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Head torches, camping lanterns and bike lights

Developed and sourced by our own design team with feedback from leading runners, climbers, cyclists, mountaineers and SAR teams, our lighting combine high power, long battery life and features designed to make life at night easier. And as with all our products, they are available with our direct pricing, no added shop mark up’s here, from a truly British firm. Batteries, delivery, and a bit of fun included with every order.

Designed for running at night we balance the needs of brightness, comfort, battery life, ease of operation, water resistance and visibility. Favoured by runners the headtorches are also ideal for climbing, walking and general outdoor use

Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers
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Viper II
Bright, compact and light, the 280 lumen burst Viper 2 is designed for trail running, walking and climbing

Lightweight head torch for walkers, runners and climbers Gamma II
Balanced 150 lumen head torch for night running with white, red and green LEDs. Gamma has a rear battery pack with a rear red caution light

Powerful 300 lumen LED headtorch with optional motion and light sensor mode for tasks when you need hands-free operation

Prism 100
This waterproof aluminium head torch is for the most demanding environments. It takes rain, mud and dust in a strong waterproof shell packing 130 m of 100 lumen Cree LED power

Prism 630
500 lumen headtorch with 630 lumen boost mode for maximum dark space penetration and rechargeable Li-ion battery to see you home

Be safe, be seen with Blip. A twin pack of versatile red caution safety/signal mini-lights. Uses include adding to head torches, back packs and jackets to be seen at night

Pack of 10 AAA batteries AAA Duracell Procell Batteries
Box of 10 AAA batteries for your every need

Pack of 10 AA batteries AA Duracell Procell Batteries
A box of 10 single AA Batteries for your every need

Camping Torches, Lanterns and Mobile Charging Stations

Camping lanterns give 360 degree illumination designed for bike packing and camping in a beautful spot but equally handy whether caught in a power-cut or your car’s broken down at night. New additions are the Lampray, a bright lantern and mobile power unit that can recharge an iphone and Bob, a waterproof 200 lumen LED camping lantern that floats

Glowe LED camping lantern Glowe
Lightweight dual-function torch / lantern packing 170 lumens for backpacking. Glowe can stand on his own feet or be hung from your tent

Sold Out
Bob - the 200 lumen waterproof camping lantern that floats. No matter where your adventure Bob will help show the way

Trinity LED camping lantern Trinity
Beautifully designed, super bright, 190 lumen, dual-function camping LED lantern

196 lumen camping lantern and charging station with USB power output to recharge mobile phones. Lamprey has an attachment clip and internal magnetic to illuminate your camplife

Pack of 10 AAA batteries AAA Duracell Procell Batteries
Box of 10 AAA batteries for your every need

Pack of 10 AA batteries AA Duracell Procell Batteries
A box of 10 single AA Batteries for your every need

Bike Lights

Be safe, be seen or light yourself up like a christmas tree. The Blip and Tau lights are our staff favourites to add to a commute or night ride.

High powered 850 lumen torch, strong aluminium body, rechargeable with handlebar mount for your bike

2000 lumen rechargable bike light with rear light, remote switch and helmet mount

Bright and very, very lightweight front and rear LED bike safety lights. USB rechargeable with a wide beam to help you be seen

Be safe, be seen with Blip. A twin pack of versatile red caution safety/signal mini-lights. Uses include adding to head torches, back packs and jackets to be seen at night


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More comfortable than my bed

This is my spare bed and it's super comfortable. However, I agree with the other reviewer, it's virtually impossible to get it back into it's elastic straps & bag single handed. Perhaps a large heavy person could, or two people, but I'm 58kg and I just can't squeeze enough air out. But they say it should be stored flat anyway.

The death of the fleece

Brilliant jacket. Looked at loads of other manufacturers and always something wrong. The Heiko ticks all the boxes. Lightweight; the correct number and position of pockets; a drop back. I'm 6ft and 75 kg and bought the medium which is great as a mid layer once you pull the tabs tighter on the hem. Would have liked to have seen other colours available, a black or forest, but am happy with the Nemo. I can see me wearing this socially all the time in the British weather. I travel a lot and this will be my go to jacket to take away with me. If you do make some in not so climby colours I will get another. Time to get rid of your fleeces and buy one of these! Great delivery and service also. Cheers chaps.

Please do a hooded arro

Please do a hooded arro. A helmet hood. With lightweight retaining strap.
Perfect softshell when combined with a light grid fleece.

Superb hardtail, thats agile, responsive & forgiving over long distances

Having been a Specialized owner for several years, I succumbed to adopting a 650b+ bike after riding my Husband’s Sonder Transmitter (despite it being too big for me, I had an awesome time at Cannock Chase).

Used this excellent bike for the 2016 Rat Race The Crossing in July 2016. My Husband and I both had Sonder Transmitters (he had a Medium frame Transmitter SRAM GX1 Pike) on this adventure race and we were told that these were the first 650b+ bikes (of any make) to participate in the event since its inception.

I’m so impressed with the speed both on and off road (as a 70 mile day weaved and traversed over tarmac, rutted grasslands, thick mud, through thickly forested singletrack, climb loose gravel track and descending steep rocky trails). Handling the majority of sections with such ease that I could speed past those thin wheeled 27.5/29inch bikes with simplicity. Alpkit has done an amazing job on these bikes, as many “The Crossing” participants suffered mechanical issues, even countless more had tire issues, as we hammered the 200 mile, 3 day event across 3 National Parks. Our Transmitters had no issues whatsoever. 27.5+ is the way to go.

What was intriguing is the number of fellow participants who tested our Transmitters during the event. They were blown away with both bikes. Even the event mechnics where in awe. Some of these testers had high spec £5k full suspension bikes!

Alpkit had also lent me a beta test of their new womens specific seat. Another fantastic product especially compared to the mens seat (on my Husband’s Sonder)


Bought the hunka XL this January and used it for a winter weekend in the snow early February ready. No zipper so you have to crawl in, but it worked beautifully. No condensation, even though opening of my sleeping bag emitted a lot of damp air.

dartmoor keith
a classic

great sack, great value. I had a similar designed backpack from an american company and was expecting this to be similar, however, the fabrics and construction on this make a far more robust package.
I'ts highly comfortable and I use it for running, commuting and just about everything else.
Uncluttered and sleek in black I reckon its in the same design league as the opinel or maglight.
only draw back for me is the chest strap rides up but thats a problem I have on other sacks too so probably just me.
If the 25 and 30 were carbon copies in terms of pockets/ compression I'd have one each of those too!

Dartmoor keith
exactly as described

Ive used this mat for static camping, festivals and a mountain marathon. Down to 5 degree overnight low. Unprecedented level of comfort at this weight and size. At the lower end of the temperature range I noticed the cooler nature of the inflatable mat compared to self inflaters or CCF but when weight and space and comfort are priorities this is really hard to beat.
I've given it 5 stars as it does all that it claims to in spades.

Comfort & fit +++

These undershorts are the best! 5 hour wear, all good bum!! I wear them with Ground Effect cycle shorts: good combo. Highly recommend. As with all my Alpkit products, these ask "pick me, pick me" when I'm heading out on a ride!

Lovely and warm

I bought this jacket for bouldering trips, standing around before races and for keeping me warm when the heating packs in in my student house. It has done the job beautifully. Very warm, good fit (I'm 6ft 2 and large fits me well) and is exceptionally light, really feels lighter then many other much thinner jackets I own. Cracking coat. Customer service also top notch once again.

Excellent jacket

Great jacket, good warmth/weight ratio, used it before/after ski touring and as a security jacket on the backpack. Packs good into chest pocket.
Good looking in orange, the S is not totally adjusted on me (1.68m, 60kg) but so it can be worn with 1/2/3 layers underneath.

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