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It’s Alpkit Hathersage’s Birthday!

By Alpkit
10, Apr, 2018

Our first store, Alpkit Hathersage, is one year old!

IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! (this Saturday)

Well, it’s Alpkit Hathersage’s birthday. But what a milestone!

One year ago, we opened our first ever brick and mortar store in Hathersage. We’ll be celebrating our birthday on Saturday 14th April with an exhibition from local artist Clare Allan, Edale Mountain Rescue Team will be in the store, and we’ll be heading over to Hope with the Hathersage Run Club to stretch our legs before the Hope Adventure Film Festival! Also there will be lots of cake. (Seriously, so much cake.)

Moving day! Our first weekend at Alpkit Hathersage


One whole year!

After years of being an online-only store, it felt like a big step, but a step that was wholly worth it. Firstly, having a brick and mortar store would give us more opportunities to meet you -  our customers/the people who make Alpkit what it is. We wanted to invite you into our store for a cup of tea and a natter, give you space to browse or to sit and read magazines… we wanted to create a place where you could chill really!

Our stores are also at the forefront of our Continuum project, helping to give your generously donated gear a new life by passing it on to people who really need it.

Plus, we’ve made frequent pilgrimages to Hathersage over the years… It would be crazy not to take the opportunity to have a base there.

“For us, getting to know the people who bought our stuff was always an important part of the experience. Now that we’re in the position to create that kind of cosy, welcoming, store space ourselves, it seems only natural that we take that step.”

- A wise man (AlpCol), 2017

Who could have known how launching our first store would have gone? One year down the line and we’ve learned a lot! Not only has Alpkit Hathersage been a logistical learning curb, but it’s been a great opportunity to learn more about our customers too – what you think of our products, what you get up to at the weekend, what your favourite cake is… This helps us make sure we produce kit that you’ll really like.

Moving to a new town can be scary, but the support from the vibrant Hathersage community has also been amazing! We’ve enjoyed getting to know the town and the Peak District even better than before over the last year (our Store Heroes have become real local experts) through our SofA courses and weekly run clubs. We’ve especially enjoyed sampling the cakes from Coleman’s Deli next door… did we mention there will be loads of cake on our birthday?

Come rain, shine, or snow... Alpkit Hathersage Run Club get out on the hills every Saturday morning

Drop in to see us this Saturday! Clare Allan and Edale Mountain Rescue will be here, we’ll be out for run club in the morning, and there will be cake – lots of cake!

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One year old

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