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Hats and headwear
Protect your extremities with an Alpkit Beanie or wear the Draught Excluder multi-functional headwear on your head for warmth and round your neck for comfort particularly with waterproof shell outer
Kepler Lightweight Beanie
100% superfine pure merino large lightweight beanie for warmth, made with non-mulesed New Zealand wool
Sale: £15.00
Was: £19.00
Soft polyester beanie with brushed inner for luxurious comfort
Sale: £6.00
Was: £10.00
Mountain Beanie Mountain Beanie
Bright geometric Alpkit beanie
Draught Excluder
It is a hat, a scarf, an ear band.. where you feel a draught you need a draught excluder!
Kepler Draught Excluder Tarmac
Kepler Draught Excluder
Wear a neck warmer for comfort under an outerlayer or on its own as headwear. Kepler is made from premium New Zealand Merino
Sale: £14.50
Was: £18.00
Lingmoor Beanie Single Knit - Moss Stitch Black Yak Lingmoor (single Knit)
Pure new wool hat with a slouchy fit, single knit for light weight warmth, hand knitted by real hands on real knitting needles at Black Yak.
Sale: £20.00
Was: £20.00
Black Yak Lingmoor double knit baggy hat Black Yak Lingmoor (double knit)
100% wool hat with a slouchy fit and half fleece lining by Black Yak; hand knitted with real knitting needles, pure new wool and safe dyes
Sale: £20.00
Was: £20.00
Black Yak Kirkfell knitted hat Black Yak Kirkfell
Single knit 100% woollen hat from Black Yak, hand knitted by real hands with pure wool and safe dye
Black Yak Rathlin beanie charcoal grey/chilli red Black Yak Rathlin
100% wool hat with comfy half fleece lining, hand knitted with real hands at Black Yak
Black Yak Rydal Chilli Red Black Yak Rydal
100% woollen bobble hat with a half fleece lining by Black Yak, hand knitted by real hands with pure new wool and safe dyes
Black Yak Stickle headband Black Yak Stickle
Knitted pure woollen headband with a fleece lining, designed and knitted by Black Yak
Black Yak Redmyre
Woollen bobble hat with long tassels to amuse your cat
Bear Paws
Lightweight cycle pogies with VX21 outer and pile lined inner for toasty hands through the winter

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