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Shox Comfort Twins suspension trekking poles

Shox Comfort Twins


  • Twins - Shox Comfort Twins
  • Single - Shox Comfort Twins

Modern sprung grip 3 section snaplock walking poles to improve motion and reduce knee impact on the trail.


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The trail can be hard and unforgiving but antishock trekking poles can help reduce some of the fatigue associated with a long hike.

The Shox handle has a strong spring built in. It can only move a couple of centimetres which is enough to soften the blows without feeling insecure in use. It can be easily locked out for even greater stability.

If you are on a mountainous trek it is unlikely you will want your poles in your hands all the time. You might face a tricky scramble where you just need to stow them away fast. Adjustment is easy-peasy with the snap-lock widgets. They work great with gloved hands and they are easier to maintain than twist lock mechanisms.

At the business end of the pole the hard tungsten tip provides great grip as well as ensuring longevity, while for more delicate terrains we provide a rubber tip protector. Shox comes with trekking baskets, if you'd like some even larger snow baskets, just mention it in the 'Notes' at the checkout. Shox will break down to a compact 55 cm to stow in your kit bag.

Also available as a single pole.

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Key features
  • Antishock handle with twist action to lock out
  • Secure snaplock widgets for easy pole adjustment
  • Durable tungsten tip
  • 3 section tough Duralumin poles
Vital stats

Pole weight: 278 g
Basket weight: 10 g
Tip protector: 8 g
Min packed length: 55 cm
3 sections
Handle length: 13 cm
Tungsten tip
Min / Max usable pole length: 67 / 130 cm
Duralumin poles
EVA foam handle

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

4 Reviews


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I use walking poles to lean on when walking for a rest. I am overweight (a LOT) and these don't slide down when resting your weight on them. If they were to slide for you, just release the latch and tighten the thumb screw (no tools needed) and then close the latch, job done, sturdy as you like. The shock functionality is great, but can be turned off very easily and quickly if not needed. I've never had any high end pacer pole or leki etc but i've had loads of cheap poles and these are the best ive found... alpkit really do knock out some excellent gear at keen prices

Matt Eagles
Good value for money

I've just returned from a 800km trek and these poles kept going every single day, so build standard and material quality are good. After a bit of fiddling the pole sections lock firmly in place, even if you are pushing hard up steep climbs. Only niggle/drawback is that the wrist straps tend to slip in use and are not very easy to adjust.
All in all a good pair of hiking poles that are well made and comfortable to use over an extended period

Good poles!

Fantastic bang for your buck. Not as fancy as some more expensive poles but 80% of the way there at about a quarter of the cost.
I ended up buying an extra set for my girlfriend. Really good customer service throughout too.

Neeman Callender
Antishock handle hard on the hand

These are very solid quite heavy rigid sticks
They will take a bruising
The anitishock in the handle transfers all the shock of th spring directly into your hand
it is very uncomfortable and very tiring
The principle of antishock in the handle does not work
the shock absorbing needs to be further down the stick not directly on your wrist
So I turned off the springs and use them as regular stiff sticks
If you want shock absorbing sticks do not get these
If you want a solid abuse taking rigid stick get them

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