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Bouldering mats and crash pads

We have been involved in bouldering mat development since the late nineties. As our team has grown and materials have developed we have continued to research and learn to ensure we are making the best pads we can. We make all of our bouldering mats in the UK.



Stripped down to be all you need in a pad. Uncompromising performance, uncompromising quality, uncompromising price. Just throw it over your shoulder and hit that next problem.

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The default choice for unyielding boulderers with a build quality to make even the most frequent flyers happy. An innovative package with everyday portability.

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Ultimate fall protection, a workhorse for climbers pushing their grade in the meanest of bouldering arenas where you need to know your pad has got your back.

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Opening Gambit


That extra pad, commonly known as a 'satellite pad' perfect for your sit starts and covering outlying rocks. Gambit will fold and fit inside any Alpkit full mat, essential to the aspiring boulderer.

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Boulder Bucket


Unique self standing bouldering bucket with fleece lining

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El Packer


Hardcore stash bags with daisy chain loops to help organise your kit on a big wall

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Bouldering Essentials


The complete guide to bouldering, from beginner to expert there is something for everyone

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Comments - [Bouldering Mats]

When will the Phud be back in stock please? Ta.

19 April, 2015 by Chris Craven

A great starter pad or secondary pad. The shoulder strap allows you to carry it over a larger pad on a long walk in. The foam takes a decent fall and stands up to repeated abuse. I’ve had mine 2 years with zero complaints.

19 February, 2015 by Andy Farnell

I haven’t had this out at the crag yet but seems like a very sturdy piece of kit and very servicable. Will work well as my second pad and i will be looking at one of the more expensive pads over the Summer. The delivery was excellent an arrived Tuesday morning, after a Sunday delivery!

Thanks, Ladies and gents.

02 July, 2014 by Paul Wright

Please could you post up a picture of the Project mat showing the straps?



28 January, 2014 by Annette

I love this pad its far better that the black diamond and metalious pads my friends have. It was also cheaper, better quality and has a larger landing area… You would be daft to go for anything else. My ONLY problem I have with it and is nothing to do with the actual pad is it doesn’t fit in my cars boot but does fit on the back seats. That my fault becuase I have a Vauxhall Corsa.

16 January, 2014 by Paul McKenna

Phud rocked up today, top service, top quality mat. My lad (aged 5) fell asleep on it tonight. He will be taking bigger falls on it tomorrow mind!

15 July, 2013 by Inlet

Just received my phud, that I ordered last week, on Tuesday.
It took one week to come in France!
This evening, i’ll test it but i’m not worried. Construction seems solid and i am suprised of the quality of the foam. Cant wait to fall on it… Thanks Alpkit

15 July, 2013 by Julien

It’s 8am on a Saturday morning. I’ve just taken delivery of my phud. Fantastic service. The pad is great, excellent quality for the price. It’s a great size to take on holiday and not fill the boot. Just had a few falls on it from my woody. The foam is nice and supportive. Spot on again Alpkit, another classic.

06 July, 2013 by Mike Williams

I purchased a Phud mat for my partner for Christmas as a secondary mat to use for bouldering at the roaches and i have yet to use it but the service and quality on its arrive is fantastic.

07 December, 2012 by Layla Kendall

Please make more rough cuts of the new models! really keen on them smile


13 February, 2012 by Daniel Mora

Very impressed with alpkit s service ordered phud mat only took 26 hours to get it to me half way across the country..i was even more impressed when i opened it and saw the excerllent build quality top marks allround.

17 August, 2011 by paul.

Ordered my Phud yesterday & it arrived today,for £80.00 it is excellent value & a really solid piece of kit(have had the kids jumping off the couch on to it as a tester),so why are all the other bouldering mats on the market nearly double this price? Very impressed and will order from them again. Kev.

24 June, 2011 by Kev

Hi chaps.

Got the two mat deal and love them! Very sturdy and great to fall on and you get two mats for the price of one from another manufacturer! Wonderful! Have had a couple of sessions on them already and they are fantastic. Great quick service and delivery.

Top marks

22 May, 2011 by Nick

I’ve had my Phud for five years now and love it.  The buckles were a pain as they kept unclipping and 1 broke after opening up. They have been replaced with small carabiners on clove hitches which is more reliable.  The stitching in the middle where the shoulder straps thread through ripped, so it can’t be backpacked any more, I would suggest reinforcing this area in future.  These are the only problems I’ve had and are minor, so well done!

20 May, 2011 by Jonnie3430

Myself and a friend paid half each towards a Phud mat, and after using it at Stanage, The Roaches, and Robin Hood’s Stride, among other places, find that it does the job really well, seems just the right density/firmness to land on, a good size and thickness, It’s well put together,great for the price. definitely recommended!

16 May, 2011 by Michael H

Very impressed with both the Phud and the Alpkit service. I got the Phud after alot of recommendations from friends and is does not disappoint.

Top notch all round !

16 May, 2011 by Ben

My first bouldering mat, it seems to hold up well jumping on it from the bed, perhaps a little bit more solid than other ones; but overall it seems really good and can’t wait to try it out at the roaches this weekend. Truly exceptional service, the product is immaculate, the price is phenomenally good and the delivery actually was next working day (one of the few companies i have bought from that say this and actually manage it). Just want to say thanks and i will definitely be buying from here more often.

04 May, 2011 by James Miller

Just bought my second Phud! Been using one on it’s own and it’s brilliant but two will be even better. excellent product and great team, thanks. T

20 April, 2011 by Jayne Blade

Ordered myself a Phud late Sunday evening…order processed yesterday (Monday) and it arrived today. Am so impressed with the speed, especially as you don’t charge extra for this!! Just wish it would stop raining so I can go use it. Will definately be using Alpkit again.

05 April, 2011 by Cheryl

I’ve now got two of these mats, and they are both of amazing quality. the first one i have had for little over a year now and it is still an amazing bouldering mat as far as i am concerned. Although the carry straps are just starting to come off, i’m fairly certain from the way the mat is put together that i will be able to fix this myself without too much hastle!
Amazing quality of stuff for a really good price, can’t get much better than that!

04 April, 2011 by Peter Sisley

First time i’ve bought from Alpkit and it wont be my last.
Ordered Phud and Woomf on tuesday @ 12:45pm goods came on wednesday @ 12:00pm, with a personalised note thanking me for my order.
The pads look to be built well and feel comfortable to land on(well a least when jumping off the sofa),will test them properly at the weekend.
Many thanks for a 10/10 service

23 March, 2011 by John Young

I just received my Phud in Ibiza a moment ago and everything went really fast: order, delivery, etc… I’ll try it this afternoon after work but real test will be in Albarracin! Thanks Izzy!

22 March, 2011 by Gabriel

Hi and thanks!
Just got my Phud really quick delivery and fantastic service. Website is beautifully created and fun to read, personalised service is lovely.
Phud is currently covered in my colleagues as I had it delivered to work, it’s well made and comfy to be thrown across the room on so looking forward to taking it out to the rocks. Many thanks Alpkit!

22 March, 2011 by Jayne Blade

The Phud is the first thing I’ve bought from Alpkit, but know I will be using them again already. It arrived this morning and I must say the standard of service was amazing; for postage to be covered in the price AND the mat only cost £80 is brilliant, the delivery was next day, as was stated, and the mat came as well packaged as it needed to be with a personalised ‘thank you’ note.

I’ve already taken the mat out for a quick session. It does seem quite stiff compared to mats I’ve used in the past but it’s comfy to fall on. The outer material seems like it’ll be very hard wearing and buckles and straps all seem well attached. The alpkit.com branding isn’t too in your face and the appearance of the mat is generally fine, nothing to garish (I got mine in green and black).

One thing I would say that has already been mentioned here is that the carrying straps do require you to have huge hands! I can just about manage, but for anyone with smaller hands you’ll struggle. Not a massive problem for me though as I’d rather sling it on my back.

Overall 9/10

Thanks Alpkit.

09 March, 2011 by Jonny

I’m very pleased with my new mat. After a couple of friends (and a lot of strangers on the internet) recommended this company I placed my order for the Phud and was very happy when it came with free next day delivery. Great product, fast and easy transaction and will certainly be dealing with Alpkit again.

07 March, 2011 by Ed

Just received my new Phud, laying on it now, writing this feedback. It took it a week to travel from UK to Barceona, a very reasonable time. The mat feels good and solid, and landing on it from the sofa feels secure )) Well, as everyone here sais, good service and good mat for a very good price (even with FedEx shipping costs it is still way cheaper than any similar mat you can buy in Spain). So, thanks Alpkit and thanks Izzy ))

16 February, 2011 by Andrey

My first mouldering mat from the combo deal so I got the Woomf too. :D Delivery very fast, barely 24 hours after order sent to distributor. Jumped up and down on it, foam seems good, can’t wait to take some falls on it. Thanks Alpkit, have recommended you to my fellow boulderers.

14 February, 2011 by Y Riley

Brilliant, thanks Alpkit. All the personal touches you add whether it’s personalised e mails or Alpkit printed on the buckles, it all makes the experience so much better.
The Phud is excellent and feels rugged. I’ve been jumping of my sofa to give it its first test. Hopefully i’ll get to Portland at the weekend to play.
Delivery included in the price makes the Phud really great value.
I like how you wrote on your site the ethical considerations you make when making kit.
There is so much I like. I’ve already recommended you to my friends and will continue to do so.
Thank you.

03 February, 2011 by Trevor MacAlonan

Took my new Phud out for my first outdoor bouldering this weekend and I’m very pleased with it. Only took a few falls, but felt reasurringly sturdy. Bring onthe V12s!

Also gotta say a quick word about the customer service and delivery time - both outstanding. Will be buying from Alpkit again and recommending to friends!

31 January, 2011 by Sam

I was going to wait until I actually use the Phud and Whoomf, to write a review, but the speed of service I received, promted me into premature action.

I ordered them at approximately 9:45 pm on Monday evening, receievd an email immediately after with order details, by 9:16am Tuesday morning an email, telling me it had been sent to the courier.

Arrived home from work today Wendesday, and waiting for me was, you guessed it, Phud and Whoomf, and also a nice handwritten note thanking me for my custom.

Very well done Alpkit, top notch service.

24 November, 2010 by Dion Hughes

This is the second Phud I’ve bought, which is a recommendation in itself. There is just no better value for padding.

I find the size fairly optimal - any bigger and it doesn’t fit in cars, and smaller and it becomes less reassuring.

The only slight problem I had with my first one was the stitching that attaches the shoulder straps breaking after only a couple of months, but I managed to DIY it easily enough.

15 October, 2010 by Andy Moles

interesting, bookmarked and link from my blog.

27 September, 2010 by ArretsKit

I have just recieved my Phud, and I am so pleased that I am leaving my first review ever.
The pad seems very sturdy in construction, and has all the right features where you want them to be, no more, no less.
Having had a Franklin Drop Zone, I was getting so annoyed with the taco hinge creeping up when bouldering that I opted to get a new, hinge designed mat.
Having done alot of research I settled for the Alpkit Phud, not only for the amazing price and reviews, but also as they are a local business.
I can’t wait to get this out on the rock, and looking at the weather it shouldn’t be long.
One more point I would like to add is that the shoulder strap/ruck sack convertible is a real treat! Perfect about of velcro and lots of available adjustment for individual needs.
A handwritten thankyou note and climbing calander was really the cherry on the cake!
Thanks Alpkit!

09 September, 2010 by adam gibbons

The mat arrived the day after I ordered it - fantastic service.  Very impressed with the design and build quality, and slamming into it in a less than controlled manner was fine.  Good foam.

I do have a couple of little niggles, though.

1) The carrying handles aren’t long enough.  You need Big Hands to hold both at once.

2) The rucsack-style straps appear to be convertible to a single long strap for slinging over one shoulder (there’s buckle attachment points in the right places) but the mid-point of the shoulder straps is velcroed down so tightly you can’t budge it.  This isn’t really a problem, more of an oddity.

Having said all that, this is an excellent mat at a truly bargain price.  Superb work, chaps.

07 September, 2010 by Tony

excellent service as usual. I had the mat at my place yesterday, and it’s a shame I have to wait until the weekend to use it!!! only when I got the new one I realized the hard time and the bashing I have given to the old one. a good soldier.
well well psyched!!!
keep it up.

10 August, 2010 by lorenzo from italy

Just Got my new mat on next day delivery, Fantastic service for such a reasonable price! The mat looks and feels great, can’t wait to get up the peaks with it:) If I can get if off the kids that is. They want it permanently in their bedroom for diving of the bed on to!!! Cheers Alpkit.

15 April, 2010 by Pete B

2 mats for £110! amazing value, even more so when compared to other products on the market, really pleased with my new mats, good you can buy all spare parts aswell, save the need to buy a whole new matt in the future.
I thought delivery might take longer with a backlog from easter weekend, but it was here within 24hours!
Thanks very much all at alpkit!

07 April, 2010 by Luca

Very very happy with the mat, i got it the next day (which was a surprise as it is a big mat)

Very good Price, dense foam and very quick delivery with no extra P&P.

07 October, 2009 by roshan

Hi g,
thanks for the comments. We have recently altered the design of the aluminium buckle by extending the lip slightly so that it is much less likely to come unattached.

We have also sold Phud with durable plastic buckles but most people seem to prefer metal.

As you say the hinge design has its pros and cons.

05 October, 2009 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

owning a phud for 10 months now, i can estimate it bouldered between 30 and 60 days.

the foam is holding great (softer than new, but still way stiffer than many other brands) and still keeps the comparison with brands like snap and beal (maybe the best foams in the shops in 2009?).
still, i’ve recently seen and touched a really old franklin dropzone that despite every kind of abuse is stiffer of all the above, and makind the newer bd production look like a joke (and it is also way heavier of anything i’ve seen in that size…probably really high densities in both layers…)

the only real issues with phud are :
a)shoulder strap buckles. If you don’t tape them they get off all the time, if you tape them you loose the opportunity of reversing the pad on stones. Could maybe be fixed in production tightening a bit the two tape loops at the bottom of the pad, where you hook the buckles???
b)in the unlucky event of falling exactly on the middle fold, you definitely feel the “hole”...could be nasty with stones or roots under the pad, needs extra care!

however these issues are much less important if you mostly boulder in areas with even landings (eg fontainebleau).
I’m sure they could start to be a pain in the ass in places like magic wood, though.

so, bottom line, an easy reccomendation for anyone bouldering on mostly flat landings, but not so much for messy rocky terrain.

05 October, 2009 by g

I bought my first Phud back in 2007 which I have now replaced with a new one. The new Phud has a better strap which no longer slides from one side to the other. A good improvement.
The quality of the foam seems degraded though. The old Phud was thicker than the new one. Not sure what the reasoning for this was, but I liked the old one better. Sorry guys, perhaps you can improve it in the newer versions.

Still a good quality mat for the price though.

08 August, 2009 by Pascal Heger

I got my phud just before christmas..I’ve now had a chance to really get into using it and wanted to share the pros and cons of this mat.

Firstly, in use as a crash mat this is an excellent piece of kit.  Big enough to hit from a height and KNOW you will be ok.  Thick enough to cover rocky landings and still not feel them.  Good high density layer that really spreads the load and VERY durable covering.

Looks nice too.  And its CHEAP.

Now for the downers. 

The velcro (is it velcro, mine appears to have 2 wooley bits and no hooks) fastening on the strap simply does not hold the strap in place so every time I try and put it on it slips to one side.

The open metal fastenings on the strap are, despite being pretty much unbreakable, crap.  They unhook themselves every time I put the mat on my back.  They unhook every time I take the mat off.  They unhook every time I move, lift or do anything at all with the mat.  They are so useless I am considering taking the fastenings off my old metolius mat and replacing them.

Conclusions:  This mat will give you the confidence to climb hard above pretty much any landing.  It will irritate you a bit getting to and from your chosen destination.  But given that you could almost buy 2 for the price of the equivalent mat from most of its competitors this is not that big a deal.

Would I buy another? YES.  Should you change the buckles? YES (but if you don’t I’d still buy another).

19 May, 2009 by Andy

The phud is brilliant! It’s cheap, The foam is great i’ve taken good 2+ metre falls onto it and the Ballistic Nylon is do its job splendedly. The only thing i could say is the aluminum buckles on the shoulder straps tend to like releasing themselves a bit too easily whenever its on the ground. It has also happened once when i was walking when I didn’t have the straps tight enough, which means most times i’m having to re-attach them before putting it on my back. It is a great idea and works easy and fast when opening the mat itself, but maybe a buckle that doesnt release as easily would be more suited for the shoulder straps, something similar to the load locker buckle purhaps? Other than this the Phud is ace! Thanks Guys.

14 March, 2009 by Skittles

Got your mat last week and have been out bouldering twice already! I am amazed! It’s a fantastic mat as big as you need it, solid construction, dual layer foam, shoulder straps. Awesome! I almost prefer to falling-off to topping out now!:)

10 January, 2009 by Pete

Wow.  ordered yesterday lunchtime and today it arrived at 10am.  I am now the record olhder for the largest piece of personal post to have arrived at the office.  Can’t wait to fall off and test it though I suspect at lunchtime we may some executive stress relief for starters.  Will feedback again once in use.  Cheers guys.

13 November, 2008 by AndyB

Hi Alpkit
I’m very impressed with very quick delivery.
Ordered on sunday night , tueasday morning was delivered . Wow guys . Mat is quality , looks very solid. We’ll see how it is outdoor .

16 October, 2008 by Damian

Hi All
Got my mat today and i was very impressed. The foam felt good and the shell was nice and rugged. I have been looking around at £160.00 mats and the phud is even better!!!

09 July, 2008 by William Warley

Hi Alpkit
How much do phud mats weigh?

06 July, 2008 by Will Warley

Hi Just looking at your bouldering mats ans was wondering when they will be back in stock as i was hoping to get one for my partners 30th birthday which is next weekend?

24 May, 2008 by Emma Roberts

Any ideas when these will be back in stock?

06 May, 2008 by Pete

good mat took falls well. however did look awfully small at top of boulder problems!!!  i hear you tried to invent an inflatable boulder mat. did it work? are they on sale?

12 February, 2008 by james oswald

Finally got round to taking my Phud out for a days bouldering! Excellent - lightweight, easy to carry, plenty of padding… And only £70! What more can you ask for… Got mine in Tomato so it stands out from the grass - makes aiming easier!!

10 February, 2008 by Jamie

Ordered yesterday arrived lunchtime today, tested it this afternoon.
Jumped on it from about 2.5 - 3 metres (9 - 11 foot) a few times broke fall very well, expect it would be ok for another metre will find out in time. Can’t comment on durability as yet but construction is solid. Some nice design features like the handles and the shoulder strap/rucsack carrying option is very clever and quick to change around, for £70 you absolutely cannot go wrong. I also have the Woomf which has proved very durable over the last two months or so but I would love to see the handles, shoulder strap option & metal buckles on that as well even for another few quid.

24 October, 2007 by Roger

I bought my Phud about a year ago, and I absolutely love it! This really is a value for money mat. The cover is still standing up to whatever I shove the mat onto. My one slight criticism of the mat (and it is a slight one) would be the way in which the shoulder straps are attached on the back. The centre point of mine is about to come off. If the next versions of the mat could come with a longer end to end shoulder strap it would also solve the problem of the mat effectively becoming a large sail when it is windy making it easier to walk about with. But overall, thanks for a great mat guys n gals.


19 July, 2007 by Sandy

Ive had a Phud for about 18 months or so, all in all a very good mat. The foam is starting to soften somewhat now, but considering the heavy use its been under, I would expect this (used as a mat under my woody all winter, plus regular use outside all year). Replacment foam is cheap. Great mat for a great price.

17 July, 2007 by Phil W

I bought a Phud a few months ago - have used it extensively and it’s an awesome pad especially considering the price. Plenty of friends have used it and agree. The foam is great, really comfortable to land on. 2 points which I thought needed altering - reinforced corners would be good, the size of the pad means they catch on everything. I find the metal buckles to fasten the pad are great, but the one on the strap aren’t so good - I use it as a shoulder strap and find they keep unhooking just when I pick the pad up! However it is good to be able to remove the strap easily when using the pad - dilemma!  Overall its a great pad, think I’ll be back for another when it dies.

17 April, 2007 by Andrew Barker

Hi Shaun, glad to hear the foam is standing up to a heavy thumping. We have always been clear that the foam is our top priority with the Phud mat, giving people a safe mat without breaking their bank balance. Phud uses time and materials very efficiently, this explains its square shape and dimensions. Admittedly square edges will wear quicker than rounded or curved edges, they also raise the price. We think for this mat we have found a good balance and we sell the shells seperatly. I am not going to try and convince you to stick with Phud, having used 2 extensively you are aware of its pros and cons as well as me. We do have plans for a heavier duty mat but as yet no idea of cost or release date wink

03 April, 2007 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

HI I m on my second Phud now and I would say I am now a heavy user…3 times a week= a lot of landings. Feedbcak I would give is that the foam is great but the shell gets damaged too easy, especially the corners. Will prob buy a more expensive but more durable mat next time round…unless you can convince me otherwise.

02 April, 2007 by Shaun Taylor

Hi Nick, you change the foam inside the mat if you wish, but you’ll have a very weak landing area around the hinge if you put the closed cell foam on the carrying side of the Phud. Cheers, Jim

27 March, 2007 by alpjim

thanks for the new phud next day delivery!what i would change is the harder impact foam on the carrying side so you can fold the crap of the floor inwards when you’ve finished and not have it on your back when you carry the pad.keep it as uk as poss people will pay a litle extra i’m sure.

27 March, 2007 by nick whelan

Please keep making the outer in the UK. Another £20 is not a lot to keep production in the UK. £70 is still such good value.

25 January, 2007 by JM

Received my Phud just in time for the Xmas post deadline.  Thanks for your fantastic delivery service, yet again.  No chance to try Phud out on the rock yet but already struck by the quality and neat design.  For what it’s worth, though, I’d much rather you stayed with UK factories for future versions.  £70 is dirt cheap anyway, and the local economy needs support.  Cheers.

26 December, 2006 by Tom

Excellent work fellows, mat is an absolute winner, very very chuffed but keep production in Derbyshire! £70’s cheap as chips anyway and most people would much rather by summat British made.

Look forward to shopping with you again.

26 December, 2006 by Jesse Mitchell

You guys rock!
Just received my phud having ordered it yesterday. Being made in the UK is a monumental positive - buy British!!! Top approach to design, sales and customer service, keep it up.
Can’t wait to get out with my phud next week - will keep you posted.
Looking forward to buying some more of your gear.

Thanks again,

13 December, 2006 by Rich Marsh

Mat still going strong, unlike me! Please keep the production in the UK, it’s a big selling point and you know it’s the right thing.

22 November, 2006 by Ian

I am waiting for my new phud, cant wait. I like the fact that they are made here in the UK and i think many wouldnt mind paying an extra tenner to keep production in the UK? £70 is still a bargain!

25 October, 2006 by Simon

Latest news is Phud should be back with us the first week in November.

24/10/06 Alpjim

24 October, 2006 by alpjim

Great mat, big, reassuring and easy to use. But how do I convert the rucksac strap to a shoulder strap? Cheers.

05 July, 2006 by Ian

Bought the Phud a while ago, but finally got to try it out t’other day after much anticipation. Realy pleased with it - it’s undoubtedly much more comfortable than falling on rocks with the added joy of having not reamed my wallet - yay! Also very light and easy to carry, though was interesting tyring to walk with it on my back across a windy, exposed beach!

10 April, 2006 by James

bought the phud this weekend at the show took it out the next day and within five mins it had been tested to the extreme!!took a couple of 15fts and it nearly sprang me back on the rock!!!!
Great price, Great Design, Great Service.

What more could the lowly boulderer want!!!?

(apart from skil!!:)

20 March, 2006 by mattski

Don’t worry Doug, Phuds going no-where soon. In fact once we get all the feedback on Woomf we are hoping to add a few upgrades to him. Even without the upgrades he’ll have to rise in price though. Foam..oil..bucks!!

20 December, 2005 by Jim

please don’t stop production of the phud. he’s a ledgend.

no where else can you get such a decent mat for the price. stipped down to the bare essentials and thats the best way!

16 December, 2005 by doug

Have had your Phud pad for a couple of weeks and it has done brilliantly saving my lardy arse on leaps from Dumbarton boulders. Well done, I wish your company every success.

21 August, 2005 by davie again!

Any news on the other Phud designs (El’Phud, Phudsac) you refer to above, and what sort of timescale before they may be available. These alternative designs may be more what I’m after, but if it’s going to be a while, I may just go for the standard Phud.

15 August, 2005 by Liam

When is the small single version going to become available, what size and what price please?

04 August, 2005 by Davie

Thanks it does help it sounds ideal for a climber just starting out. My hubby & sprog will I’m sure enjoy. It will do as a starter and if we like we’ll buy another later. I’ve placed my order!!

04 August, 2005 by Pauline

Hi Pauline, Make no mistake this is isn’t a DropZone. The foam is as good but the shell is much cheaper. The Dropzone is a taco hybrid, where as the Phud has hinge, both types have advantages and disadvantages. Phud comes guaranteed next working day if ordered before 2pm. Phud Pro’s: Cost, Lightweight, High Quality Foam, Postage included. Cons: Polyester shell, no rucksack straps, hinge design. Hope this helps.

03 August, 2005 by Jim from ALPKIT

Hi considering buying a Phud having read all the feedback sounds great.How does it compare to a Franklyn drop zone 2? That is the other one we were considering! How long does it take to arrive after ordering?

03 August, 2005 by Pauline

i definitely agree with martin!!! customer service at top!!! i had the pad at my place in italy three days after the order!!! keep it up!!!

21 July, 2005 by lorenzo

Hi i used the phud in font and the mat was brilliant. I took a few falls on it and i bounce right back up for another go for the price it is a fantastic mat. i would certainly but another one and have been recommending it to all of my bouldering mates. The other thing i was really impressed at was the service i got from nick at alpkit best customer service i have experienced in a long time thank you nick and thank you alpkit.

21 July, 2005 by martin

Well I have been busy but people have run off with the prototypes before I had a chance to photograph them, Sorry :(. In reply to Jamie H, the bag will be water resistant but as with most rucksack it would be just too expensive to make it completely waterproof. The Phud is pretty waterproof anyway, the only way any water can enter its innerd’s would be through the stitching. As this is all located on the top you have a couple of inches of protection already. Ok, the velcro will let some water in aswell. Photos to come soon… I promise.

19 July, 2005 by Jim from ALPKIT

Will the bag for the Phud be waterproof possibly so you could leave it on the Phud whilst in use and therefore make the mat a bit more impervious to water or help keep it clean? I dont know how this would work in terms of the straps being underneath the mat as you fell on it and wether this owuld compromise its comfort/make it more prone to slip etc?  Just an idea!  J

19 July, 2005 by jamie H

Well i have been busy on Phud development and should have three new phud variations to put up for review early next week… the first is the phudsac, a heavy duty bag with a full rucksack harness to lug your phud about. and anything else you want to carry with it. The second offering is El’phud, a burrito style phud. And the third is the single phud mat but with a little twist!!! More next week.

07 July, 2005 by jim from ALPKIT

Bought a Phud and been using it for a few weeks now. The quality is excellent at the price and it has saved me from a few high drops. Would definitely consider buying the half mat if it became available.

06 July, 2005 by Mark

tried out my Phud this weekend and it was great. in fact better than great. i honestly like it as much as the crashpads ive tried that cost double what this one cost. The simple constriction makes it easier and simpler to use.

05 July, 2005 by mathew

The Phud is excellent value and performance. The one i bought is the earlier version supplied with the basic shoulder strap (not complaining!), but do you guys have plans to release a cover with rucksack style straps anytime soon? Even the latest version of the Phus has a slight upgrade with the handle able to go diagonally across the bag which would be easier to carry. Keep up the superb work J

04 July, 2005 by jamie

hey the offer is great! i saw the mats in val di mello and managed to test them with a couple of falls while trying the heel hook problem with kenny. i dunno why but i thought he was french… anyway, is there a way an italian boulderer can purchase the mat? how much will it be the shipping cost? lemme know, please. lorenzo.

21 June, 2005 by lorenzo

the idea of a small mat is a good one and the cubes sound interesting. Id be interested how this performed in practise as i think it may have to have a piece of hard foam over the top to stop bottoming out etc. also would be concerned that the mats mouldabilty would be restricted by the shell and you would lose the point of using the cubes. what im interested in is a little mat thats easy to carry when your going general climbing and cant be bothered with a massive unit. with that in mind though your mouldable mat may really work in the ‘good to carry’ stakes. it could maybe be strapped to a rucksack. im babbling.

02 June, 2005 by si a

Jim, Thanks for the info. I personally would have paid the extra £5 to have the strap attached, since I think it would make life that bit easier when walking to boulders. Saying that, I ‘ll manage without loosing too much sleep by not having that extra strap on. I’m guessing pricing is the key… Its fantastic to see a company willing to listen to users of the products and actually take action upon it. Keep it up!

28 May, 2005 by Ken A

Si a, We are looking into a single Phud. I am speaking to a company in Manchester about developing a smaller mat that is made from lots of small cubes of hard foam. These cubes should be suffiecient to absorb small falls Plus, due to the construction should allow you to lay it over larger rocks moudling to its shape preventing it from sliding off. What do you think?

23 May, 2005 by Jim from ALPKIT

Hi Ken, your comment regarding a velcro closure on the sides of the mat I agree would help to stop stuff falling out of the mat. There a couple of reason we didn’t put these on. 1) The original Phud was designed to be carried over the shoulder and should therefore would not have been carried upright. Phud ver1.2 has changed this. 2) Although very useful carrying stuff inside your mat can damage the foam if left for extended periods, a few hours or more. 3) Cost, adding this strap could add as much as £5 onto the cost of the mat. I will speak to the factory and see what they say. Is the extra strap worth £5 ?? I would love to hear your thoughts. Jim from ALPKIT.

23 May, 2005 by Jim from ALPKIT

proper buzzin off the mats!!!! Many uses for it! not just to save our lives! Definatly expect more orders in the future.

20 May, 2005 by Mark, Jonny & Dave

Just want to say thanks for the Phuds! We’re all very impressed by them, and you should expect a few more orders when you have them next in stock! Just one thing, for carrying items within the mat (when folded) some other mats I’ve used have had velcro closures (as used on Phuds) on the sides (one per side) as well to stop items falling out. Would adding this feature increase the costs (or decrease margins significantly)?

20 May, 2005 by Ken A

seen one of the new mats with the revisions. excellent think they work well.  any chance you could do a half thud mat for circuits. £30. you could even make it foldable if you want but i wouldnt bother.  by the way the sleeping bag is awesome. so comfortable.

13 May, 2005 by si a

I have just ordered the next batch of PHUD’s with a couple of ammendments as suggested above. 1) It now comes with 3 carry handle drings as suggested by Si A 2) The velcro closing tabs have been altered so as not to attract grass and other vegation when being carried as suggested by Chris Gillespie We will email everyone that has sent a ‘PHUD ME ’ mail when they are back in stock.

26 April, 2005 by Jim from ALPKIT

Is there any way you would wear the mat over a daysack without it bashing your head. When we take our mat/mats out with daysacks they allways ride up. Could say straps be developed to attach ot directly to a sack? I know they are all different but all have things in common like shoulder straps.

13 April, 2005 by Chris

After not checking my comments properly i apologise for saying that other mats are twice as good, I meant that they were not twice as good. I also apologise for the poor wording!

11 April, 2005 by Rich Hilliard

I purchased one of your mats at the outdoor show for that excellent price. Today I took it for a proper test around the various peak boulder problems at stanage and burbage and I was very impressed especially when you see other that of a similar size and think they can be up to twice the price and definitely twice as good if any better at all. Keep up the good work!

11 April, 2005 by Rich Hilliard

Yes i did, here it is..


Unfolded Dimensions Size: 130x100x10 cms Folded Dimensions Size: 65x100x20 cm

06 April, 2005 by nick from alpkit [Alpkit]

Nick hope you ot my email regarding the design for carrying. also do you have Thuds folded dimensions.

04 April, 2005 by si a

si a: can you send us a picture of what you mean by this so we can post it and see what other people think of it

04 April, 2005 by nick from alpkit [Alpkit]

would it be possable to have the carry strap fixed at one end and loose at the other with two fixing points. one directly opposite the other, the other at the lower corner so when mounted on your back the strep goes across your chest. i think this would be quite cheap to do.

04 April, 2005 by si a

Battered your very agreeably priced Phud all day long in Llanberis with three fallhappy mates.. beautifully light, easily carried uphill and shoulder strap suprisingly provided stability when tightened around the shoulders.. which i find valuable as can be worn with rucksack ok. Personally took a 12ft fall onto the phud around Utopia, and continued to confidently fall on it all day.. excellent foam, cleanable nylon. I can only find 1 practical problem! when closed the mat via the velcro straps, a 3 inch stretch of velcro remains uncovered which picks up obscene amounts of grass/mud etc.. lengthening the amount of felt would sort this problem and still allow for tightening/loosening of the strap. Also, a loosely attachable ground sheet/ waterproofing would be a good idea for those without time to clean the beauty. Thanks alot.. will buy another

04 April, 2005 by Chris Gillespie

hi, i purchased a phud at the outdoor show and was very impressed with the price £60, its about time somebody took on the big boys in regards to pricing. well done alpkit and good luck for the future, i will be visiting your web page regular. Ian Atherton

04 April, 2005 by Ian Atherton

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