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Koulin Trail Tights [Mens]

Koulin Trail Tights with Polygiene


  • Koulin Trail Tights with Polygiene - Koulin Trail Tights with Polygiene
    Koulin Trail Tights with Polygiene
  • Koulin Trail Tights with Polygiene - Koulin Trail Tights with Polygiene
    Koulin Trail Tights with Polygiene

Technical trail leggings with stash pockets, featuring Polygiene™ odour resistant technology for when excellent wicking and breathability are key

SALE: £25.99 Was: £29.99

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He'd remembered almost everything this time. Almost. Luckily, with Polygiene technology in his Koulin Trail Tights, Dave could get away with forgetting to wash his trail tights for at least another day. (Maybe even two?)

Koulin Trail Tights are high intensity running trousers for endurance mountain sports on the trail, off the trail or even well above the trail. Well thought out features make these tights our do-anything leggings with styling to ensure you look heroic when you reach your summit.

Polygiene ™ treatment eliminates odours, so you'll be able to wear your Koulin to whizz around the trails until your heart is content.

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Key features
  • Polygiene ™ odour eliminating technology
  • Moisture wicking and breathable
  • Excellent stretch and recovery
  • Elasticated waist with drawcord
  • Body mapped mesh panels
  • Rear zipped pocket, discrete thigh stash pockets
  • Reflective logo and trim
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Fabric: 90% polyester, 10% spandex; 220 gsm
Polygiene ™ Technology


Weight: S: 210 g, M: 220 g, L: 235 g, XL: 245 g, XXL: 260 g

Origin: China

Environmental Considerations

Wear more, wash less: it’s every busy adventurer’s dream…

We apply Polygiene™ to garments so that they smell less with wear and need washing less between use: ideal for that multi day getaway (and you’re doing your bit for the environment too).

Polygiene ™ is a silver based treatment that we apply during fabric production. The silver chloride prevents the growth of the bacteria that makes your clothes pong without interfering with the skin’s natural bacteria flora, so it’s comfortable and safe next to your skin. Polygiene ™ is bluesign ® approved (meeting the highest environmental standards) and lasts as long as your clothes do, so you’ll never need to reproof them.

The catch? There isn’t one! You can wear this garment day in, day out, and day back in again without causing a stink – winner!​

Size chart Trousers Mens


Measure around your waist at the narrowest part.

S 30 76
M 32 81
L 34 86
XL 36 91.5
XXL 38 96.5

Leg Length Size

Measure from the top of your inside leg at the crotch to the floor. Where not stated size is regular.

Short 30 76
Regular 32 81
Long 34 86
What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Runaway sucess

Had these for more than a year - go to gear when I'm not wearing shorts...in fact I sometimes wear them when I'd normally wear shorts just because they work so well. Easier to get them dirty than bare legs! Not an issue whether hot or cold weather.
I was unlucky (stupid) enough to fall onto a rocky path on one of the first times I wore these and tore a few hoes in the knee (no fault of material). I've been amazed that in a year of use and washing the damage hasn't worsened, frayed, expanded. One day I'll attempt a repair.
I went for large rather than medium as I don't like anything tight on my stomach (I am however slim build and around 32" waist). They fit great and aren't at all baggy.
They vent great, no overheating, but, if as a previous report you use to walk you will get chilly, they vent well, work best for fast moving.
The stash pockets are great, good size, hold their shape over a year and work really well for gels, stashed gillet, general 'stuff' - including phone if you forget to take it out before going running.
Only thing I can put on the negative is the flat seams on sides do fur up from running through heather, scrubs etc (I'm a fell runner). But 'they all do that Sir' and they do so not a reasonable criticism. Also not waterproof - but not designed to be, they don't hold much wet even in atrocious conditions, but still keep you warmer than bare legs.
Fantastic product again Alpkit.

Rob S.
Just brilliant

I wanted a pair of tights with a decent pocket for my phone for running/the gym . These are fantastic: they fit really well and are true to size. They're also well fitted (not wrinkly like Nora Batty tights - an age-demonstrating reference for the older readers there), super comfortable, nice to run in, and generally great. I've had a fair few pairs in the past from Adidas / Puma etc, and these are cheaper, comfier and all-round better than any of them. Happy days, and thanks Alpkit

Dominic Harrison-Poole
Amazing leggings!

I bought the size Medium and I have a 33" waist. I fall between M and L but opted for M cause I didn't want them to be baggy. For context, I wear these leggings for cycling outdoors and also in the gym.
These are the first leggings I have ever worn but I absolutley love them.
They aren't too tight and I feel super flexible and free while wearing them.
I'm the kinda guy who HATES the heat and I can sweat in a tank top in English winter. That being said, these leggings are amazing. Indoors when it is hot, they make you legs feel cooler and outside in the cold, they make your legs feel warmer. I can't explain it better than that. It's just magic. Cycling in 6 degrees celcius felt great. I also have noticed that there is little to NO bunching of the material in any areas which makes them great for doing barbell squats, and the like, in the gym.
I haven't used the pockets (one on each leg and a zipper one high up on the bum) but they seem pretty good and they haven't been irritating at all. I don't even notice them. Neither have I found any problems with the zips at the ankles.
Just to note, there is a semi-stretchy band inside the waist which you can tie off at whatever length you like which is also NOT a problem.
Absolutley brilliant leggings. I couldn't recommend them enough. I loved them so much I bought a second pair. Well worth it.

Quality tights

These are fab- got them in the sale so even more value for money.
I’m 6’3, slim build and got the large for length and they’re perfect. So comfortable whilst active. My wife tried them on and loves them that much she wears them more than me!!!

Amazing company, great quality tights

Really good quality tights with nice atention to detail from design team! the customer service from Alpkit has been amazing

Excellent Design and value

These are excellent and I bought a second pair. I use them the second pair to sleep in when I go backpacking. Sizing is nice as well as the pockets. I'm 5'9" and the M fits best. I got an L for my friend who is 6'2" and he loves them and uses them for running in cold weather. Peace - Detroit!

I love the pockets

I'm 6'3" with a slim build. I got the small and the length ends about 2 inches above my ankles but I'm happy with that. If it's cold I can wear long socks.
Feel great to wear and are a bargain price. They were out of stock when I first wanted to order so I got in touch with Alpkit and they were able to give me an estimate of when they would be back in stock.
The pockets on the sides are so useful for stuffing gloves or holding my phone. There is no zip but my phone feels secure enough without.

edward dalton
Why not i said

Why not buy some i said, well there a bit skin tight and i always run in shorts. No more peeps, the Koulin trail are the ones for me. Superb piece of kit warm light flexible and so so breathable. Ran out this morning onto Brown Knoll in the Peak District for a trial bash, mega carn't praise them enough, kept the legs lovely and warm in a very strong side wind over the moor top with a slight wind chill coming in from the south. So all in all fully recommend these pants, ive also got the gravitas jacket and they work superb together.

Nick C

I've had these for a while now. They perform as well as most of my other tights from other brands that cost twice as much. Running, around the trails, with or without the dog, they do a great job and I really like the thigh pockets. True to size for a medium. I haven't worn them for rougher stuff (OMM for e.g - though you see plenty of people at the OMM with these) only because I have some tights with a tougher fabric around the ankles and an extra bit of strategically placed material to help reduce wind chill. I always wish that my other tights had thigh pockets or that the Koulins had that little extra reinforcement and warmth in biting wind. I'd gladly pay another tenner for up-specced Koulins.

Chet Manley
There's no going back

I'm a tights guy now. I wear nothing but tights. I will not take my tights off, for any reason.

I don't care if it's a shareholders meeting Jeff, I'm going in tights.

Great fit, useful pockets and excellent reflective detailing. Jeans are dead to me now.

Paul B.
Jolly fine legwear!

I've been wearing a pair all winter whilst running around the Peak District in all weathers. Including snow (I like running in snow). They fit well, keep my leggies nice and warm, and have those rather usefull side pockets. Which are great for bits of map and a compass, dog biscuits, gels, empty wrappers, compass, and all sorts of other essentials. The leggings perform well, don't get baggy when wet, and they look good.
So good in fact that my wife now has a pair.
Now, can we have a 3/4 length version please?


You want a pair of tights that you can wear for 6 days on the hoof running along the Pennine way? You want a pair of tights that let you keep 600kcal of trail mix in your left thigh pocket, a spare buff and bodyglide in the other thigh pocket? A pair of tights that have a zipped pocket for camera and phone? Tights that dry quickly below the knee?

These have it all. Probably the best bit of kit that I took on the Spine Race. Peanuts too.


Very well thought out and constructed trail tights. Love the number of pockets. My only minor quibble is that they come up on the large size.
I am going to stock up on a few pairs.


Very well designed, I'm 6'4 with long legs and cycling quads and the xl fits fine. Pocket on rear holds a phone, leg pockets are excellent, can easily stash windproof and gloves while on the move. Zips at ankle make em easier to get on as far as I can see. No chafage so far, outstanding value.

Richard Jones
Koulin Trail Tights

Really comfortable, clever pockets, another superb quality product from Alpkit.

Richard Jones
Koulin Trail Tights

Really comfortable, clever pockets, another superb quality product from Alpkit.

Very good

Love the design and features, perfect for trails with a stash for the dog! Premature wear & tear to the crotch, maybe a bit more durable fabric might increase life-span

Alan trevarton
Tights for walking the trail

On the national trails I find wearing trousers too hot, shorts re a bind due to having to use sun cream and getting sticky legs (not great in a sleeping bag, even with a liner). I tried the trail tights over 3 days backpacking and slept in them too for maximum test. No pong, comfortable in heat and cooler evening temperatures, no sticky feel in the sleeping bag with no liner needed. The stretchy pockets are secure, no stuff bouncing about, great for phone, map, money etc.They'll be with me on the next long trail. I find the leg zips a bit tacky and feel like they may not last too long, but we'll have to see, otherwise 5 stars.

Slightly disappointed

After only my 2nd outing in these, the inner thigh area has started to wear. They have probably done 25 miles or so . I wouldn't call these trousers hard wearing so I'm a little disappointed. Let's see how long they last before they wear through.
That said they have pockets and a very comfortable to wear. Kept me warm too, on top of Helvellyn and Great Dodd.

Good in parts

Well cut, good features and perform well in cool, dry conditions. However, in the wet they seem to be super absorbent, soaking up lots of water then sucking the warmth out of your legs. I've had other running tights that perform much better in this regard.

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