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Parallax [Mens] lightweight waterproof trousers

Parallax waterproof over trousers
Pre Order : 12th February 2020


  • Black - Parallax waterproof over trousers
  • - Parallax waterproof over trousers

Lightweight waterproof trousers with a breathable 2.5 layer fabric and comfort that's made for movement


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Stretchy and quiet waterproof trousers, with a neat cut to eliminate excess fabric but still allowing superb freedom of movement. Forget what you hate about waterproof trousers, these are lightweight, packable and comfortable to wear whatever the activity.

The 2.5 layer fabric is soft and quiet too, but still fully waterproof and breathable with 20K HH and 20K MVTR performance. Check out how our 20K/20K fabrics stack up against other brands and you will see just how good these pants are. You get adjustments in the form of an elasticated waist with drawcord, plus half length water resistant zips and VELCRO® Brand tabs at the cuff, so you can pull them on over your footwear. Weighing about the same as your average sandwich, they also pack away into their own mesh stuff sack for stashing in your pack.

Inside leg measures 32".

Also available in Women's

Product Insight
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Key features
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Nice slim, stretch fit
  • Elasticated waist
  • Knee length zip for fitting over boots
  • Active, articulated fit for active pursuits
  • Taped seams
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

2.5 layer fabric
PU membrane
Hydrostatic head: 20,000 mm
MVTR: 20,000 g/sqm/24hrs
Inside leg 32”
Weight (g): S: 190, M: 195, L: 200, XL: 205
YKK Aquaguard zips

Origin: China

Environmental Considerations

We treat all our waterproofs with PFOA-free DWRs, cutting out some pretty nasty chemicals. Unlike our insulation and sleeping bag ranges, our waterproofs are not yet PFC-free. We’re still looking for a PFC-free DWR that’ll provide the same long-lasting performance for waterproofs, but we are working on it!

We make gear you’ll love for longer: gear that lasts; gear you’ll use, repair, re-use and pass onto someone else when you’ve finished with it. That’s why all our products have a three-year Alpine Bond warranty as minimum. We’ve always thought that the most environmentally friendly product we can make is the one that gets used the most and lasts the longest. So that’s what we do - it’s pretty simple really.

Product Care Information

The better you look after these trousers, the better (and longer) they’ll look after you. Well, when we say ‘look after you’... they’re not gonna make you cups of tea or bring you breakfast in bed, but they will keep you nice n’ dry. And the good news is: it’s dead easy to do.

1) After you’ve finished going nice places and doing good things, treat your trousers to a wash at 30°C with either a dedicated Tech Wash (like Grangers and Nikwax) or pure soap. This keeps your trousers breathable by stopping the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating from getting clogged up with dirt and skin oils. No one likes sweaty, clammy waterproof trousers.

2) If they’ve stopped beading (rain soaking in rather than forming droplets), you can reactivate the factory-applied DWR by sticking them in the tumble drier on a low setting or applying a cool iron to them (under a tea towel).

3) To keep your trousers beading, you’ll probably need to top up the DWR once or twice a year using a Grangers or Nikwax re-proofer. You can find out more about why this is important here.

If you’re still a bit unsure about washing your trousers, you can also take it/send it to our Ambleside store’s waterproof washing service and we’ll sort it all out for you.

Size chart Trousers Mens


Measure around your waist at the narrowest part.

S 30 76
M 32 81
L 34 86
XL 36 91.5
XXL 38 96.5

Leg Length Size

Measure from the top of your inside leg at the crotch to the floor. Where not stated size is regular.

Short 30 76
Regular 32 81
Long 34 86
What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

20 Reviews


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Can't faulty these trousers.
Very light in weight and pack away very small so fit in my tiny rucksack (i'm a runner) and easy to put on quickly. Repelled a thunderstorm I got stuck in with minimal leakage, which was probably perspiration from my legs. I was on my way down from Great Dodd.
I'd deffo recommend these.

Light, breathable, waterproof.

As many have said already, these trousers are great for keeping the rain out, and breathable enough to prevent sweating. Wore these on the back end of a 62mile walk across the south downs, it stopped raining, but so unobtrusive, I left them on until the end of the walk.

James w
Great purchase

Bought as a bundle with balance jacket. Light, compact and waterproof. Zip bottoms so easy to get on and off. Wouldn't be without them.


Very nice fit and feel to these trousers. Kept me perfectly dry on various walks and even a 35 mile cycle. I managed to pull a zipper off one leg but popped onto the factory shop and they fixed it no problem.

Parallax Trousers

Bought these the other week. Ordered medium size which I found a bit small. Arranged a replacement large size which Alpkit happily organised and they are due for delivery today. Very happy with Alpkit's Customer Service.

great piece of kit

Arrived today, so I went straight out for a run in the freezing rain to test them. So far, so good. No rustling. Legs stayed totally dry, not overheated & no condensation. Looking forward to a longer test, but so far I'm really pleased.

The right trousers, Gromit.

Do exactly what they should with minimal fuss, stretchy, waterproof over trousers. As others have noted, they are good for 3 season use and not a burly pair of winter trews so insulation will be needed when it gets chilly; this means they are usable when it's warm and wet. Come with a wee stuff sack which is great for throwing in your bag.
When you make a newer model, could the zips be a couple of inches longer?
Size 9 big winter boots are a bit of a stretch to get over; doable with care.

Great trousers

Thoroughly recommend these. Bought for a 100km charity walk. It rained virtually non-stop for 12 hours. The trousers kept my legs dry and comfortable the whole time. Can't comment on durability as only owned for a month.

Ideal "just in case" overtrousers

I took these trousers for my GR11 walk last summer. Yes, they spent the most of the time in my backpack - taking almost no space in there.
When I did need them, they performed flawlessly. Kept me dry in persistent rain, deluge of the summer storm and while walking through wet, dripping forest.
Also used them as windproofing on a few dry but cold days - including scrambling up the Port de Baiau in fresh snow, which was probably pushing the design envelope a bit?.
Performance-wise with my Rab Latok eVent trousers for comparison: just as waterproof, do not breath quite as well and the superthin fabric doesn't provide as much protection from the windchill. To be expected as they are also about half the weight of Latoks (and about three times cheaper!).
Fabric is somewhat similar to Pertex Shield. Maybe slightly less breathable and more waterproof, with a little bit of stretch and matte rather than shiny look.
In winter conditions, when there is a good chance I will spend most of the trip wearing the hardshell, I would go with eVent or GTX, mostly for better breathability. For about everything else, Parallax trousers are perfect.
Once my ultralight Pertex Shield jacket gives up, I will probably replace it with Alpkit Gravitas smile


I was told that lightweight waterproofs wouldn't survive the Spine Race. Well these did, and they were bloody brilliant.

6 days, 268 miles through rain, sleet, snow, and river crossings. These deliver in buckets.

The trim fit cuts back on drag and the material gives just a bit of stretch making them super comfy for running and walking.

The ankle zip goes just high enough to get gaiters/boots (UK13) through without too much faff and the Velcro closures stop the flapping.

These have been through some crap in the last week and the zips and closures are still working perfectly. A bit of absolute top end kit.

Jon P
Mmm nice fit, feel and looking pant

I bought these pants a while ago and first wore them yesterday in Ambleside. Great fit, feel and not the usual 70's flared look. Put them on to keep off the chill as i only had leggings on. walking back to Ambleside from the drunken duck inn they kept my aching legs nice and warm. Can't wait for a downpour to test these pants. Thanks Alkpit for a great product and service.

Exceeded expectations

As sweaty beast I find it difficult to stay dry in normal conditions, let alone with waterproofs.
Not only are these waterproof, they're windproof, lightweight, compactable, they don't 'russle' and are very breathable.
The only downside is it can't get get them on over my boots. But they are 13s.

Packable and effective

I have a pair of 3 layer goretex over trousers for when the weather is nasty but they weigh a ton and spend most of the time in my pack. So the Parallax were bought as a lightweight option as emergency wet weather trousers. Worn in anger they were effective in keeping out the wet but allowing my body to breathe. The lightweight fabric doesn't rustle as much as my other sets although it also means it is less affective at keeping out cold winds. What really surprised me was how small they pack and little they weigh. Despite my XL size the packed size is tiny! I'm a 34inch inside leg and they are just long enough to reach the top of my boot - good enough. Their light weight means that they dont cut the wind and cold from your legs, Overall an excellent piece of kit that rivals my sons Berghaus Packlite 2 overtrousers but at around half the price.

The stretch stuff sack is a clever touch too!

Kevin Keely
great fit and utility

Really loving my new parallax trousers. I ran in them last night, didn't know they were on, no flapping about,no constantly pulling them up really good fit. excellent!

Brilliant kit

Wore these today in anger for the.first time in Scotland in proper Scottish rain, really comfortable kept all the weather out and still breath. Dispelled my previous hatred of waterproof trousers. made me realise how tired my wayerproof jacket is, next alpkit order on the way grin

Brilliant bit of kit!

Bought these Thursday, worn them in the Lake District today (Saturday) in driving rain. Completely dry and very comfortable. And as a bonus you don't sound like a crisp packet when you move! Small pack size, great cut, very lightweight and only £50! What's not to love? I always recommend Alpkit to my clients. Nice one Alpkit!!!

Great over trousers, though longer zips would be better

Great pair of waterproof trousers. Incredibly light weight and slim, so you don't get that irritating flappyness on windy days. The material also seems to be fairly soft with less of a plastic feel than other WP trousers. They kept me dry whilst hiking during some occasional showers in the alps.

My only slight grievance is how far the zips go on the legs. Unfortunately they are too short for me to pull over both my hiking and B3 mountain boots. Hopefully later editions can rectify this.

No pockets :/

These waterproof trousers would be perfect, if they had some pocket holes using the same zips as around the ankles.

Chris Gowler

Tried these out walking the dog across the fields, they are ok.

Will put them to a better test in the Brecon's next week.

They are supposed to come with a stuff sack, mine didn't so can I have a sack please.


Chris G

Gary Warr

Bought two pairs, both pairs leaked. Returned them for replacement. The seams had failed on the ladies, they offered to replace them when they get more stocks. Mine were a present, they took 3 or 4 months to come and when they eventually did arrive they leaked. But they apparently couldn't find a fault with them which is a joke as I wore them twice and they leaked both times, and not just a bit. I was soaked. Because they couldn't find out why they wouldn't replace them and added insult to injury by only offering a partial refund. I am absolutely seething.


After discussing with Gary we had another look at the trousers and were able to find some small snags on the inside of the fabric which is where we think the water was getting in. These passed initial testing but did let water through on further testing and so replacements or a full refund were offered.

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