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Bouldering mats and crash pads

We have been involved in bouldering mat development since the late nineties. As our team has grown and materials have developed we have continued to research and learn to ensure we are making the best pads we can. We make all of our bouldering mats in the UK.


Stripped down to be all you need in a pad. Uncompromising performance, uncompromising quality, uncompromising price. Just throw it over your shoulder and hit that next problem.



The default choice for unyielding boulderers with a build quality to make even the most frequent flyers happy. An innovative package with everyday portability.



Ultimate fall protection, a workhorse for climbers pushing their grade in the meanest of bouldering arenas where you need to know your pad has got your back.



Extend your main pads landing zone by protecting sit starts, traverses and those errant boulders stopping you commit 100%. The ultimate bouldering side kick.

Sale: £34.00
Was: £50.00

Opening Gambit

That extra pad, commonly known as a 'satellite pad' perfect for your sit starts and covering outlying rocks. Gambit will fold and fit inside any Alpkit full mat, essential to the aspiring boulderer.


Boulder Bucket

Unique self standing bouldering bucket with roll top and large pocket


El Packer Medium

Hardcore 28 litre stash bag with daisy chain loops to help organise your kit on a big wall


Boulder Britain

180 venues, 3,200 problems. A comprehensive guide to all the brilliant bouldering in Britain. Broad scope with stunning photography

Sale: £22.50
Was: £25.00

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Stunning pics

The 'camp at night' photo is amazing!

Dan Daley

I bought this and used this earlier in the year and was very happy with it in all ways. the fit was good, brightness, rear light etc. Now I have come to use it again it is not working or sometimes it dioes and then goes off. It's not reliable but I'd like to get another but don't want the same thing to happen again.

Brilliant jacket - huge step up for Alpkit

I took a risk pre-ordering this as the spec looked excellent and I have plenty of Alpkit gear. When it was arrived you could see this jacket was inspired by a certain company beginning with A, and ending with X. But that's no bad thing! This more than matches it for quality. The fit is great and slightly fitted - a big step up from previous Alpkit gear which has been a little boxy. (I'm 6ft, 34" waist, 42" chest and bought a large) I like the extra bit of length in the body and the arms are nice and long for reaching up. I like the way the hood also acts as a high collar when it's down. The warmth is amazing - much warmer than my old Rab Alpine Generator. I haven't tested the breathability too much yet. The colour is also really smart - also an improvement on some previous Alpkit colour choices.

Now I'm just dreading more of these appearing - for now I am liking the exclusivity of being one of the first buyers grin

Excellent for use on technical trails

Bought this to use for a 10k race in the pitch black of night through woods and open ground. I found the both the strength of light and spread of light on the 190 lumen setting excellent.

great jacket

really pleased with this , very well made has a quality feel about it , well designed , nice length arms for reaching , hood adjustment from inside the pockets is a great touch , would buy again , and highly recommend

Great Base or Mid Layer for Cycling.

A great layer that I've been putting to use for colder cycle commutes. Once warmed up I'm happy wearing just this layer (usually between 0 - 8 Degrees). +1 for Thumb holes! Will put it to the test as a mid layer for hiking.

Nick H
Liquids stay HOT

Long story short, I keep on burning my mouth using this flask grin
If I fill it up with tea and leave the screw top cap off, the tea is still very warm after 5 hrs at room temperature.
When used outside ( 2 Celsius) I found my tea still very warm after 4 hours.
Pretty decent for £10 if you ask me.

My second one... and I shall buy a third...

This is my second one of these, but only because my dear wife dropped the first from quite a height onto Dartmoor granite. It didn't physically break, but stopped working - and it was quite old and very, very well used.

I shall buy another to keep as a standby, and at the price you really cannot go wrong. It is excellent and has attracted comments from fellow walkers and runners. The red LED is a godsend, and the rear light is fantastic when you have a group of Beaver Scouts behind you. They know who to follow.

I use mine for walking mostly, but on slower runs it is also fine. For faster runs, or trail-running it isn't really bright enough. but then it is a fraction of the price and as so can be left in the bottom of a bag for when it may be needed.

I would wholeheartedly recommend these.

Nick H
Great headlamp

I own the Viper which is still going strong but was intrigued to see what the Viper ll could do.
I've only used it a few times but I really am very impressed.
The other night I went bivvying and needed to be a bit discreet and found that the lowest setting was just perfect to perform tasks with out being seen from far. The red lights are also extremely useful for this and also to not blind any co-bivvyers.
My wife also used it a few times to run / ride to work in the dark and she said it was much better than the original Viper.
Finally there is the BURST mode which is fantastic. You can light up a field with it.
All in all super happy.


Very well thought out and constructed trail tights. Love the number of pockets. My only minor quibble is that they come up on the large size.
I am going to stock up on a few pairs.

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Our expertise in bouldering mats
We have been making bouldering mats for 10 years so we think we know a thing or two

High Perfoamance
The single most important thing in a boulder mat is the foam. It is the foam that absorbs the impact of falls. I've recently been learning more than is healthy about foam, with a view to improving and redesigning the boulder mat range. So, what makes the perfect bouldermat foam?


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