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Gamma III running head torch

Gamma III head torch


  • - Gamma III head torch

Running head torch with 180 lumen white, red and green LEDs, a rear battery pack, and a rear red caution light.

SALE: £19.99 Was: £25.99

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Gamma running head torch is all about minimal interference. The batteries are housed in a separate compartment which keeps both the 180 lumen lamp unit and the battery pack compact and light, so you can forget about it and get on with enjoying the trail whilst it sits in perfect balance on your head.

Especially well suited to walkers and trail runners, we mounted a red LED on the rear of the battery pack to keep you visible on those dark country lanes.

White, red, and green front LEDs make the Gamma highly adaptable: the red LED is ideal for maintaining night vision and taking night photos, the green LED Is excellent for map reading, and the white LED preserves battery life. The pivoting head unit means that you can point in any direction you choose. The battery pack has a rear red caution light for extra visibility.

A detachable overhead strap gives you more options when you're wearing your Gamma to shed light on situations.

Product Insight
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Key features
  • Maximum 180 lm of trail illumination
  • Green, Red and White LEDs for multi-functionality
  • Rear red caution light
  • Water resistant (although not submersible)
  • Detachable and adjustable over-head strap
  • Pivotal head unit
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Main light: 1 x LED
High power: 180 lm, 5.4 hrs
Low power: 70 lm, 14.9 hrs

Additional Lights

5mm green LED: 9 lm, 43.9 hrs
5mm red LED: 4 lm, 35.7 hrs
5mm white LED: 11 lm, 38.8 hrs
Rear safety light


Supplied with 3 x AAA Alkaline

Alkaline: Yes
Li-Ion: No
Li-Ion rechargeable: No
NiMH rechargeable: No
NiCd rechargeable: No
NiZn rechargeable: No


180 lm
Water resistance: IPX4
Weight: 140 g
3 x AAA batteries supplied

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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CH Devon
Outstanding torch and very good value

I loved my Gamma 1 until it gave up the ghost. Very happy with the mark III - every bit as good, useful storage bag as well (in case wires get snagged etc) and just slightly better illumination than the Mark I - especially the rear light. I've yet to try out the waterproofing aspect of it (so many head torches talk the talk but, after a downpour, just don't work) but I'm quietly confident. Top marks.

Colin Thatcher
Great headtorch

I like this headtorch, its relaibility & good illuminiation. Also handy having the red light at the back when running at night. I did have a mishap with it, when dropping it onto tarmac & finding later that he battery cover clip had broken. I contacted Alpkit & explained the problem & they were very kind to send me a replacement. Thanks Alpkit

Perfect Stealth Camping Headtorch

Here in England every square metre is owned, yet all sorts of woodland stands idle and neglected that present opportunities for wonderful wild camping adventures, the Gamma III is perfect for Stealth mode bivvy and tarp set up's. Keep to Red or Green LED lights, (luckily Red comes up first when switching on small LED mode) just right for stepping into woodland, close to guy and tarp pegging and small scale cook pot cooking on a pop can alcohol stove. The magic of waking to a still dawn and a hot mug of Joe (real coffee grounds, off the boil water and a teaspoon of demerara sugar...). The Gamma III is light weight, pretty robust and it's main light plenty good enough for all general purposes (running, hiking, camping, walking dark country lanes and footpaths etc). You would need to be somewhere unusual to need to throw a lot of light a long way (water or mountain rescue?) - and only then would the Gamma III struggle. For all other situations the Gamma III provides the perfect package. If there is a comment for improvement - please do not touch the headtorch, instead rethink the drawcord bag, it looks snazzy black with a red cord, but finding a black bag in a dark wood is a recipe for disaster - try reversing the colours to Red bag and black cord - that would make for easier search and find in poor lighting conditions. Thanks for a great product - keep up the good work at Alpkit!

Christmas present

Went for my first night run with the alpkit light..... Amazing! No bouncing issues... Very comfortable and great illuminata over five miles of pitch dark trail... Even saw a deer! Adjusts very easy when going up or down hills.... Cheers guys love it!

Brilliant Torch

Brilliant head torch, I used it for a 4 month cycle tour as well as night runs in the Welsh mountains and its always performed perfectly, definitely worth buying.

Please don’t stop making this design

Hey gals and guys, love this head torch, it’s always my go to one over my £80 Princeton. My preference with a head torch is always to have a rear mount battery pack.

I love the design of this torch please do not stop making it, happy for you to gradually improve the output but don’t massively change it. Please please please.

Great support from Alpkit

I have had my gamma for some years and have been very happy with it. When one of the lugs on the battery compartment sheared off I thought that I would have to make a bodge repair with a zip tie (I wasn't going to throw it away!). After contacting customer support I have been sent a replacement compartment for only the cost of postage and packaging. I found the removal of the old compartment end tricky as the fitting was rather stiff but have now achieved it and am very happy with the repair.

Excellent, comfortable to wear

Still have one of the original gammas in my car (just in case) and treated myself to the latest version 3 for night running. Comfortable to wear, does not move about on my head, central strap holds it just where I want it. Rear red light gives a bit of warning to traffic coming from behind. At around £20 I won't be devastated if I drop it or lose it. Batteries have lasted about 10 hours so far with no loss of brightness on full beam. I wear glasses so there is a little element of the light just clipping the top of them if the beam is pointing right down, however angle it up just a little and the problem goes away. Would definately buy again.

Fantastic headtorch

Fantastic good value headtorch, just as good as more expensive brands. Love the light at the back for added visibility when out running. Great customer service as well. Didn't realise there was a 3 year guarantee but had battery pack replaced FOC on my old gamma so now have 2, ideal as I dog walk in dark as well.

Fantastic product and customer service!

Absolutely love the Alpkit gamma - great quality and price, and definitely "punches above its weight" as it outperforms the far more expensive models owned by fellow club members! I must recommend Alpkit's customer service, too - prompt, polite and friendly, a real breath of fresh air! Thank you! smile

Agree with GlennZ

After years of service, had to replace my old Gamma because the lamp unit failed. The Gamma 3's battery box is chunkier, which also makes it more bulky in the pocket. Although it will invalidate the guarantee, I can't help thinking of replacing the battery box with my old one by cutting the lead and splicing (I used to splice underwater cables in a previous life) . I could even go the whole hog and use a little in-line connector so I could even swap battery boxes. But in the meantime, it still does the job and is good value for the money.

Roger Adams
Good torch...

Good value torch. Bright enough for night nav, and dim enough for in-tent use.

New design mostly good, but seem to have forgotten rear top strap attachment point. The solution, involving lots of unthreading of straps is adequate, but not ideal.

Time will tell whether the battery compartment will be more or less robust than the previous design.

Ian, Fort William
Battery Pack a bit fragile

I've had this Gamma for a year or so and it's lived either in my rucksack or in my kit box. I used it in anger in March this year while walking the Southern Upland Way. Unfortunately, while in my rucksack, the twist lid on the battery box failed, with one lug shearing away from the body of the box, rendering the Gamma inoperative. Although, perversely, the rear red LED light still functions, even though the front lamps do not.

Good front light but vastly worse battery compartment

Years ago I owned the original Gamma but moved on to brighter lights for running more technical trails at night. Though it's now lost, my original Gamma stayed in mind as I loved the rear safety light for road-running at night, and it always seemed the most comfortable of all 6-8 headlamps I've owned. I put this down to having a rear battery compartment (it balances out the weight somewhat as compared to lights with everything at the front), as well as both front and rear parts having soft rubber foam pieces to sit against your head. It would have been my perfect headlamp if only it were brighter.

Seeing the Gamma 3 is now 180 lumens (same as my current main workhorse) I had to order one to check it out. Unfortunately the new battery compartment badly lets it down.

The Good:
1: The front LED is still light, certainly brighter, and the spread is adequate to light up the immediate trail and still give good visibility ahead.
2: I appreciate the separate battery compartment for weight balance.
3: The front still has a soft rubber barrier for comfort against your forehead (a *major* plus where some more expensive lights fail).
4: The rear safety light is great for closer to home road runs, especially the new 'pulse' mode.

The Bad:
The battery compartment is really bad compared to its predecessor.

1: It no longer has the shaped / moulded frame to fit the base of your skull. This also means it's missing the top hoop for the overhead strap which, as mentioned by another reviewer, isn't ideal. I removed mine.
2: It no longer has the soft rubber foam for comfort against the back of your skull.
3: The battery fit inside the compartment is so stiff I actually can't remove them all without using something (pen, screwdriver, etc) to pry them out - I almost broke a nail trying. That makes this light unsuitable for all-night adventures if you're in the middle of the bush trying to change batteries in the dark (yes I've had to do this more than once). With the previous model it was push, twist, tilt and the batteries all fell out - it literally took 2 seconds.

I really wanted to like this - original Alpkit Gamma was my first ever headtorch when I started off-road night-running and I hoped this updated model would once again make Gamma my main headlamp. Alas it's not to be. If they could fit the newer 180 lumen LED with the old battery compartment I'd probably buy a few of them grin

One more thing to note - in 2018 this light *should* be capable of running off Ni-Mh cells (esp good quality Eneloops) but the instructions explicitly say no - Alkaline only. Hopefully this is revised in any future Gamma 4 grin

Two design faults

1. The connection of the overhead strap at the battery box end is onto the other elastic strap. The result is that the weight of the battery box pulls it away from the head
2. The torch does not remember which small light was on after it has been turned off - which previous models do. The small red light will turn on regardless of which small light was on previously.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Gamma Makes Top Adventure Head Torch List

with nearly 5.5 hours of runtime on the highest brightness, and the ability to perform well even in cold temperatures, the Gamma III remains a superb choice for the money.


Expert Reviews December 2018 - Matt Breen and Sian Lewis

Best Value

Trail magazine review the Gamma

Trail magazine's technical editor Graham Thompson includes the Gamma in this years LED head torch round up.

Alpkit is well-known for providing incredible value for money, and so it is perhaps no surprise that the Gamma’s performance matches that of many headtorches costing twice the price.

Graham Thompson

Trail February 2010 - Graham Thompson

Best Value

Trail rate the Alpkit Gamma Best Value headtorch

Graham Thompson rates the Alpkit Gamma as best value compared to it's rivals in the Feb. 2012 edition of Trail Magazine.

With the Alpkit Gamma you are getting far better performance than expected, and for general walking and camping it is an able product.

Graham Thompson

Trail February 2012 - Graham Thompson

Best Value

Gamma head torch offers unbeatable value

Our Gamma LED head torch scoops yet another Best Value award in the Feburary edition of Trail magazine. If you didn't get a copy you can still see the full review is available now on Live for the Outdoors.

When you consider this performance alongside the price it is clear that the Alpkit Gamma offers unbeatable value..

Graham Thompson

The Alpkit Gamma is a good headtorch for hillwalking and camping, offering remarkable value.

Graham Thompson

Trail February 2013 - Graham Thompson

Gamma III Makes Outdoors Magic 100

Imagine having a sun on your head, a sun that’s as bright as a regular sun but about the size of your big toenail.


Outdoors Magic June 2018 - Jack Clayton

Lab Test 1

Gamma in GQ headtorch Lab Test

GQ magazine reviews some of the best head torches for running through the winter. Our Gamma torch, despite being the lowest price comes out top in test!

Comfortable and inexpensive, the Alpkit Gamma is the new go-to bit of kit for the late-night pavement pounder

Stuart McGurk

GQ March 2014 - Charlie Burton

UKClimbing reviews the Gamma and Manta headtorch

UKClimbing review a wide range of headtorches, from budget torches up to £250 monster lights. The Alpkit Gamma and Manta being the former - tested over a long period of time in a range of settings.

[The Manta] Overall this is an amazingly good value headtorch that provides a level of performance close to several more expensive rivals.

Jack Geldard

[The Gamma is a] great value offering from Alpkit which is a good option for runners and cyclists.

Jack Geldard

UKClimbing.com December 2013 - Jack Geldard

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