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Kepler Padded Boxer [Mens] merino undershorts

A man wearing black Merino Padded Boxers with a chamois


  • - A man wearing black Merino Padded Boxers with a chamois
  • - Kepler Merino Padded Boxer with chamois in black

Breathable and odour-resistant merino undershorts with an anti-bacterial chamois pad for discreet multi-day riding comfort

SALE: £34.99 Was: £44.99

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Bumfort  (noun) 

1. A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint, specifically in the vicinity of the bottom. 

‘Joe had forgotten to pack his Kepler Padded Boxers and was experiencing a distinct lack of bumfort by day two of his bikepacking trip.’ 

Lycra has its place and we’d argue a good chamois pad is worth its weight in gold – or at least in sudacreme. But you don’t always want to look like Adam West’s incarnation of Batman when you’re away on a leisurely bike tour or heading to your local trail centre. That’s where the Kepler Padded Boxer+s come in: all day riding comfort hidden beneath café-acceptable clothing. 

A dual density chamois pad contours to your body, cushioning your sit bones and protecting against saddle sores. The pad is treated with an antimicrobial finish which, combined with Merino’s natural odour-resistant properties, make the boxers an ideal under-short for multi-day bikepacks into the Scottish wilderness and sunbaked European bike tours.

Flat-lock seams and a high, wide waistband are fit neatly underneath outer shorts, and breathable, temperature-regulating wool keeps your nether regions dry and comfortable even when you’re grinding up a never-ending pass with a full load. We use exceptionally soft superfine (17.5 micron) merino from Australian non-mulesing farms – for happy bums and happy sheep.

We’re using Core Spun merino for our underwear, a technology with all the benefits of merino but with added durability. It’s still merino on the outside but a nylon and spandex core produces a yarn that’s harder-wearing and rebounds back into shape better than 100% merino.

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Key features
  • Merino core spun with nylon and spandex improves fabric durability, recovery and stretch whilst retaining all the benefits of merino wool
  • Wool is highly breathable, naturally absorbing water vapour into the internal structure of the fibres before evaporating it, wicking away liquid sweat when necessary
  • Dual density chamois pad contours to the body and an antimicrobial finish helps to combat nasty saddle sores and odours
  • High, wide waistband, low-profile flat-lock seams and superfine merino are comfortable under layers
  • Wool is naturally odour resistant allowing you to wash it less frequently
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

86% Merino / 12% Nylon / 2% Spandex (200 gsm)

Australian non-mulesing superfine 17.5 micron merino

Chamois pad: Foam composition: 100% PU foam
Dual density: 80kg/m3 + 50kg/m3
Thickness: maximum 13 mm
Anti-microbial finish: DOW Silvadur 930

Product Care Information

The better you look after this merino garment, the better it will look after you. Give your Kepler a long, happy life with these tips:

Hand wash your merino in lukewarm water, or gentle machine wash at 30°C.

Darn any holes as soon as possible so they don’t grow.

Avoid snagging, vigorous machine washing, putting your finger through the fabric, and hungry moths.

Size chart Mens technical clothing
Men's sizing
Chest (inches) 37" 40" 43" 46" 49"
Waist (inches) 30" 32" 34" 36" 38"
This size chart indicates the body measurements our garments are designed to fit. Measure yourself as described below, and use the size chart to find your size.
Chest: measure around your chest at the widest part. The tape measure should pass under your arms, and be level from front to back.
Waist: measure around your waist at the narrowest part.
Hips: standing with your feet together, measure around your hips at the widest part.
What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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TJ Hooks
Good for bike touring

I used these for multi-day bike tours. The merino wool helps them from getting smelly and the padding is substantial. For a minimal weight and price, this product is a good for value for bike trips.

Great quality and price

I originally purchased these for commuting but found that there was too much padding for when off the bike, however they are proving to be a superb undershort for when mountain biking or wearing baggy shorts for a longer ride. The quality of the pad and stitching is very high and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a pair of merino cycling boxers

Colin W
Keep away from moths

I've used two pairs of these over the last year and have been generally happy with them save for the slight problem that moths have munched their way through one pair leaving them like a string vest. On long bike packing trips you can wash and rotate them daily as they dry pretty quickly on the tri bars, even the pad only really needs a few hours of sunshine and wind. On one of the pairs the wool has started to pull away from the pad a little so some running repairs will be necessary. Comfort is good though under MTB shorts

Not so good

I bought them to have a padded underwear with my mtb shorts for travels. You know, when you need something good to ride AND to walk with around, feeling decently dressed, and lycra is not the right option.
This boxer is ok for riding, but the pad is too thick, or I could argue that merino fabric just can't stretch the pad in a way that it's well positioned. So when you walk with them you get an embarassing sensation, like you have an uncomfortable diaper. Would not buy again.

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