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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Kepler Long Sleeve [Mens] pure merino long sleeve base layer

mens thermal merino baselayer kepler nemo


  • Nemo - mens thermal merino baselayer kepler nemo

Premium New Zealand 160 gsm merino long sleeve base layer, made for running, riding, hiking and climbing

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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Alpine summer, Scottish winter, Autumn on the gritstone… Those merino sheep have catering for every climate down to a T.     

We use 100% genuine 160gsm New Zealand merino wool to ensure our Kepler long-sleeved top earns its place in everyone's outdoor layering system.

A staple in most people's layering systems, Kepler fits right in there with excellent performance over a vast range of conditions and is, quite simply, a garment that does many things really rather well.

Breathable, wicking, fast drying, and famously odour resistant, Merino can be worn in the hot, in the cold, in the wet, and in the dry: for all round comfort over extended durations, merino is our baselayer of choice.

Thumb retainers in the cuffs keep the sleeves where they're meant to be, ensuring that your wrists are protected from the cold - pretty useful when your activity involves a lot of reaching.

Flatlock seams and an anatomical cut enhance the natural next-to-skin comfort of merino. Kepler is designed to have a flattering fit that isn’t too ‘base layery’, so you’ll fit right in at the pub after a day on the hill.


The Kepler range uses beautiful ultrafine merino for a luxuriously comfortable next-to-skin feel.

With thermoregulatory and anti-microbial properties, merino wool is more than a match for day-in, day-out use across the temperatures in changeable mountain conditions, help you to stay fresh, comfortable, and protected no matter what the weather decides.

We use 100% natural New Zealand merino from non-mulesing farms.

Key features
  • Long- sleeved ultrafine merino base layer
  • Longer sleeves give added coverage and protection
  • Thumb loops keep sleeves in place
  • Ultrafine merino for softness and comfort
  • Anatomical cut and flatlock seams feel great next to the skin
  • Merino wool minimises odours
  • High warmth-to-weight ratio
  • New Zealand merino from 100% non-museling farms
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Fabric: 100% New Zealand merino, 160 gsm, 17.2 microns
Seams: Flatlock stitching


Weight: S: 174 g; M: 191 g; L: 192 g; XL: 207 g; XXL: 225 g

Origin: China

Product Care Information

The better you look after this merino garment, the better it will look after you. Give your Kepler a long, happy life with these tips:

Hand wash your merino in lukewarm water, or gentle machine wash.

Darn any holes as soon as possible so they don’t grow.

Avoid snagging, vigorous machine washing, putting your finger through the fabric, and hungry moths.

Size chart Baselayer Tops Mens
Men's baselayer top sizing chart
Chest (inches) 37" 40" 43" 46" 49"
Waist (inches) 30" 32" 34" 36" 38"
This size chart indicates the body measurements our garments are designed to fit. Measure yourself as described below, and use the size chart to find your size.
Chest: measure around your chest at the widest part. The tape measure should pass under your arms, and be level from front to back.
Waist: measure around your waist at the narrowest part.
Hips: standing with your feet together, measure around your hips at the widest part.
What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

11 Reviews


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Top Notch Merino

I've got a few merino tops (around two dozen). It's the only thing I wear. I wear it every day and all day. Some were more expensive than others. These Kepler long sleeve tops sit around the middle price point. They excel well above that in comfort. Seriously nice to wear. The colours are good too. Masculine without being too drab. I did have a couple of the Kepler t-shirts at one point which I found didn't wear too well with a backpack belt next to them. As such I won't use these for the hills until I get a good few years social wear out of them. I've not seen any reports of this being the case for other owners however so I may just have been unlucky .

Very warm and snuggly

Very pleased with my new base layer, I am 6'2" with a 40" chest and the Medium is ideal - thanks Alpkit

Brilliant piece of clothing!

New customer to Alpkit and this was my first purchase ahead of a trip to Iceland.

Just returned from those 10 days in Iceland and I wore the top constantly whilst trekking the interior. Worked brilliant all the time, soft and warm and not pongy as far as I could smell!

Back to order a couple more in the new year as a go-to top for daily use it was that impressive.


I've tried merino tops before, and this is the only one that doesn't feel like wool - this really feels (and looks) more like soft cotton. Used in July heat and November chill. If I do wash it it's usually to get stains from Chinese food or beer out of it, not because it stinks. Use the 'hand wash' proggie on the machine at 30°c and air dry. 1-3 weeks of running, hiking and casual wear without a wash is no problem at all. Generously sized.

Nick Coombes
Kepler merino base layer

I wore my Kepler long sleeve top last Saturday 3rd June for the Lyke Wake Walk - 42 miles across the North York Moors. It did what it says it will do... kept me warm in the cool morning (2am start) and was cool when the day got hot, which it did. No chafing, no rubbing, and no ponging after a solid 18 hours effort (we weren't quick!). Great piece of kit. Keep up the good work!

Mark Mulrain
Getting another one as soon as I can

Mine got slightly smelly after 3 weeks of constant use in the Himalayas. I'd have hated to have smelled some of the poly thermals my friends were wearing

Quality baselayer

Lovely, comfy, quality baselayer, does exactly what it's supposed to.
My only slight quibble it's it a tiny bit shorter in the body than I would prefer. To be clear it's not too short, rather just long enough. I'm 5,10" and not especially broad. I usually wear a medium in outdoor/mtb kit so might be worth sizing up to a large if you're on the cusp and you prefer a longer cut.
I've got the blue and grey one with a subtle logo and the colours look great in the flesh.

Overall I'm very happy with it!

Great bit of kit

Really good piece of kit. Very comfy and warm. Love the feature of the thumb holes and long sleeves. My only issue with it is the neck line is super wide and leave a lot of skin exposed. I'd like it to be higher/ tighter, so I don't have to wear a second layer underneath to close the gap.

Nice fabric but don't quite like the fit

I've had this tshirt for more than a year. The fabric is nice and stays odour free, but it doesn't quite fit me as well as I would like. I find the neck is to low and broad and I feel a bit silly smile

Good, but not fit

The neck line is too low, not too fit, size Mfor me is like L of other merinoshirts.
The rest is ok, no smell for days

nearly superb

a wonderful garment in many ways but,,,,,.The neck line is so low.I have to use a scarf/buff to stop the heat loss.Such a shame on a great piece of kit.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Second Summit Kepler Review

Second Summit put Kepler to the test

Hard to beat for the money. Well made, warm, dries well, comfortable and stays odour free. Great product from Alpkit, and one that would be well used on multiday trips. Order a size down if you like athletic fit.

Second Summit

Second Summit February 2016 -

Kudos for Kepler Base Layers

It wicks effectively, it's good on its own, with a wind or waterproof, or as the basis for layers on really cold days.


off-road.cc March 2018 - Jim Clarkson

TGO Magazine Reviews Kepler

the best value top tested


TGO June 2017 - Chris Townsend

Wild Running Top Mens Winter Running Gear

Sim Bensons ideal winter running gear

Merino wool base layers are normally the warmest, and as long as they are ethically produced you can feel happy wearing a natural fibre. I wear either my Alpkit Kepler (RRP £29) or my Howies short-sleeve base layer (RRP £45) pretty much all the time. They look great as well as performing brilliantly in all but the warmest weather. Synthetic base layers dry faster than Merino, but Merino retains its warmth even when wet

Sim Benson

Wild Running October 2015 - Sim Benson

Kepler Merino Review in Velome

Mountain biker Jessica Strange puts our Kepler Merino top to the test in South Wales

The top is really lightweight, soft and totally breathable which is ideal for a day's riding as I felt both warm and "airy"


my Alpkit Merino wool layer whist riding was really comfortable


Great quality, fit and features


Velome September 2015 - Jessica Strange

Wild Running Alpkit Kepler Top Kit

Jen Benson reviews her favourite running kit including Alpkit Kepler pure merino top

The Alpkit Kepler (RRP £29) comes in both short- and long-sleeved versions and provides a toasty base for any layering system

Jen Benson

Wild Running October 2015 - Jen Benson

Women Climb Kepler Merino Top Review

I love the design of this women specific base layer top. It looks as good on its own after a hard day of climbing as it does at the crag under all your layers. The people at Alpkit have clearly thought about every aspect of this garment and tested it out to create a beautifully designed and functional garment that is perfectly fit for purpose

Emily Pitts

WomenClimb October 2015 - Emily Pitts

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