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Dual Straps [Pair]


  • Dual Straps v.2 -
    Dual Straps v.2

Dual Straps [Pair]

Pair of straps for bike luggage purchased July 2015 onwards


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Dual Straps v.2 - designed to be compatible with our updated (grey) bike luggage webbing and buckles.

Use them to strap dry bags to your handlebars. If you are using our Airlok XTra Dual drybag or regular Airlok XTra the straps fit convieniently through the hyperlon tabs.

The buckles are compatible with post July 2015 bike luggage: Kangas, Koalas and Roo Pouches.

Key features
  • Max length: 77 cm
  • 2 straps
Vital stats

Buckles: Duraflex S.J. buckle

Origin: United Kingdom

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