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Apogee Jacket [Mens] Primaloft Gold jacket

Mens Apogee Grey primaloft gold belay jacket


  • Steel - Mens Apogee Grey primaloft gold belay jacket

Apogee Jacket [Mens] Primaloft Gold jacket

Packable and lightweight Primaloft Gold synthetic winter belay jacket made for low maintenance warmth and protection on those Scottish winter epics

£129.99 Was: £159.99

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Winter in the Cairngorms: whether you’re making your approach, fighting your way up yet another pitch, or belaying your partner from a particularly exposed stance… who would say no to being swaddled by 100gsm of Primaloft Gold (with added features, of course…)? 

“This has quickly become my number one go-to-jacket… it performs exceptionally well… and synthetic means I can worry less if it gets a bit wet.” - Anna Wells, Alpkiteer 

Apogee is a packable, lightweight, and low-maintenance insulated jacket for keeping you warm in damp conditions where temperatures are around freezing. 

Designed with Scottish winters and icy days at the crag in mind, Apogee is feature-packed for mountain use. The helmet compatible hood, integrated wrist-warmers, dropped hem on the back and internal zip baffle fend off draughts. The two-way zip gives you access to your harness, and a relaxed cut means you layer up over a shell when the temperatures plummet. 80 gsm of insulation in the arms enhance your freedom of movement. 

Apogee’s durable and water resistant outer fabric more than handles the demands of hero life. The Primaloft Gold fill offers a warmth to weight ratio unparalleled in synthetic insulation; repelling water, retaining thermal properties when wet, and recovering quickly from a soaking. 

Hear from Anna Wells about how the Apogee performed in the field:  Apogee: Worry Free Warmth 

Primaloft Gold is a synthetic fibre which create millions of tiny air pockets to trap body heat, keeping you warm in colder conditions. It uses a water repellent finish to improve performance in extreme conditions, maintaining its thermal properties even when wet. Primaloft Gold has a better warmth to weight ratio than standard synthetic fibres. It’s also easy to care for, packable, breathable, and super soft: mega!

Key features
  • Primaloft Gold insulated outer layer for protection in cold, damp conditions
  • Primaloft Gold is unparalleled in retaining thermal properties when wet
  • Highly packable, low maintenance, and lightweight
  • Less insulation in the arms and hood for freedom of movement
  • Abrasion and water resistant outer fabric
  • Relaxed cut for layering up
  • 2-way zip for wearing over a harness
  • Internal zip baffle with chin guard fends off the draughts
  • 2 deep zipped hand-warmer pockets
  • 1 internal zipped valuables pocket
  • 2 large internal mesh pockets for climbing shoes, gloves and snacks
  • Hook and loop cuffs with integrated thumb loop wrist-warmers
  • Helmet compatible hood with front volume adjusters hidden inside chest pocket 
  • Stuff sack for stowing away
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Fill: 100gsm Primaloft Gold (body), 80gsm (hood and arms)
Outer: 20 x 15d, 35 gsm 100% nylon ripstop (300 mm HH)
Inner: 20d, 45gsm 100% polyester ripstop


S: 485 g; M: 535 g; L: 540 g; XL: 560 g; XXL: 600 g
Stuff sack: 10 g

Origin: China

Size chart Synthetic Jackets Mens
Men's synthetic jacket size chart
Chest (inches) 37" 40" 43" 46" 49"
Waist (inches) 30" 32" 34" 36" 38"
This size chart indicates the body measurements our garments are designed to fit. Measure yourself as described below, and use the size chart to find your size.
Chest: measure around your chest at the widest part. The tape measure should pass under your arms, and be level from front to back.
Waist: measure around your waist at the narrowest part.
Hips: standing with your feet together, measure around your hips at the widest part.
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Richard Hobbs
Apogee jacket

Like most people out there I book my week in Scotland an hope for good conditions. As such the idea of having to buy yet another jacket was not something I really wanted to do. So after much research I was very pleased to see alpkit had produced a belay jacket and at a price around £100 less then other manufacturers. Having been using it as my go to insulated jacket since I brought it, I have finally managed to get out on a winter climb an use it properly. It is good after a freazing day on the Ben I really need to warm up, within minutes I had warmed up and once on the move really warm. The hood is great an fits easily over a helmet and all your other hoods. The deep pockets work well and it packs down small enough. My only moan is the wrist loops. They are great for normal everyday wear. But with typical winter gloves I found it hard to get my hands through quickly. Which is not what you want on a small stance when it's blowing a hoolie. It is a small moan, but is why I only gave 4 stars. I would suggest forget about the thumb loops. This is a great jacket and at a fantastic price, it does what it is supposed to, get you and keep you warm when you need it.

A Brilliant Jacket!

I've had a few bits of clothing from Alpkit now, and I've had my eye on this jacket since it was announced. In the end I spent far too long researching other options before taking the plunge and buying one and should have done it far sooner. Lovely and snug during the recent cold snap and full of useful features and storage capacity. Being highly critical I find the sleeves slightly long however that might be just me, and they work well if you use the thumb cuffs.

Excellent piece of kit

Extremely warm down jacket and more waterproof than I expected! It it lightweight and can be packed down extremely small as well. Overall very happy with this purchase and I can't wait to test it out some more in extreme conditions!

Apogee and Apogee/Phantac conbination

Apogee & Apogee Phantac combination.

In my previous reviews I did a few tests with the Phantac to get some idea of it's measure and found that this jacket is not super warm but the results were still good as I have a down jacket from the high street that weighs at least twice as much, is about equal in warmth but much draftier and not so good in cold wind. In other words the Phantac is definitely worth buying, particularly if you are a back packer and have a way to go carrying weight. However, if you are into doing something a bit more ambitious like camping up a mountain in Scotland in winter, where temperatures can reach well below -10C the Phantac on it's own is not good enough. So why don't I just get a big chunky jacket that will be good down to -10C and lower? The reason is simply that such a thing would only be good for low temperatures. Great if you are in the arctic where it is cold all the time but not good if you are faced with temperature variations and fluctuations like in the UK and you want to use the same kit for all these conditions. The best way to go is to use a layering system and that is why I purchased the Apogee to be used in combination with the Phantac. Alone they both have draw backs but work like a horse and carriage in combination. The Apogee is not as warm as the Phantac but dries quickly when wet. It's shell is also far more water resistant than the Phantac. I did a rain experiment with the Phantac to test it's resistance to water which failed. I did a similar experiment with the Apogee. Recently I went shopping using the Apogee while wearing a backpack. The temperature was about +3C to +4C and there was torrential rain for about 10 minutes and medium to light rain for 20 minutes. I was doing a brisk walk from town and was pretty hot. When I got home there was no sign of water penetration. (If this had happened with the Phantac it would have been soaked even though the Phantac is made with the same material.) I have even stood under the shower in the bathroom for 5 mins with the Phantac underneath the Apogee. Again the Apogee passed with flying colors. There were just a few beads of water on the Phantac underneath as some of the spray was directed directly on the zip of the Apogee. (There is no zip flap built into this jacket.) However, I regarded this as another successful experiment. When put together these jackets work like a horse and carriage. The Phantac provides most of the warmth and the Apogee protects the down jacket underneath, adds a bit more insulation and is resistant to rain. Some sleeping bag manufacturers make synthetic bags to be used over the top of down bags to protect them from a combination of damp and cold temperature. These two jackets work in the same way. The down in the Phantac is kept at an elevated temperature by the Apogee which causes enhanced evaporation if any damp managed to penetrate into the jacket underneath. I don't know how low in temperature this combination of down and synthetic jacket will go but it's going to be lower than either. I have sat outside using the Apogee for 15 mins at about -1.7C at fairly low humidity wearing nothing underneath. Although the Phantac felt much warmer in a separate test, I was surprised to find that at the end of the 15 mins, I did not feel stressed in the test with the Apogee. The most important part of this combination is that they have a very broad working temperature range and can be adjusted in an almost infinite way by opening and closing inner and outer zips or adding and removing hoods to obtain optimum ventilation and comfort temperature no matter what the working conditions. And you can make these variations while on the move without having to stop to add or remove clothing. Although the Apogee is pretty water resistant I would not trust it in long periods of rainy weather. I would add the Balance which was designed for the job as an outer shell for security. The logic of this is that if you are blasted by snow etc, some of which may melt, you will still have two very dry thermal jackets to use in your sleeping bag if you are desperate and need them. Even a small amount of water in your sleeping bag can ruin a comfortable nights sleep in severe conditions.
The cut of these jackets covers my hips perfectly and given the correct extras like boots, gloves, thermal leg wear, base layers and mid layer fleeces I speculate that I could operate fairly comfortably in temperatures roughly down to about -10C to -11C if I kept moving. The loftiest part of the Phantac is the hood. On the Apogee it is the wrist which seems to have a double layer of insulation in it. This is a great innovation. The extra length in the arms enables you to pull your hands into the sleeves and this extra insulation keeps your hands warm. I find this to be much more efficient and warmer than using gloves and unlike gloves I can't lose my sleeves in a gale. These jackets are clearly designed to be used in less than arctic conditions, so if you are thinking about something way outside the norm, something potentially threatening like camping up a Scottish mountain (or other places like Iceland) in winter where temperatures can reach as low as about -15C or less, I would go for arctic jackets which are loftier, higher fill power, maybe heavier and much more expensive. One thing I have noticed here in UK damp is that +2C to +3C in very high humidity with a slight breeze can feel colder than -3C in low humidity so you need to keep humidity in mind when doing your own tests.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

UKC Review The Apogee Belay Jacket

Its top end insulation makes it very warm for its weight, yet still light and easily packable.


UKC March 2018 - Dave Saunders

Best Buy

Apogee gets ‘Best Buy’ in Outdoor Enthusiast

It is incredibly warm and bounces back from moisture really well


Outdoor Enthusiast - Winter18 March 2019 -

Apogee Jacket Makes Outdoor Magic 100

I like this jacket. It’s got a really solid vibe to it. Like a well-made family saloon car, it feels reassuring from the minute you get inside it.


Outdoors Magic June 2018 - Jack Clayton

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