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Bouldering mats and crash pads

We have been involved in bouldering mat development since the late nineties. As our team has grown and materials have developed we have continued to research and learn to ensure we are making the best pads we can. We make all of our bouldering mats in the UK.


Stripped down to be all you need in a pad. Uncompromising performance, uncompromising quality, uncompromising price. Just throw it over your shoulder and hit that next problem.



The default choice for unyielding boulderers with a build quality to make even the most frequent flyers happy. An innovative package with everyday portability.



Ultimate fall protection, a workhorse for climbers pushing their grade in the meanest of bouldering arenas where you need to know your pad has got your back.


Opening Gambit

That extra pad, commonly known as a 'satellite pad' perfect for your sit starts and covering outlying rocks. Gambit will fold and fit inside any Alpkit full mat, essential to the aspiring boulderer.


Boulder Bucket

Unique self standing bouldering bucket with roll top and large pocket


El Packer Medium

Hardcore 28 litre stash bag with daisy chain loops to help organise your kit on a big wall


Boulder Britain

180 venues, 3,200 problems. A comprehensive guide to all the brilliant bouldering in Britain. Broad scope with stunning photography

Sale: £22.50
Was: £25.00

Bouldering Essentials

The complete guide to bouldering, from beginner to expert there is something for everyone

Sale: £18.00
Was: £20.00

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dartmoor keith
a classic

great sack, great value. I had a similar designed backpack from an american company and was expecting this to be similar, however, the fabrics and construction on this make a far more robust package.
I'ts highly comfortable and I use it for running, commuting and just about everything else.
Uncluttered and sleek in black I reckon its in the same design league as the opinel or maglight.
only draw back for me is the chest strap rides up but thats a problem I have on other sacks too so probably just me.
If the 25 and 30 were carbon copies in terms of pockets/ compression I'd have one each of those too!

Dartmoor keith
exactly as described

Ive used this mat for static camping, festivals and a mountain marathon. Down to 5 degree overnight low. Unprecedented level of comfort at this weight and size. At the lower end of the temperature range I noticed the cooler nature of the inflatable mat compared to self inflaters or CCF but when weight and space and comfort are priorities this is really hard to beat.
I've given it 5 stars as it does all that it claims to in spades.

Comfort & fit +++

These undershorts are the best! 5 hour wear, all good bum!! I wear them with Ground Effect cycle shorts: good combo. Highly recommend. As with all my Alpkit products, these ask "pick me, pick me" when I'm heading out on a ride!

Lovely and warm

I bought this jacket for bouldering trips, standing around before races and for keeping me warm when the heating packs in in my student house. It has done the job beautifully. Very warm, good fit (I'm 6ft 2 and large fits me well) and is exceptionally light, really feels lighter then many other much thinner jackets I own. Cracking coat. Customer service also top notch once again.

Excellent jacket

Great jacket, good warmth/weight ratio, used it before/after ski touring and as a security jacket on the backpack. Packs good into chest pocket.
Good looking in orange, the S is not totally adjusted on me (1.68m, 60kg) but so it can be worn with 1/2/3 layers underneath.

So much fun in a little box (or bag)

Bought this in 2015 didn't get an opportunity to use it until the Summer. Oh what fun. Great value

Simple to set up. Just need two trees under 50ft apart (fabric huggers included to protect the trees). Easy to tension. Fun to play on. Even my 80 year old Mum had a go (OK she sat on it and bounced).

Extremely impressive piece of kit

Extremely impressive piece of kit. OK it’s a light, but it’s a bright (196 lumen) light, with some of the finer details that make it excel. I've had one for a year and think its a worthwhile investment.

First of all it utilizes a CREE LED (CREE are the leaders of LED tech), powered by a high capacity 3300mAH Li-polymer battery. One charge lasts for 3 days of camping on the mid-setting (100 lumen of light from the dome is plenty enough especially using the hanger clip attached to the tent ceiling).

The mag-mount is strong enough to provide reliable light when working on the car (the bright glow is better than directional light from a head torch).

Plus a great backup charger from that that high capacity Li-polymer battery, ensures that your phone / Garmin stays charged (tested it on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and it happily feeds it juice).

Could only be improved by having a replaceable battery. I'm assuming the light uses a fixed 18650 type cell, which typically sell for £15, so you can see why this light isn't cheap!

Good Quality Pole Shame about the Handle and Strap!

The poles themselves look well made, problem with the pole is that there is no flat section on the top of the handle to use it as a walking stick. The hand straps seem to be designed for a person with very small hands, also you could only use them in warm weather as there is no way you could get a pair of gloves on also! Alpkit usually sells walking gear that has been really well thought out so its a shame to give a bad review, a modification to the handle section would make a big difference! If it were only the pole section itself being reviewed they would have got 4 or 5 stars.

Tizzie James
Couldn't be better

This is a great. product Once you've worked out the right strap lengths for your bike, the Kanga is easy to put on and take off, and fastening your bag is simple and quick. It fits nice and tight which means your bag won't move around. They couldn't have made it better.

The customer service is good too - they replied swiftly to my queries and my Kanga arrived within two working days even with the most basic postage.

Steve Bate
Great handle bar bag

I used this for my sleeping bag on a recent 5 week trip to Patagonia. I never had a problem with it. It remained water tight the whole time even in some heavy Patagonian down pours with gail force winds, totally bombproof! The only thing I realised while I was away, I probably didn't need the double end access because it was only my sleeping bag. I could have used a standard 20L dry bag from Alpkit. However it's good to have the option, as in summer my bag is smaller which would allow me to pack my down jacket in there as well. Always good to have options smile

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Product Tech

Our expertise in bouldering mats
We have been making bouldering mats for 10 years so we think we know a thing or two

High Perfoamance
The single most important thing in a boulder mat is the foam. It is the foam that absorbs the impact of falls. I've recently been learning more than is healthy about foam, with a view to improving and redesigning the boulder mat range. So, what makes the perfect bouldermat foam?


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