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Tau lightweight bike lights

Tau rear bike light


  • - Tau rear bike light
  • - Tau front bike light

Bright and very, very lightweight front and rear LED bike safety lights. USB rechargeable with a wide beam to help you be seen

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Bright enough to blind you when you turn it on so you can be sure that other road users will also see you.

Tau+ front safety light offers 65 lumens of 270° ultra wide lighting with 10 m beam distance. 

Tau- rear safety light will shed out 20 lumens of 270° ultra wide lighting from the red COB LED strip

Tau is visible from up to 100 m and is water resistant so they will happily brighten your way even on the gloomiest of days and is impact resistant from 1 m.

Switch protection prevents any unwanted battery usage and battery capacity indicator will let you know when the juice is running low.

Only 22 g including the USB rechargeable battery and LED lights that never need replacing will keep you light and bright for years to come!

Key features
  • Attaches with sturdy rubber band for quick fitting
  • Lightweight, only 22 g
  • 5 different lighting modes
  • Water resistant
  • 2 hrs charging time
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Tau+ (front)

Lumens: 65 L
Run time: 4 hrs
Beam distance: 10 m
Beam intensity: 25 cd

Lumens: 30 L
Run time: 8.5 hrs
Beam distance: 7 m
Beam intensity: 13 cd

Lumens: 10 L
Run time: 30 hrs
Beam distance: 4 m
Beam intensity: 5 cd

Flashing 6Hz & 3Hz:
Run time: 12 hrs


Battery: 3.7V 300mAh Li-polymer rechargeable

Tau- (rear)

Lumens: 20 L
Run time: 3 hrs (2.5 hours in colder temperatures)
Beam distance: 6 m

Lumens: 6 L
Run time: 16 hrs
Beam distance: N/A

Pulse flashing:
Run time: 15 hrs
Flashing 6Hz & 3Hz:
Run time: 18 hrs


Battery: 3.7V 300mAh Li-polymer rechargeable


70mm x 29mm x 18mm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

16 Reviews


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I bought these lights for my son's bike. They are far brighter than I expected, easy to fit, rechargable and not too expensive. Just the thing for the school commute. I am not sure how robust the rubber attachment will prove to be buta spare is provided and if it breaks I can easily improvise with a piece of elastic unlike conventional bike light brackets. I think I need a set!

Wash at 30 degrees for best results...

Great light with a good run time and a variety of settings.
So good in fact I have just ordered my second (rear) Tau because I (incorrectly) assumed I had ruined the first by putting it in the washing machine. Well turns out if you leave it for a few days to dry it’s just fine. A light so tough it will survive Immersion in 30 degree water and 800 spin cycle! Alpkit quality!

Ian Williamson
Fantastic little light

A fantastic little light that offers real value for money as a pulsing rear lamp. Easy to mount, easy to charge, long run time and robust construction.

Lord Frog
Tau front and rear lights

For £28 a pair these are just great - I ride primarily in the daytime and so for flashing lights to let other people know you're there these are just great - they last forever on a charge too, easy to fit, charge quick - what's not to like

Tough, versatile and bright

This is one of the best rear bike lights I've ever owned: it charges quickly, is easy to use, is fantastically bright, stands up to all the mud and rain I've dragged it through and shows no signs of letting up. Just wish I hadn't lost the spare rubber loop somewhere..

Tau Rear light

I've been trying for a while to find a light that would fit an aero seat post and not move about. This is it. The nice people at the Hathersage shop were so helpful and got one out the box to help me test out to see if it would work. It did brilliantly and for £14 you can't go wrong!

Tau back light

Good kit had mine over a year and no problems used for commute and night rides on full you can't be missed . Have a front one on order . I have a few alpkit products all good solid stuff and I spread the word cos you go wrong with stuff

Great kit!

These lights are really excellent. Very very bright if you want it and they charge with usb cable. Want to buy more for family.

Peter Urwin

I purchased the rear light and I don't see why you would buy anything else. It's very lightweight, barely noticeable on the bike when turned off and does the job of getting you noticed when turned on.

Survived a 40 deg wash

Had a white one for getting on for a year. It's used as an additional/ forgot to put the proper bike light in the bag, light. It's bright, though not directional and the battery lasts me a week of 15-20 minute rides home. The band is still going strong after a year of use, and it survived the wash in a jacket pocket!

Light, tough and bright enough

Purchased as a lid light and mounts perfectly on the back of a Bell Zephyr without adding excessive weight. Unit is nicely made with decent quality materials that don’t feel brittle and the one-piece rubber pad/USB cover is clever, though the seal could be tighter on the USB port. The switch is easy to find and operate with gloves on too. Run time is good and I get 2-3 two hour rides out of it before needing to charge. Does exactly what I needed it to for a decent price, with back up from a UK retailer.

Tom B
Good Marker Lights

I first purchased one rear light to try, rapidly followed by another, then a front light. The rears in particular serve well as a stand alone light especially when you use a few of them. The front isnt really sufficient as a stand alone light - especially not a see where you are going light, but again perfect for additional markers and is better than most pound shop offerings. I find the battery life is more than acceptable and in the summer far exceeds the estimates on the site. I am always skeptical of these type of lights that fit on with an elastic band, but so far so good and unusually the silicone is showing little sign of breaking down which has been an issue in the past with similar products.

Must be removed from bike to be charges - Not sure how the silicone bands will cope with this over time.
Charging port seal is poor - but no issues yet.
Low battery warning is too short and easily missed.
Excessive packing.

Great little light, but long term reliability not what I'd hoped

I've had one of these since 2016, used it pretty much every day as a day running light, and it's finally died three and a half years later and won't hold charge. It still works, but only for five minutes.
While it's worked it's been fantastic. I wanted a light that I could just leave on the bike all the time to use as a flasher in the daytime while commuting to the train station, and a backup light at night. The battery lasted for days. Bright enough to gain attention in the daytime, but not so bright that it dazzled at night.
The *only* fault is that I'd hoped this would last for 5 years (or more wink, and it hasn't. But at £5 a year to stay safe, it's still a bargain.

Gary MacLean
Bright but poor run time

Bought four of the Tau rear lights for commuting. I run two on high on my seatpost and they're certainly nice and bright. Pulse mode is also good.
But the run time is very disappointing. I run these on high for 45 minutes each way on my commute and they don't last the whole way. So the claimed run time of 3 hours is nowhere near accurate. I wouldn't expect to get three hours but I also wouldn't expect half that to be acceptable.
I've been in touch with Alpkit to advise them and they offered a refund which is fair enough. However I've kept the light and advised them that the run time on the description really should be updated.

So great lights, light and bright and easy ti fit but runtime is only half of the claimed time.

Light lights!

Not as bright as I had hoped, cheaper Aldi COBs are much brighter but these are very lightweight and small. Tau will stay lit for longer too, up to 3x as long. Best suited to extended riding in bad light and at night rather than being seen in the day. Would like to see a full power flashing option as that would make them almost as bright what I use currently with less weight and bulk. Charge quite quickly with supplied lead which fits nicely. Well made, as I now expect from AK.

Tau front light

Disappointing bought this light to be seen.
On 2 week tour, day 1 driving rain, 40mph headwind light gave up sometime during that first day. I had back up in my trusty Alpkit Viper headtorch. Thankfully. Iwill send this back as might have been a faulty unit!

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