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Hand Made Bouldering Mats and Crash Pads

Looking hard to protect landing zones? Expecting spectacular falls or hours of blood sweat and tears working your dream line? Hand made in our workshop on the edge of the Peak District we sew all of our mats and pads for the sweetest, long-lasting landings from tough outers and high quality foam inners, balanced for durability and cushioning, tuned for per'foam'ance


Stripped down to be all you need in a pad. Uncompromising performance, uncompromising quality, uncompromising price. Just throw it over your shoulder and hit that next problem.



The default choice for unyielding boulderers with a build quality to make even the most frequent flyers happy. An innovative package with everyday portability.



Ultimate fall protection, a workhorse for climbers pushing their grade in the meanest of bouldering arenas where you need to know your pad has got your back.


Opening Gambit

That extra pad, commonly known as a 'satellite pad' perfect for your sit starts and covering outlying rocks. Gambit will fold and fit inside any Alpkit full mat, essential to the aspiring boulderer.


Boulder Bucket

Unique self standing bouldering bucket with roll top and large pocket


El Packer Medium

Hardcore 28 litre stash bag with daisy chain loops to help organise your kit on a big wall


El Burro

45 litre roll-top style duffle rucksack with sewn in daisy chain spawned from the legacy of our El Packer big wall stash bag


Slack Kit

Complete 50 ft slackline kit with everything you need to get you started. Supply your own trees!


Boulder Britain

180 venues, 3,200 problems. A comprehensive guide to all the brilliant bouldering in Britain. Broad scope with stunning photography

Sale: £22.50
Was: £25.00

Bouldering Essentials

The complete guide to bouldering, from beginner to expert there is something for everyone

Sale: £18.00
Was: £20.00

Peak Bouldering

In this comprehensive guide Adrian Berry and Alan James compile a list of all the bouldering problems within the Peak District

Sale: £27.00
Was: £30.00

Fontainebleau Fun Bloc Bouldering

Versatile guide for every climber with 7000+ problems between 1a - 8c

Sale: £22.50
Was: £25.00

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Good design, spacious, lightweight

Recently bought the Order 3 tent. Used it as a solo tent and also with my two children. Very spacious, lightweight and stable. Easy to put up, and good ventilation. The mesh on the inner is very lightweight though and several runs have started to appear; this mesh material is (in my opinion) just a little too lightweight and could do with being a slightly heavier denier. Also, the zip in the door only opens one way (i.e. not from the top). Overall, a good tent, but you need to be careful not to snag the inner (and most of the inner is made of the lightweight mesh).

Roy Pollard

From your beginnings in that little pokey warehouse in Il'son all the way to this I've followed AK and bought my Pipedream, my Alpkit, my Gourdons and my drybags that have come with me as a Ranger volunteer in my rucksack for the past 10 years.
Its great that AK has presence in the Peaks and will hopefully be putting the other retail occupants of Hathersage to shame. See you in a few days when I'll be needing some new aly pegs

Aleks Kashefi
Seriously in love

I've worn this jacket almost on a daily basis, used it as a warm layer while wild camping, worn it on runs in full on mountain conditions and it's never let me down! It's light weight and stupendously warm for its weight. The hood is big enough to fit over a hefty bobble hat. The only two things I'd say are that if you run with it on, it'll get damp (which doesnt stop it being warm) so a long sleeve base or mid layer helps, although this only effect the jacket if your doing something really active in it. Also, It'd be great to have a hood that has the simple and effective adjustment that the gravitas hood has. That'd make the hood even better, esepcially if you get caught in some seriously windy conditions.

I love it

This mat is amazing...light, smal packable and does fit my sleeping habits.

I need 15-17 breaths to fill it.
After the first night (-6°C) I thought my matt has a smal leak also, like one of the previous guys mentioned. But it was just the cooling down of the air.
Just think about it...You push a high volume of 35-30°C air inside the mat at first. As soon as it cool down to the surrounding temps the pressure will lower also.
Just make sure to inflate the mat some time before the sleeping and add some more air after the cooling down/right before sleeping...everything will be perfect!

Keep on with your great work Alpkit!

Robert Graham
Great piece of kit

I bought my Brukit a couple of years ago now and it has given great service in that time. The only thing it lacked was a pan support. However, as I know the Brukit was a rebated Firemaple FMS-X1, I started lookin at Firemaple gear on AliExpress and I found a seller who sold the FMS-X2 (same dimensions as the X1 and Brukit) pan support for just over £8.00.

I now have a complete cooking system. grin

Mat h
Good but bad

Nice bit of kitnin your hand but in use not so. I had a couple of petzl tikkanas but gave them to my kids.
I use them for close work or walking. However, this is too much of a spot beam rather than defused and makes it difficult to gain periferal vision or context of what your looking at. In a nut shell, its a torch on your head rather than a defused 'area' light.

Propper Awesome

Ace mat this. Buzzing at the price when I found it, even more satisfied at its quality. Slept on it in a rocky cave for a windy bivvy on the moors. It evened out a bad surface well, even when turning all night to get my face out the gusts as the wind changed.

10/10 would recommend & have recommended

Great coat for value !

Best coat I've ever had, used with -2ºC and light wind and rain.

- Light, really very very light.
- Forearm enforcement is amazing.
- Smooth texture.
- Excellent protection against cold but it's not excessively warm, you get a stable confort temperature.

- Waist elastic band gets relaxed once you start walking but is the same for all the brands, I dindn't find a reliable mechanism to get the band tied to you waist.
- Better if the coat would be a little large at Kidney's area.
- Few plumes in shoulder's area.
- No close mechanism for wrists.

In love with this coat, I use it every day. I'm going to buy a Definition for rainy days.

Although this is the first time I buy this brand, it has become my new favourite.

At last

Can't wait to visit (and spend)

Wondering Wurzel

On a hot day's walk this top has great wicking ability, doesn't show the damp patches, and at the end of the day didn't smell too bad either!

Perfect fit as well.

Wore this with the Timbuktroos trouser, and the combination worked very well.

I'll be buying more of these, such a great price.

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We have been making bouldering mats for 10 years so we think we know a thing or two

High Perfoamance
The single most important thing in a boulder mat is the foam. It is the foam that absorbs the impact of falls. I've recently been learning more than is healthy about foam, with a view to improving and redesigning the boulder mat range. So, what makes the perfect bouldermat foam?


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