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Fixe Roca climbing ropes

We now stock Fixe Roca entire range of ropes and slings from minimal weight twin ropes, sport climbing ropes, half ropes and trad ropes. The ropes handle brilliantly and perform in all conditions from baking hot days in Monseratt to anything that the Naranjo de Bulnes can throw at you and more. 124 years gives you a long time to perfect the art of making ropes.

Fixe Roca Free 50 m

10.5 mm rope. A great choice for climbers who want one rope for all their activities


Fixe Roca Siurana 60 m

60 m single endurance dynamic climbing rope


Fixe Roca Dominator 80 m climbing rope green

Fixe Roca Dominator 80 m

9.2 mm 80 m technical lightweight rope for on-sight climbing or projects where every gram you save goes towards sending your route


Fixe Roca Magma 80 m

10.1 mm 80 m single rope, the most resistant rope in the Roca range


Fixe Roca Monkey 80 m

9 mm dry treated climbing rope in a 80 metre length


Fixe Roca Canyon Endurance 50m

9.5 mm 50 m semi-static rope for canyoning with Endurance treatment for better handling, reduced water retention and abrasion resistance


8 mm dyneema sling

Superlight 8 mm dyneema slings in 3 lengths

From £10.33

10 mm dyneema sling

Lightweight 10 mm dyneema in a whopping 240 cm length

From £9.25

13 mm dyneema sling

13 mm dyneema abrasion resistant slings in 30 to 240 cm lengths

From £7.92