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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Gamma II headtorch

Balanced 150 lumen head torch for night running with white, red and green LEDs. Gamma has a rear battery pack with a rear red caution light

Lightweight head torch for walkers, runners and climbers
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  • Forest - Lightweight head torch for walkers, runners and climbers
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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Our best selling headtorch has been boosted to 150 lumens!

Gamma is all about minimal interference, housing the batteries in a separate compartment keeps both the lamp unit and the battery pack both compact and light. You can forget about it whilst it sits in perfect balance on your head as you get on with enjoying the trail.

Especially well suited to walkers and trail runners we mounted a red LED on the rear of the battery pack to keep you safe on those dark country lanes.


Key features
  • Maximum 150 lumens of trail lighting illumination
  • Green LED - perfect for night navigation / map reading
  • Red LED - great for maintaining night vision on Jaffa Cake raids
  • White flood LED - broad beam and increased battery life when you don’t need full power
  • Water resistant, IPX4 (not submersible)
  • Low weight, just 118 g
  • Comfortable adjustable strap system with free additional top strap
  • Pivotable head unit directs the light where you need it
  • Do not use re-chargeable batteries in Gamma, this will invalidate the warranty
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Vital stats
Main light

Main light: 1 x LED
High power: 150 lumens, 7 hrs
Low power: 70 lumens, 18 hrs

Additional lights

5mm green LED: 7 lumens, 45 hrs
5mm red LED: 5 lumens, 45 hrs
5mm white LED: 10 lumens, 45 hrs


Supplied with 3 x AAA Alkaline

Alkaline: Yes
Li-Ion: No
Li-Ion rechargeable: No
NiMH rechargeable: No
NiCd rechargeable: No
NiZn rechargeable: No


150 lumens
Weight: 118 g
3 x AAA batteries supplied
7 - 55 hours burn time

Origin: China

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What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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brilliant service - thanks

Just took delivery for my replacement head torch from Alpkit... as the originally was under warranty. Great service and aftercare from the guys at Alpkit, and quick turnaround. Loving the new lightweight head torch as well.

Wondering Wurzel
Proper Job!

It's a great little headtorch. It's used for walking, exploring caverns, the odd repair under the Land Rover, and will be kept handy for our summertime power cuts!

Great value for the money.

Mountain Mark
Great bit of kit!

Having just got in from my first run with this marvel I feel I have to share how great it is to use. Even unwrapping the Gamma II was a pleasure. It comes in its own pouch allowing it to be stowed easily, the materials used are of high quality and the buttons and tilt mechanism all operate with a satisfying solidity. Although the coloured LED's may have to wait until my next camping trip to come into their own they are still hugely fun to have, who doesn't like pretending they are a spy or cyborg with their kids? Out on the road the main 150 lumen light easily outshone the streetlights on the first part of my run and was more than bright enough as I moved away from the city lights. The beam is well suited to running with a beam that illuminated an ellipse covering most of the lane and usefully illuminating up to 20 metres ahead. The beam was bright enough to show the way even when car lights shone into my face. In the end I turned it down to the lower 20 lumen setting for the return leg and found it perfectly fine for navigating the country lanes on a route I know well, it was also great having the security of the rear red light to warn motorists behind me as well.
I'm not sure I can get over what great value this head torch is. A seriously well designed and useful bit of kit that's just a bit fun as well, all served up with great customer care.

John Clarke
Gamma ll headtorch

My new ALPKIT gamma ll headtorch arrived just now and I love it .Not only was it great price it has all the the features I wanted in a headtorch including the all important rear red led which is essentiall for the obvious reasons and the green or red night lights brilliant

ronnie douglas
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best head torch I've ever owned. I have a much more expensive one and the light is very poor compared to the Gamma. Very lightweight and easily fits into the palm of your hand if you ever need to take it off your head and carry it. One major plus with the Gamma is a red LED light on the back which you can have on permanent or flash. More expensive makes with a light on the back will cost you around £60 upwards and I am being generous. I highly recommend this head torch. Best price and Alpkit's customer service is second to none. Well done Alpkit!!! Keep up the good work.

Tall bloke
Gamma II updates

This is my 3rd Gamma. But I really, really abuse them in salty marine environments. Had one dud one which was replaced 'no questions' on warranty.

I've tried the other lamps, but always come back to this one.

The new model has a rather excellent new feature for 'sailors'. The default 'low level' light is now 'red', so you don't destroy your night vision when you switch on. In the past It would always came on in 'white', so you'd have to ensure you had a hand over the bulb and then switch modes to 'red', just so you didn't destroy your night vision.

Now it starts in 'red'. Brilliant.

Somebody with experience of working at night clearly specified this new lamp. It's little things like this which really make a difference. Really impressive.

The new 'main bulb' seems HUGELY powerful. Far more so than before. And as ever, the unit is beautifully balanced, so you can wear it for months on end quite comfortably. Going back to a 'front-only' lamp feels really uncomfortable in comparison. My young daughter also finds this the most comfortable head torch to wear. It's just so nicely balanced.

So yet again, another fab item. Thanks. And now I discover there's a 3 year guarantee!?!?!?

Oh, and it comes in a sexy bag. wink

AK Admin
Gamma upgraded to 150 lumens

Gamma has been upgraded from 88 to 150 lumens for 2017 making it even better for seeing the trail ahead. To avoid confusion with the original model we are calling this upgraded model the Gamma II.


Please note reviews below this post refer to the original Gamma.

Dave B
Great piece of kit

I'm on my second Gamma, the first is 3-4 years old but it's still going strong, except that the battery cover is held on with two zip-ties after the lugs failed (detecting a trend here?) Great power and illumination for night running on pitch black roads, and the red LED at the rear is brilliant. 3 year warranty is awesome.

My second one... and I shall buy a third...

This is my second one of these, but only because my dear wife dropped the first from quite a height onto Dartmoor granite. It didn't physically break, but stopped working - and it was quite old and very, very well used.

I shall buy another to keep as a standby, and at the price you really cannot go wrong. It is excellent and has attracted comments from fellow walkers and runners. The red LED is a godsend, and the rear light is fantastic when you have a group of Beaver Scouts behind you. They know who to follow.

I use mine for walking mostly, but on slower runs it is also fine. For faster runs, or trail-running it isn't really bright enough. but then it is a fraction of the price and as so can be left in the bottom of a bag for when it may be needed.

I would wholeheartedly recommend these.

Liz Godfrey
really good

Ordered this to use on my morning runs now that it is dark. Really like it. Feels comfortable and well balanced with the battery pack on the back which also helps it stay still. Light weight so I forget I am wearing it. Nice bright directional light so I can see clearly just in front of me but don't blind cars on the road. Front light easy to switch off whilst still running once the sun starts to come up and torch not needed 10/10

2nd purchase

Bought 2 of these a few years ago....great torches..only problem is you need to take care with the battery cover lugs...but I still love them! smile

Life savingly good

Awesome head torch, multi light choices help when visibility is at zero cant thank this torch enough i'd recommend it to anyone and everyone, great battery life too.

Head torch

My gamma headtorch is the envy of all my friends. I am out in the north of sweden where it's cold and dark. My friends all have bought 'cheap' headtorches from here (£20ish) and my gamma is by far the best. It's been through snow, rain and -20degree temperatures and hasn't missed a beat. I've been cycling, running, building igloos, and have thrown it in my bag at the end of the day. I can't recommend it enough. 3 of my friends have already ordered their own. As for the lugs, on all 4 head torches they are 100%

Great service!

“Ordered two of these lights just before Christmas, unfortunately one of them arrived damaged in the post. Couple of e-mails later to the friendly guys at Alpkit, and all was resolved very quickly. No fuss, no bother, just great, easy going, old fashioned friendly service. Can't ask for more than that. Thanks a lot guys!”

Gamma head torch and customer service

“I bought a Gamma a while ago, it developed a problem with the front switch, I contacted Alpkit and they said return it and they would fix or replace it with an ex demo unit. They were true to their word and with a very quick turn around, absolutely faultless service. Cheers Jay lad, nice one ”

Gamma - tweak?

“Following lug failure, I've just fitted my Gamma with the battery pack you kindly sent - it's as good as new! Thanks a heap. It's been my go-to head torch for years, including those long winter Munro days.

However ... I do think the design needs to be tweaked - those tiny lugs on the case break easily”

Great headtorch at a great price

First run with the headtorch tonight on the beach - very pleased with it - good clear light, comfy to wear and stayed in place. Great piece of kit. Really impressed by the customer service too - speedy delivery and good communication.

Mike Jarvis
All In all this is one of my absolute BEST purchases.

"I got a couple of these, oh, must be easily ten years ago. I got the 2nd one because the first was so good.
Main beam is fiercely bright with a massive range and good focus, but it's made a bit more short range usable by having a low setting. Then for reading etc, the little let's are superb, WITH a choice of red and green, which helps maintain night vision.
Separate battery pack helps with battery life and the fact that there are 3 triple A's in it.
There IS a weak point which is the latch on the battery pack lid is a bit fragile, but that's easily rectified with a cleverly applied cable tie.
All In all this is one of my absolute BEST purchases. 5 stars."

Not bad for a first light

Got this in a rush before a trip and it has been pretty good. I havent experienced problems with the battery pack like alot of people have stated, and the battery life has been great. The only reason for my 4 star review is the lack of red light its quite bright to have in tent when looking for stuff, so would have been better to have a red light option.

Great service

My original gamma gave up the ghost after two years (front light wouldn't come on) and even though it had been a Christmas gift bought by my sister, alpkit replaced it under warranty sending the replacement directly to me. Great wee head torch with good features for the price.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Best Value

Trail rate the Alpkit Gamma Best Value headtorch

Graham Thompson rates the Alpkit Gamma as best value compared to it's rivals in the Feb. 2012 edition of Trail Magazine.

With the Alpkit Gamma you are getting far better performance than expected, and for general walking and camping it is an able product.

Graham Thompson

Trail February 2012 - Graham Thompson

Ultimate Headtorch Beam Shoot-out

Just how do our Gamma and Manta head torches compare to some of their more expensive rivals? Outdoors Magic runs some simple tests.

[Gamma] The definitive budget torch, the Gamma gives quite a tight beam with reasonable penetration, but not much spread and is a cracking all-rounder at the price, though seriously burned out by the real heavyweights. Has the bonus of a rear-facing red light on the battery box. Brilliant value and very capable at the price.

Jon Doran

[Manta] The new challenger to the Alpkit Gamma's crown as budget king comes from Alpkit itself. The single main LED is zoomable and gives a clear and decently bright beam that's arguably better than the Gamma's and weighs very slightly less too.

Jon Doran

Outdoors Magic December 2013 - Jon Doran

Best Value

Trail magazine review the Gamma

Trail magazine's technical editor Graham Thompson includes the Gamma in this years LED head torch round up.

Alpkit is well-known for providing incredible value for money, and so it is perhaps no surprise that the Gamma’s performance matches that of many headtorches costing twice the price.

Graham Thompson

Trail February 2010 - Graham Thompson

Best Value

Gamma head torch offers unbeatable value

Our Gamma LED head torch scoops yet another Best Value award in the Feburary edition of Trail magazine. If you didn't get a copy you can still see the full review is available now on Live for the Outdoors.

When you consider this performance alongside the price it is clear that the Alpkit Gamma offers unbeatable value..

Graham Thompson

The Alpkit Gamma is a good headtorch for hillwalking and camping, offering remarkable value.

Graham Thompson

Trail February 2013 - Graham Thompson

The best head torches for running

Outdoor journalist Fiona Russell asks her readers what their favourite head torch for running is. Obviously we are chuffed to see the Gamma getting a mention.

I’ve got this Alpkit Gamma head torch for just £15. It is superb quality and value.

Chris Highcock

Fiona Outdoors January 2014 - Fiona Russell

Lab Test 1

Gamma in GQ headtorch Lab Test

GQ magazine reviews some of the best head torches for running through the winter. Our Gamma torch, despite being the lowest price comes out top in test!

Comfortable and inexpensive, the Alpkit Gamma is the new go-to bit of kit for the late-night pavement pounder

Stuart McGurk

GQ March 2014 - Charlie Burton

UKClimbing reviews the Gamma and Manta headtorch

UKClimbing review a wide range of headtorches, from budget torches up to £250 monster lights. The Alpkit Gamma and Manta being the former - tested over a long period of time in a range of settings.

[The Manta] Overall this is an amazingly good value headtorch that provides a level of performance close to several more expensive rivals.

Jack Geldard

[The Gamma is a] great value offering from Alpkit which is a good option for runners and cyclists.

Jack Geldard

UKClimbing.com December 2013 - Jack Geldard