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Large taco style bouldering mat with shoulder straps

Carry 2 bags to the crag when you only need 1? No, not for Gaston, he liked to keep his world simple; pad open, boots on, a quick dust with a beer mat, a nod to the elders and climb. Repeat, repeat, repeat...

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Project is a large, thick taco style top end mat. Very few mats out there come close to the quality and protection offered.

The 1000d Cordura shell ensures it stands up to the knocks and scrapes and includes a full wrap closure so you can throw in your boots, boulder bucket and baguette inside. The Project has sewn in carrying straps for a more comfortable carry and a waist belt to help share the load. This mat is a total workhorse.

NEW FOR 2014 Project is available in a couple of varieties.. the standard works edition and as series of Mutants. Our works edition is our off the shelf mat, we make a batch in a single colour and try to keep it in stock. The Mutants are made individually, and although we cannot guarantee you will never see one exactly the same the chances are pretty low. In both cases the spec of the mat is the same.

THE BEST FOAM - Based on some in-depth research, listening to what our customers have to say, and reinforced by our own climbing team’s feedback we have changed the proportions and densities of the foam of our pads since our original Phud and Woomf. They now give a sweeter, softer feeling landing surface that is more capable of handling landings from differing heights.

The close density match of the layers also combines to increase the long term durability of the foam and reduces the fade noticed after heavy long term use on many pads. We have known our foam suppliers for many years and have listened to their advice and knowledge to maximise the performance and value of the foam we buy and we are confident this as good as it gets.

The only corners we have cut on Project are the ones on the pad itself. The rounded corners make the pads more difficult to make but they reduce wear points which is good long term.

Made right here in our own workshop we are in total control of every element, from the fabric to the seams to the thread holding it together. The shell is a burly 1000D Cordura, not some far eastern copy spelt slightly differently, this is the real deal. By buying this pad you are funding a bunch of climbers to go and do what they love to do... climb.

  • Massive landing area, 1.4 m x 1 m with a depth of 10 cm
  • Super soft grab handles
  • Sewn in rucksack style carry straps and 50 mm waist belt make for a comfy carry.
  • One piece wraparound closure for secure kit storage inside fold
  • 1000d Cordura, super strong thread and rounded corners maximise durability
  • Duraflex / YKK hardware throughout for increased durability
  • 70 mm base layer HLB PU open cell foam matched with a 33 mm top layer of cross-linked PE closed cell foam for sweet, long lasting landings
  • Weight : 5.35 kg
  • Coverage: 1.4 m x 1 m
  • Total Depth: 9.5 cm
  • Weight: 5.35 kg

Origin: United Kingdom

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Please could you post up a picture of the Project mat showing the straps?



28 January, 2014 by Annette

UKClimbing review Project and Mujo bouldering mats May 2013 - Paul Phillips and Alan James

UKC's Paul Phillips and Alan James test out the Project and Mujo; a great detailed review for anyone trying to decide between the two!

[The Project is] a great taco-style mat that gives good protection with a set of simple features

Alan James

[The Mujo is] a quality mat that I don't think can be beaten with a price tag of £120.00

Paul Phillips