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Head torches, camping lanterns and bike lights

Developed and sourced by our own design team with feedback from leading runners, climbers, cyclists, mountaineers and SAR teams, our lighting combine high power, long battery life and features designed to make life at night easier. And as with all our products, they are available with our direct pricing, no added shop mark up’s here, from a truly British firm. Batteries, delivery, and a bit of fun included with every order.

Designed for running at night we balance the needs of brightness, comfort, battery life, ease of operation, water resistance and visibility. Favoured by runners the headtorches are also ideal for climbing, walking and general outdoor use

Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers Viper II
Bright, compact and light, the 280 lumen burst Viper 2 is designed for trail running, walking and climbing

Lightweight head torch for walkers, runners and climbers Gamma II
Balanced 150 lumen head torch for night running with white, red and green LEDs. Gamma has a rear battery pack with a rear red caution light

Powerful 300 lumen LED headtorch with optional motion and light sensor mode for tasks when you need hands-free operation

Prism 100
This waterproof aluminium head torch is for the most demanding environments. It takes rain, mud and dust in a strong waterproof shell packing 130 m of 100 lumen Cree LED power

Prism 630
500 lumen headtorch with 630 lumen boost mode for maximum dark space penetration and rechargeable Li-ion battery to see you home

Be safe, be seen with Blip. A twin pack of versatile red caution safety/signal mini-lights. Uses include adding to head torches, back packs and jackets to be seen at night

Pack of 10 AAA batteries AAA Duracell Procell Batteries
Box of 10 AAA batteries for your every need

Pack of 10 AA batteries AA Duracell Procell Batteries
A box of 10 single AA Batteries for your every need

Camping Torches, Lanterns and Mobile Charging Stations

Camping lanterns give 360 degree illumination designed for bike packing and camping in a beautful spot but equally handy whether caught in a power-cut or your car’s broken down at night. New additions are the Lampray, a bright lantern and mobile power unit that can recharge an iphone and Bob, a waterproof 200 lumen LED camping lantern that floats

Glowe LED camping lantern Glowe
Lightweight dual-function torch / lantern packing 170 lumens for backpacking. Glowe can stand on his own feet or be hung from your tent

Sold Out
Bob - the 200 lumen waterproof camping lantern that floats. No matter where your adventure Bob will help show the way

Trinity LED camping lantern Trinity
Beautifully designed, super bright, 190 lumen, dual-function camping LED lantern

196 lumen camping lantern and charging station with USB power output to recharge mobile phones. Lampray has an attachment clip and internal magnetic to illuminate your camplife

Pack of 10 AAA batteries AAA Duracell Procell Batteries
Box of 10 AAA batteries for your every need

Pack of 10 AA batteries AA Duracell Procell Batteries
A box of 10 single AA Batteries for your every need

Bike Lights

Be safe, be seen or light yourself up like a christmas tree. The Blip and Tau lights are our staff favourites to add to a commute or night ride.

High powered 850 lumen torch, strong aluminium body, rechargeable with handlebar mount for your bike

2000 lumen rechargable bike light with rear light, remote switch and helmet mount

Bright and very, very lightweight front and rear LED bike safety lights. USB rechargeable with a wide beam to help you be seen

Be safe, be seen with Blip. A twin pack of versatile red caution safety/signal mini-lights. Uses include adding to head torches, back packs and jackets to be seen at night


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Some sections can be brutal but over all the whw is worth it in the end !

I finished the west highland way on Friday May 26th, this was an idea I had been planning with friends since last year but as it got closer to our official start date on the 6th of May due to varying circumstances I ended up finishing it on my own on a full rigid mountain bike and I can tell you there were high and low points for sure, I set off on Saturday the 6th from Milngavie later than planned due to the earliest train that I could get, starting at 9:40am from Milngavie and choosing to cycle the Lochside out of Rowardenan to Inversnaid (which was a big mistake), costing me time and darkness which started to fall by the time I hit Inversnaid 10hr25 later, I really loved the Conic on the way there and riding down it was sublime, from Inversnaid my wife and son picked me up and we spent the night at Beinglas Farm Campsite Inverarnan(superb place to stay) and in the morning I decided that I would just have a family day at Glencoe and return when I got another weather window later on in the month, fast forward to Thursday the 25th and I am on the train first thing to Ardlui to begin cycling from Inverarnan, starting off at 10am from Beinglas Farm Campsite after a quick cycle from the station I'm on the whw again and 9hr30 later I'm at Glencoe Mountain Camping Glencoe PH49 4HZ for the night(just made it in time for a burger and chips with salad which I must say was the best burger chips and salad that I have ever tasted). Next day I'm off again from Glencoe Mountain which is just along from the Kingshouse at around 8:40am low points on this day were the climb up Devils and climbing out of Kinlochleven, also the rough military road section after you drop down out of the other side of the hill at Kinlochleven doesn't make for smooth cycling in sections, the baking heat nearly put paid to my day just before the fire road before Fort William (nearly), once your on the fire road though it is plain sailing, I arrived at Fort William after setting off from Glencoe Mountain 8hr20 later with time to spare for my train back home to Glasgow. In the end I got there and looking back on it now it was all worth it, I also ran some Alpkit bags which were top notch and thanks to Ronan at Alpkit for the patch repair kit for my Airlok, it worked a treat. Would I do it again, for sure yes but I would travel lighter the next time and use a Hardtail with suspension up front or a full suss, My shoulders and arms would thank me for it ! I also wouldn't miss out the Inversnaid to Inverarnan section next time, I have heard it is brutal but I have to go back and do it all the next time in 3 days again, but one after the other without a break. I have included a picture from the start of the Lochside, I have plenty more but thought this one was quite fitting. Also big thanks to the lady at Kinlochleven who filled my water up, you were a lifesaver !

Maciej Moskwa
Fantastic bivvy bag

I ordered Hunka couple days ago, I am really impressed how quick parcel came to Poland. Last night finally I used bivvy bag on short bike trip near one of my favorite lakes just out of Gdansk city. It was pleasant misty night with around 8 Celcius. It worked great with my new down sleeping bag, so far no condensation even when it get warm at morning. Kelp colour is fantastic and also design is perfect. Well done.

Spot on piece of kit!!

I've just done a 1 night camp at Edale. I used the Dumo for the first time on the camp. I had a great nights sleep on it, it inflates well with the built in foam pump and packs into my 65l sack no worries. Really impressed and I'll be using regularly! The low weight is perfect for backpacking too.

Thomas O'Moore
great little bags.

I use two of these up front to help disperse some weight and keep handy bits ... handy.. smile.

I have in the past put two 1 ltr Nalgene bottles in them with no problems as I had a full size frame bag. The draw cord fits perfectly tight and snug just under the Nalgene screw lid which is fine as there's no need to have these fully enclosed as its just water bottles.

More often than not though now I have ditched the full size frame bag off my Sonder Camino Ti they are used for bits and pieces i require handy.

I will upgrade to the waterproof versions soon I think.

Excellent product

These are lightweight, of course, and just as important, comfortable to use. The set is held together with a brass screw thingy, and a mini carabiner, so quite versatile. And they come in a nifty drawstring bag, which I appreciated. An excellent piece of kit.

Simon S
Lives up to the hype

I haven't bought a waterproof jacket with a membrane since the 1990's as they didn't live up to the hype for me. I tend to run hot and even the best membranes made me boil in the bag. Nowadays though, every once counts and my Paramo jackets are heavy.
I read the spec and the hype and decided to order a Balance in Blue, size Large. When it arrived I was amazed how small and light it was.
It's an athletic cut, just about enough room underneath for two thin layers, but little excess fabric to catch the wind. Sleeves are a good length but I find I could do with a just a little more room in the underarm area. The hood is a perfect fit with volume adjustment and a wired peak. The pockets are a good size and sit above a hip belt. But its the performance of the fabric which really matters to me.
First outing was on Bowfell in early April. Wore it all day over a Laika top (used as a base layer). Started off in wind and heavy rain. Climbing up the rain stopped but the wind got much stronger and colder. On the descent the wind dropped, the sun came out and it was hot. So I had all seasons in a day. Was I kept dry - totally. Was it windproof - yes. Did I boil in the bag - No. The jacket was bone dry on the inside when I took it off in the car park. That was a big, big surprise.
I wouldn't rate it as an out and out 4-season, throw anything at it in any conditions jacket but the performance you get at this pricing point is amazing. Brilliant job Alpkit.

Good stuff

I disagree with the 2 star review. Seems to be based more on a lack of experience with dehydrated meals. Yes it can be tricky to get the right balance, buy the meals themselves are very good. I always add under what's recommended and to up if need be. This way you never fail. In the dehydrated world they have a nice advantage of being flat unlike mountain House or real turmat which sometimes comes in handy. If you want the best I'd go real turmat but you'll have problems finding them. These pouches are very decent.

Simon S
A warmth machine

Picked one of these up in the Spring sale. Have been using a Synoment (ne: Heiko) jacket since early 2015 which has easily been my most used piece of kit due to its versatility. I wanted something warmer with a hood that would be just as versatile. I'm 5'8" with 43" chest and broad shouldered and the size Large fits me perfectly.
It had its first outing in early May. Standing on the summit of Ben Ledi in freezing conditions I was toasty warm with the hoody thrown over my baselayer and windproof. It's much warmer than the Synoment jacket. The hood could possibly do with some simple volume adjustment but its no big deal.
I chose the Reef colour as its bold and bright and it looks great.

Top quality for average bods.

This is a very well put together shirt. The fabric is light and comfortable with lots of give and though the mesh panels are not obvious they vent well. Undoing the zip when hot brings air not just into but right through the shirt, cooling you down fast.
The collar is fitted but not too tight.
Sleeve and hem grippers work well, keeping everything in place without any pulling sensation.
The pockets are perfect, keeping things securely contained but nicely within reach. A great touch is is the 4th (or 5th if you like) pocket on the right hand side. This is very easily reached and a little smaller than the others, I have my multitool in there so it doesn't rattle against my phone in the centre pocket.
There's enough storage to get rid of your saddlebag entirely.
For me (a very average shape, not at all a cycling whippet) the fit is spot on. I have to size up in cycling gear and don't even bother with super skinny gear like Castelli, I bought my normal shirt size in this.

More colours would be nice, my only criticism.

Rachel (new to open water swimming)
Didn't feel chilly once!

So, this feels like I'm cheating slightly as technically I bought a small man’s wetsuit (I'm 5'6'' and 55kg and it seemed to fit me slightly better than a lady’s medium, but only slightly). I really wanted to provide a review of this product for any female swimmers out there that feel the cold. I had been training for the Sound of Mull swim, a 2.6km crossing across a busy shipping channel, complete with tides and currents! I have recently moved to Mull so the idea of swimming the ferry journey felt symbolic, however as the big day drew closer, I began to question why I had chosen this rather challenging event as my first open water swim! Training had been tough, mostly because I simply couldn't cope with the temperature (about 9-10 degrees C in fresh water). I had borrowed a friend's swimming wetsuit, which was a little old, but in its day, worth £800! I repeatedly got out of the water shaking like a leaf, unable to get changed as my limbs were barely functioning. I couldn't imagine staying in for longer, where 8 degrees was the best we could hope for in the Sound of Mull in May. I googled 'thermal swimming wetsuit' and to my surprise Alpkit popped up. Having been a big fan of other products (down jackets, dry bags, camping mats etc.) for many years, I had no doubt that they would have done a good job of developing a new line, but I was still skeptical about feeling remotely comfortable in 8 degrees! Well, on the 6th of May I swam the Sound of Mull in this suit and it was fantastic. I can honestly say, I didn't feel chilly once, not when I first entered the water, nor after I had been swimming for an hour. The buoyancy distribution is an absolute dream and provides superb body positioning in the water. The furry lining makes the suit appealing as well as much easier to get into and is extremely flexible and comfortable. Even at the end of the swim, when everyone else was shivering, I was not and I know it is not because I don't feel the cold, it's because of this lovely suit - thanks Alpkit! smile

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