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MytiMug 400

Alpkit Mytimug lightweight titanium mug


  • - Alpkit Mytimug lightweight titanium mug

400 ml titanium mug, perfectly proportioned for morning coffee and soup at lunch, the perfect cooking mug for lightweight heroes


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With all the charms of our MytiMug 650, but miniaturised! For those who are pioneering unchartered waters (or land), this peripatetic mug will tag along at little extra weight. 

This suave, sandblasted titanium is a mere 74 g (with lid) and is beautifully compatible with our other titanium products. It will nest neatly within the MytiMug 650 or MytiPot 900.

Perfect for your morning coffee, soup at lunch time, your afternoon tea and bed time hot chocolate (or even a hot toddy). 

Why titanium?

Titanium is one of the most abundant elements on earth.  Lightweight and very very strong.  It is super inert - this is a benefit environmentally as it is recyclable plus its resistance to corrosion

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Key features
  • Sandblasted titanium
  • 0.4 mm titanium
  • Flat base for easy cleaning
  • Titanium lid
  • Curled lip rim is fully compatible with our hanging Chainset
  • Collapsable wired loop handle can be used with gloved hands
  • Nests within MytiMug 650 or MytiPot 900
  • Goblet will sit inside (without lid)
Vital stats

Capacity: 400ml
Material: Titanium
Surface: Sandblasting
Weight without lid: 62 g
Height: 9.2 cm
Circumference: 26 cm (with handles)
Diameter 8.5 cm
Handle height: 5.7 cm
Handle depth 4 cm

Lid and bag

Lid weight: 12 g
Bag weight: 10 g

Origin: China

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John E
So good i bought a second!

Yet another piece of kit that i bought and realised i needed another! first one went to emergency kit in the car, then got a non emergency reason to use it and realised i bloody love the thing! Second one on the way!

Super lite

The final part of my new lite weight cook kit. The mytimug 900, mytimug 400 and my stormin cone stove system all fit inside one another to make a very lite cook kit that takes up very space in my pack. I'm very happy with my purchase.
Check out my youtube channel to see my cook kit - Sconjaoutdoors76.
Thanks alpkit

Spot on

Bought this as part of my kit for my first OMM. used with. Pocket rocket a full mug boiled in two mins. Very light and durable.

Makes me feel like a UL ninja

How very rude of me, I bought this ages ago and never bothered to sling a review onto the website.... shame.

This is the perfect ultralight cooking and sipping companion. I purchased a separate meths stove that fits inside along with a wind shield and now this cup follows me everywhere.

It brews well and doesn't give a metallic taste to your beverage of choice and because of the super efficient heat transfer of titanium it means after your drinks finished brewing you only have to worry about the drink scalding your mouth not the cup burning your lips... anyone who's ever used a steel cup on a stove will know exactly what I'm talking about here haha

It packs away and takes up so little space and weighs practically nothing. The mesh bag is a good fit and shrugs off dirt well, it also doubles well for grabbing the mugs handle which sometimes get a wee bit toasty but soon cool once taken off the stove.

only other thing I can think to add is that it cleans up well but let's be honest we all like the outside of our camping cookware to look a little charred because it proves that you use it and your not just a collector of very nice kit.

And in conclusion that's exactly what this is, we all spend a fortune on tents, sleeping bags and mats and a plethora of other camping kit but sometimes it's the little items that change the expariance and really make you smile. This is one of those items and I thoroughly recommend it ^_^

First impressions

Just arrived today. Tried out with new Koro stove. Big enough for a good cuppa. I won't be cooking in it, only boiling water to add to dried meals. Only reservation is that, due to it's small diameter, with the Koro on full, the handles get very hot so perhaps ought to have bought the 600ml size. Great service from Alpkit with nice little personal touches along the way.


diameter is only 7,5 cm outside - maybe it's a typing mistake but it means the usable volume is more like 350 ml - and I was wondering why it seems to be so small.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Titanium Cookware Review

Hands down our favourite are the utterly bonkers (and awesomely-named) Miyagi chopsticks which weigh a mere seven grams each


Mpora November 2016 - Mpora

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