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Kepler Draught Excluder pure merino neck warmer

Wear a neck warmer for comfort under an outerlayer or on its own as headwear. Luxurious, lightweight, next-to-the-skin comfort

Kepler Draught Excluder Tarmac
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  • Nemo - Kepler Draught Excluder Tarmac
  • Eggplant - Kepler Draught Excluder Tarmac
  • Tarmac - Kepler Draught Excluder Tarmac
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Neck warmer, bandana, helmet liner, beanie, face mask, ear band, wrist band, ankle band, a tasteful neckerchief for your pet…

Call it what you want, (we call it an superfine merino neck warmer), but this incredibly versatile bit of gear is warm, UV protective, anti-microbial, and even flame retardant. We never leave the house without ours.

Well, sometimes we do, but we usually regret it.


The Kepler range uses beautiful, superfine merino for a luxuriously comfortable next-to-skin feel.

With thermoregulatory and anti-microbial properties, merino wool is more than a match for day-in, day-out use across the temperatures in changeable mountain conditions, help you to stay fresh, comfortable, and protected no matter what the weather decides.

We use 100% natural New Zealand merino from non-mulesing farms.

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • Overwhelmingly versatile merino neck warmer
  • Merino wool minimises odours
  • High warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Superfine merino for softness and comfort
  • New Zealand merino from 100% non-museling farms
Vital stats

Fabric: 100% New Zealand merino, 160 gsm, 17.2 microns
Seams: Flatlock stitching


Weight: 50 g
Length: ⌀23 x 50 cm

Origin: China

Product Care Information

The better you look after this merino garment, the better it will look after you. Give your Kepler a long, happy life with these tips:

Hand wash your merino in lukewarm water, or gentle machine wash.

Darn any holes as soon as possible so they don’t grow.

Avoid snagging, vigorous machine washing, putting your finger through the fabric, and hungry moths.

The better you look after this merino base layer the better it will look after you. Here are a few top care tips:

- Hand wash your merino in lukewarm water, or gentle machine wash

- Darn any holes as soon as possible so they don’t get bigger

- Avoid snagging, vigorous machine washing, putting your finger through them and hungry moths.

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What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Nigel WI
Can't live without it!!

On a recent trip to Nepal, this was probably the best bit of kit I had! From the fume filled streets of Kathmandu to the -30degrees of Gorak Shep, I don't think it ever came off my head! I actually gave it to my guide, so I need another one - pronto!

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Kepler Merino Review in Velome

Mountain biker Jessica Strange puts our Kepler Merino top to the test in South Wales

The top is really lightweight, soft and totally breathable which is ideal for a day's riding as I felt both warm and "airy"


my Alpkit Merino wool layer whist riding was really comfortable


Great quality, fit and features


Velome September 2015 - Jessica Strange

Wild Running Alpkit Kepler Top Kit

Jen Benson reviews her favourite running kit including Alpkit Kepler pure merino top

The Alpkit Kepler (RRP £29) comes in both short- and long-sleeved versions and provides a toasty base for any layering system

Jen Benson

Wild Running October 2015 - Jen Benson

Women Climb Kepler Merino Top Review

I love the design of this women specific base layer top. It looks as good on its own after a hard day of climbing as it does at the crag under all your layers. The people at Alpkit have clearly thought about every aspect of this garment and tested it out to create a beautifully designed and functional garment that is perfectly fit for purpose

Emily Pitts

WomenClimb October 2015 - Emily Pitts

Wild Running Top Mens Winter Running Gear

Sim Bensons ideal winter running gear

Merino wool base layers are normally the warmest, and as long as they are ethically produced you can feel happy wearing a natural fibre. I wear either my Alpkit Kepler (RRP £29) or my Howies short-sleeve base layer (RRP £45) pretty much all the time. They look great as well as performing brilliantly in all but the warmest weather. Synthetic base layers dry faster than Merino, but Merino retains its warmth even when wet

Sim Benson

Wild Running October 2015 - Sim Benson