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Womens Kepler Premium New Zealand Merino Wool natures technical layering fabric

Natures technical fibre. We love merino and because we use pure, unadulterated 100% 17.2 micron New Zealand wool, ours is the finest merino you can buy .

Naturally wicking, quick drying, anti-microbial and temperature regulating, merino wool is comfortable, fresh and stink free day-in and day-out. It is luxurious worn next-to-skin. Wear it on its own on warm days or when layering up in the cold. Simple to wash and fast drying, so hang out to dry and be ready for the next day.

There is genuinely no finer merino available than ours. Kepler clothing is only made from certified non-mulesing farms in New Zealand.

For more on Merino wool, read our What is Merino Wool? Develop post.

Kepler Vest Womens, Tarmac Grey

Kepler Vest [Womens]

New Zealand Merino baselayer vest, fast drying, comfortable, odour resistant baselayer for running, riding, climbing or hiking


womens thermal long-sleeved merino baselayer kepler seagrass

Kepler Long Sleeve [Womens]

Breathable and comfortable long-sleeved premium New Zealand merino base layer for demanding sports in hot, cold, wet or dry


Womens short sleeve merino base layer in blue

Kepler Short Sleeve [Womens]

Comfortable, lightweight, fast drying and anti-microbial. 160gsm merino base layer, for temperature regulation, freshness, and next-to-skin luxury during active mountain sports


Kepler Short Sleeve [Womens] Seagrass Seconds

Kepler Short Sleeve Perfect 2nds [Womens]

Perfect seconds: our Kepler ultra fine merino base layer made with a scoop neck


womens long sleeve merino zip top in grey

Kepler Zip Top [Womens]

Naturally thermal and anti-microbial merino long-sleeved base layer with ¼ zip neck for warmth, freshness, and next-to-skin comfort in cooler climates


Kepler Velo Short Sleeve [Womens] merino cycling jersey

Kepler Velo Short Sleeve [Womens]

A 100% merino cycling jersey with short sleeves and a half zip, helping you to regulate temperature when working hard on big days out and multi-day adventures


Womens long sleeve merino cycling jersey in grey

Kepler Velo Long Sleeve [Womens]

A 100% merino cycling jersey with long sleeves and a full zip, helping you to regulate temperature when working hard on big days out and multi-day adventures


Kepler Velo Short Sleeve [Womens] [2016]

Kepler Velo Short Sleeve [Womens] [2016]

Naturally thermal and anti-microbial merino half zip jersey for comfort, warmth, and freshness on your longer two-wheeled adventures


a Woman wearing black merino wool leggings

Kepler Long John [Womens]

Merino leggings for cold weather layering: moisture-managing, temperature-regulating and odour-resistant, Core Spun with nylon for durability


Kepler Boxers Womens technical merino wool thermal boxers blue

Kepler Boxers [Womens]

Naturally technical, anti-microbial, and odour resistant low profile merino boxer shorts for versatile protection from the elements


Womens merino underwear in black

Kepler Briefs [Womens]

Breathable, wicking and odour-resistant merino undercrackers Core Spun with nylon for durability: building your base layer from the bottom up...


Kepler Padded Boxer [Womens] Seagrass

Kepler Padded Boxer [Womens]

Naturally technical, anti-microbial, and odour resistant merino boxer shorts with Italian-made Chamois for protection and comfort when you’re pedalling all day long


Kepler Merino [Womens] Twin Pack

Breathable and comfortable premium New Zealand merino top for demanding sports in inhospitable climes

£71.00 £79.00 if purchased separately

Kepler Draught Excluder Tarmac

Kepler Draught Excluder

Wear a neck warmer for comfort under an outerlayer or on its own as headwear. Luxurious, lightweight, next-to-the-skin comfort


Kepler Lightweight superfine merino Beanie

Kepler Lightweight Beanie

Naturally technical, anti-microbial, and odour resistant merino beanie for keeping your head warm and comfortable when it’s chilly out


Insulated Running Combo Bundle [Womens]

Insulated Running Combo Bundle [Womens]

Stay warm (but not too warm) when running in cold weather with our essential insulated running bundle

£139.00 £164.50 if purchased separately

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