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Bouldering mats and crash pads

We have been involved in bouldering mat development since the late nineties. As our team has grown and materials have developed we have continued to research and learn to ensure we are making the best pads we can. We make all of our bouldering mats in the UK.



Stripped down to be all you need in a pad. Uncompromising performance, uncompromising quality, uncompromising price. Just throw it over your shoulder and hit that next problem.

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The default choice for unyielding boulderers with a build quality to make even the most frequent flyers happy. An innovative package with everyday portability.

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Ultimate fall protection, a workhorse for climbers pushing their grade in the meanest of bouldering arenas where you need to know your pad has got your back.

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Extend your main pads landing zone by protecting sit starts, traverses and those errant boulders stopping you commit 100%. The ultimate bouldering side kick.

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Opening Gambit


That extra pad, commonly known as a 'satellite pad' perfect for your sit starts and covering outlying rocks. Gambit will fold and fit inside any Alpkit full mat, essential to the aspiring boulderer.

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Boulder Bucket


Unique self standing bouldering bucket with fleece lining

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El Packer


Hardcore stash bags with daisy chain loops to help organise your kit on a big wall

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Bouldering Essentials


The complete guide to bouldering, from beginner to expert there is something for everyone

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Gourdon 30

“still such a fantastic sack. Please don't lose the mesh pockets, but would be good to have an internal clip for keys OR a small zip pocket that can be attached.. I use it daily for a bike ride to work, rain or shine knowing nothing will get wet”

Bugbear 64
Gourdon 30

Great bag,super light with well spaced straps for big blokes so it doesn't cut into my neck whilst carrying stuff.
Totally waterproof so that when you spill your stupidly smelly fishing bait inside of the bag ,just turn it inside out and wash it,nice and easy.
My wife likes it so I might buy another colour but not for her

Phone user
Cell 2 excellent as phone "case"

Excellent piece of kit.
Cell 2 has protected my phone [ 4" screen ] perfectly. Minor modification [ cut away top inner padding fold ] allows phone to easily slip in and out of Cell, the simple drawstring stops it falling out. Very neat. Hard wearing, have been using it for 30 months now, as good as new

Great little bag to keep my phone working

“Great little bag, fits my Galaxy SIII mini with case real easy, good to know my phone isn't getting all soggy on those wet days out on the hills (and still be able to use it) The only negative point is that I can't take any pictures with the camera on the back with phone in the Aqua Wallet, But generally have my proper camera with me anyway so no big problem.

Recommending to my friends.

You did it again Alpkit grin

Great Headtorch

Great piece of kit. Used a few times now and battery still great on full light. (only use this function when needed though!) It lights up the camp site on DofE trips when needed. Perfect for night walks and nav. Excellent idea with the second battery pack makes swapping batteries seamless. I've searched the market for ages and like for like, this is the best head torch you will get and saving well over £25 plus!

Bomb proof even after 3 years!

I've owned my 20L Gourdon for a little over 3 years now and it still preforms just as well as the day I brought it - absolutely bomb proof!

The 20L pack size is perfect for day hikes and adventures. Given that the main body of the bag has no dividers it can be a little tricky to find things lurking in the bottom, but this simple means you're encouraged to regularly empty out the things you don't need for that day and keep your pack to a minimum wink! For things you need quick access to such as gloves, water bottles or whatever, the two mesh side pockets come in extremely handy, as do the anchor points, should you want to strap/carabiner anything else to the bag.

I use this bag almost everyday out in the field in all imaginable conditions! Not only has its stood the test of time but the test of life; being dragged through endless hedges, worn whilst snorkling (yes it kept my camera dry, thanks for asking), used as a pillow whilst wild camping, as a day bag when travelling and even taking my lunch into work, Gourdon (or Gourdo as he...yes my bag is a dude...has become lovingly known) will not let you down!

Great all season family tent

We’ve had this as our family tent now for over 2 years and spent over 50 nights in it. Its been set up in all weathers from beautiful sunshine to gales and hail and snow (that was just in Skye this Easter), on all sorts of sites from French caravan parks to remote Scottish loch islands and one night on an island in the Komodo Archipelago, Indonesia. We usually pitch it with a tarp. We’ve got pitches down to about 5 minutes to water tight, another 3 or 4 minutes to get everything properly cinched up and battened down.

We like:
Loads of room, we squeezed 4 mats across the tent and the kids had a great time bouncing around in the evenings/mornings.
Well made and well distributed inner storage
We set up an internal hanging line from the hanging points for drying socks/water proofs etc. which worked really well.
Vestibules look small but are actually a decent size although we’ve never tried to cook in one.
Absolutely and reassuringly rock solid in strong winds - it barely flexes when guyed out
Fairly easy to pitch, we pegged down the inner corners in windy conditions before inserting the poles.
The DWR on the inner works well, we’ve pitched in really minging weather, a quick wipe down inside and all is good – just don’t put paper books in the pockets until it dries properly….
You can pick up the inner with the poles in place to shake out all the bits/sand before packing.
Pale coloured ground sheet and inner makes spotting ticks easy!
It dries quickly.
It goes back in the bag easily, unlike my previous tent.

We like less:
Lots of poles which take time to put together and the spider pole can be a pain, particularly when its blowing a hooley and chucking it down. A by-product of a very strong geodesic design I guess.

How is it lasting? It has been well used and not in any way babied. The fabrics are holding up really well, all seams are fine and the tent is still looking pretty fresh, if you discount the mud from New Year near Brecon..

We did crack a pole by leaving the inner pitched upside down drying out on a blustery site in Ullapool. Alpkit excellent customer service quickly provided a replacement section (thanks). Our tarp also wore a small hole in the silnylon fly in a night long gale on Skye, again Alpkit provided some patches foc to enable a repair. (thanks again). Our kids repeatedly tripping over the groundsheet at the entrance pulled the zipper fabric away. Easily repaired with needle and thread.

Really well made and thought out tent, very pleased with it.

Dave M
Light and sturdy

These pots are well made and come in a nice mesh stash bag. They have pretty good non-stick, are easy to clean and are great value. Just remember to pull the handles out before turning the stove on, the rubber on the handles is not heatproof.

Dave M
Almost perfect

Does it's job really well and packs away neatly. Only reason it's not getting 5* is that the lengths of wire that hold it together have a habbit of slipping out from time to time. A neat innovation would be a separate set of spikes for the ends which have suction pads on for rocks, tables, etc.

Dave M
Really well made

I've had this stove just under a year now and I've used it all over the place. I got it in a bundle with the AliPots and wind shield. They all pack together really nicely. The stove is powerful, light and above all is relaly nicely machined, feels like it will last a lifetime.

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Our expertise in bouldering mats
We have been making bouldering mats for 10 years so we think we know a thing or two

High Perfoamance
The single most important thing in a boulder mat is the foam. It is the foam that absorbs the impact of falls. I've recently been learning more than is healthy about foam, with a view to improving and redesigning the boulder mat range. So, what makes the perfect bouldermat foam?


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