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MytiMug 650 titanium cooking mug


  • MytiMug 650 -
    MytiMug 650

A perfectly sized titanium cooking mug for the soloist adventurer, can be used on a stove to cook your meal or just supping tea around your camp fire

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Pairs perfectly with our Kraku stove to give the ultimate lightweight cooking system for solo bikepackers, backpackers and adventure racers.

When all you have to do is think of yourself you can really pair things down. MytiMug 650 can be used on a stove to cook your meal while on expedition or just mooching around your camp fire. You can eat from it, you can drink from it, coffee doesn't taste quite as good as it does from a china mug, but it does have cowboy charm.

Why titanium?

Titanium is one of the most abundant elements on earth.  Lightweight and very very strong.  It is super inert - this is a benefit environmentally as it is recyclable plus its resistance to corrosion means it doesn't pollute air, land and oceans.  But it also makes for superb cookware as there's no metallic taste.

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Key features
  • Perfectly sized for one person
  • Collapsable wired loop handle can be used with gloved hands
  • Brushed titanium TA1
  • Flat base for easy cleaning
  • 0.4 mm titanium
  • Titanium lid
  • Curled lip rim is fully compatible with our hanging Chainset
Vital stats

Weight: 80 g
Height: 10.1 cm
External diameter: 10.3 cm
Internal diameter: 9.5 cm
Internal depth: 9.9 cm
Volume: 650 ml


Weight: 18 g

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

14 Reviews


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Thumbs up

Lightweight, good value and the perfect size for use as a pan / mug on solo trips.

The Hairy Faced Hiker
Myti indeed!

Absolutely fantastic bit of kit. Fits my soto windmaster stove, gas canister, collapsible cup and a cloth. Great cup with an incredible price tag. Added some sugru to the handles as they do pick up a good bit of heat and it works extremely well.

A must have bit of kit... Get buying!

Richard Creagh
All you need for a lightweight adventure

Very lightweight, small enough to take up very little space yet with enough capacity to boil water for most dehydrated meals as well as hot drinks. I love the fact that it fits a 100g gas canister, my Alpkit Kraku and a few tea bags inside, so my entire cooking system can be kept in one compact package. The mesh bag is a nice extra, and keeps a lighter or striker close by too without adding much bulk. 10/10.

Could not say no to the best bargain

I have been buying and using Alpkit products for a few years now, I don't generally leave many reviews for any company but more than happy to for the service you receive from Alpkit it's second to none.

This is my third Myti mug 650 ml, my first got damaged beyond repair by my own stupidity, so I quickly purchased a replacement which is still serving me well after a couple of years of abuse and undoubtedly it will continue to do so, I took advantage of the recent sales and picked up another, I could not say no the best bargain price, for me it is an essential piece of kit that's well designed and lightweight.
I you don't already own any of Alpkit's titanium cookware, then don't hesitate any longer, get some you wont be disappointed

Excellent piece of kit

Been using this for a couple of years now as my main cook kit. Stores my gas canister, mini stove, lighter and micro towel all inside the pot.
Use is primarily just to boil water for dehydrated meals, and use it as my brew cup.
Standing up to lots of use and working just as well as more expensive alternatives on the market.

Cracking mug!

Cracking mug with a big ego!
I love getting compliments from people when I whip this beauty out. I reluctantly tell them where it's from as I want to be the only one in the world with this great mug!
The lid keeps your brew hot, and the 100g can and Kraku fits great inside as well as a handful of 3 in 1 coffee sachets.
As usual it comes in Alpkit signature bag.
I cooked up a great meatball and sauce ready meal in it, having already read somewhere warnings of food burning to the bottom. So with this in mind, I had the Kraku turned right down and stirred continuously. No problemo!
Shane, bikepacker, adventure biker and charity fundraiser.

Buy it - its worth it

I wanted a mug that could also be used as a kettle and be ultra lightweight, but also be large enough to use for cooking in. Ive had this for about 2 years now and its got that well used look about it. Ive taken it on all my wild camps and also some long day walks in the hills but its also useful if you just need to hot up some soup when you get back to the car. Its got a lid with a ring, its got handles so you don't burn yourself. Its big enough to hold the smallest gas canisters, stove and anything else you can think of while carrying it.

M Smith
Great mug

Use for coffee, tea and dinner.
I use in combination with the Bruler stove.
The perfect combo.

Excellent product

This is one piece of cooking kit that i don't leave home without on a camping trip. Well made, lightweight and good size for all cooking needs and brew making!

Best Titanium Mug For Price

So much cheaper than most titanium mugs out there and is absolutely fantastic. Used it in conjunction with a coleman 100g gas canister and the AlpKit Kraku stove (which both fit in the mug) on a very snowy night in the Lakes and performed extremely well and kept my pack nice and light! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to slash the grams from their pack weight.

Great, hands down, solid titanium!

This is my only bit of cooking kit while out on solo trips. It's the perfect size for all of my dehydrated meals while holding approximately 2 1/2 cups max water. I can easily fit my snapwire foon, my Trangia, steel scour pad and measuring cup inside! Since most titanium cups/pots only come in 550ml-800ml graduations I really do appreciate Alpkit making an in between option. I've used over open-fire, alcohol and fuel only stoves. Cleans easily with a scouring pad. Titanium cools quickly so I'm usually able to just grab it by the handles no matter what I'm cooking over (don't burn ye-self just because I haven't yet) BUT while that's good, remember titanium doesn't hold heat as well so insulate the mug if you're trying to conserve on fuel by just bringing to a boil and letting sit.

I do wish it came with built in measurements on the side, and an insulating kit. Most pre-made options are for other mainstream manufacturers and I'm terrible at DIY!

My Best Bit of Kit!!!

Spent a lot of time (and money!) trying to find the best lightweight cookset/brew pot for walking. I finally found the Mytimug 650. It is the perfect lightweight kit. It is surprisingly big in terms of storage, mines holds gas, scourer, lighter, snapwire foon, folding knife, Sea to Summit collapsible cup and my stove! This makes it the best bit of kit I own. I take it on all my day walks which allows me to make a quick coffee and a spot of lunch. I can not recommend this enough for anyone looking for a new cooking kit or for those who are unsure what to buy. I'm only frustrated that it took me so long to find it. Top Effort Alpkit, your gear is by far the most reasonably priced outdoor kit on the market with free delivery and you donate to charity........ What is not to like?

Don't be a mug, choose alpkit :)

Does everything the premium brand titanium mugs can do at less than half the price. It's lightweight, it holds my fuel & stove when packed & the handle and rim stays cool to pick up and drink. Lids fits perfect and the mesh bag holds it all together nicely to stop things rattling about in the backpack. Great product highly recommended.”


As I cleaned my Mytimug today (all blackened and used looking) I realised how much I love it (weirdo). I use it, my Kraku stove and Skyhighe 1000 a lot and as well as being brilliant bits of kit that tick all of the boxes that they
need to, they are each a pleasure to use giving that ‘money well spent’ feeling with each use.

Ps note to anyone looking to purchase a mytimug, the kraku stove and a 100g gas cannister fit tidily inside a mytimug - brilliant

Keep up the good work, never change

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At 650ml, Alpkit’s tough and resilient Titanium MityMug can double for both tea and basic stove-top meal duties

Geographical Magazine

Geographical Magazine January 2018 - Dan Milner

Active Traveller: Lightweight Cookware

Superlight, multi-function, long-lasting kit


Active Traveller October 2017 - Active Traveller

Titanium Cookware Review

Hands down our favourite are the utterly bonkers (and awesomely-named) Miyagi chopsticks which weigh a mere seven grams each


Mpora November 2016 - Mpora

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