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Illuminate your world with our small LED headtorch

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  • LED technology
  • You used to find them only in your TV and VCR but, with the invention of the white LED, their use has exploded into personal illumination devices. An LED is almost unbreakable and will last not far short of forever. The best original white LEDs originate from Japan and although all white LEDs tend to have a blue tint, cheaper copies tend to exhibit this characteristic a little more. Interestingly, LEDs do not emit UV light so will not attract bugs and insects.
  • Not all brands of AAA batteries are alike! Duracell batteries in particular have a shorter positive contact that may result in a bad contact. If your torch fails to function please check this point. We have found Energizer to be the most reliable.
  • Indigo requires 4.5 volts to function optimally. 3 NiMH rechargeable batteries with a combined output of 3.6 volts is lower than the 4.5 volts supplied by 3 alkaline batteries and may not be enough to illuminate all 4 Brighteye LEDs.

  • Indigo LED head torch

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I found the button to be overly delicate. 5 minutes after my twin 3 year olds got hold of it i can now no longer switch the front light on.

31 May, 2012 by Chris

Hi Luke, should be next week.

24 January, 2008 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

When is the new torch shown on outdoors magic arriving??

24 January, 2008 by Luke

In response to the difference in brightness comment earlier, I have just noticed that when 4 LEDs are on, each individual LED is dimmer than when just 2 LEDs are on, resulting in no overall difference in brightness! I’m sure some simple circuitry could solve this, or cut the cost even further and have just 2 LEDs.
Also, a little hook (perhaps on the battery pack) would be useful for hanging it up in a tent.
Good cheap torch though!

12 November, 2007 by James

Agree with Fraz, little difference between 2 and 4 LED’s, but was a great little piece of kit around the tent and campsite.

Not a patch on one of my mates Petzl. But mine cost a fiver ans his over £30 - no brainer!!!

06 August, 2007 by Phil Walker

I’ve got 2 of these, both have had the plastic buckles which hold the strap to the battery pack snap. One has also had a plastic strap loop at the front snap. Used the torch for a night time descent from the top of Ben Nevis in the winter after a climb and although it was ok, i was wishing for a brighter light (to be honest i think i was expecting too much). I’ve also used them in the tent at night which they were fine now. I’ve since bought a high spec Petzl but take an Indigo as a backup. I was kind of disappointed at their lack of robustness. A redesign of the strap attachments would make this headtorch hugely better and i’d then buy another.

14 July, 2007 by Paul

I am not a big fan of the wires going right round the outside to the battery pack- it makes it look homemade and increases susceptibilty of damage.. I have bought an aldi headtorch since for £3.50 which is a much neater and lighter design, which I generally now prefer to use.

16 June, 2007 by Bob

Excellent value. Note that it does not work with Duracell batteries which is a bore because they are commonly available. Solution - Carefully disassemble the battery contacts and a blob of solder on each contact to raise the height then it works fine with any battery.
I used it on the GR10 a 6 week trip, one of the plastic clips on the battery compartment snapped but sticky tape made a temporary repair. The batteries lasted the whole trip.

17 March, 2007 by Cliff

My light just died.

A year ago all the plastic clips holding the headband in place went, no problems gaffa taped it all up. This weekend the wire connecting to the LEDs broke off. No rescuing it this time.

Great product, not the most solid but have broken plenty of torches. Will be ordering another couple soon. I think they are great, fantastic burn time. I am not upset by the lasting ability due to the cost and the fact that I have had it for a while (since 10/2005).

09 March, 2007 by Robert Smith

Can’t go wrong at this price, but there are a coupla issues with strength - a coupla head band clips snapped off pretty easily and the contacts for the battery came loose. i spose making it stronger would bump up the price though which would avoid the point in it being so cheap.

11 February, 2007 by James

If an LCD headtorch can be produced for this price the branded names must be making a massive slice just for the name. Keep up the good work

27 January, 2007 by Rich

The Indigo’s are great, my D of E group will be delighted. Thanks for exellent service plus super products, keep up the good work!

10 March, 2006 by Bill

Excellent torch at a great price. Sadly, the first time I used it the clip on the side of the battery case which holds the headband broke off. Something to redesign in future? (Fringled a rubber band to fix it.)

01 February, 2006 by Sam

Thought I was the only one using it on a bike! Removed the headband ( without cutting it) the battery pack goes on the back strap, the lamp goes on the front,with a bit of duct tape and cable ties. Great for commuting - you can give drivers the Padington bear long-hard-stare, when they get too close. Buying another one as a backup front light on the road bike.

18 January, 2006 by Martin Beckett

Nice little torch. Couple of points though… There seems to be little or no difference in brightness between using 2 LEDs & 4. (Could maybe scrap 2 of them, or stick in more so it DOES make a difference.) Also, a strobe mode could be useful for cycling &/or emergency signaling. Otherwise, good product!

06 December, 2005 by Fraz

Ordered one for me - liked it and showed it round my colleagues and students. Ended up putting in an order for 25! With the bulk saving I was able to throw in 3 AAA batteries with each one and still make it under a fiver. Top bargain!

27 November, 2005 by Ken

I’m ded chuffed with my Indigo. Bought it at last year’s Outdoors Show and it’s given sterling service. The only minor niggle is that the switch sometimes doesn’t work first time - a small thing and hasn’t curbed my enthusiasm for the lamp. VFM is up there at 9.5/10 - well done!

25 November, 2005 by Jan

Good Merchandise, i only have one isue that one of the battries somtimes slips out of place

06 November, 2005 by Andrew

The Indigo has been modified slightly to make it even more reliable. The batteries now sit in a custom caddy that snaps into the rear battery pack. The elastic straping still comes in retro red.

17 October, 2005 by Alpkit [Alpkit]

Hi Piers, have you seen the new Silva L1 LED torch? It is supposed to have a 63metre focussed beam. At 70quid the best we could do is get Jim to strap 15 Indigos together but you might get mistaken for a landing strip.

24 August, 2005 by Alpkit [Alpkit]

Top kit used on the bike & fell + extended wild camping how about a really powerfull one to use on the bike?

23 August, 2005 by Piers Mortimer