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A balm for repairing tired and damaged skin from all that awesome stuff you do

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  • ProBalm 15 g puck -
    ProBalm 15 g puck
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    ProBalm 30 g puck
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1 x 15 g puck
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1 x 30 g puck

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You're feeling ready to send but your skin screams everytime you lay your hands on the rock, what could be more frustrating than than?

ProBalm is made without artificial chemical preservatives, paraffin-based ingredients, or bulking agents. Basically none of the nasties.

In fact, this combination of oils, raw beeswax, herbs and essential oils is one of the most intense, most effective skin repair balms that you will ever lay on your hands. 

Key features
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Beeswax, 3 fixed oils and combination of essential oils
Vital stats

Origin: United Kingdom

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