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Boulder Bucket Climbing Bag

Unique self standing bouldering bucket with fleece lining

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Boulder Bucket Climbing Bag

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    Boulder Bucket


The climbing in Heuco suited Tom well, the dry weather ensured the punishing plan could be adhered to and the ticklist increased steadily on a daily basis. Endless cheap burritos and meat seemed to be the staple diet for the trip, to eat like a King and climb like a mad man, Tom knew he would be going back again.

AK Tall Story

Unique self standing bouldering bucket with fleece lining

Designed and made in our own UK workshop, each bucket is handmade to a pattern tried and tested by our team of athletes over the course of a year.

Our buckets have a voracious appetite and will consume a whole bag of your favourite chalk dust. With all that chalk on board the last thing you want to happen is to spill it all, so our buckets are built around a stable footprint with a tall extended rolltop closure. The rolltop closure stops your chalk from getting out when you don't want it to and for extra security we have even sewn in a velcro strip to hold it closed, so should the worst happen and you blow your onsightand and kick your bucket away in a rage there is at least a small chance it will close shut! When open the entrance is big enough to get both hands in and the microfleece lining will help get a even covering of chalk.

On the side of the bucket there is a pocket for a toothbrush and another for your keys, finger tape, score card or beer towel.

The choice of colours is entirely in the hands of the sewing crew, so much so that we sometimes wonder if it is possible to judge their mood from what they produce. Climbers themselves, their input has been invaluable in nailing down the small details that make this a crucial bouldering accessory. The base of every chalk bag is a high abrasion point so we have reinforced it with an inch of binding tape, the seams of the roll top lid have been offset at an angle to give a crisper, more precise fold, but it's not just cosmetic, it makes the rolled up bucket more compact and better at retaining the chalk.

Once each bucket is made it is given it's own unique identity and perched proudly on our shelves until it finds a good home.

If you can't crush your chalk you may as well go home!

Key features

  • Tough Cordura outer fabric
  • Dimension Polyant VX21 roll top
  • Micro-fleece lining
  • Brush pocket
  • Made in our own workshop in the UK
  • Self-standing
  • Stiffened base
  • Rolltop closure with velcro strip
  • Duraflex Stealth buckles
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Vital Stats

Origin: United Kingdom

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