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Rana Waterproof full membrane socks

Rana waterproof sock with a full-length breathable membrane


  • - Rana waterproof sock with a full-length breathable membrane

The most comfortable waterproof socks ever. With a full-length breathable membrane for year-round running, riding and general bogtrotting

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Rana waterproof socks feel like normal socks but its breathable 3 layer full sock membrane gives you full protection from the elements. They are the most comfortable waterproof sock we have ever come across.

They are for days when the ground is wet or boggy ground whether you’re biking, trail running or hiking. 

Rana is a step ahead in comfort from other waterproof socks due to its 3-layer construction. The inner is 80% cotton which absorbs moisture to stop your feet from getting sweaty and feels super comfy next to your skin. The PU waterproof stretch membrane delivers 10k/10k performance for waterproofing and breathability, which means Rana socks keep the water out but still let you breathe.  

A touch of spandex in the inner fabric makes the Rana socks incredibly stretchy. This means they're not only easy to get on and off, but are comfy and unrestrictive once you’re wearing them, leaving you free to pursue your adventure and splash through every puddle in your path whilst you're at it (if that's your cup of tea).

Rana redefines what a waterproof sock should feel like. The waterproof membrane runs throughout the full length of the sock to give you the best possible protection, but is one of the least obtrusive on the market – you'll forget it's there until you find yourself splashing through standing water out on Kinder. The low-profile, 'thin' fit means they don't take up loads of extra space or give you that squashed-in feeling in your shoes.  

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Key features
  • Waterproof socks with a breathable membrane to keep your feet dry
  • Full-length waterproof membrane for the best possible waterproof protection
  • 3-layer construction with a comfortable cotton inner to minimise that clammy, sweaty feet feeling
  • 4-way stretch makes them easy to get on and off, and completely unrestrictive
  • A low-profile fit means they don't take up extra space in your shoe
  • Keep your feet dry when riding, hiking, and trail running on wet ground
  • Breathable membrane and high wicking inner fabric help your feet breathe
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Small: UK 3 – 5.5; EU 35.5 – 39; US 3.5 – 6.5
Medium: UK 6 – 9.5; EU 39.5 – 44; US 7 – 10.5
Large: UK 10 – 13; EU 44.5 – 48; US 11 – 14


3-layer construction
Outer: 60% polyester, 40% cotton
Membrane: waterproof moisture permeable, hydrophilic stretch membrane, PU, 10,000 mm HH, 10,000 MVTR
Inner: 80% cotton, 20% spandex


Weight: 40 g (each)

Origin: United Kingdom

Product Care Information

To wash your Rana socks, turn them inside out and put your washing machine on a cool setting. Other than that you can wash them just as you would your normal socks!

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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A dry day for my feet on soggy Dartmoor!

I am really impressed with these socks! With the non-stop torrential rain we have enjoyed so far this winter the bogs of Dartmoor are excelling themselves. Wet feet are the norm! Then I was given a pair of these Alpkit socks for my birthday and took them for a long hike, wearing a thin pair of liner socks underneath. For 8 miles I was splashing through a swamp with the occasional granite tor standing as an island, so my expectations were low. My boots were soon sodden but my feet stayed surprisingly warm and comfortable. At the end of the day the Ranas were soaking wet on the outside. So I was really impressed when I peeled them off to find my liner socks bone dry! These are definitely my new favourite piece of outdoor kit this winter - thanks Alpkit!

Happy with them

I've got these for a few months now and I've used them for running, hiking an cycling. They work well, are nice to war, and keep you warm.

As a previous review mentions, they may be a bit thick to layer up, but that hasn't been an issue so far!


Excellent waterproof socks and a good price. These were to replace my 15 year old seal skins that I ruined by accidentally tumble drying. These are much nicer to wear.

edward dalton

Water is meant to be under ground, not on the run. Wasdale above the screes, OMG. Water course everywhere, you couldn't avoid it. Ok so how were the socks, amazing. Comfort, great. Waterproof, absolutely. Comfy, yep all the way. THE BIG QUESTION, were they dry. Yes, my feet were amazingly dry for the first run in years. The weather was wall to wall mist sideways rain and fog, un bog up to me ankles and they passed the test. So, sorry ALPKIT i still think the kit is ok for the job, from me an average runner.

Do the job well

I bought these socks to wear when cycling in the winter and they work well in keeping my feet dry and warm. A lot cheaper than trying to keep your shoes dry which never works!

Excellent products

Really waterproof, amazing!
Also please try hypershellz waterproof sock, it's very nice too.


Christened these this with a 10km today through the local bog. Passed the waterproof test and nice and comfy. Replaced my previous pair of seal skins which the missus put in the tumble dryer - these feel much less like a plastic bag between two socks and feet were only slightly damp afterwards, seemed to breathe better.
If I were to be picky I'd like them an inch or two higher.
Otherwise really impressed so far.

Not waterproof, sadly

As a big Alpkit fan, stopping at the Ambleside shop when cycling across the UK last summer was a treat. When I discovered they had new, thin-ish waterproof socks, I thought "that's spot-on to replace my overly thick Sealskins!". Well, it pains me to say it was a disappointment during the rest of the journey, and it doesn't change every time I give them a forgiving go over the last year or so: my feet usually get soaked after 10 minutes riding under medium-intensity rain. Is it that I got a bad batch?

Tough love sometimes hurts

I’m a massive Alpkit fan. I have lots of their stuff and I really rate (almost) all of it. But you know when you love someone you sometimes need to tell them the truth, even when the truth hurts? Here goes: Alpkit, these are not good socks. I really wanted to love them like I love everything else you make, and I gave them a really good go, but I’m afraid we just didn’t get on. They weren’t very comfy on their own but not thin enough to layer. I found the material stiff and scratchy and they didn’t really keep the water out. There, I’ve said it. I don’t want us to fall out, but perhaps back to the drawing board on these. Consider it an intervention; friends don’t let friends sell bad socks.

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