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Carbonlite Twins trekking poles

Carbonlite Lightweight carbon fibre trekking pole


  • - Carbonlite Lightweight carbon fibre trekking pole
  • - Carbonlite Lightweight carbon fibre trekking pole

The lightest fully-featured poles going! A high strength-to-weight ratio means minimal fuss for maximum support and reduced impact when walking, crossing rivers, going downhill


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Lightweight, fully featured poles!

These 3 section walking poles are fully constructed from carbon fibre, making them uber-light with a high strength to weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance. The 3 sections allow the pole to be shortened to 63 cm so that it can be effortlessly strapped to your rucksack ready for use. The sections adjust with a very sturdy twist-lock mechanism so there is no slippage.  

The tip is composed of tungsten which has much greater strength and stiffness than many other usable metals. The EVA foam hand grips have low water absorption but offer excellent impact and vibration absorption as well as thermal insulation properties. The wrist straps reduce fatigue- they are easily adjustable with gloved hands with a simple pull motion and encompass EVA foam for added comfort. An optional extended handle is available to save you from adjusting your pole length every time the gradient changes.

CarbonLites come with trekking baskets and rubber feet to stop that bothersome clinking on hard ground.

CarbonLites are also available singly.

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Key features
  • Full carbon fibre shafts
  • 3 sections - Packs down small
  • Tungsten tip
  • Chamoix trekking baskets and rubber feet included
  • Comfortable EVA foam handle (fully rigid)
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Strap bearing capacity

35kg (BS ISO 7331:2010)


Total weight (per pole): 169 g
Maximum length - 134 cm (Tip to top of foam handle)
Minimum length - 62.5 cm
Handle length: 14 cm
Individual sections lengths: 52 cm, 50 cm, 48 cm

Pole diameter:
Top section - 16 mm
Mid section - 14 mm
Bottom section - 12 mm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

21 Reviews


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Good, light and more robust than expected

I bought these to use during 16 days on the John Muir Trail. In the past I had only ever used poles after knee operations or in the snow, so I wanted something light because I thought I probably wouldn't need them..... How wrong I was. I used them all day every day throughout the hike and many days since in different terrains.
I was concerned that light weight = not durable, but have had surprisingly good wear from them. Friends have also bought them, and whilst I am an occasional rather than every day user of poles, I'd replace them with the same when the time comes.
The photo is from when they got me and a very heavy sack to the Incredible Hulk!

Andreas Obling Kjærgård
Perfect walksticks and wonderful delivery service

I bought at pair for my girlfriend the other day and we have tryed them twice and they are just perfect.
I also loved the handwritten noten from alpkit on the papers that came with the package.

Alan Smith
Having AL.P.S in my name. I want to get to the ALPS one day hopefully.

Hi, I had seen in an issue of Trail magazine, that they rated your lightweight walking sticks the best of a good bunch of others, so I thought .. I'll wait to get them specifically, been out several times with them now, and love them ! Even with my bad right knee I am able to move again quite quickly while descending, which is bliss, I only wish I had bought them sooner !. Plus, I am enjoying using them for ascending also. I do love them as I have already said, but, I think a slight & simple design factor could make these walking sticks even better yet !. If you are interested in knowing what my thoughts on this are, maybe you would like to contact me. Many thanks to ALPKIT anyway, you have helped me regain confidence, where I was loosing it. I will put the thought of my design onto paper by the end of the weekend. Kind regards, Alan Paul Smith.

Duncan Boar
Top Alpine Trekking Poles

I've been using Alp kit's Carbon Lite Poles for about 4 years now. As an International Mountain Leader working in the Alps, I need kit that's going to last the whole season and the lighter it is the better. These poles have been a god send, offering great support on scree slopes & boulder fields enabling me to fly up and down steep slopes when shepherding client groups on tiring climbs and descents. Clients are always borrowing them to try out, and are always converted! And people are always amazed at how light they are! There's nothing else on the market anywhere near the weight/performance/price ratio. They are life savers in terms of protecting joints and muscles on mountain journeys. A very worthwhile investment.
Duncan, International Mountain Leader at Alpine Walks

Sierra Bobby.
Brilliant walking poles.

I've never used walking poles before but as age advances and knees were getting abused through many jaunts into the hills, I decided it was time to be sensible and listen to informed advice. So, I got a pair of these partly in preparation for a forthcoming trek in the Himalaya.
They might not be the lightest poles on the market, but at the price they win hands down. I have used them now on several occasions and cannot fault them. The hand grip is comfortable and remains so when wet. Overall, a great piece of kit that I can thoroughly recommend.
Perhaps the only improvement would be the addition of a reflective band?

Veronica Pettitt
Perfect Poles

Bought these poles to use on The Beachy Head Marathon as needed help getting up those hills now I am 70. They worked really well and I even used them going down a very uneven slippery chalk track .The extra stability enabled me to run - after a fashion

tony gash

Bought these to carry on my back for the Race to the King Ultra - Glad I did, they were a life saver! superlight to carry in hand or on my pack. Ideal for the long south downs climbs. thanks guys I love these poles.

Johnny b
Excellent lightweight poles

Superb lightweight poles at the right price. You don't have to worry about extra weight with these. This means you can take them every time. I had an issue with the end falling off one, alpkit customer care was superb, sent me a replacement bottom section no problem, so they are back up and running again, can't recommend alll alpkit gear highly enough. Back Britain; buy from a British company with some manufacturing here.

Graham Brandwood
Absolutely Brilliant

Just got back from thru hiking the Appalachian Trail with my wife. We both used these poles and they performed exceptionally well. Over 5+ months of hard hiking, the locking mechanism only slipped once on one of the poles. The tips wore out but were easily replaced and a strap on one pole came loose when the plastic catch broke. Despite getting jammed between rocks and roots on numerous occasions they never bent or broke despite having a fair amount of weight on them.
We also used them as tent poles and prior to going on the AT in May had used them on the Pennine Way in April.
Cannot recommend them highly enough (and will be sending a couple of pairs to friends in the US who were extremely envious).

Perfect poles

I used these poles for a couple of weeks on the SW coast path and they were brilliant - they are super light and very strong, they were a lifesaver going up and down those hills. I have some cheap heavy poles which do the job but these are heaps better. And everyone I met had pole envy!

Amazingly light, Very strong

Very lightweight but still strong enough to hold up my MLD Duomid tent, even in gusting winds. Initial concerns over their durability were unfounded and they continue to perform well (we've just bought a second pair so we now have a set each!).

Short review + photo's

We're very happy with them and would recommend them to anyone.

Perfectly Light and Strong

These are the first poles I've used for walking. I got them primarily as they were cheap and needed a set to hold my shelter up.

Since owning them, they come on every walk. I dont use them all the time, mainly on hills and rocky downhill stretches and they work very well.

They hold my Trailstar up well and have put up with some pretty windy conditions.

Very impressed

Peak Walker
Perfect trekking partner

I've been using them over a year now for multi-day treks in the Lakes, doing the GR20 with a heavy pack and in the peaks. They're fantastic - very lightweight, strong and comfortable to use

Helen Watford Gray
Best poles in 10 years

Held my mate's poles as she climbed over a stile, and couldn't believe how much lighter hers were than mine. Bought myself a pair asap, did 30miles in the Pentlands with them and then the Cateran Yomp (54 miles over 24 hours). I love them. They weigh NOTHING. Most comfortable poles ever. How can something so light be so sturdy?

Great poles, but locking mechanism needs review.

I've trekked the Cairngorms, Westfjords in Iceland, and most recently climbed Chirripo in Costa Rica using these poles, not to mention more mundane walking through Dartmoor and the South West Coast path. As well as walking hundreds of miles with them, I've also used them to support tarps when bivvying. They are great poles, at a good price. However I have had the occasional collapse. You can be careful with them, clean them carefully after each use, etc. But grit and dirt will get in and at some point it might give up. I find when this happens it can take quite a long time to get the mechanism to re-engage. It's not often, and it's not that they are bad poles at all, I just think a different locking mechanism would be better even if it added a bit of weight. All in all though, a good product.

Great for light weight

I bought these primarily for the light weight - and on my first two-week trek, this was excellent.

Couple of little things could be improved:
- The lower section of each pole has no measurement scale printed on it. So it's hard to quickly extend the poles to the exact length you want.
- The straps both had a sharp point sticking out - looked like where the fibres had been heated to seal them. I had to cut the sharp points off to stop rubbing on my hand, resulting in the straps fraying a little.
- One of the lower sections requires me to hold the plastic ring at the end of the upper section still, when tightening. Otherwise the ring just rotates freely and it doesn't tighten. Here, I'd rather add a few grams and have external tighteners, rather than than what is already a slightly dodgy internal tightener.

Joseph Simpson
design flaw -be careful

These are great poles in use but the tips are glued in so cant be replaced. In effect these poles only last for one cycle of the tips, as Alpkit don't carry spare bottom sections.

Light but easily broken and no spares

These are lovely and Light, but easily broken if you slip awkwardly. Has to resort to bamboo on a recent trip to peru as one pole snapped. Only suitable for level easy walks.

they keep collapsing

Used them on a few walls and everytime they collapse down every half hour or so .. I've neatly fallen a few times .. very dissapointed that the lock mechanism just doesn't seem to hold ... I've used cheap poles for years with no problems ... I have requested a refund .. its dangerous to use poles that collapse ..

Not sure about these

Wonderfully light, and cheap, but one broke on its second outing. It was a minor stumble on soft ground, with little force. I don't think a metal pole would have bent, never mind break. It broke through the middle section, so I can't just get a new lower bit. I'm buying a new one, as I think they still have a place for backpacking in grassy territory, but I wouldn't go near rocky terrain with them.

Stu Cox

Bought these in preparation for my 3 peaks challenge and seemed a good purchase initially but during the challenge when I really needed them I found they kept 'slipping' and shorting, even giving way completely twice! No matter how tight I turned them they kept slipping - ended up not bothering with them! Overall I'm disappointed as for the price and alpkits high standards I expected better!

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Carbonlite Ultra - First Look Review TGO

Chris Townsend takes a look at the CarbonLite Ultra poles for the first time and blown away by their simplicity, functionality and great value price.

If you want functional ultralight poles at a good price, the Alpkit CarbonLite Ultra can't be beaten.

Chris Townsend (TGO Gear Editor)

The Great Outdoors Magazine (TGO) June 2015 - Chris Townsend

CarbonLite Ultra - Trail Magazine Best Value

In Trail Magazines extensive test of trekking poles, the CarbonLite's got 4.2 out of 5 - Winning Best Value and blowing many of the more expensive poles out of the water due to their low weight and superb functionality.

Trail Magazine June 2015 - Graham Thompson

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