Blips come in as a pack of 2, so even if you lose one, you will have an extra one for emergencies.

Please note that Blips only have a strobe lighting mode, there is no steady beam setting.

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Battery: CR1632
Battery life: 95 h

Origin: China

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Fantastic VFM, nice and bright

These are great little lights and are considerably cheaper than some of the other options available elsewhere, but are of at least equal, if not better, quality.

I’ve used them on my dog’s collar so I can see where he is when he’s off lead at night (on the beach, in fields, etc - not on the street). They’ve not been affected at all by rain or when he’s decided to go for a swim.

I’m so impressed with them I’ve shared them on my personal Facebook page and I’ve actually ordered a few for friends with dogs. They’re so good, I’ve even ordered some for friends in Denmark!

The lights clip easily onto a collar but are more than secure enough that they won’t fall off or move around, meaning they stay visible on the back of the collar. The “open” style clip means they can be attached to a click buckle style collar, whereas some of the competition need to be “threaded” onto a collar, restricting them to belt style collars. They’re really easy to switch on/off and the flash is both noticeable and bright. I’m sure they’d also clip as easily onto any sort of strap, be it on a rucksack, bum bag, cycle helmet or similar.

I honestly can’t think of anything bad about them at all. Honestly, buy some. You really won’t be disappointed.

Cracking little light

Wanted something to use in varied places like back of pack, back of head torch and even on a bike helmet. First two are fine but attaching without any silicone or elastic is a little trickier. With a little 'hack' I managed to fit this onto the back of a helmet strap. The hack is to get some some velcro hook & loop one wrap (2cm wide) and cut length around 20cm. Then cut a bit of plastic about the same size as the 'hooks' at the back of there Blip (I cut up an old guitar plectrum). Rest the velcro around the back of the Blip (under the hooks) and then insert the plastic on top of the velcro within the 'hooks' at the back of there Blip. This holds in the velcro in. The velcro can then act as a 'strap' for the Blip. Simples.

The Life of Blip!

I recently ordered some new 'Blips', which I use on my dog's harness, because the first two I ordered have just failed - after EIGHT YEARS of use in all weathers!! Just proves how good they are.

Small but perfectly formed!

These lights fit perfectly onto my Gourdon 20 rucksac bungee straps. Extra lights at night for cycling home.

Happy dug

Bought these to attach to my wee dugs harness so that I don't trip over him on night walks. They do the job very well. Thanks.

Christopher Darby
Very happy

Initially I bought these for running at night.

I was training for a marathon and running long periods of time in just the moon light. I was paranoid of cyclists or cars not seeing me so I thought these would be ideal on the back of my head torch strap, and they were!

More recently I've put one on my back pack - ideal on my daily commute as an extra light.

Obviously your limited to what you can clip the lights on to, but for me they do the job I want them to do. Bargain!

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