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Cloud Cover Hydrophobic single goose down quilt

750 fill power hydrophobic goose down quilt. A lightweight and versatile alternative to a full sleeping bag

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For ultralight travel (and pure snuggability) a down camping blanket is a versatile piece of kit. 

But that’s not to say you should take your 50 kg duvet from home! Cloud Cover down quilt is made with a lightweight construction and a 200 g fill to keep you cosy in summer months and warmer climates or coupled with a beefier bag for ultimate-winter warmth.

The fill is 750 IDFB hydrophobic goosedown which means that it retains its loft better in damp conditions than untreated down. The corner attachments allow Cloud Cover to be mated with another quilt* or attached to itself to create a more traditional sleeping bag shape. A drawcord on either end can be tightened to keep the warmth in when the temperature drops.

With no zip, hood or foot section to speak of it is no surprise this is one of the lightest options you can find. Perfect for use in vans and as an emergency blanket to keep in the boot of your car.

Stays dry and retains loft up to 60 times longer than untreated down. It’s water based formulation is PFC-free and will not harm you or the environment. Absorbs 90% less water than untreated down, restoring performance much quicker.

The down we use in Cloud Cover is certified RDS (Responsible Down Standard). This mark indicates that the down in this product does not come from birds that have been live-plucked or force-fed, and that their welfare has been protected from the time they were hatchlings to when they are slaughtered. That’s good to know.

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • Draw cord at either end of quilt
  • 12 baffles
  • Nikwax Hydrophobic fluorocarbon free water resistant down
  • RDS certified: all of our down is ethically sourced, not live-plucked, and not force-fed
More images
  • Cloud cover detail closed -
  • Cloud cover detail footbox -
  • Cloud cover detail liner -
  • Cloud cover detail poppers -
  • Cloud cover open flat -
Vital stats

Fill: 90/10 Chinese white goose down; RDS certified, Hydrophobic Nikwax
Fill power: IDFB 750
Fill weight: 200 g
Outer: 20 D Polyester, 45 g/m2
Construction: Stitch-Thru


Weight: 520 g
Length: 180 cm
Width: Top - 130 cm; Bottom - 95 cm
Stuff bag size: 27 x 19.5 x 6.5 cm

Origin: China

It is not possible to give this product a temperature rating in the same way we can with our sleeping bags. Generally we would recommend its use during the summer months, or as an extra layer of insulation in the winter.

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What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Dave M
Versatile must have

I had this as a Christmas present and I've used it loads since. The best thing about it is how versatile it is and I think I've only just scratched the surface. I've used it as insulation inside a bivvy bag in the spring, inside a slight sleeping bag in the winter, as a blanket on the beach, in a train, on the sofa at home, I've even worn it as a long coat! It packs down really really small, is ultra light and warmer than your would expect.

Warm and light

Had a minor issue with the cloud cover Alpkit sorted it out in no time, used this bad boy in the lakes at 2000ft in a bivi bag it kept me nice and warm despite the cold wet/windy weather. I really like the weight as it its so light.One thing that I really like is that when Alpkit states the weight of an item it is usually spot on. Nice one guys

Tom G
Perfect for a hammock

Have had my cloud cover for a few weeks now and couldn't be happier. I have used it a couple of times in my hammock now and am hoping for lots more chances to do so, the cloud cover is the perfect thing for in a hammock easy to get in and out of, keeps you more than warm enough and is a fraction of the price of a branded hammock blanket. Thanks for providing such great products alpkit


Best bit of kit in my rucksack. £ 4 lb best value and performance.

Top notch

A great bit of kit. Really light, packs down tiny and warmer than you think it's going to be. Perfect for summer adventures.

good decision

Decided to take a punt on a quilt as I struggle to get a good nights sleep in my mummy bag any more as I get older. The cloud cover is definitely the way forward for me. Much warmer than its light weight suggests and lets me splay and roll about in comfort. I tested it with a cheap summer duvet this winter and was toasty. I reckon 2 quilts doubled up would be good for most seasons and give real versatility. Good stuff

Superb kit, for bag, house or car...

I wanted an alternative to a sleeping bag to keep in my car for emergencies. This Cloud Cover quilt fit the bill perfectly.

It folds down to a really small package, which means its virtually hidden away in the boot, or even used as cushion. However, when its open its a great size to either use as a full blanket, or folded in half as a car blanket over someone's knees at the start of a cold journey.
(Its used regularly and not just kept for emergencies)

It feels really good quality and is so lightweight, yet amazingly warm.

It IS expensive at £99, but it'll save your bacon one day and you'll be thankful of it i'm sure.

You'll not be disappointed.

A good liner option!

I used this last night in -2C as an extra liner inside a 3-season bag. Being February, I needed to beef up my go to sleeping bag (PHD Minim 400) without buying a completely new 4-season bag. Using this as a liner quilt works very well and it adds a season. The press studs allowed me to enclose my body warmth inside effectively and they didn't pop open during the night.

I am very tall (6ft 4), and the cover did not span the length of my body. I don't mind this - actually I am used to gear heightism, so I used a down jacket for my top half as I normally do and thick socks for my toes.

I also looked at the point-5 quilt by Alpkit, but I think this is more versatile due to it being able to be laid out flat like a proper quilt. If used alone the extra long draw strings could be used to tie under a sleeping mat, meaning you have a fixed down layer over you that is non-restrictive.

I am not sure how much warmth it would give on its own. Perhaps only suitable for very warm summer's night, or indoors use. But certainly an ideal solution as a liner inside another bag during Winter.

Mad Matt
A great option for boosting your existing bag

Used this over a winter weekend in the Lakes to boost my 3 season bag. Worked a treat. What more can you say really, oh yes I think at the price of 100 smackers this is great value . No idea if the hydrophobic bit actually made any difference, I was warm that is all that matters.

General use or sleeping bag boost

Great piece of kit. As others have said, I originally got this to boost the temp rating of my sleeping bag (pipedream 400), but so far haven't needed it for that. I have however used this round the house, to sleep under in a hut, to keep the family warm watching a carol concert in a cave and a bunch of other occasions. Great piece of kit for a bargin price.

Best bit of kit ever!

This is amazing! Was slightly sceptical when I decided to buy this, was sold by the positive reviews but the negative reviews stuck in my mind and I wondered if I was wasting my hard earned money. I can honestly say this is possibly the best £99 I’ve spent!
The Cloudcover has gone inside my sleeping bag for extra warmth on camping trips, it’s kept me toasty during cold nights on the sofa watching tv, it’s saved the need for a sleeping bag during overnight stays in overheated rooms and it’s kept me warm and comfortable traveling in the back seats of an uncomfortable combo van on two 24 hour journeys through Europe!
It’s lightweight and packs into itself via an invisible pocket. I can’t fault it. I’ve shown my friends and they are equally impressed. Love it, definitely 10/10!

Perfect hammock blanket.

I was nervous buying this after reading some of the comments about it being a bit short but took a punt and Alpkit have a decent returns policy.

Turns out i needn’t have worried. I’m just over 6’ and with the end clinched as a footbox, it makes the perfect hammock blanket and comes up to my chin.

Excellent - versatile in summer and winter

A great bit of kit. On its own, I find it warm enough for summer camping and hut/bothy use; when used inside a sleeping bag it dramatically increases warmth. It's much cheaper and more versatile than having separate summer and winter sleeping bags, and especially good in really hot weather.

I have only given it 4 stars as I think there should be a 'long' version. I'm 6ft and find it a bit short.

Popper issue

I own a black Cloud Cover and I subscribe to all the praise written by the previous reviewers. However, I think the use of poppers in combination with the lightweight fabric is a bit unfortunate. From the moment I got the quilt I was always very careful when unfastening the poppers because I thought they might get easily torn out. But a few days ago it took me just a moment of not being careful enough and I managed to tear one of the poppers out, with a lot of down flying out of the holes on both sides of the quilt.

Cloud Cover

Bought to supplement my OMM half primaloft bag and used at weekend on two night bike and bothy trip in Wales. Happy to report I was toasty and it has so far lived up to expectations. Will test outdoors with a bivi to see if it delivers. I recommend this as a lightweight option where space is limited

Cloud Cover

I was really excited about getting this, and when it arrived my first impressions were that I liked the little stuff pillow it forms when packed away, I can see this coming in handy on long journeys. Getting it out it seemed to be rather smaller than I thought it would be but good quality and with a few shakes it started to loft nicely. Having read some reviews I was a little unsure that it would be long enough (I'm 5'11) and it isn't really which is a shame, on my back with the draw cord done up at the bottom it just about covered my chest, although I did find it ok on my side curled up with knees bent. I also would like it to be a little wider, as a woman with curves to cover I found it could have done with an extra couple of ridges on each side, as when using it with the poppers done up it is too narrow to do up past my knees. That said, I do really like it, I used it for sitting out at night, first as a lap-blanket and secondly as a sort of cape with the poppers done up at neck and shoulder. Where it really came into its own was as a liner for my 2 season lightweight down bag (inside the bag with drawstring done up at bottom and pulled up to chin with poppers done up to knees. This was really warm and toasty and will offer more versatility throughout the seasons.

Should have returned it

My main issue is with the design of the baffles. The baffles run vertically from top to bottom rather than horizontally side to side. For me, this removes the main advantage of a down quilt. With a quilt made with continuos horizontal baffles you can shift the down inside the quilt, so that you can vary the loft of the quilt in the areas that matter, i.e. if its cold you can shift more down to the centre therefor increasing insulation above and to the sides of your body. If it is a warmer night you can do the opposite and move the down away to reduce the insulation properties.

With the design having vertical baffles, you cannot vary the level of insulation and will basically have down trapped in areas where it is of no use i.e. compressed under your body if you use it like a bag. In this case you pretty much have a less efficient and hoodless version of a pipe dream 200 for a weight saving of only 25g.

I wish I had returned it, but instead I modded it to bring the weight down. Eventually I think I will use the down to fill a homemade horizontal baffle quilt.

This is the first alpkit product that I have not liked in over 5 years as a customer.

Too short, too delicate.

The Cloud Cover is very light and plenty warm enough for a summer night but I have 2 major issues with it:
1) At not quite 5'10", pretty much average, the quilt is too short. Hung vertically out in front of me it's about 2" taller than I am. But later horizontally over shoulder, hips and legs it stretches roughly from nose to ankle. An extra pair of socks solves the resulting cold feet but doesn't stop the inevitable cold draught creeping in to replace the precious warm air. If you side-sleep, curled up this isn't a problem, but on your stomach or back you'll get cold feet and legs.
2) Press studs. The quilt fabric is very light and soft, ideal for comfort and weight. However the poppers are mounted directly into this fabric. The force needed to open a popper is very close to the force needed to rip the fabric. This is quite obvious on first inspection, so I decided just to be careful and pick apart the studs with fingernails.
Last spring and summer I remembered to do this but on first use this year I forgot, grabbed a handful of fabric each side and pulled as you normally would, ripping the quilt in 2 places.
Alpkit's excellent customer services are going to reinforce each stud free of charge but I don't know how much weight, pack size or drying time this will add. I will end up with something of a different spec to what I ordered.

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Cloud Cover quilt first look

Stuart takes a look at the Cloud Cover a 650+ fill down quilt

Sixty five quid! £65 is an almost ridiculously small amount of money to pay when you consider what you're actually getting.

Stuart Wright

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