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Microadventure bivvy bundle

Sleeping out in the open air, making wishes on shooting stars; Hunka converts your sleeping bag into a shelter and this pack includes all the equipment you need for your own microadventure.

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Items included in this bundle
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  • Hunka Chilli -
    Hunka Chilli
  • Kraku Stove -
    Kraku Stove
  • Tifoon -
  • MyTiMug 400 -
    MyTiMug 400
  • Gamma II -
    Gamma II

The art of microadventure seems to be rapidly growing in popularity- and so it should!

We are all so swept up in our day to day lives that sometimes we neglect to take time out and appreciate the adventures to be had and beauty to be seen, right on our doorstep. This 4 part bundle comprises of your basic microadventure kit.

Hunka: Compact at under 400 g; perfect for all adventurers from alpinists and big wall climbers to minimalist campers and expedition leaders. Lightweight and small enough to be used as an emergency bag but tough enough to withstand roughing it off the beaten track: Bung it in a kayak, stuff it in your rucksack or attach it to your fat bike- wherever you go and however you travel, a bivvy bag is an essential.

Kraku: Designed with the solo adventurer in mind. It is a high powered gas stove with a tiny pack-size delivering the power output of a gas stove twice its size.

MytiMug 400: pairs perfectly with our Kraku stove to give the ultimate lightweight cooking system for solo bikepackers, backpackers and adventure racers.

Tifoon: Titanium forked spoon with bottle opener giving 3 functions in one, the ultimate lightweight camping cutlery.

Viper II: Lightweight and compact 280 boost lumen headtorch.

Then off you go on and an adventure and don’t forget to let us know how you get on, or pop over to check out the MicroAdventure community

£99.00 This bundle is worth £121.00 when purchased individually

Get out on a quick and simple adventure

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