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Wax Cotton Glider bikepacking frame bag

Wax Cotton Glider 50


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Wax cotton frame bag in 3 sizes shaped for road and touring bike geometries. Keeps your frame clear for running with bottles and cages. Limited Edition, UK Made.

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Modern rackless bike luggage made from waxed cotton, a natural and traditional material, right here in our UK factory. Wet waxed cotton looks great, feels great and is entirely functional thanks to the wax coating which gives the fabric its water resistant coating.

Glider sits in your front triangle giving stable storage for heavier items, keeping your centre of gravity low for maintaining good bike handling. The ½ frame design fits within most bike frames, and at 4 cm wide it’s for your road, cycle touring, or adventure bikepacking setup.  

Glider is spacious for its size, with a smaller accessory pocket and key hook to keep your kit organised. The front-facing cable port keeps things neat when running wires to your dynamos and charging your light batteries on-the-go during longer bikepacking adventures. 

Glider copes with demands of travel without adding weight to your set-up. Like all our UK-made bike packing luggage, it’s backed up by our 25-year Alpine Bond warranty.

A webbing ladder offers endless fastening points; simply cut the VELCRO® strap provided to size. 

Key features
  • Universal half frame bag, ideal for heavier items without affecting handling.
  • Shaped for road, cycle touring and gravel geometries with higher stand over heights
  • Made to last in the UK.
  • Main storage pocket, small accessory pocket, and key hook for organising your stuff
  • 25 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Zips: Black YKK AquaGuard
Construction: Stitched
Fabric: Waxed Cotton

Fitting Guidelines

Glider comes in 3 sizes to cater for the shape and size of your front triangle. Measure your top tube, then choose from the 42, 47, and 52 cm Glider frame bag. Attach the Glider in the front triangle using the webbing ladder and velcro straps provided.

Origin: United Kingdom

Designer Notes

Wax cotton was used as a performance outdoor fabric for years before all our modern textiles were invented. Innovation is great but sometimes it pays to look back and see what has worked over the years… especially if you want to do it in style. - Hebe

Product Care Information

Caring for your gear is all part of the adventure. This bag is made from wet waxed cotton, you will need to rewax your bag every so often so that it maintains its water resistance. We recommend rewaxing every 12 months, or sooner if you notice your bag isn’t repelling water as it should.

First, make sure your pack is clean. If it isn’t clean just sponge it down with cold water and brush it lightly to remove dirt or grit. If it’s really dirty (these things happen!) hand wash it in cold water with Nikwax Tech wash. Don’t dry clean or wash your waxed cotton pack.

Now your bag is clean…

Spray Nikwax Wax Cotton Proof onto the outer of the bag, paying close attention to the seams and area s of high wear. The waterproofing will look opaque and white, don’t worry - it will dry clear!

Once you’ve sprayed the bag, rub the cotton proof into the fabric and remove any excess.

Buff the bag.

Let the bag hang dry in a well ventilated area, avoid humid places! It may take a coupld of days to completely dry.

Bob’s your uncle! A rewaxed bag ready for your next adventure!

If you don’t fancy rewaxing your own bag, you can send it off to Rewax and they’ll do it for you. Head over to rewax.co.uk for more information.​

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