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Alpkit Gateshead Live

By Alpkit
07, Sep, 2019

We're super excited to see the doors open to our 4th store. Alpkit Gateshead.

Meet the Alpkit Gateshead team! It's been a busy and somewhat tiring last few weeks for the team working to open our 4th store. There's certainly been plenty to do to get the space ready for opening but, boy have they pulled out the stops. So that's it, we are now live in Gateshead. 

Just a nip off the A1 it's the perfect, super convenient location to pop in and say hi, whether living in the local area or as you're passing through onto adventures north, or south. 

Step through that little unassuming door and you are going to be greeted with the same old Alpkit welcome to make you feel at home, swept up into the passion, friendly support to help get people going nice places and doing good things. Our stores are more than just your standard outdoor shop, whether coming in and check out the range of kit, repairs to your battered gear, or looking for advice on the plethora of outdoor activities available around the stunning North East and Scottish borders. 

Yes we have our full range across tents, wetsuits and technical clothing, cookware, bouldering pads and headtorches. Oh and of course the Sonder bikes; you'll be able to hire from any of the range to give them a proper try out. But over the next week we'll be making sure our repair station and bike workshop are up and running as well. We will also be looking to put together plenty of regular runs, rides and social activity that's been so popular at our other stores. So keep a regular check with the team instore, or if you're planning a trip to the area then an eye on the store page and social media for any announcements. 

It's been a really positive, great first day, just cementing the excitement of having a live presence up in the north-east of England. So a bit of a soft launch this opening weekend, but we'll be planning a bit of a celebratory weekend soon, so we'll let you know.  

If you're in the area, call in to say hi.

Alpkit Gateshead. 

Allison Court
NE11 9YS

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A friendly welcome

I love Alpkit but what I love even more is having an Alpkit store that is local to me. Being able to browse the products in the flesh is great and getting face to face advice is brilliant. The sales team are all exceptionally friendly and they seem very knowledgeable in their Alpkit products. Plus they are genuine outdoor types themselves so you know the advice they offer is worth listening to. I can’t rate the products, this store and the staff highly enough!

It's like the internet but in real life......

Whoop! Alpkit on your doorstep, what's not to like. Lovely store, cracking location for ease of access plus already plenty of local info up for runs, rides, hikes and more.
Let's get this community growing and plan some regular runs / rides / adventures.

Heed full of acid

Welcome so happy your on my doorstep canny bag of tudor


I heard Alistair Humphreys is coming to speak at your store on October 31st. Is this true and if so, what time?

Getting close to Scotland.

When are we going to see one open up in Scotland we need you up here.

Can’t wait!

Been a fan of alpkit for a good long while now and have visited lakes store a number of times. Now you are on my doorstep I’m looking forward to visiting and emptying my wallet!


To the North East! So glad you made it smile


great to here you've arrived, live at kielder, saves me going to lakes great kit

Mike A
New store

Congrats on the new store. Good to see an expanding business in the outdoor scene. Away supervising some of our DofE expedition groups this weekend but will be sure to visit the store very soon.

Mike Alderson
Whitley Bay Explorer Scout Unit

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