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Gamma Head Torch

Perfectly balanced lightweight head torch with a separate battery compartment mounted with a red LED to be bright and to be seen

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Lightweight head torch for walkers, runners and climbers

The Gamma is all about minimal interference, housing the batteries in a separate compartment keeps both the lamp unit and the battery pack both compact and light. You can forget about it whilst it sits in perfect balance on your head as you get on with enjoying the trail.

Especially well suited to walkers and trail runners we mounted a red LED on the rear of the battery pack to keep you safe on those dark country lanes.

Key features

  • Powered by 3xAAA batteries (included) to deliver 9-80 hrs of battery life
  • XP-C Cree White LED, provides 88 lumens of trail lighting illumination
  • Green LED - perfect for night navigation / map reading
  • Red LED - great for maintaining night vision on Jaffa Cake raids
  • White flood LED - broad beam and increased battery life when you don’t need full power
  • Water resistant, IPX4 (not submersible)
  • Low weight, just 118 g
  • Compact design, 65 mm x 40 mm x 60 mm
  • Comfortable adjustable strap system with free additional top strap
  • Pivotable head unit directs the light where you need it
  • We do not recommend using any type of re-chargeable battery in our lights and this will invalidate the warranty.


With free delivery and batteries included you can be out on the trails in no time at all...

Origin: China

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The small catches on the battery compartment have just broken on mine too! (See previous reviewers below).  Obviously a poor quality plastic material / design fault on an otherwise great head torch - disappointing.

EDIT: Sorry to hear this has happened. Please contact us at support@alpkit.com and we can get a replacement battery compartment sent to you. Thanks.

27 July, 2015 by Andrew Martin

juat got my gamma head torch. Wow! How light is that! Love the features.

15 July, 2015 by Mac

The catch has broke. While trying to release the batteries, not a very good design!

EDIT: Hi, thank you for the comment. I am sorry to hear that your compartment has broken. The Product Team have been made aware of the issue. If you drop an email to support@alpkit.com, we can help you out! I will send an email through to you now.

Ashleigh - Customer Support

20 June, 2015 by Matthew Lewis

Following lug failure, I’ve just fitted my Gamma with the new battery pack you kindly sent - it’s as good as new! Thanks a heap.

However ... I do think the design needs to be tweaked - those tiny lugs on the case break easily

06 June, 2015 by Steve Smith

Bought one of these for The Mighty Deerstalker running event, amazing value and worked faultlessly. Highly recommended!

24 March, 2015 by John Sumner

I have been recommended this head torch by so many runners as it so comfortable and bright a few years ago, so I brought one. Unfortunately I broke the battery fastener and had to superglue it in place!! So hence the batteries have ran out and I had no hesitation in ordering another one . Quality is very good and was delivered within 2 day. Very please with the speed of service.

12 March, 2015 by Linda

Hey Michael - unfortunately with all torches that have the connection from front to back there is a possibility of the wire becoming damaged - we provide a 3 year warranty on the Gamma for things like this - Jay

18 February, 2015 by Jay Oram [Alpkit]

Will be buying my third one shortly because the headtorch is an excellent bit of kit. Lost the first one, annoyingly, Second one developed a faulty connection with one of the wires going into the bulb compartment, so that the green light came on and stayed on even when the torch was turned off. I could turn it off by wiggling the wire, but it would come back on again. I rang the helpdesk but they just told me to buy a new one. I will, but disappointed all the same.

17 February, 2015 by Michael Kilner

I got a couple of these, oh, must be easily ten years ago. I got the 2nd one because the first was so good.
Main beam is fiercely bright with a massive range and good focus, but it’s made a bit more short range usable by having a low setting. Then for reading etc, the little let’s are superb, WITH a choice of red and green, which helps maintain night vision.
Separate battery pack helps with battery life and the fact that there are 3 triple A’s in it.
There IS a weak point which is the latch on the battery pack lid is a bit fragile, but that’s easily rectified with a cleverly applied cable tie.
All In all this is one of my absolute BEST purchases. 5 stars.

08 February, 2015 by Mike Jarvis

Hey Stephen - e-mail the support team - support@alpkit.com and they should be able to help you out,


03 February, 2015 by Jay Oram [Alpkit]

excellent headtorch and brilliant value. recommended.

26 January, 2015 by simon

i purchsed the alpkit gamma headtorch about 3 or 4 months ago. i have been very pleased with this product .however last week the front light stopped working completely though the rear light still works.is there anything i can do?

20 January, 2015 by stephen bloxham

Ordered two of these lights just before Christmas, unfortunately one of them arrived damaged in the post. Couple of e-mails later to the friendly guys at Alpkit, and all was resolved very quickly. No fuss, no bother, just great, easy going, old fashioned friendly service. Can’t ask for more than that. Thanks a lot guys!

13 January, 2015 by Ken

Bought this lamp for sea fishing last year and have put it through its paces and it does the job just fine and without fuss. well built, small and compact so easy to carry along with my other gear. I have in the past tried some of the larger lamps but after a few hours they just end up annoying you, I dont get this problem with the gamma. I was so pleased with the quality of the Alpkit gear I just ordered the Trinity for my fishing shelter and plan on another headlamp to keep in the jeep.

16 December, 2014 by Gazo

We took the risk, and bought 30 of the Gammas for Border Search And Rescue Unit, up here in Southern Scotland, in late 2013; after having tested 2 of them for 6 months. So, a year on, and only one so far, has broken its battery lid lug. The members that use them, like them for their lightness, low cost, good LEDs, versatility, reasonably rugged, green LED for map work, and general personal use. Red LED is only useful at close range, and for keeping night vision. The flashing backlight is useful for when we are deployed on public roads at night going to and from search areas. Separate battery case balances the lamp better on the head, or on a cap, or helmet. We also supply Nightcore Cree handtorches for intensive search work, but the Gammas are good backups, and keep our hands free for faffing with other kit! We will be buying another 10 shortly! Thanks go to AlpKit for a no-nonsense cost effective product!

16 December, 2014 by Chris Chapman (EO at BSARU)

Just got my Alpkit Gamma headtorch and I have to say I’m very impressed. Took it out for a test walk in the pitch dark and was surprised how strong it is much better than than a lot of lights I’ve tried at 4x the price. Plan to do some trail running in the dark and this should do the job fine. Fantastic value and very comfortable, highly recommended.

11 December, 2014 by Neil Ross

I use mine for trail or street running and love the flexibility of having both front and back light. It’s a great light and a complete bargain when compared to offerings from the likes of Petzl and Black Diamond.

05 December, 2014 by Mark Rocks

The Gamma makes for a fab headlamp for cycling too - mount it to your helmet with a couple of zip ties!


04 December, 2014 by James Pawson

I’ve had a Gamma for a few years and I think it works just as well as more expensive torches from the likes of Petzl. Recently I dropped mine and broke the battery case closure. I emailed Alpkit, telling them the torch was a victim of my clumsiness and they sent me a replacement battery case, free of charge.

02 December, 2014 by Patrick

Because some people have had trouble with the battery box of this head torch, I have been particularly careful with mine. True, it is a bit hard to open. so actually requires a good deal of force… as such, being forceful in a gentle manner is not so EASY! All the same, I have had it for nearly a year, now, and it is still fine…. 6 or 7 battery sets, I think.

It was particularly useful on the beautiful island of Thasos, Greece, where flat chunks of pure white marble make many of the tracks and footpaths… (a white path saves on batteries… you can use low power.)

05 November, 2014 by Barrie Davis

After I posted here 11 months ago about my 4th Gamma with broken lugs, Alpkit kindly offered me a replacement. Well guess what? That one’s broken now! Not the battery lugs this time but the wire between the battery compartment and the torch.
The reason these are such great value for money is that they are cheaply made in China from cheap materials. I know they would replace it if I sent it back but it’s only a matter of time before that one breaks and leaves me stranded somewhere in the dark.
I like Alpkit as a company and I’ve just ordered a Viper head torch, let’s hop that one proves to be better made.

04 November, 2014 by Pete Tasker

Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely useful information specially the last part

29 October, 2014 by GutzwillerMl

What a superbly versatile head torch. It does so much in a small unit. Having both Red and Green LEDs is unique - so I use it for navigation and as a group leader the rear red light is invaluable.

However: Please, please can you make one that is fully waterproof. I don’t drip it in water, but when its raining, it does gets damp inside and shorts out the contacts. Then it either stays on all the time or can’t be turned on at all - even with new batteries…

Even so - thank you for a great bit of kit!

27 October, 2014 by Steve

Hi Ed, I’m sorry to hear you have not used your Gamma very much - if it has an internal short it is probably a manufacturing fault. Drop us an e-mail - support@alpkit.com and we can arrange to get it back here to repair or exchange for free - Jay

27 October, 2014 by Jay Oram [Alpkit]

I’ve had a Gamma torch for a number of years (about 4 or five), it’s been a fond favourite, the multiple modes and the various colours are very handy for the different activities that I use it for. Very handy for tracking as it has a green light as well.

One thing that happened with mine is that the cable running along the side of the headband the outer sheath has perished. Beyond that it’s been very good.

26 October, 2014 by Leon Andrews

I bought my gamma last year it hasn’t had much use because there’s an internal short and it runs the batteries down. the light is good but it’s life span…. I’m not impressed.

24 October, 2014 by Ed Rowlands

Great torch, and love to buy another one but until the battery box problem is fixed, £15 is not yet a disposable sum at least for me

17 September, 2014 by Richard

After 6 years of loyal use and abuse my original gamma has given up the ghost and new ones delivered. Still the same excellent design and build quality with a few nice extra features. My original had a hard life from 6 years of camping, walking, mountaineering and cycling. It even amused my little one for many months of camping. If this one even lasts half the time and abuse it will be a bargain as is all the other Alpkit equipment I have.

22 April, 2014 by Jonny Rock

Used my gamma regularly through early morning and late night winter runs with no problems at all, then tested fully with the Nuclear Blackout night race - the torch was submerged in water, mud, trapped in cargo nets, bashed around and generally couldn’t have been treated any worse… and it’s still working perfectly. 
You can see how it finished up here - https://twitter.com/SFrenewables_Si/status/445134405485752320/photo/1 - considering it’s priced at the lower end of the market, it has top end of the market performance and reliability.

28 March, 2014 by Simon Fowler

Hey Richard - Sky is Blue and Fire is Red. We try to be creative with colours but still keep it easy to understand. Jay

28 March, 2014 by Jay Oram [Alpkit]

Names such as SKY and FIRE are all vety pretty, but you don’t say which is which?

20 March, 2014 by Richard ham

Usually I expect to underwhelmed with kit I’ve bought without trying it. Not with the Gamma, it is unbelievable! Went out through the local streets and woods last night was was amazed how much light it gave out. Gave me superb confidence running through the woods with all sorts of hazards.
On my head it was exceptionally well balanced, hardly knew it was there.
Fabulous bit of kit at a bargain price.
There’s only one problem—do I get the Manta as well???

19 March, 2014 by John Hussey

Purchased 5 Gamma headtorches a while ago , over 12 months. Unfortunately only 1 still works.Mainly wires coming loose in various places, this is not what i expected, I have also purchased a Heksa tent , hope this lasts longer.

20 February, 2014 by Dave Pearson

Gamma Head Torch arrived promptly, and with a kind and friendly note, too. Thank you.

The item itself appears very strong and well made, although, having seen that some people have had trouble with the battery box, I will be very careful when handling that.

Main beam is amazingly bright, and I didn’t take me long to work out the rest of the multi-mode switching arrangements, but perhaps some brief ‘directions for use’ would be helpful, even if if they are only available here on the site.

This was my first purchase from Alpkit, but it will not be my last. Once again, thank you.

30 January, 2014 by Barrie Davis

Gamma Head Torch arrived promptly, and with a kind and friendly note, too. Thank you.

The item itself appears very strong and well made, although, having seen that some people have had trouble with the battery box, I will be very careful when handling that.

Main beam is amazingly bright, and I didn’t take me long to work out the rest of the multi-mode switching arrangements, but perhaps some brief ‘directions for use’ would be helpful, even if if they are only available here on the site.

This was my first purchase from Alpkit, but it will not be my last. Once again, thank you.

29 January, 2014 by Barrie Davis

Bought 2 Gammas 18 months ago - so no guarantee left. 1 recently died (not battery box, wouldn’t switch off/on at front). Wondered if worth sending back for fixing, or for summat so cheap, maybe I should dismantle/keep for parts. Alpkit said send it back, would be CHEAP to fix, and freepost label sent out too!

Just received a lovely NEW Gamma, free! With another set of batteries in it too!

VERY surprised, and impressed - I’d told them that our broken Gamma was 18 months old (though little used), and that we’d pay for repair/new bits, was really not expecting a free one! And THEY stood for postage both ways!

If I wasn’t married, I’d be after a date with this company. Brilliant!

29 January, 2014 by Brendan

Sending back my third head torch today, however careful I am eventually slip-up snap the battery case door changing the batteries. I don’t want another one this time. Shame as it is a good product but they seem unable to fix the design.

02 January, 2014 by Rebecca Webb

Fast delivery, nice handwritten note, great torch. Just a quick bit of info - it didn’t come with any instructions and it took me ages to work out how to use the 3 LEDs - you just have to press and hold to switch to LED mode - very useful when you get there!

16 December, 2013 by Jamie Smith

Comrades in Alpine Association of Slovenia very impressed with the Gamma, in spite of wealth of outlets and products in this country of outdoor activity lovers. Will you deliver there? Expect a few orders. The Gamma has been to the top of Triglav a couple of times now.

14 December, 2013 by Mark Partizan

My adult son and I have had four of these in 2 years, the battery box breaks - always. Pity because its a good torch, could have bought a Petzl for the price

10 December, 2013 by John

Bought a Gamma on the recommendation of members from my running club. Went out for a night run with the club, but unfortunately the brightness of my Gamma on full strength was lower than the other Gammas on half strength. Thought it might be the batteries, but a change had no effect. Emailed Alpkit who gave me a Freepost address to return the Gamma for testing & a replacement was issued extremely quickly. Cannot fault the customer service of Alpkit, thank you very much guys, my new Gamma is excellent, very impressed.

07 December, 2013 by dominic edwards

Looking at my review, it’s over 3 years since I bought my Gamma.  Just wanted to report that it’s still in great working order, including the battery compartment.  3 and a half years on I’m still impressed with the value, features, design and quality.  Great product.

01 December, 2013 by Simon H

for all those, like myself who had the lugs snap, rather than trying to get a response, or throwing away a great head torch, use good batteries and a 0.01p plastic tie strap, mines been going strong for at least 15 months no probs

01 December, 2013 by stephen stubbs

Great headtorch! That is untill the wife tries to change the batteries and breaks the battery case! Got in touch with customer services who promptly send out a replacement case for free! Thanks guys A1 service..

29 November, 2013 by Michael thomson


I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service, the head torch is brilliant and little touches like the hand written note really make a difference

Will defo be recommending your company to others..

28 November, 2013 by Matt G

I give up!
I’ve had 4 or 5 of these and every one of them has suffered from the usual broken battery lug failure, either on the lid or the body of the torch. None of them have been dropped or treated roughly and none have failed when changing the batteries. Alpkit have never acknowledged that there is a problem, blaming customers for the breakages.
My latest one has just broken (leaving my partner stranded in the pitch dark) and I won’t be ordering another. it’s LED Lenser for me from now on.

26 November, 2013 by Pete Tasker

Brilliant piece of kit, way brighter than the Black Diamond one it replaces (zenix IQ) with the added bonus of the rear lamp on the battery case. This seems to be lit from one side so is brighter when viewed from the right. Good for UK roads though.
Headlamps are all really bright, and I’m used to specific MTB 1200lumen lights. The main beam forms a bright square on the ground, even on the dim setting its more than adequate for running.
The other LEDs are a bonus, particularly the green for reading contours on OS maps, but mainly use the main LED.
As a “nice to have” a battery indicator would be good, but that’s being cheeky wink
Time will tell regarding battery life, but seeing as its been in the sticky mitts of my 7 yr old for the last two weeks and still works thats good enough for me.
Great service from Alpkit, really quick delivery and a hand written note saying thanks for the order. Can’t ask for more really! Wonderful service.
Suffice to say Alpkit website has been forwarded to friends and family for Christmas perusal…
Bike lights and thermal mtb gear next please Alpkit!

26 November, 2013 by Howie

Just received it and unpacked. The first impression is well.. I’m blinded myself, LOL.

I’m impressed. It’s robust and the design excellent up to the smallest part, like the tether that attaches the cover of the battery compartment to the body to put just one example.

And I just loved the detail that the included return form has a hand written note smile
(Cheers Ed). I do however seriously doubt that I will use this form.

Great Product mates! Greetings from the wild Holland wink

15 November, 2013 by Enric Martinez

First run with the headtorch tonight on the beach - very pleased with it - good clear light, comfy to wear and stayed in place. Great piece of kit. Really impressed by the customer service too - speedy delivery and good communication.

14 November, 2013 by Jane B

This is a brilliant piece of kit. I found a few recommendations for it on runners websites, so I bought one for a night obstacle race (nuclear blackout at TheNuclearRaces) - turns out the light was so good that I had everyone who forgot to bring a headtorch following me through all the mud, rivers, ponds, trenches and other obstacles. Pretty much lit up entire fields when on its brightest setting and that lasted for the full 2 hours of the race and then several hours of running over the next few days.

Really impressed by this and I can highly recommend it.

07 November, 2013 by Simon Fowler

Exceptional reliability.

I totally forgot I had this stuffed in my Buoyancy aid and proceeded to lead a group on a very wet gorge exploration. I WAS SWIMMING FOR 15 MINUTES before I remembered it was there. It was UNDER WATER for 15 MINUTES!


Now the good people of alpkit will tell you it is only water resistant and probably wouldn’t recomend taking the gamma for a 15 minute swim but I can tell you, it’s the most water resistant product that’s never been called water proof.

A 15 minute swim!

Amazing. Well done Alpkit.

04 November, 2013 by Matt Bibbings

This is a fantastic purchase!

Excellent head torch at an incredible price.

Very easy to use, even with gloves on due to the one button operation. The light on the back battery compartment is a nice touch, great for walking or cycling on roads.

01 November, 2013 by Dan

It’s a good product for its price.
I think the case/lids is a bit fragile, but alpkit has changed it at no charge. They did it for mine recently and for a friend of mine last year.

31 October, 2013 by Sergio

Decided on £15 as great value for money.  Very quick delivery, not disappointed, use for night running on dark unlit streets and lanes.  Great spread of light, don’t know how long the batteries last yet, but happy so far.

30 October, 2013 by Robin K

Absoloutely fantastic headtorch. This is going to be my friend for years. I’m going to get a couple more for my kids to use on Scout camps. keep up the good work

24 October, 2013 by Norman

Great headtorch. One of the Led bulbs popped. Alpkit had a replacement to me in no time. Would highly recommend and will definitely be ordering from them again. Keep up the good work.

24 October, 2013 by Norman

The Gamma has served me faithfully for a number of years now and i was gutted when the cap broke, but the great customer service from AlpKit saw a replacement cap in the post the next day and I am back up and riding.  Thanks for the Excellent Service

21 October, 2013 by Nephi Alty

Absolutely brilliant piece of equipment. The value for money is incredible. The free delivery was super speedy and having it tracked is amazingly convenient. I ordered it on Wednesday night and it came on the Saturday. Brilliant service and brilliant products.

19 October, 2013 by Will

Value for money you can’t beet it, keep informed as the order progressed, ordered Wednesday arrived in Friday’s post.

19 October, 2013 by Gerry West

I have three Gammas now and love them, I just bought a Manta to see what it is like, I think the lamp and focussing ability of the Manta on the Gamma would make an unbeatable torch even better. The split layout of batteries behind the head and torch at the front plus the top strap makes the Gamma a much better running torch.

16 October, 2013 by Dominic Shields

I used the Gamma for run around the school rugby pitches on Friday night while waiting for my son to return from a trip to Belgium. It was great !  Comfortable and I didn’t run into the bin that I hit last time or twist my ankle like the time before. I love it !

13 October, 2013 by Alan

Excellent service, I received my gamma quickly after ordering and was notified before delivery. As for the torch itself it’s excellent value, as others have said I don’t know how Alpkit do it grin I’ll certainly look at Alpkit again when I’m shopping for more gear. Many thanks.

09 October, 2013 by Pete G

I have just tried out my gamma, awesome! It blows away my old petzl. Illuminated the trail and the roots perfectly. Really comfortable, lightweight and great value.

30 September, 2013 by Colin Turrell-Brown

I use my Gamma throughout the winter for run-commuting in the dark, and recently used it in a successful solo Bob Graham Round (http://www.wartnaby.org/running/bgr/bgr_for_flatlanders.htm). So I’ve been delighted with it.

On the rechargeable front (Jamie 05Sep2013), I had to bend up the middle battery contact a little to engage properly with Maplin NiMH cells that have completely flat negative ends (not like the slightly bulbous Duracells supplied). I bought 3 newer Gammas for my family at Christmas though, and they work with rechargeables without that modification.

I had a previous Blacks own-brand one which had what looks like the same design of battery compartment and did indeed break that. So with the Gamma I’ve been careful to push the battery lid down firmly before screwing or unscrewing it, to avoid torque on the little clips, and have had no problems.

25 September, 2013 by CharlieW

Delighted to have received my headtorch today. It will undoubtedly make the dreaded forthcoming Winter training runs more bearable. 
Seller communication has been excellent & delivery was super speedy.
The torch itself appears to be the bees knees.  I look forward to testing it on the “Beat the Bore” 7 mile trail run next week.  Thank you grin

13 September, 2013 by Donna

Impressed and delighted with the product, and the ordering and delivery service. This must be the best value headtorch on the market. There’s no instruction manual but it only takes a few minutes to work out how to switch between the main and supplementary lights, and to get the flashing options going.

11 September, 2013 by Rob

As a head torch it’s great, does everything you could ask it for and for very little money… until you use re-chargables, I’ve had one whole unit replaced and then a new battery pack and it was only until the third time the latched cracked that I discovered the cause was that the shape of all my re-chargable cells doesn’t match the torch design. Ive now bodged my latest broken one together but using cable ties each time I need to change battery isn’t cool. Big alpkit fan, but for me, my next headtorch will be something that accepts NiHM cells.

06 September, 2013 by Jamie

Fantastic bit of kit All in all a wonderful shopping experience

29 August, 2013 by Mike rivett

Ordered one of these on Monday (very late) and it arrived Thursday. I was looking forward to it arriving so I can use it camping at the weekend, but it didn’t work on arrival. I wiggled the wires and found a loose connection at the torch end. As I needed it for the weekend I dismantled the torch and repaired a dry solder joint. I say dry but it was totally loose. Warranty void I’m sure, but at least I have it for the weekend. This needs picking up at quality control really, other than that it seems a good bit of kit especially for the money.

02 August, 2013 by Darren Turrell

Great bit of kit,really fast delivery and constant communication from ordering to delivery.You cant go wrong for this money.Excellent overall.

31 July, 2013 by Christy

I bought a Gamma a while ago, it developed a problem with the front switch, I contacted Alpkit and they said return it and they would fix or replace with it ex demo unit. True to their word, with a very quick turn around too, absolutely faultless service. Cheers Jay lad, you’re a winner.

29 July, 2013 by Dan

Used my Gamma for the last 5 hours of the Lakeland 50 mile race - pitch black and torrential rain - it worked perfectly.  What an amazing piece of kit.

29 July, 2013 by Adrian B

Though I would order one in the summer as they seem to sell out really quick at other times. so I places my order Saturday and it came Wednesday, can`t ask much better than that, had a quick play and almost blinded my self. can`t wait till the dark nights arrive. Oh and a hand written receipt. personal service.

11 July, 2013 by ian

Fantastic product. Leave my cree bar lights at home and use this for all cycling with a spare rear light.  White LED makes you easily visible during those twilight minutes too while still able to see the road. 
Not sure about the battery fixing and flexible cables have broken on other headtorch’s, but so far so good! 
Well done Alpkit.

25 June, 2013 by Steve Swinney

The headtorch is fantastic, it is very lightweight and works well. As others have said, having to cycle through ‘white’ to get to the night-vision ‘red’ and ‘green’ is not ideal. It doesn’t have a ‘premium’ feel and I imagine if it were used heavily this would show, but for light use when the treatment’s not too rough it’s absolutely fine.

24 May, 2013 by Tom K

Delivered very quickly. Used it next day after received it. very good product with good price.


20 May, 2013 by Zheng Hao Ge

great head torch, bought mine a year or so ago, and although the battery compartment lid catch broke within a month, a little plastic tie solved that, have just dug it out of my fishing box, unused for a good year, as we now own some woodland and camp overnight, and the batteries are still going strong

19 May, 2013 by stephen stubbs

Posted my 2yr old Gamma back to Alpkit on 7th the battery compartment catch failed and it was repaired foc and I got it back on 13th.
Excellent service

13 May, 2013 by Joyce

Alpkit’s testing of the Gamma’s lugs has not been very scientific. For a start, Jay is only testing once example. Say there is a variability/quality issue with the plastic, and the one being tested is fine.
The issue could be temperature dependent. Has the same treatment been meted out to one near freezing conditions?
Other effects could be rate dependent. It would make sense to drop the torch (with batteries for weight) onto something hard.

My Gamma has just stopped working due to a dodgy curly external flex. I can’t decide whether to replace it or not. The torch is close to being excellent, but bang for buck doesn’t count in the outdoor scene, else we’d be happy with pound shop LED torches. I want something I can rely on to work.

09 May, 2013 by MisterBee

My wife and I were looking for a head torch each for the London to Brighton Challenge which we are doing later this month. We had heard great reviews about the Gamma and I ordered one earlier last week. OMG! - I was not disappointed when it arrived. The delivery was lightening quick and thanks to Fiona for processing it. What a superb product. I have tried it on a practice night time walk at the weekend and there is very little difference between this and my Silva Ninox. I will be wearing this with pride on the night section of our 24hr hike.
Thanks for all of your help Alpkit - another “blinding” piece of kit!


30 April, 2013 by JayG

BIG thank you to the service team,,, DE (?)  in particular - who fixed the battery compartment of my Gamma, and has a sense of humour!  For sure, we now have LIGHT, again!!
Thanks, very glad to have my excellent headtorch back.

27 April, 2013 by N John Brightwell

Why oh why oh why oh why oh why, would you design a headtorch with a dedicated “night vision saving” mode, that forces you to cycle through a “night vision ruining” white led to get to it!

Suffice to say I have covered the first white led with gaffa tape.

Otherwise good.

26 April, 2013 by Joseph

Had my first Gamma for about 3 years until it died in the loft due to a broken wire :( . Not bad really as I don’t really look after stuff and it gets thrown into dry bags and rucksacks, should treat it with more respect really. This isn’t a complaint by the way. Awesome little torch ticks all the boxes and the price is great for someone on a budget. Was really disappointed when they were out of stock for a few months so had to borrow my mates . But placed an order for the new one on Thursday night and received it this morning just in time for a 2 day wild camping canoe trip . Cheers Alpkit for the speedy service .

15 April, 2013 by Mark C

Just recieved this today and its amazing. the light is very bright. the torch its self is easy to use and comfy to wear. i really like the features it has and the fact it can be doubled up to work on a bike.

15 April, 2013 by sean

Have had a gamma for close on four years, the battery compartment died…..purchased a new one (arrived in super quick time).  Read the thread around battery compartments, contacted Alpkit, a new battery compartment arrived today!
Super service, friendly people, why can’t all companies be this good!
Also purchased a couple of Dozer mats, they are big mommas!
Super comfy, they will work a treat.

13 April, 2013 by Mark A

I still love my Gamma to bits even though the battery compartment lug has broken. I notice this seems to be a common fault and trust Alpkit will rectify it soonest.
The light is amazing and the flexibility of using different colours is really useful when walking on sections of road at night.
Keep at it Alpkit - you’re getting things right for us - please resolve the niggle described.

If there is a chance of letting me have a replacement battery compartment unit, that would be WONDERFUL…

03 April, 2013 by Knappers

Gamma is great - I bought two, and we have walked miles with them - but the dreaded battery compartment failure - lug broke - has ruined one.
Any chance of a replacement battery compartment, please? Happy to fit it myself - I’ve struggled on with a cable tie around the pack, but it’s not reliable as a “fix”.
Thanks in hope of repair

21 March, 2013 by N John Brightwell

I love my Gamma and it has lasted for two winters before the lugs broke.  A bit of Duck tape didn’t quite do the trick but the lovely people at alpkit sent me another battery compartment which I have now fitted.  Looking forward to another year or two of great service from this lovely little head torch.

13 March, 2013 by Vicky

I have bought two Gamma headtorches.Both unfortuntely broke at the battery compartment.Could Alpkit please re-design the battery compartment,it totally destroys what could be the best headtorch on the planet.Once those plastic latches snap off,it renders an excellent headtorch completely useless.

13 March, 2013 by Paul Williams


I have also had two Gammas break in the past year.  They never break in use, but put them in a rucksack and the plastic that holds the battery compartment shut (is this what you call the lug?)breaks off.  I don’t think that it is too much to expect a £15 torch to last a year in normal use, and am now in dilema whether to buy another one as it seems false economy.  V disappointing as the light is so bright.  Sorry to be a pedant but I would also comment that from a manufacturing point of view that 25/392 product failure fate is actually high, event for minor defects.

11 March, 2013 by Sarah Carpenter

Gamma is cheap and the quality is equal the price.
My two Gammas are broken, one is after just one month and second after a year. Problems was with button and with electronics inside, also wire is broke where it go inside head body. I’m recommend to change Gamma design completely, it’s unnecessary to make light 3AAA battery block outside main body. Design like Petzl is a lot more durable.
I’ve finally found my best head torch, it’s a zebralight, extremelly durable, lightweight and have great light, with no comparison to any other Petzl or Gamma I’ve used before.

09 March, 2013 by Yuri

Hey Rhoda, we don’t recommend using re-chargeables as the voltage is often different. Most of the time this only makes the batteries very warm, causing them to melt a little, or to cover the contacts in sticky stuff so it doesn’t work. All solvable with a bit of a wash/scrub anyway.

This is only while using for long periods of time or not taking the batteries out after possibly getting a bit damp.

Hope this helps,


05 March, 2013 by AK Support [Alpkit]

I understand those saying we’re asking for too much from a cheap torch, but my main concern is one of safety.

You don’t want to be changing batteries on a remote ledge, or in the middle of a storm in darkness, and end up with no light whatsoever because the lugs have snapped off.

05 March, 2013 by David W

Love my headtorch and thinking about buying rechargable batteries to cut down expense. Is it OK to use rechargeable batteries in the gamma headtorch? Ansmann 1100 mah AAA rechargeable get great reviews. Im not sure what the 1100 mah is though and how that compares to 3 x 1.5v batteries. Any help appreciated. Thanks

04 March, 2013 by Rhoda

I think people are expecting a little bit too much for £15. I have 3 Gamma’s and have had one break (not the lugs) after about 12 months. However I also have a Petzl Myo XP (£60) which has broke twice in 4 years. Oddly the Gamma that has broke has a short in the light bit, all the LED’s come on.

To improve the Gamma I would look have some way to spread the main beam to give less of a tunnel feel in fog.

23 February, 2013 by Lewis

I’m afraid I’ve also had the same problem with the lugs :  on three seperate Gamma headtorches.  On each occasion it happened after about a year of use, but that was with only changing the batteries once or twice.  I was also speaking to someone in Ben Alder bothy recently who had went through two gammas with the same problem.

30 January, 2013 by David W

Hi Steve, hopefully we have got to the bottom of this. It appears You Tube automatically banned you because you posted a few comments in quick succesion. I have removed you from the banned list and been in contact via email.

25 January, 2013 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Very mature of you Alpkit to block me from commenting anymore on your youtube video…
Thank you for refering me to your feedback page, I hadn’t noticed it earlier. Unsurprisingly there are comments that are identical to my own. It may only be a small amount of the torches that experience the problem but that does not deter from the obvious fact it is not user error and absolutely without a doubt a product flaw.

24 January, 2013 by Steve Lacey

My gamma headtorch is the envy of all my friends. I am out in the north of sweden where it’s cold and dark. My friends all have bought ‘cheap’ headtorches from here (£20ish) and my gamma is by far the best. It’s been through snow, rain and -20degree temperatures and hasn’t missed a beat. I’ve been cycling, running, building igloos, and have thrown it in my bag at the end of the day. I can’t recommend it enough. 3 of my friends have already ordered their own. As for the lugs, on all 4 head torches they are 100%.

22 January, 2013 by Ali


Thanks for the feedback on the video - the Gamma featured was over 12 months old and had damage on the front end due to water. It had been returned by a customer. So we don’t know the full history, but it has had normal use.

In terms of internal pressure, to test this we placed precise pressure at the end of the cap with a flat head screw driver. It takes considerable force to snap the plastic lug - force that wouldn’t come from the springs inside the compartment.

In the past five/six years we have sold tens of thousands of Gammas. Only 25 out of the 392 reviews online here say they have had problems with the battery compartment. The remainder are positive. We are trying not to be defensive, just attempting to put things into context.

The test in the video shows the strength of the lugs. After more testing we haven’t found there to be a problem with this part of the torch. Therefore we are happy the Gamma is fit for purpose.

11 January, 2013 by Jay (Alpkit staff)

Well done Len and Rick for posting such restrained and dignified responses to the video. I was absolutely fuming after I watched it yesterday and was ready to cut all ties to Alpkit but the fact is that I’m happy with everything else I’ve bought other than the two Gammas. Alpkit, I think I can speak for others in saying that we posted feedback on the Gamma to try and assist in your product development and not to rubbish you or your products. As the others have said the problem develops after about a years steady use seems to be caused by a combination of pressure from the batteries (against the springs in the battery compartment) and repeated opening and closing of the battery compartment. Neither one of my Gammas that had this problem were subjected to anything like the punishment you subjected the one in the video to. Thanks.

11 January, 2013 by Chris Wheeler

of course there is a problem with the lugs.all those people who have taken the time to report fault cannot be wrong.i am one of those people.come on alpkit get a grip - your after sales service is very good and you have some excellent products but your ‘bashing-video clip was nothing short of partonising and insulting which will have little or no positive effect on alpkit as a developing company. why dont you simply sort the design deffect rather than reinforcing your opinion that there is NO DESIGN WEAKNESSS IN THE FIRST PLACE!unfortunately this is a sure way to lose customers.

11 January, 2013 by matthew sneddon

So you’re saying there isn’t a problem with the lugs? Lots of people on here seem to disagree!
Try doing your test again with one that’s 12 months old and I think you’ll get a very different result.

09 January, 2013 by Len Brennan

thankyou for looking into the problem, however your test was just bashing the end inwards, when the actual problem is when the battery compartment is full of batteries the outward force of the internal spring is what is cracking the small lugs, it is this outward force that is the problem.

09 January, 2013 by rick

We’ve been reviewing feedback from customers and wanted to do some testing of the Gamma with a focus on the battery compartment. Check out this short video we made whilst testing.

09 January, 2013 by AK Support [Alpkit]

I had a problem with my Gamma where it did not work with a couple of different brands of rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries - it just refused to switch on. I figured out it was the flat bottom of the negative terminal of the centre battery which wasn’t making contact with the metal in the compartment lid. The non-rechargeable batteries I was previously using had a raised part to the negative terminal. A small modification later, and it now works with my rechargeable batteries.

06 January, 2013 by Russ

They say its only a tiny minority off gammas that have this problem compared the the thousands they have already sold ! Well there seems to be enough people complaining on here to make them finially sit up and take note. Yes it’s cheap, but it has to be fit for purpose.

03 January, 2013 by rick

I’ve had two Gammas now (and bought one for my wife) and on both of mine the battery box lugs have broken off. I could return them but the bottom line is I need a reliable headtorch that I know won’t let me down in the middle of nowhere and due to this problem the Gamma isn’t it. It’s a real shame as in other respects it’s a great torch and phenomenal value. I’m afraid I’ll be going back to my old Petzl Tikka though (even though it’s not as bright) as I know it will continue to work. Come on Alpkit sort this problem out, I’m an Alpkit fan and have loads of your stuff and this is my one disappointment.

02 January, 2013 by Chris Wheeler

For the price, really good value. Mechanical weaknesses let it down. Mine has a large cable-tie holding the battery compartment closed, the lug broke after a fall onto tiles from 6 feet (forgot I had it on over my wooly hat).
There is no effective strain relief on the cable ends, which eventually leads to the wires being pulled out of the solder joints in the battery compartment and/or lamp unit. I managed to get a cable-tie onto the battery end when repairing it, but there’s not much space at the other end.
The small white LED has packed up, but I probably damaged it during the last repair. I’m not in a hurry to open the unit up again, the big LED still works fine.
Will definitely buy a replacement when they come back into stock - probably two. It would be great if the mechanical weaknesses could be resolved, but it’s still a great little light. I could live without the green LED, the rear light is definitely useful though.
Always carry cable-ties.

22 December, 2012 by Mark Pierce

A great little light which is bright enough for off-road running and cheap as chips. Customer service is little short of wonderful. Mine broke (battery connections)and despite being well outside the warranty period it was quickly repaired and returned.

13 December, 2012 by Timothy

I’ve just bought a second gamma.  Mine is perfect for off-road running during the dark winter mornings.  Very reliable, and very bright.  This one is a Christmas present for my brother-in-law for when he goes camping.

30 November, 2012 by Darren

Great lamp apart from a fragile battery case. The lugs of mine recently broke and Alpkit swiftly sent a new case with instructions on how to change it. Great service!

29 November, 2012 by Padraig

Got my Gamma yesterday and love it!  It’s really bright and lights up my way on dark mornings brilliantly.  Only shame is that they have pictures of the pink one but don’t actually stock it.  It may not be that popular but I would have loved mine in pink!

27 November, 2012 by Sarah

After three (four?) years of sterling service, the head unit stopped working. After some fiddling, I found that it was the microswitch that had become very difficult to press. I contacted Alpkit and they very kindly offered to replace the Gamma with a brand new one. Now, that’s what I call 5-star customer service! Cheers, guys.

22 November, 2012 by Brad Connor

As usual, the price and service from Alpkit cannot be praised enough. I even got a handwritten note with my Gamma to say thanks for the order. I know this doesnt take a minute for Alpkit people to do but it is personal and that counts. The Gamma really is a tool for all lighting jobs. I have had a number of Petzl’s over the years and they are good but you get a load more bang for your buck with the Gamma. Not had it long enough to see if the 10 month hoodoo strikes or the battery lugs fail as in other reviews but at this point I’m a happy Alpkit customer (again). Ta Alpkit.

16 November, 2012 by billythemountain

I love my Gamma and when it broke thought I’d have to buy a new one. Before I did I sent Alpkit a note and they said no worries we’ll fix it. I returned it and a few days later it was back fixed. No quibble service and a role model to the numerous large companies I deal with who argue over things I’ve paid many thousands of pounds for (yes, that’s you Mini). Anyway a big thank you to Alpkit for their brilliant customer service to repair what is a top product. If only you made cars!

11 November, 2012 by Ade Robertson

received my gamma head tortch fast delivery used it for 5 days best thing ive perchest dont think ill use another torch again ho and alpkit kept me well informed about delivery perfect.

08 November, 2012 by tony

I cant begin to tell you how good the Alpkit service is. They are almost annoyingly helpfuland can’t do enough to help. The torch is as most people here have described. Absolutely fantastic value for money and better than my Petzl one it’s replaced that was about £30 more expensive.

05 November, 2012 by Peter Jonwood

I got one of these back in 2010 (I think…). The battery cover lugs came off, as you would expect. I didn’t have my receipt, but Alpkit gave me a nice discount off a new one. Excellent customer service - as always!

The range of beam settings and the performance (throw and brightness) at “full power” are excellent. It’s a very comfortable torch to wear, too. I have used a number of tactical torches, spotlights, headtorches and so on for use in outdoor environments (pitch-black fields, mountain bike tracks, mountainsides - you name it!) and this is by far the most versatile solution for personal use out of all of those.

01 November, 2012 by James

Don’t hold your breath Matthew, it’s been a problem for years, the manufacturer and Alpkit apparently aren’t too bothered.

29 October, 2012 by Len Brennan

This is a slightly flawed product supplied by a company with flawless customer service. The flaw is the weak tabs on the battery case. They probably will break at some point, in my case while using the torch in the cold.
Alpkit couldn’t repair them so they replaced them. One couldn’t ask for better customer service. I assume the manufacturer has been made aware of the issue and hope that future versions will be made with more resilient plastics.

26 October, 2012 by Matthew

I’ve had four or five of these good value head torches, and the reason why I’ve had so many is that on every one the battery cover lugs have broken. In my experience it’s just a matter of time before they fail. Alpkit will replace faulty ones but they aren’t keen to replace the replacement when that one eventually breaks.
There is a design flaw with the battery cover and Alpkit really need to sort it, even if it puts the price up. A lot of people will not return broken ones or leave comments on here, they’ll just bin the Alpkit head torch and go back to Petzl.

24 October, 2012 by Len Brennan


23 October, 2012 by Ross llewellyn

excellent products and first class customer service from alpkit.
since purchasing the gamma headtorch i have, unfortunately had to return twice due to 1) lugs on battery compartment snapping off whilst replacing batteries 2)simply stopped working after 10 months.alpkit replaced headtorch in both instances + free postage. as other customers have experienced similar problems it does seem there are technical and design weaknesses with the unit. i am sure that alpkit will have already taken this on board and communicated this to the manufacturers. first class service from alpkit.well done folks.



18 October, 2012 by matthew sneddon

My Gamma torch sadly stopped working after 10 months of very frequent use. We contacted Alpkit who were very friendly and helpful. We then filled in one simple form and returned the torch by freepost. Those very nice people at Alpkit replaced it at once without any problem. My new torch (with batteries supplied) was with me within the week. I am writing this as I felt I needed to comment on the service, support and ease of communication with Alpkit; they have been superb and I would recommend their products to anyone.

13 October, 2012 by Adam Stuart-Box

15 quid BADBOY ! (Nuff said)

27 September, 2012 by Guinness punch

This is one of the best value head torches I have seen or used. I am amazed at the brightness of the beam and .the construction of the unit. A fantastic product that I will be recommending to everyone I meet. Well done Alpkit

21 September, 2012 by Drew

Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?

15 September, 2012 by Edna N Ramirez

Like some other customers, I compete in running events at night and over difficult terrain, so I have used a range of headtorches and I push their capabilities to the limits.

Very simply, when compared to other torches like for like, the Gamma performs better than any £35 torch, but only costs £15.

For anyone who runs on the road at night, the rear red LED is a real bonus.

13 September, 2012 by Paul G

I have owned my gamma head torch since JAN 2012 and went to change the batteries recently and the lugs holding the top on broke off. I emailed Alpkit and they said sent it back and they would fix it free of charge and I had it back with in a week and with free postage. I know this is a common problem with the lugs breaking off the battery compartment but with after care service like this who can ask for more . Customer service like this deserves recognition, well done Alpkit!

06 September, 2012 by Eoin

The Gamma headtorch server me well for nearly 2 years working as a delivery driver (very useful at night and in winter), but the wiring became faulty, so I cheekily asked if I could get it repaired. I was sent back a brand new Gamma with new batteries instead, for no charge! Customer service like this deserves recognition, well done Alpkit!

04 September, 2012 by Jamie

I had a new Gamma and the lugs holding the top on broke off. I contacted Rebecca at Alkit and she arranged for it to be repaired and I had it back with in a week of sending back. What a great service!

Thank you

03 September, 2012 by Bob Evans

brilliant head torch and value for money. Much brighter than my old-ish basic BD one. Sure it’s a bit bigger with the battery pack separate, but the benefits of having a brighter headtorch with more beam settings outweighs that. I love the red light to get up/go to bed or pack your bag without waking up the whole dorm. Not sure what the green light is for though. Also, I found the system to switch modes quite fiddly and I still don’t always get it right.

01 September, 2012 by Joris

I have just recieved mt Gamma in the post. My reason for purchase is that I’m a remote medic and I’m just off to a former Soviet Republic to help film a TV programme and hace realised that if there is a problem at night I will not have a fully kitted ambulance and flood lights to help. I’m hoping not to have to use it in anger but if I do the green LED should help me find veins in the dark. Small, light-weight and possibly a life saver as well.

31 August, 2012 by Dan Swain

Your Gamma head torch is BRILLIANT (scuse the pun) I bought one for my first attempt at the Addidas Thunder run 24 which involves a 10K lap running at night. Using the Gamma I was able to run at my normal pace during the day.  It is light and balanced to wear when run - Thank you guys for great bit of kit.  http://www.tr24.co.uk/

04 August, 2012 by Trevor Batchelor

Just completed the Lakeland 50 in the Lake District and used the Alpkit Gamma head torch during the night section. This torch was fantastic and was way brighter than most of the more expensive headtorches( which my running partner had). Comfortable on the head. One of the best value for money kit i have bought.  Thankyou grin

03 August, 2012 by Dawn

Just used my Gamma on the Lakeland 50 Ultra this weekend. Ran 4 hours in total darkness over rock, mud and technical trails and the torch was fantastic.
I couldnt beleive how bright and how far the beam penetrated compared to other runners equipped with top of the range kit. You would have to spend 6 or 7 times as much to get a better head torch for trail running in my opinion. Did exactly what I needed it to and than some!

03 August, 2012 by Graham

Having just discovered that my gamma needs the ‘alpbodge’, was wondering if the battery compartment lug issue has been resolved yet? That apart, good value & versatile piece of kit.

17 July, 2012 by Jon Wood

I love the Gamma headtorch but have two main criticisms.

Firstly, the lugs on the battery compartment are weak. This is obviously a well-known problem and one recognised by Alpkit. I hope this gets resolved in a future revision.

Secondly, I personally feel that the cable between the battery compartment and the torch unit is too long. When I wear the headtorch without a helmet most of wire is hanging off with too much space, and even with it attached to my helmet it barely uses the coiled part. Since Alpkit went to the bother of putting in a coiled section I would expect a slightly shorter cable and the coil to be stretched out a bit whilst wearing on a helmet.

Other than that, the Gamma is perfect for me. A few extra colour options would be nice (particularly a black/grey option).

14 July, 2012 by Ben

Hi, The ‘Alpbodge’ was simply a couple of 100mm ratchet ties joined together, (smaller ones are more flexible than the longer wider ones) and simply fasten the battery cover closed.
When the batteries need changing, simply slide the ties off, or replace with new ones.

29 June, 2012 by David Smith

Hi Guys.
Can anyone share the “Alpbodge”? The lugs have broken off the battery box on my old unit, (hence buying a new one). I’d love it if I could fix / ressurect the old one!

28 June, 2012 by Graham

I had 2-3 year old gamma. The cord came loose from the main front head torch and so did not work. I emailed Alpkit to see if it could be repaired. They replied send it back and if it can’t be repaired, they will give a discount on a new Gamma. I received a new one and had to double check with Alpkit - it was replaced free of charge!
Thank you Alpkit!

27 June, 2012 by Mike C

I liked the Gamma the first time that I saw it at one of the first ‘Outdoor Shows’ at the NEC.
Its been used lots since then, camping, car and bike repairs, changing light fittings, then the lugs broke, and I had to do the infamous ‘Alpbodge’
No problem tho’, and when I sent it back, you repaired it free, many thanks for that!
I do think that a re-design is due for the battery pack tho’ , for anyone using it in any serious cold conditions, as the plastic could then become more brittle and prone to break.
Bottom line?, great kit, when it gives up, i’ll get another.
Dave Smith

26 June, 2012 by David Smith

My second Gamma as I accidentally broke the first one stumbling about in the dark looking for it….Fabulous bit of kit which provides ample illumination for trail running in complete darkness. Fits a treat with the weight barely noticeable. You have got to pay 4 or 5 times as much to get comparable performance from rivals. I wouldnt be without one… hence buying a replacement immediately!

25 June, 2012 by Graham

Received this in good time. Purchased for my son camping and was very impressed by the quality of the product. There was even a nice hand written personal message thanking me for the order! When I put on the light I thought ‘yeah not bad…I didn’t realise I had only the small white light on! When I put on the main light I was like ‘wow!’, it really lights up everything around you. I read reviews on this elsewhere on outdoor forums and the reviews were good so I expected experienced outdoor enthusiasts to know more.  Very impressive.

19 June, 2012 by Terence

This headlight does everything you need, I’ve traveled around the world with it and just purchased a new one as I pulled the wire out. The only negative point is its not waterproof, but compared to most Petzl’s its cheaper and better!

17 June, 2012 by martin bell

Kilimanjaro essential kit!
I needed a lightweight head torch for Kilimanjaro trek; and the Gamma does everything and more. It really is one of the best head torches I have used; battery life is good; and rubber seals on battery pack keeps out the wet stuff.
Well done ALPKIT!

08 June, 2012 by Graham Wood

Light arrived today.  It’s lightweight and easy to use.  Not used with gloves yet - will have to wait for winter.  Main LED is clean, slight rippling from the housing, but is otherwise very good.  Smaller LEDs provide nice alternative sources, red especially for night time wee wees without ruining your nightvision and making you visible to all those around you.  Will be taking on a field test in two weeks to Brecon.
  Overall, 4.5/5, or 9/10 if you prefer decimal.

31 May, 2012 by Dave

In reply to the below, should you experience the lug breaking on the battery housing use a thin nylon electric tie. once in place the hold it securely and can be slipped down/off when you replace the batteries making it as good as new.

Great idea and features but the second time I changed the batteries the lug broke off. This was in the house not out in the cold on the hill and I see it’s happened for other people too, so whilst I’ve codged it up with a wire closure, I won’t be taking it anywhere I have to rely on it - too fragile.

Posted on 29 May, 2012 by Tom Higgs

30 May, 2012 by Tony

Great idea and features but the second time I changed the batteries the lug broke off. This was in the house not out in the cold on the hill and I see it’s happened for other people too, so whilst I’ve codged it up with a wire closure, I won’t be taking it anywhere I have to rely on it - too fragile.

29 May, 2012 by Tom Higgs

First night time run last night. 20 miles. I took my new AlpKit Gamma with me.

What a great piece of kit, I’m very impressed. It puts my more expensive DIY shop bougt head torch to shame!! Bright, well balenced, comfortable and the rear red LED was helful as I had a few stretches of dark road to navigate.

I love it and would defnitely recommed it.


28 May, 2012 by wanttorun

Faulty plastic lugs.

I loved this headtorch. After buying my first I bought three more as gifts for friends.

Unfortunately recently I went to use it and found the battery cover lying open. The lugs had both broken. It was not in a cold environment and it did not suffer any impact. It was just hanging up and the lugs broke off.

It is several years old, but this flaw should be rectified.

24 May, 2012 by Alex

Like other reviews on here, quick customer and delivery services. Not many other online stores can compete with this. Well done guys.

Bought a couple of these recently as presents for friends as i’m constantly getting comments on how useful it is in a multitude of ways.

I take mine everywhere:
cycling to/from work (i leave 5am, so it’s still relatively dark, very useful to have direct light and hands free if i get a puncture). It can be placed over my helmet for extra lighting.

Walk home from the pub late at night down our unlit street. Since there’s a back flashing light this helps cars behind see me.

It’s been on many camping trips. Reading in the tent, preparing supper, night toiletries etc

I like the added over the head strap as i don’t feel like it’s going to fall down my head as i’m moving and i don’t have to have this strapped too tightly either.

It’s normal battery operated so no problem about having to find a specialised shop which sells button batteries.

I’m very impressed by this headtorch. Alot of other headtorches are pricier and don’t have as many functions and uses like the Gamma does.

Totally recommend to anyone.

Thanks Alpkit.

10 May, 2012 by Wendy

Fantastic headlight and service from Alpkit. Received within two days and with free duracell batteries - amazing customer service.

Bought the headlight initially as a back up to my far more expensive LED Lenser rechargeable headtorch. I can see the Alpkit having far more use than the LED Lenser, so that is now the back up headtorch!

Very well put together bit of kit, and for the price - truly amazing. Seperate rear red light strip, static or flash or OFF. One large WHITE LED to the front, with three individual small extra LEDS, WHITE, GREEN and RED ( RED - flashing or static state)above main lamp/LED.

I will buy another as a spare spare!!

05 May, 2012 by AJA

The Gamma is very impressive, especially considering the price. My review here:


Thanks for a bargain Alpkit

23 April, 2012 by Marc Stupples

Very happy with this, slight weakness with the lugs breaking off the lid but AK sent out a new lid PDQ so I’m very happy

18 April, 2012 by Peter Nuttall

Once again a fantastic product by alpkit I first brought the rig7 which is great but these head lamps are great value for money don’t think that there cheap so they will be bad I would put these as equivalent to a £50 head lamp I will carry on buying alpkit products as the value and build are Superb

16 April, 2012 by Paul Branson

i’ve just got back from a long cold winter tour in afghanistan and i want to congratulate you on your excellent kit. when my issue headtorch let me down whilst trying to confirm an ied at night, i got my wife to order a gamma as replacement. the functionality of the different coloured leds let me use it with out the worry of having a searchlight strapped to my head, the powerful white led helped on numerous occasions when that did’nt matter. it has been shoved in the bottom of pouches,worn during many afghan downpours and stepped/sat on hundreds of times and still works! well done on an excellent product

09 April, 2012 by ciaran watling

Fantastic product, with v. fast delivery - even over a Easter holiday weekend! Batteries as well - what more could you want.
Strongly recommended

07 April, 2012 by George Glew

Arrived VERY fast, and it’s got batteries too - haud me back!

Quite astonishing for the price. R light is a smashing idea, front is VERY bright on full chat.

Big thumbs up to the Alpsters!

05 April, 2012 by Brendan "The Jap Grinder"

I bought two early last year,one shortly after the other. One works with nimh rechargeables but the other one doesn’t. So the answer is that it seems to depend on the luck of the draw. Complete mystery why this should be when they use the same technology. Rechargeables are low discharge so the high discharge warning does not apply in the same way as for lithiums

03 April, 2012 by Nial Ledingham

Just received my first Gamma. First impressions outside in the back garden are excellent and the whole unit is much smaller than I expected it to be from the photos. With regard to the battery housing, I have scraped away a bit of the raised lug on the main housing that the cap clips over (hard to explain which bit), but it feels like it has taken a bit of pressure off when opening and closing the cap, which i’m much happier about as it did feel really tight. Looking forward to my first wild camp of the year now.

02 April, 2012 by Paul Stevens

I read on the product description page that the Gamma doesn’t work with Lithium batteries.  I have some Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable batteries, but it doesn’t seem to work with them either.  Is that correct?

Does the Gamma work with any type of rechargeable battery?  If not, it’s a pity.

31 March, 2012 by Patrick Vincent

Fantastic lighting for the price, super quick delivery too!! Walking 100 miles round-the-clock this weekend, these will take me through the night. One head-torch, one velcro’d to rucksack shoulder strap with rechargeable AA 4-pack (great mod, do at your own risk, don’t use 4 alkalines etc. etc. grin.

I do push in on the cover as I rotate it closed _or_ open. Cause a crack and it could propagate to an apparently spontaneous failure later. For me the spring force is good as I’ve never had intermittent contact or flickering lights!

No worries for me about reliability - this order takes me into double figures over 5 years and they’re all well used (and abused!) by family and friends.

31 March, 2012 by Derek @RwandaWalk

Very good torch (I have two of them) but my recent experience has been the same as some of the other reviewers. The lug on the battery housing has broken off. That happened whilst it was being stored in a drawer. Was fine when I left it there but wouldn’t work when I got it out a couple of weeks ago. On an examination I found the lug had snapped off. Seems that the tension from the battery springs was too much. Shame as it has hardly been used and was only bought last year. The other one is ok - so far.

28 March, 2012 by Nial Ledingham

I brought this head torch just under a year ago, I was very please with it. The brightness was brilliant, and the adjustment of the actual head was great. However I met my first problem, and I read some have had the same problem: the battery compartment. Part of the plastic has snapped off when I went to put new battery, so now unless I hold the battery compartment, it doesn’t work. A little disappointing when its such a lovely head torch and at such a great price

26 March, 2012 by Karen

The Gamma is amazing enough said.

I work as a outdoor education instructor in Scotland, mainly based in Argyll and Lochaber. I’ve had my Gamma now for three years.

It’s never failed me. Its light enough that it now lives permanently in a little 3L exped dry bag (which the Gamma has outlived) that comes with me on every single everywhere I go, wither its D of E expeditions on the hill or the water, or just day to day sessions.

I’ve used it for everything from basic night nav, to paddling at night down grade 2 and even supporting the local MRT and I’ve never felt that I need anything brighter.

The only grip I have is that the main beam only has the two brightness settings. If it had one that was just a bight duller, the small LED doesn’t have a wide enough field some times.

But all in all amazing.

26 March, 2012 by Grant Dolier

Hi guys,
it is not our style to remove feedback that helps improve our products as long as it is clean and doesn’t get personal. There are a lot of Gammas now in active service, the number we sold this winter has at least doubled. Happily the percentage failure rate is remarkably low, and although we use an off the shelf moulding we do believe it to be suitable for purpose and great value. Could it be better? of course and we wouldn’t have set up Alpkit if we just wanted to sell other peoples stuff without our twist. We would love to develop the torch from scratch with our own moulding. Would it offer the same ‘value’? well that depends what the criteria are. Our tents surprised a lot of people, hitting the top end of the market (still very favourably priced compared to like for like models), but I think the majority of our customer base at that time were expecting something a bit more cheap and cheerful. You can bet we are constantly trying to balance price, quality and performance to give a product that our customers can truly value. Hopefully the evolution of our product line backs this up. Keep the feedback flowing, keep telling us what you are using your kit for, and little by little the equipment we make will meet all our expectations.

16 March, 2012 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Re Gama Head torch you if you read the reviews you will see a number of people have experienced faulty battery covers,I have had three break on me. The first was when I was replacing batteries and didin’t get it matched just right, no excuse for it breaking though. The other two have broke in transit although protected by clothing.As I have mentioned they can be made useable with a thin nylon cable tie. It has not put me buying them, as even with this fault they are still best on the market.

15 March, 2012 by Tony

Check out Mr Sweary over there who is so sad he resorts to abuse when contradicted on a review page.

You claimed that the battery compartment just failed on it’s own with the head torch just sitting there unused. I am putting forward the opinion that that is simply not the case and that cack handedness was to blame. You may also note I have had my example in use non stop for 3 months on a daily basis and it has been abused with out breaking so in actual man hours I have done the real test. Stop reading books about Bear Grylls and start speaking english - “mission critical” indeed you big timing self important Walter Mitty buffoon.

If you don’t want to be accused of being a paid social media product promoter than don’t write like one, dont use stupid americanisms pulled from naff advertising campaigns that allude to connections with the military.

Good Torch - Self promoting idiot trying to sound important by using buzz words.

End Of.

15 March, 2012 by Matt, Staffordshire

Matt, you tool, I’m not an American. Full of arrogant assumptions and yet you know nothing about me. I live just to the North of you in Cheshire as it happens and I happen to be a big fan of Alpkit and have bought a fair amount of kit from them as their records will show. I’ve also left plenty of positive reviews. That is why I feel I should let them know when something can harm their good reputation. As others have said the battery case is a weak point.

You’ve had the thing 3 months. Give it a few more and lets see how cocky you are. As for your “Alpkit should delete negative comments”. Wow what a marketing genius you are. Yeah let’s have some confirmation bias and only hear about nice fluffy and flattering comments. Let’s have no constructive feedback! That way we can never improve products.

Great torch, weak battery case, end of.

14 March, 2012 by Jonathan Fox

I have used mine in temperatures well below zero for last 3 months and it and the battery compartment have not failed after daily use, this also meant being transported in a courier bag knocking around loose with other kit. If anything makes flimsy plastic fracture it wil be cold weather and it hasn’t. As I said, make sure you close the battery comapartment properly and dont force it and no problems will present them self, it’s a perfectly good product. I am guesseing that Mr Fox is an American and is slagging the product off for a competitior or is paid to do product placement on line by them, you have to be a proper goon to use the word “mission critical”. I would just delete the post if I were alpkit as he will just keep adding negative reviews. I have properly tested this head torch in the real world and it’s fine if you follow the instructions.

14 March, 2012 by Matt, Staffordshire

Matt there was no forcing of the lid going on. These broke of their own accord by the pressure exerted from the spring inside. The plastic lips on the outside are too thin and weak to sustain that pressure. Over time they fail.

I am trying to highlight a product defect that can be fixed. To infer that everyone forced them and broken them is rude and suggests we are clumsy and stupid.

Alpkit will ignore this problem at their peril as people will cease to buy them when the negative reviews build up.

14 March, 2012 by @Matt

Just had problems with my second head torch and battery cover breaking this time it happened when being transported in a suit case. The cover had come away from the body of the torch because one the two very weak plastic notches on the battery cover snapped.The problem can be resolved I have now two torches that the cover is held in place with a thin nylon cable tie. Once on it can be slipped down to change the batteries and it seems tight enough to make the unit water tight

14 March, 2012 by Tony Longton

I recieved one of these as a gift at christmas and I have been delighted with it. Brightness wise the Cree LED seems on a par with a Seoul P4 LED which is what Exposure put in a £80 overpriced “bike light”, Lenser are charging silly money for lights with the same output as well.

Used for cycling this has been enough light on it’s own for unlit riding on towpaths and off road sections, the strobe function is useful at night in the city as it makes all the reflective road signs flash as well, people certainly know you are coming.

Build quality, sure it’s fairly light but I have no problem at all with the battery housing, you simply have to make sure you firmly press the sealed cover in place properly and don’t try to force the cover shut unless it’s properly seated, if you don’t show a bit a patience then of course you will break it but this is true of lot’s of kit, I have seen people cross thread mag lights by forcing the end cap shut with thread not engaged propely.

In all for the money it’s a steal and it certainly performs as well as some very expensive units by Silva or Petzl.

I wish Alpkit offered a bar mount conversion kit for it as two together would make an ideal commuting set up.

14 March, 2012 by Matt, Staffordshire.

I bought 3 of these head torches for family and friends because of the price, their functionality and because they are backed up by the Alpkit service. They have a lot of features and options that other head torches do not have. Sadly when it came to changing the battery the achilles heal of this torch is the battery cover. It is held on by two very weak plastic notches. There is a male lip on the battery housing that fits the female groove of the housing lid. You rotate the lid say 15 degrees sideways and it comes off. Inside the lid is a spring and this appears to exert a lot of pressure on the lid from the inside. Over time with this pressure and the action of taking the lid on or off results in the little female clips on the outside breaking off the lid thus rendering the torch useless.

They have not received any rough treatment or much use. certainly nothing like an Annapurna trek. The occasional use in the loft or for changing a tire at night. All 3 broke at different times to the various people I gave them to as presents.

To Alpkit’s credit they sent me a replacement lid but it was impossible to retro fit and was of the same design as the other 3. They are £12.50 because they are made in China and while a lot of good stuff comes out of China I have to say that it is false economy to be skimping on plastic or metal quality when it comes to mission critical parts.

Nice torch when it works but the battery housing is flawed.

07 February, 2012 by Jonathan Fox

Great head torch I was well pleased with it,until the third set of batteries,if the battery cover is not on streight when you turn it to lock it the catch will snap off.
This happend in poor light when changing batteries.

06 February, 2012 by Colin Roberts

A truly superb lamp, the main led has a great range and intensity, the other led’s are great for map reading.
I have just ordered another.
Mark grin

15 January, 2012 by Mark

This torch has seen me walking the Annapurna trek, working backstage in black out, night patrol with Street Angels and walking Salisbury Plain trail in the dark after over-staying the pub lunch.  But I was heartbroken to come across it one day with the battery lid fastener snapped; my temporary wired repair failed, so I am back to buy another - it is THAT good.

15 January, 2012 by N John B

Amazing value headtorch - perfect for running along darkish roads in the winter. It even came with batteries included! All my friends have spent £100s on theirs! Haha.

14 January, 2012 by MrsPicard

Excellent little lamp, really good value.  I look forward to it illuminating the Nepalese night on my trek round the Annapurnas in April!

13 January, 2012 by SteveW

Arrived within a few days of putting in my order and it had it first outing tonight - brilliant, just what I need for running on those dark country roads.

11 January, 2012 by Stuart

excellent torch ,next day delivery plus you get the batteries with it ,very easy to use aswell

11 January, 2012 by graham moffat

Great wee light for the money bought it for running.Very speedy delivery to NI received it within 48 hours thumbs up here go ahead and buy it!!!

10 January, 2012 by Eoin

Really impressed with this head torch and considering getting a second one for the wife.Watch the U-Tube video which gives accurate description.
I will be recommending this to friends

08 January, 2012 by Paul N

Just recieved the gammas. next day delivery to NI is brillant service. The gamma seems to outperform a h7 i bought for xmas!! just wish i could take it back and get a refund!! Full marks and will be ordering again

07 January, 2012 by eugene currie

what a head torch
at first for things like cooking ect ,close in stuff i thought the beam was a bit to focused, but hey just use the wider white single led!!!! problem solved,
now a question, is it the same led as the main one and if not what is the burn time on just the white led on its own?

04 January, 2012 by rick

I bought one for running on the recommendation of a friend and was not disappointed.
when my sister mentioned she wanted on, ?I placed the order, expecting it to arrive after christmas - came within 36 hour - I was delighted with such prompt delivery, she’s thrilled with the torch!!!

01 January, 2012 by Fran Knight

Bought as christmas present, very prompt delivery.
Recipient feedback was excellent, very pleased with performance of lamp.
Would recommend this product & company without hesitation. Very good packaging.

31 December, 2011 by Mrs Wright

Fantastic piece of kit - even more impressive considering the price…puts my Black Diamond head torch to shame….great stuff Alpkit.!!! Will definitely recommend and be purchasing further kit!!

23 December, 2011 by Andy H

Excellent product and even better service. Returned my Gamma head torch due to a minor fault and a replacement was delivered within days despite the Christmas post.

22 December, 2011 by Martin

As a triathlete…i must say that this head-torch is AMAZING…night/evening runs can be done now without any problems…plus low price for such an amazing piece of kit and superb quick delivery! WELL DONE ALPKIT!

20 December, 2011 by klaudiusz

I would thoroughly recommend this great head torch.  Excellent customer services too. Thanks guys!

19 December, 2011 by Jane McT.

Very happy with my first Alpkit experience. Ordered on a Friday and it arrived bright and early the next morning. Great little head torch for the price and it’s much brighter than I imagined. I’ve got my eye on lots of other ‘goodies’ so I’ll be back.Thanks

18 December, 2011 by Zooby

Great torch, excellent customer service. Delivery was speedy and I’m very pleased with the product. Recommended to few friends already.
Thank you!!!

16 December, 2011 by Mirka

Excellent headtorch, amazing value for money.
I bought one for my father to use whilst we cycle toured through Eastern Europe over 5 months. I will be taking one on my next adventure / outing in the dark.

I found that the battery didn’t last as long as I remembered other headtorches lasting (but didn’t have anything to directly compare it to on the tour so could be mistaken), and also, the main beam would ‘blink’ slightly when the rear red strip light was operating in flashing mode. I presume because of the power draw from the battery?

All in all, a great headtorch even without taking into account the fantastic price. Have recommended it many a time to friends and about to order another one - for myself this time. Thanks.

14 December, 2011 by William Clifford

The torches I bought have made brilliant Christmas gifts.  They are excellent value for money and out perform other more expensive headtorches.  The rear red light is such a good idea! Thankyou!

13 December, 2011 by Liz Kirkham

1st time I have used Alpkit, service and delivery was superb The Gamma is a little Gem perfect for running and what can you say about the value simply superb.

11 December, 2011 by Keith Jones

Brilliant headtorch fur running in the dark and far superior to more expensive brands. A fantastic service - next day delivery and a personal note included - not used this company before but will definitely return and recommend to others

09 December, 2011 by Carol

Thank you for my second Gamma in a week - same prompt delivery and personal thank-you note, excellent product and service!

08 December, 2011 by Martin Hill

Great torch,it proves that once in a while that you realy can pick up a real bargain!!! Cant wait to get my hands on a PB 800 in the new year.

07 December, 2011 by Chris Walker

fantastic torch. Friend runs with one and had to order 10 as everyone wants one.  Great value and better than my much more expensive Petzl

07 December, 2011 by Claire Hardy

Very pleased with my Gamma head torch. Light, compact and bright enough for trail running.The price is excellent and the service from Alpkit was first class too.

06 December, 2011 by David Smart

Fantastic head torch! I saw it reviewed in 220 Triathlon and thought they’d make ideal pressies for my son and daughter but want to keep one for myself now!

06 December, 2011 by Davi Watkinson

Very good customer service and very good torch. My last one took a little chip preventing it from working and within hours Alpkit apologised and offered another. Very good torch for running, cycling and feeding rabbit in garden. So good I’ve ordered two for my brothers (conveniently in different colours) and I’m sure they’ll like them.

04 December, 2011 by Seth Kennard

What can I say ordered on thursday arrived on saturday top class service and a top class piece of kit. I cant believe it is this good for the prices full of functions. In fact a friend of mine had a look at it today and asked me to order one for him, so its been ordered. Thankyou to the team at alpkit.

03 December, 2011 by David Higgins

So. How did you know I was going to order another one???
I ordered it yesterday afternoon and it arrived in this morning’s post WOW!

02 December, 2011 by Geoff

What a fantasic little piece of kit for the price! I’m really impressed with the brightness of it, even on the lower of the two main settings. I’ve just ordered another for my son when he goes on Scout trips. Order processing was superb as well; ordered Tuesday, in my hand Thursday. Well done Alpkit!

02 December, 2011 by Keith

Having bought a few other makes over the years (Petzl, Lucido, Energizer) I can honestly say the Gamma is superb and best so far. Have advised friends and posters on fishing sites to purchase.
Delivery was super fast as well.

01 December, 2011 by Bob Gill

Just received my first Gamma headtorch. Within half an hour I had to order another, My wife has taken ownership of the first one and refuses to let me near it. She says it is just what ‘SHE’ wanted. This realy is a great little headtorch and so much better than anything I have tried previously.

01 December, 2011 by Geoff

Brilliant head torch!

Just come back from a week of white water raft guiding up in scotland and my gamma proved invaluable for the long distance take-outs in the dark. It’s also survived a night swimming session on the rapids at the new Olympic white water venue without any problems.

An amazing product at a fantastic price!

29 November, 2011 by Peter Young

What an amazing bit of kit!  I used mine last week for 4 hours night navigation on my ML training course and it was quite simply stunning, I was asked by my fellow trainee’s to use it to hightlight features that their’s could not pick out. A real gem.

23 November, 2011 by Nick Dunkley

What a great head tourch, very bright and great touch with the rear facing red led. so impressed going to get another to stay on the cycle helmet. (when back in stock - very popular it appears)
Faultless service from the Alpkit team too.Thanks.

17 November, 2011 by Rob

WOW,Used the gamma whilst nordic walking on my local forest trails last night,IT IS THE MUTTS NUTS!!,Excellant brightness,excellant spread of beam,low beam was more than enough,high beam out of this world,outperformed my old lamp(petzl)hands down(which cost four times as much!!)

16 November, 2011 by wilf

WOW! Ordered two of these for fishing (one for my fishing Buddy) and i’m mightily impressed, Bright, User Friendly and comfortable, i wish i’d ordered 5, even came with a good set of batteries.
totally outclasses my wifes (much more expensive) petzel tikka.

15 November, 2011 by Matthew Powell

bought a gamma to replace my aged Petzl. Wow what a fantastic little torch. Much cheaper too.
So impresssed that I sent off for 5 more.
Best bit of kit I’ve seen in a long time.
Fast delivery too. good firm to deal with. Be using again for sure.

14 November, 2011 by sally

Great head torch but a word of caution the battery cover is a bit fragile, I have purchased several for the family. The battery cover broke on one when I was replacing the batteries, this was replaced by Alpkit with no issue. The second one I had packed in a ruck sack for a trekking in Nepal on arrival found the battery cover had snapped in transit and I had to hold it on with string.
Lessons learnt caution when replacing batteries, when packing in back pack protect with padding.
I would have no hesitation in purchasing further torches from Alpkit

14 November, 2011 by Tony Longton

Very impressed with delivery, I have tried various head torches and this beats them all for design and price.

08 November, 2011 by James Keith

Fast delivery.
Excellent features that work.
Bought to replce Petzl tikka plus.
Keeps me visible front and rear.
Superb value.

05 November, 2011 by Guy Hillyard

This is my first head torch since taking up jogging in the summer. Although all the reviews for this torch are fantastic, I was still shocked at how good it is for £13. Half power is good enough for running up an unlit road at night and it all stays put on my head.

03 November, 2011 by Simon

Ordered Monday night prior to your stock take, delivered today. Literally took it out its packaging , put the batteries and went for a cross country night run in Derbyshire and around the Chevin on a nice rainy night. 

I have run with Petzl XP, Tikka and another few makes. Noticed my friend who runs with one all winter used this one most so I decided to buy. This is my favourite headtorch. The beam means I do not feel like I am running in a tunnel with no peripheral vision. Enough throw and great intensity so that I know what is going on.  No stumbles.

Having the red rear LED is a massive bonus. It is light, fits well to the head and not annoying.  Flashing front beam, lots of front LEDS. 

It is so good, even if it was more than £14.

02 November, 2011 by Roderick

A great light weight torch that doesn’t reflect off my glasses when in use and gives a great beam. Used it on an 8 mile trail run through local woods after work and very impressed. Flashing red light at rear is a great feature. Just ordered a few more for work, in car and christmas prezzies.

02 November, 2011 by Stuart Telford

Ordered on monday, received on the tuesday! use this torch for my work, and it performs far better than torches twice the price. Sturdier also, without the structural weak points of others.

01 November, 2011 by Graeme Reid

Excellent product and exceptional service.  With few streetlights on our island this product is perfect for Nordic Walking-and trips to the pub! Will be recommending to all.

31 October, 2011 by karen wakefield

Brilliant torch the best out there.  Service second to none outstanding.  Hand written note - nothing beats the personal touch.  Super quick delivery.  Outstanding in every respect.  Will certainly order again no question.  10/10.  Don’t feel the torch on my head when running down those dark empty lanes at stupid hour in the morning!

31 October, 2011 by Henrietta Hay

I would like to thank you for the friendly, speedy and efficient way my purchase was handled-the hand written note was very much appreciated. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends, and will certainly use Alpkit again in the near future

28 October, 2011 by gordon henderson

First run last night and great, hardly notice you are wearing it, the tilt head allows you to get just the right angle and the beam spread means you can see where you are going and what you are about to step in. Used the flashing mode for getting out of our village with no street lights and then the low beam gave enough light to run down a country track on a very dark night. I looked a products from Hope etc @ £70 before buying this thinking well at that price it can go in the camping box if its no good, but this will be used through the winter to let me carry on running. 10/10 no hesitation to recommend. Tom

27 October, 2011 by Tom

My torch arrived today, after only ordering it one working day ago. The build quality is outstanding for a £30 torch, let alone one for this price! Comfortable on the head and very bright, I would definitely recommend it and the company to anyone who asks. I already posted on my running club page to let them know about it.

26 October, 2011 by Andy Worth

What a fantastic torch…

26 October, 2011 by A Mosley

Arrived next day as promised and very pleased with the size, weight and quality, batteries (Duracell, supplied) dropped straight in and working all OK. Bought for running along country lanes to keep up fitness levels during the dark nights, intend to try it out tonight and will report back.

26 October, 2011 by Tom

Awesome headtorch.  My first use out of it was a night of ice climbing and it didn’t let me down.  After a year of good use I would be lost without it.

Also a big thanks to the Alpkit guys for helping sneak in a next day delivery even though it just passed the dead line!

26 October, 2011 by Jon

This is my first head torch and what a cracker it is a very well made quality product,it will be great for cycling and walking,and over this weekend a job i have been putting of for ages is cleaning my cooker oven,using this head torch will be great to see what i am cleaning,and may i say what a great company to deal with, and the delivery was super quick. Thank you to all at Alpkit.

21 October, 2011 by Anne

Really delighted with my purchase. Excellent value for money and knocks spots off my original Petzl head torch. I’ll be recommending this product to my running colleagues. Fast delivery was a bonus.

21 October, 2011 by Bob

These Head torches are amazing… I must have brought around 5-6 of these now for people. I currently use two packs on one headband to give double the front light. I have not seen a better product for the price. They’re better than my £50 Petzl any day!

20 October, 2011 by Josh Rigby

Well, I’ve just taken delivery of my second gamma in a week, so that must say something.  I’ve been so impressed with this little head torch for use while night time trail running, I’ve decided to get another for use as a helmet light while out on the MTB.  The performance of the gamma is easily as good as other lights that are significantly more expensive, you can’t go wrong!

18 October, 2011 by Chris

What a fantastic torch at a fantastic price!  Are you guys sure you’ve got the price correct?  I’d usually expect to pay at least £10 or £20 more for something of this quality.  I bought this as a back up to my Petzl Myo RXP but may find I use the Gamma instead!  I love the range of light settings (green LED my fave!) & think the LED strip on the battery pack is a great idea.  It arrived really quickly and I was pleasantly surprised to find good quality batteries included too.  As others have mentioned, the hand written note was nice touch.  I have recommended this to lots of friends and can see myself buying lots more stuff from Alpkit in the near future.

15 October, 2011 by Jonathan Halewood

Great product - great service - just tried it down the cellar at work - never seen so many spiders dive for cover - didn’t expect batteries to be included - thank you

13 October, 2011 by stuart baylis

Torch arrived before the dispatch email! That’s fast and the torch is terrific, beat my last one for ease of use and weight, a P*** one. Keep going Alpkit, great job

12 October, 2011 by Ron Mackay

Fantastic product. Got this for walking the dog on winter nights, excellent.
Fast delivery, what more could you ask for smile

12 October, 2011 by L. Ainsworth

As a runner finding the right head torch which is comfortable, reliable, stable and bright is an absolute must. This torch is phenominal, does everything I need and at an unbelievable price too. If you only buy one bit of kit for running this winter, make it this. The service was oustanding too.
I know what you’re thinking, surely all these reviews are made up, nothing can be this good. Well this is. Don’t even question your decision, for £12.50 including batteries and deliveries, what have you got to lose. Fantastic.

12 October, 2011 by Mark

What a great head torch, as good if not better than the better known P#### t#k## i lost and a third the price. Trying to think of an excuse to tell the wife so i can by one for running, biking and anything. service was also great. Thanks Alpkit.

11 October, 2011 by Hodge

I ordered my Gamma head torch on Thursday and it arrived this morning (Monday) so I can’t complain about the delivery!  I must also say that the hand written note is a nice personal touch too.  As for the head torch; I had heard very good things about the Gamma and read a number of the earlier reviews on here (what a useful resource)and on first look I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed.  It’s well made and very bright, just need to see how well it lasts now but I certainly don’t have any worries on that count…..night time trails here I come!

10 October, 2011 by Chris

Bought 2 gamma head torches. Incredible fast next day delivery. Fantastic torch especially at that price.actually brighter than my black diamond head torch. Really useful to have red and green light easily available..Here’s the exception to the “it sounds too good to be true” rule! A really good company to deal with, comes with batteries,free postage, and you can pay with paypal for no extra charge..
Happy Days!

09 October, 2011 by Malcolm Head

My first head-torch. and Im not dissapointed!Very fast delivery,ultra simple to use,only one button,just hold the button down for a few seconds to change between Main led and low powered ones.Main one is very bright!another press and its on half power,one more and its flashing,the low powered led`s are white, green then red,awesome for the price,battery case is a little fiddly until you get the hang of it,but very secure too! mines going dogwalking and canoeing.Well done!!

07 October, 2011 by Adrian

Hi guys, bought the Gamma not too long ago for some camping. It is a very good headtorch relatively powerful, though my only minor issue was to get it open for the battery, which makes it more secure I suppose, especially that I used it in the rain. The delivery was very fast as well.I think in all it I’ld give it a 4.5/5

06 October, 2011 by Alvin Vassodoaven

Very good head torch at good price. I’ve used mine for a year now and although the battery isn’t the longest it is very bright. Slight problem though that the battery casing plastic is a bit weak, mine has broken meaning tape is needed to keep the battery case closed which limits its outdoor usage. All in all though, a good starting head torch or for those who like light things and very good for its price.

05 October, 2011 by Seth Kennard

We were looking for a small stock of lights as spare kit for a caving club. When I saw the price of the Gamma, I couldn’t beleive it would be up to caving so I borrowed a friends to try. After 6 hours underground, using it as my only light for the trip, the Gamma was soaking wet and covered in mud but still out performing some big name brands. Simple and intuitive to use with a surpisingly good output it’s also light enough not to unbalance helmets (a real problem if you’re taking children caving). Based on that trial, I’ve just ordered 10.

27 September, 2011 by SWCC

Superb light and great service too. Ordered on the 23rd received on the 24th.  Couldn’t wish for a better service or light. Would use this company again, no problems. Many thanks

24 September, 2011 by Bryn Dowsett

Very good service from Alpkit from order to delivery.

The Gamma seems a very good head torch very good value for money and I have already recommended it to several friends.

22 September, 2011 by Graham Williams

Fantastic product. It is far better than some ive bought at twice the price! So good I’ve ended up buying a few. One for the car, one for work, one for home and one for my partner. Awesome bit of kit.

22 September, 2011 by Mark p

oredered this after recommendation from friend to replace old head that i might add cost twice as much service brilliant arrived in 2 days. The headtorch is very well made has a brilliant light and is very comfortable on the head. I will definatly be visiting this store again when i need anything for the camping or outdoor gear

14 September, 2011 by Rupert Thomas

Well stick me in a bucket of water and call me a Christmas tree! What a brilliant piece of kit - it replaces one that cost me twice as much, six years ago, and had about a tenth of the performance of this. Service friendly and quick, including a hand-written note in the package. Five stars. :o)

13 September, 2011 by Julie-Anne Ryan

Excellent service and a great product.  I ordered on Sunday evening and my Gamma Headtorch arrived midday Tuesday.  The customer communication was constant, at each point in the purchase and despatch I was informed of progress.

07 September, 2011 by Garry Brecht

Very impressed all round. Impressed with the service and the product. Ordered the headtorch on Sunday night, received it Tuesday. Nice bit of kit at an excellent price. I will have no hesitation in using this company/site again.

06 September, 2011 by Paul

What a superb piece of kit. I really like everything about this and would buy another one in the morning if this got lost.  Very versatile and comfortable. I have been through a number of head torches and this does all I need.  Great service from Alpkit.  Enjoying the dark very much,

06 September, 2011 by Patrick

Very happy with post, shipping and customer service (as always with alpkit).

I’ve only really had it out of the packaging and “played” with it so far but I can see it becoming a much valued part of my kit.

I don’t think I’ll have a use for some of the flashing functions but there’s no harm in them being available.


06 September, 2011 by Rich

Well, we just got back from our trip to Japan, and the hike up Mt Fuji was absolutely fantastic. Our Gamma head torches were by far the best lights on the mountain, enabling us to see exactly where we were putting our feet on the trickier sections. Could probably have sold a load of them if we’d had the presence of mind to take some extra along with us.

Thanks Alpkit, another outstanding product!

03 September, 2011 by Bob Armour

The Gamma is a great bit of kit. I spend a lot of nights outdoors working in bat conservation and the versatility of this headtorch suits my needs well. A choice of white light levels and nightvision red and green when needed. Excellent value and very rapid attention and delivery.

02 September, 2011 by Ken

this is my second Gamma headtorch. brought this one for my fiance. the gamma has the best light i’ve seen. out shines all the rest!!!
excellent delivery. package arrived before the email saying it was being processed.

02 September, 2011 by Steve Elford

It’s great for the money, fast delivery, lovely, but with a couple of tweaks I think it could be brilliant. I find I have to put some tape round the adjustable strap ‘clips’ as the strap tends to pop out. I don’t want that to happen in a dark snow storm as it would be a pain. I find the beam a bit too narrow for walking, I like my peripheral vision. Also for sailing it would be good if it went to red or green first rather than straight to white. Apart from that it is excellent. I’d love it if you came up with a very small one light emergency version for the first aid kit.

01 September, 2011 by Tim

Jusdt received my gamma today, Excellent Communication & Speedy Delivery Guys Top Marks.

I am really impressed with the head torch. Top quality piece of kit & all for £12.50p Including Batteries…...

It outperforms my old fishing headlamp 10-1 & that was over twice the price. Really Bright Main Torch & Im sure the rear light will come in more than handy. Really great functions. 10/10

Cheers Alpkit Keep Up The Good Work.

Tight Lines


31 August, 2011 by Chris Deakin

This is a superb piece of kit. Just ordered a second after I broke the battery compartment on my original after several years of use and misuse. They even sent it out with 3 AAA Duracell batteries! Excellent light which can outperform far more expensive models. Agree a separate / replaceable battery compartment would be useful

31 August, 2011 by A Ronald

The Gamma is a great little headtorch at a great price. i’ve had one for a good few years now.

the only issue i’ve got is the order in which the coloured lights come on. it would be great if you could get them wired in reverse so it came on as Red, flashing red, green, white in order to save night vision when night navigating (the reason for the green and red lights!) rather than destroying night vision with the white light and then having to build it all back up again.

other than that a great product! cheers Alpkit.

30 August, 2011 by Stu

Excellent service! Superb head torch! Would deal with you again in a heartbeat

25 August, 2011 by Dave

Being the proud owner of the first aqua Gamma sold (still have the great hand written note to prove it) I have just bought my second to use around base camp. I can’t fault this headtorch, it adapts to fit my rescue helmet and has been battered bashed and even taken a dunk, but is still working just fine. We don’t get to go to nice places or do fun things as a USAR team but I wouldn’t be without this kit, and recommend all SARAID members to get one. Great service as ever guys, thanks!

22 August, 2011 by Steve Watkins

I’d had at least three Gamma’s and I agree that it’s an awesome head torch for the money. However, in my opinion, it has two serious short comings (also mentioned in previous reviews) that preclude its use:

1) You cannot (reliably) use rechargeable batteries.

2) The battery compartment hatch is very fiddly to use and is prone to breaking - even when used with care.

Whilst I *totally heart* Alpkit I’ve returned to Princeton Tec Eos. The Eos Tactical also includes red / green / white colour options.

18 August, 2011 by Rik

This is a great little head torch. I dazzled myself switching it on!

17 August, 2011 by N Fuller

I’m seriously impressed by the Gamma. I ordered one for my wife on Wednesday, it arrived Thursday, then got used in the woods on Friday night. She loves it and it out shone my Petzl tikka 2. Everyone on my Christmas list will be getting one of these. Yet again Alpkit come up with the goods at a cracking price.

13 August, 2011 by Vern

Ordered 2 Gamma head torches on Wednesday and they were waiting for me when I got home today (Friday). Was well informed by email during the order processing/delivery phase, so knew exactly what was going on.
Have just tried the head torches and they are absolutely bonza - only two weeks to go before my friend Pete and I get to use them for the night time ascent of Mount Fuji - bring it on!

12 August, 2011 by Bob Armour

This head torch rivals that on many of the £50+ head torches my friends have, in most cases offering a much wider range of features. I have also found the rear light useful for biking, another feature many head touches don’t have. Basically this head torch is awesome and cheap, what more could you want !

11 August, 2011 by Alex

Out in the dark night before last and the torch was awesome. I was a little disappointed that it was a little dimmer than my friends petzl but then realized I had it on the tiny LED, switched it to the main one and it was so bright! The red led makes the grid lines stand out while the green led has the effect of hiding the grid lines and enhancing the contour lines on OS maps which made night time map reading easy. Such a good head torch. The only thing that would make it even better was if the small LED’s came on in a different order as to save night vision. As with the base It was great to see minimal packaging with all the info online.

04 August, 2011 by Aled

Hi all, Left this on your FB wall and got 2 likes from complete strangers so maybe I had a point.

If I may make a suggestion (i’ll make one anyway) next time you need to make new mouldings for the Gamma head torch, can you make the battery pack detachable so we can keep the batteries warm at altitude and in freezing temperatures.
Cheers dudes.
PS best head torch i’ve ever had regardless, brilliant!!!
PPS maybe it’s an opportunity to upsell “Gamma II”

02 August, 2011 by Jonathan Tait

Just amazing, forget Petzl, Black Diamond, even forget LED Lenser for this value for money!

01 August, 2011 by Wes

Brilliant service as always ,I metioned a problem and alpkit sent me a replacement componant free of charge within two days . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 July, 2011 by Seth Dunn

Help ! my trusty gamma has broken ... the small clip that holds that battery case covver has cracked off after being squashed whilst bivvying . Is there anything I can do about it (spare parts , repair service ?) or will duct tape have to solve the comprimised performance .
  Otherwise a great item at a tiny price .  I have used it for snowboarding in the dark , long post sunset walk finishes and in all types of foul weather and it has performed brilliantly .
  What a shame such a samll thing may have finnished it off .

27 July, 2011 by Seth Dunn

What fantastic service! Alpkit let me know every stage of the order and it was delivered next day, with a handwritten note thanking me for my order, top quality service. The torch itself is A1 much better than anything else I’ve looked at including £60+. Great torch at a fantastic price and I know it will keep working for a long time to come as it was recommended by a friend who has had his for well over a year. Thanks Guys!! :D

16 July, 2011 by Josh Cook

Very impressed! Ordered the headtorch yesterday afternoon and was lying smugly on my doorstep when I got home this afternoon. Lightening speed delivery. While I havent yet used the torch outside, I have had a play with the buttons and lights seems very bright. Note: No instructions in package but they are on this website - just need to hold the orange front button down for 3 secs to change from big to mini light mode. Thanks Alpkit for very impressive service!

13 July, 2011 by Ellie C

I’ve been looking for a value-for-money head torch for bat monitoring for some time. A red led with a good beam, but not too bright, is required; too bright would impair night-vision outside the illuminated area. A powerful white led is also desirable for the walk out of the site in the dark - especially if the area is potentially hazardous (usually the arrival is before dusk). Recently bought a Gamma from Alpkit and tried it out last night - very impressed! The red led is very acceptable for bat-watching, and is easily as good as some far more expensive ones I’ve seen used. And the white led lamps are also very effective. Haven’t tried the green yet. The mode-switching is complicated (no instructions received with pack) but I’m slowly getting used to it. I’ve just bought a Gamma for my wife, as it is far better than the head torch she’s been using. Highly recommended.

30 June, 2011 by Paul Sturdee

Realised I didn’t have a headtorch for a gig in a weeks time. Ordered on Saturday, arrived Wednesday ready to rock’n'roll. Chose the pink one so mine didn’t get mixed up with all the guy’s grey and black ones grin Fantastic torch! Was used for de-rigging in the dark, and whilst cycling in the early morning mist (I was told the head torch showed up better than my bike lights). The rear light was really helpful whilst walking around in a field packed with kids in the dark to help reduce the number of people who walked in to me. Still can’t believe it was only £12.50. Didn’t expect it to last the weekend, but it is going in my essentials kit for crewing and off-roading now. Alpkit - you have been bookmarked :-D

30 June, 2011 by Sally K

I used my gamma head torch in earnest for the first time last weekend, climbing Crib goch and then doing the ridge walk across to Carnedd Ugain in the dark it performed brilliantly even on the low setting it shed more light any of the other torches being used and when on high mode it the made the crossing so much easier for all of us. Great piece of kit at a great price .

18 June, 2011 by Adrian Pargeter

ordered three Gamma head torches last week..Iwas kept informed of their progress until posting and received them two days later.A very good service for a reasonably priced, quality product. Very pleased. yours jj

07 June, 2011 by john jones

I know…..I’m gradualy buying the whole range!!!!This goes very nicely with my Petzl and at less than 1/2 price!! The usual ultra speedy delivery and it came with “duracell” batteries rather than the normal unheard of brands…...Oh, and by the way….it works great!!!! Well done again Alpkit!!!!

05 June, 2011 by tankosl

Absolutely fantastic customer service as always with Alpkit. Brilliant torch much better than my mates petzl tikka. Would definately buy again.
Keep up the good work.

01 June, 2011 by Kevin Bryant

Fantastic customer service as always, Great torch outperforms my friends petzl tikka. I would buy another in a heartbeat, can’t recommend them enough.

21 May, 2011 by Willis

Fantastic service ordered my light on Friday morning and it arrived on Saturday morning. I looked at many lights to use on my bike and like many people I decided after the reviews and the price I would go for it and all I can say is I am so glad that I did the light is well made fantastically bright small and light to carry a superb light with a superb service I would like to thank the team at Alpkit.com keep up the good work.

14 May, 2011 by Grant Pearson

Once again Alpkit trump out! What a superb product. I unfortunately lost my Petzl Myo XP and whilst looking around for a replacement remember my good friends at Alpkit. Ok, so it’s not a Petzl - it’s a tad on the ‘plastic’ side and not so water resistant but hey, for £12.50 (inc postage!) it’s incredible!! I love the red rear light - a stroke of genius in design for those approaches and descents on road at night. I’d recommend it to anyone for pretty much anything bar full on mountaineering or sub aqua activities. GREAT!! Thanks again Alpkit!!

12 May, 2011 by Chris

I’ve bought kit from Alpkit several times now and have always been delighted with the quality and service. My recent purchase of a Gamma head torch was, once again, a pleasant experience. It’s a brilliant bit of kit in more ways than one !!
Well done Alpkit - I’ll be back!!

23 April, 2011 by Clive Knapman

A super little head torch, recently used to good effect on night reccies of the Bob Graham.
Fits well, seems sturdy and give a good enough beam for running in terrain.

Also, the retail experience was second to none - totally confidence inspriring

19 April, 2011 by Mark L

The battery catch on my Gamma (bought in February 2010) broke last week (April 2011). I phoned Alpkit on Monday and they sent a return form. I returned the headtorch the same day by Freepost. Today (Saturday) I received a (free) replacement with batteries and a personal note. Brilliant service and a good product.

16 April, 2011 by David

alpkit gamma, brilliant i did’nt think it would but it easily out gunned my petzl tikka xp in every way quality,price,power,and more lighting modes, and fast free delivery,i think i’ll order another one,many thanks.

05 April, 2011 by paul bottomley

I’ve had mine for quite a while now and it’s still functioning perfectly.  I recommend it regularly and with confidence.  I’m very pleased to see all this positive feedback hasn’t bumped the price up.  Genuine bargains are few and far between these days, and this is certainly one of them!

04 April, 2011 by Simon

Really great! Was amazed by how bright it was, and amazing value for money. I continue to be more than happy with the quality of Alpkit equipment

04 April, 2011 by Peter Sisley

My Gamma arrived the day after ordering. Used it for the first time on Dartmoor (Two Moors Way). An unbelievable piece of kit, easy to operate with such a bright beam that gives you more confidence when walking at night. The four guys walking with me were really impressed, and will now probably by one as well! Can’t say more than that, the product speaks for itself. Many thanks.

31 March, 2011 by Martin

Thanks for fantastic service, over the years I have used numerous makes of head torches in my opinion the Gamma is the best especially when you find out the cost, some of my work finds me tracking missing persons in all weathers and I have found that the green light facility to be especially good for finding tracks in the gloom, my first Gamma lasted years until it was dropped onto a hard surface, I can only hope this one lasts as long.  Jeff R

30 March, 2011 by Jeff

There really is no need to spend £50 or £60 on a big brand headtorch.
Seriously, the Gamma is better.
Amazing value for money, and great service too.

29 March, 2011 by Samuel Chapman

great bit of kit as always from Alpkit lots of fuctions and sturdy in construction and function.

Will be used extensively and thinking I need more for the family for camping trips.

26 March, 2011 by Pete Bartlett

Great service as usual. Order placed on Friday and delivered Saturday. The Gamma is a great head torch and the price beats the competion.

20 March, 2011 by Steve

Fantastic great service really good communication . A great head torch

19 March, 2011 by Les

Just a short note to say that a) the product is brilliant, and should really be priced a lot higher and b) the customer service was excellent, especially Izzy who was wonderful.

11 March, 2011 by Daniel

Fantastic communication throughout purchase and such swift and FREE delivery, excellent product, excellent service I will highly recommend you to all our outdoor loving mates. So good that you include the battery too, so you are good to go as soon as you open it. Thanks very much, you are a credit to retailing.

10 March, 2011 by Chris

great , great , great best headtorch ive found usesd a lot for night working just had to order 3 more for workmate bright ,lite rugged & top value for money as long as alpkit sell them i,l be buying this 1 wen i need 1 again

08 March, 2011 by a r mc namara

Fantastic bit of kit and excellent customer service.

This product gets great reviews all over the net and they are totally justified. Incredibly bright light which is more than adequate for night time trail running, and puts products at twice the price to shame. Run with confidence in complete darkness as this little light lets you take daylight with you!

The light fits snug and comfortably for long periods thanks to the adjustable headband, and the battery unit at the rear helps balance everything out so that you hardly know you are wearing it.

Red rear LED is a great added bonus for cyclists, or just when running on the road.

Great product from a friendly company. Brilliant1

04 March, 2011 by Graham

Thank you for your prompt delivery…and the inclusion of batteries smile

What a fantastic product. Fits snugly, very well-designed and the green and red lights are absolutely indispensable.

I also like the inclusion of a rear red light for when tracking with a partner.

The white LEDs are super-bright and a second white LED gives absolute peace of mind.

Thanks Alpkit.

ps. Your email notifications were well-written and very friendly - a rarity in dealing with companies online.
I will certainly be doing business with you again before I set off into the wilderness.

01 March, 2011 by David

Used this headtorch for the first time last night 23rd feb 20011 having recievd it 2 days after ordering.
I chose the Alpkit Gamma after reading reviews of headtorches on the barbel fishing world website,
this seemed to be the one that ticked my boxes.
So taking a chance on the strength of the recomendations - (there’s a lot of rubbish out there ) i placed my order.
Good choice !! an absolutley first class piece of kit very very pleased the best i’ve seen or used yet.

24 February, 2011 by Ian Grant

After a year of use I am still impressed with this bit of kit light weight well balanced and just very handy. It gets used at work around the house under sinks etc as well as on camping trips and on the bike. Seems pretty robust, for once I have a head torch I don’t want to upgrade. I shuld realy get another one to fix permently to my bike helmet. Once again an excellent well priced bit of kit.

24 February, 2011 by Phil Dorren

I can’t thank my kid brother enough for recommending Alpkit. Just purchased the Gamma headtorch, tried it for the first time last night coming home off the night shift across pitch black bridle way/uneven surface farm roads. Absolutely fantastic, made coming home a pleasure. I can’t believe the price. What a fantastic piece of kit. I’m going to buy a second one for off road trail running, I’m that impressed. Cannot fault the service and just to cap it all off a nice personal note inside. Well done Alpkit you’ve really got your act together. Would definately recommend you to anyone.

23 February, 2011 by Michael Black

Received this torch after umming and arring for a while. First delivery was excellent but that was to be expected from my past purchases from Alpkit.
I turned the torch on and did what everyone who has just bought a torch does…......yes purple spots for a while. Anyway, the range and quality of the light is fantastic and with the extra strobes and colours this is by far the best and cheapest torch I have bought, considering buying a second so I can have one at work and one in my rescue pack. Great product, well worth the money.

Cheers guys

22 February, 2011 by Chris Jamieson

Light just arrived, just been under the desk (like you do) testing it out… By far the best headlight I’ve seen, so bright and the flashing red light on the back is going to be great on the bike ) for the money you can’t go wrong.. top product by a top company….Cheers

22 February, 2011 by Scott Manley

Bought Mine back in 09, great little torch for the money, and serously thinking about buying a second one now the first battery compartment broke after some hard usage.

19 February, 2011 by Ross Burton

Fantastic price and quick delivery. Very versatile bit of kit. So good I intend to fit this permanently to my cycle helmet for Audax rides and buy another for general use. My Myo XP has just failed and gone back under warranty!

16 February, 2011 by Stuart

Good quality product delivered on time. Works well. Don’t look in to it! Blind for a long time.
If you think you need one Get It.

04 February, 2011 by richerd storm

It iust arrived so I fired it up and shined it straight in my pupil, as you do? 25 minutes later it still hurts. Good torch then, and stupid me.

26 January, 2011 by Josh

Wow, amazing product,well done Alpkit, delivered in less than 48 hours, will certainly be dealing with you again. many thanks.

25 January, 2011 by Chris Bryant

Awesome headtorch, awesome delivery speed, awesome price.

19 January, 2011 by peter

Excellent head-torch.  Out performed my Petzl Tikka xp.  Longer range and brighter.  Weather was poor - driving rain and cold - no problems. really recommend.

15 January, 2011 by Andrew

what can i say - brilliant - 20 times better than my 20 year old pretzl - and cheap

14 January, 2011 by pete maylin

Amazing value and much loved by the whole family for trips (we’ve got 3 of them so far)

08 January, 2011 by John Byrne

Great head light, very comfortable with excellent power. Also as very good service provided.

07 January, 2011 by Cahal

Excellent product, amazing value and first-class service.  Thanks, Alpkit, I’m really pleased!

06 January, 2011 by Brian

Good speedy delivery.
This beats my Tikka XP hands down!
Its brighter and easier to use.
The Tikka is slightly more comfortable to wear with the battery in the lamp casing but the Gamma is less than half the price!
This stays in my rucksac from now on.

05 January, 2011 by Rob Cooper

Fantatsic, really speedy delivery with a personal note inside.  trying it out tonight - very excited, thank you

05 January, 2011 by Rupert

This is an amazing piece of kit, lightweight, first class build quality, and for the price outstanding! 100 times better than the main leading make!!

29 December, 2010 by T.Webb

Ok, I’m probably not your usual profile customer as I am in my 60s. I ordered a Gamma headlamp 20/12/10 at 13:59. It arrived the next day at 12:30. Now that is unbelievable service. The unit is just outstanding value for money and it appears to be everything everyone else has raved about.  Of course there will be those out there who need to justify double or triple expenditure on other similar products; but for us lesser mortals it does exactly what it says on the tin (if it had a tin). In January I’ll road test it in Australia. It’ll be worth staying up for the darkness and I know my grandson twin boys will absolutely love it. Well done Alpkit!

21 December, 2010 by Cliff Cohen

Just bought my second one. And I’ve bought loads from other manufacturers. But this is a damned good torch for £30 less than the competitors. And from my experience its better than a Petzl.

OK, 50 whatever lumens is superb for nighttime mountain biking. (If its not enough, buy two!) A low intensity red LED is great for nighttime marine work when navigating, in an ideal world I’d be able to switch the red on every time I light the torch up and then be able to switch more easily into other modes, but its not a big deal to switch between the various modes and can be done very easily without destroying night vision. Just put your thumb across the LED whilst switching.

Very light, great battery life, unbelievably powerful when you need it to be. Best head torch I’ve tried. Seems to have survived a season in a marine environment although I’ve protected it from big spray.

In response to another poster above about the button not working. I have sufficient faith in Alpkit that if this happened to me I’d just send it back and pretty much demand/ask politely for a replacement. And I think I’d get it. (Yes, making assumptions, but they seem a good bunch of people.)

Top notch bit of kit. 12 quid too. Utterly brilliant.

19 December, 2010 by Jon

This headtorch hits the mark. A friend has a torch five times as expensive and would gladly have exchanged it! Thanks to my friend Hugh who recommended the Gamma. Cheers

18 December, 2010 by Boab

I have used this in sub-zero temperatures in Mongolia and in the rainforests of Madagascar (where the red mode was great for night time wildlife spotting) and it has never let me down. It’s worth it’s weight in gold as far as I’m concerned.

16 December, 2010 by RedSmurF

Fantastic, next day delivery and a great torch, very impressed, would definitely recommend.

16 December, 2010 by Luke Sawyer

Meant to say I bought for running at night. went out last night in the dark and did a 6 miler through forest trails and I couldn’t fault it. Didn’t know it was on my head.

15 December, 2010 by Martin

Has to be something I’m missing. Headtorch is fantastic,price amazing,comfortable,lightweight,bright. Customer service amazing and communication second to none and all with a personal touch.
To good to be true. Thank you so much guys.
Truly amazing. Thanks Again.

15 December, 2010 by Martin

Top product, bought to use for pyro firing display use, now using to put danish oil on 10 internal doors.
light comfortable, bright & well priced a winner alround. grin

11 December, 2010 by rangeroy

Absoultly fantastic, can’t be beaten on value and a decent head torch too! So good I’ve got 2!

08 December, 2010 by Emilio

Light weight, powerful and cannot be beaten on price.

08 December, 2010 by kat

Brilliant headtorch! love the colour and design, looking forward to road testing it in my travelling adventures! thanks!

07 December, 2010 by helen

I bought one of these about 18 months ago and was initially pleased with it. However the on/off switch started playing up and it eventually gave up the ghost in the first week of a month’s stay in a remote Ladakhi village. This left me stumbling about in the dark when the village was flooded and we all had to run for it. :(

04 December, 2010 by Adam

this headtorch does everything that i need from a torch plus much more. (I use the green light to scare the kids!!!)Brought one for the wife for christmas but i liked it so much i brought one for myself. very quick delivery as per normal

30 November, 2010 by Chris Gyles

Excellent. So impressed by the first one, that I’ve bought another for my daughter.

23 November, 2010 by Andy

just to say excellent service/delivery.
on quick inspection it looks the dogs! cant wait to try it out and for that price really good

23 November, 2010 by andy

Get one of these in your life. Dirt cheap and the best you will find for the money - FACT.

A cracker!!!!

Thanks Alpkit!

23 November, 2010 by Ross

This is going to sound like a weird question, but how do dog groomers get the dogs to have that certain smell - I can’t explain it, but every dog groomer I’ve ever been to has made my dogs smell the same way. I love it smile Is there a certain shampoo or spray that they use?
pet memorial stones

23 November, 2010 by jammydoug

Hi Tom, thanks for very quick delivery of my Gamma head torch. the torch is very good value and will be used for lighting firework duties. Being a bit of an older duffer I would have appreciated some information to be able to operate the change over system instead of eventually finding it by trial and error. sorry about grouselet, very pleased with unit. Ian Cockburn

19 November, 2010 by Ian Cockburn

further to comment about loose wire, I sent headtorch back and Alpkit have replaced without question. They are great on customer service and torch is much better than my petzel led one.

11 November, 2010 by carole

This would be an amazing light at £60, can’t believe the price. Totally outshines my Petzl and my Energiser. Best bit of running kit I’ve bought for years.

11 November, 2010 by Ricky Linn

I bought this having recently moved to the countryside where my runs are mainly off road.  I was stuck for dark night running and hate running on the roads so I decided to go for a head torch for the first time.  I opted for Alpkit having bought 2 x dozer’s from them with excellent service.  I have to say this head torch is fantastic.  I went out for my usual spring/summer run last night and it lit up the pitch black off road footpaths excellently.  I actually forgot about the fact that it was dark.  The light is about 3 meters across if you point it say 2 meters in front of you, so more than adequate.  Near the end of my run it’s a tarmaced dead end road and I actually got away with the dimmed led.  All in all and having never used a head torch this is excellent, good value for money and does the job on pitch black off road tracks.  Recommended for sure.

11 November, 2010 by Chris Johnson

I looked everywhere for a good quality headtorch and eventually plumped for the Gamma.
Very happy I did as it excellent. Works a treat and easy to change from one setting to another. Not too heavy either and the straps easily adjust for fitting on your head.

03 November, 2010 by Brian Leslie

Has a tendency to turn itself on in bag and flatten batteries. After 12 months it now has a problem with wiring and goes on and off if you wiggle the wire.

03 November, 2010 by Carole Standing

Well, it’s dazzlingly bright compared to most torches and represents pretty good value for money. And you’ve got loads of useful modes for night vision, etc. And it lasts on the supplied batteries (or any others, really) for ages. And it’s great for cycling in fog or in the dark. And it’s durable (although poltergeists will turn it on in your bag). And you should buy one. Enough said.

01 November, 2010 by James

I have used the gamma for night running and camping, it is really good, bright and adjustable, you can point it to watch where you are putting your feet on rocky bits or just to show you the road ahead. Great Value.

25 October, 2010 by Saul

Got this today on the basis if it wasn’t good enough for running with I’d not lost much at only £12.50 and I’d get the petzl myo XP instead.

Went out for a run tonight in the woods with this and it was perfect! Nice (optional!) red light behind and a really good bright light for running - at my pace anyhoo! grin

21 October, 2010 by Matthew

OUTSTANDING the best head torch i have ever owned.
Its a very comfortable high quality value for money unit, i can see me purchasing more before Christmas.
A real pleasure to deal with ALPKIT.

21 October, 2010 by Dave

AMAZING torch for the money. I’ve got two of these now, one in the shed for pottering about. The other one for “sports”.

On the hill, fantastic. When we’re walkin into a bothy at night (after a pint, or two) the stragglers love the red led at the back as they just follow us in. in the Garden it’s briliant.

Just one problem a few people havnt commented on. Because of the later, darker nights now. I’ve went bk to my old headtorch for runnin at night. As I don’t find the gamma to have a wide enough beam for night running. This might just be me. As I said I’ve got two of these and I would, without doubt recommend these to anyone.


12 October, 2010 by Gately

I’ve had two of these and the dog has eaten them both. So, not only are they great lights, they are obviously very tasty.

12 October, 2010 by Rob

Just got mine through the post. This light is brighter than my old Myo XP and has the added bonus of the red, green LEDs etc.
I’ve got to ask, if you can do this for £12.50, what on earth are Petzl doing charging £40+

11 October, 2010 by Tim Webber

Light and comfortable headlight at a good price. Bought for winter runs. Very quick delivery from Alpkit too.

08 October, 2010 by Mark

Had mine for a while it’s been used from riding my mountain bike at night through the woods as well as a bright handlebar light. To cooking on my bbq. It’s been great all the time I love it, it’s nice and bright plus batteries seem to last a while as well. Better than my Tikka plus by a mile.

29 September, 2010 by Winger

These appear to be brilliant.  It’s just as good as the £50 Petzel Myo XP I bought a few years ago… no… it’s not “just as good”... it’s better.

One request though… Could Alpkit show more (better & closer) pictures of each headstrap colour options?  It would make it easier for people to choose which colour to have. 

(Not that it’s going to effect me… they’re so good I’ve bought one of each colour!)

24 September, 2010 by Gruff the Scout Leader

Big fan of the Gamma, use it for camping, running on the road and (just-about-good-enough) offroad on the hill.

I’d absolutely love to find out what you guys could do for 40 or 50 quid with better LEDs for more technical offroad.

24 September, 2010 by Steve

Bought the Gamma a couple of months back and am very happy with it.  Excellent value, loads of great features.  The single led is very bright and ideal for reading or mooching around in the tent, while the main light is great for walking.  I do a bit of low light photgraphy so have found the red led very useful - yet to find a use for the green one though!

I reckon this gives petzl a run for their money any day of the week.

23 September, 2010 by andy

I’m a Scout leader and working towards an MLA so spend a lot of time out and about throughout the year.

Recntly, raising money for our Jamboree Scouts, I succummed to become one of the droves doing the three peaks for charity these days. 

As we were going August BH it was obvious at least one hill would be in the dark, so I was looking for a headtorch that had good range and brightness for mountain paths.

Anything that looked good enough seemed to cost the same as a small semi in Rhyl.

Returning to Alpkit to see if they had anything, I found the Gamma. The Reviews looked promising too. So I ordered one up.

It turned up as promptly as any Alpkit order always does.  and after a quick look on line at the instructions, I sussed out how to get each of the different lamps to illuminate. I even manged to install the batteries without incident.

On the hill it worked a treat, the batteries were never in any danger of letting me down, but as the moon was bright, it was only on for about 20% of the climb and descent. taht said I doubt if it would have been an issue, im still using teh same power pack now and off on camp again this weekend.

When it was on, it was excellent, lighting the path ahead clearly and easily on both of the main “1W LED” settings.

And a bonus, the red light on the back will mean it will get used when I’m out cycling over the winter too. Hopefully, it won’t cause too many accidents by blinding oncoming drivers…

Good torch, and excellent value.

19 September, 2010 by Andy

This is a great bit of kit at an amazing price. It feels and looks like a very high quality item, it’s well thought out and the performance of both the main 1W LED and smaller LEDs are excellent. The price is unbelievable and I would be happy if I had paid four times as much for it. The service from Alpkit was great too, for no extra money it was delivered Recorded Delivery, and with 3 Duracell batteries as well. Having also bought other Alpkit gear, I am very happy with it all and they will always be my first choice when buying new bits and bobs.

18 September, 2010 by Ian

Just purchased two of these,and i’m very impressed with there quality. They tick all the boxes, and for the money i can’t fault them.

16 September, 2010 by Steve

Bought one of these 15 months ago. Absolutely everything you could ask for in a torch - used it for everything then lent it to my son. Needless to say I’ve just ordered another because I’ll never get that back! Hiking, fishing and biking, reliable and miserly on batteries. But then it would be good - it’s Alpkit.

15 September, 2010 by Richard

Got myself a Gamma as an emergency light when mountain biking at night (in case my main bar lamp fails and for use when fixing punctures in the dark).  Took it out last night and boy was I pleased I did.  This little light packs some punch for the money and the extra LEDs back and front are just great.  Last night I lost my rear bike light somewhere over the ruff stuff so pulled out the gamma and used the rear red LED bar to get me home safe on the roads.

Great light at a great price.

25 August, 2010 by Marc

Bought my Gamma at last years Outdoor Show at NEC. Just had to replace the batteries as they did not have enough oomph to light the 1w LED. The smaller LED still worked well enough though. Not a bad considering the amount of use it gets - i’m a scout leader and spend about 20-30 nights a year camping.

Considering the Bulb II in replacement of my UKO backpacking candle. Anyone out there got any thoughts to share on it?

19 August, 2010 by Colin Lees

Before knowing of this product I recently purchased another brand at 3 times the price. Due to a fault I returned for a full refund and purchased a Gamma.  Very quick delivery and great product for the money. Lets see how it stands up over the coming months.

Would have liked the option of some kind of protective bag/case though.

14 August, 2010 by Graham Masterman

This is ideal for cyclists too. Take the top strap off and weave the side straps through the helmet holes.

14 August, 2010 by Max

Hi Russell

As with any of our products, if something goes wrong and it’s our fault, we will do our best to help out.  We have emailed you directly regarding this issue but we should be able to sort out a replacement asap.



13 August, 2010 by Jenni

Fantastic bit of kit.I have been using the Gamma for just over a year and living by the sea it has seen a lot of bad weather. The only problem is the battery compartment lid seems to break easily. Just wandered if spares were available?

12 August, 2010 by Russell carr

You have to see it to believe it. This little gem has a whole bundle of luminous stuff going on.
It’s nicely designed with fully adjustable straps, solid construction and positive/definitive switching.

I had to check it out so I popped into Spa cave on the Isle of skye (as you do). The only thing it couldn’t illuminate were the dark places in my soul.

As for value for money well, it’s Alpkit isn’t it. Nuff said!

09 August, 2010 by Alan

Left my last Gamma in my blind friend’s house, and he never found it (or so he says), so have just bought a new one. This torch, like the last one, seems to suffer from not being reliable with rechargeable batteries. The Duracells supplied have a base shaped like an inverted pie dish, but all rechargeable NiMHs that I have seen are flat on the base. The middle contact in the lid is flush with the surrounding plastic lip, so the connection with rechargeables is marginal. This problem could easily be solved by dishing the contact more at the manufacturing stage, or putting a raised pip in the middle. Possible home-brew solutions I have considered are:
1) removing the contact and hitting it with a nail from behind whilst face down on some wood, to put a pip on it.
2) dropping a blob of solder on the contact
3) sliding something stiff and thin, like mylar sheet, behind the contact to push it outwards.

I’m not comfortable with any of these solutions, since solder tends to corrode, and removing the contact will involve melting or breaking the plastic rivet, and pushing something behind looks difficult and might not provide sufficient lift.
On another subject, I also find the beam pattern from the low power LEDs is very uneven, and the red one in particular provides me with just two concentric rings, rather than a constant fill; this makes reading mildly awkward and a strain. Fitting a diffuser would help this, but I am contemplating roughening the surfaces of the LED capsules with an abrasive.

Other than this, the torch really is 1st class. It has the look and feel of a much more expensive torch, and when the cost of postage and the enclosed batteries is deducted, you are really only paying £9 or so for it.

07 July, 2010 by Mr B

I’ve tried a few budget priced headtorches and this is by far the best.  I was very surprised how well made and well thought out it is for the money.  £12.50 including batteries and shipping is just crazy cheap for what you get.  I will be recommending these to anyone looking for a headtorch, even if their budget is 3 times the price of these. 


Simon H

23 June, 2010 by Simon H

Hi Dino,

We’re aware this can cause some problems and are looking at ways of improving it….this could be similar to the double-click button currently used on the Bulb 2.

Tom (Alpkit)

22 June, 2010 by Jenni

Hi Simon,

Sorry to hear that you’ve had a problem with your gamma headtorch. I’ve emailed you directly and as with all our products we’ll be able to sort the issue out.


Tom (Alpkit)

22 June, 2010 by Jenni

Oh Dear, my Gamma torch has broken. The bit holding the battery pack lid has broken, shame as it was a great torch.  I happened to be deep in Gaping Gill at the time it broke, luckily I had a spare Gamma!

21 June, 2010 by Simon

Good value, my only complaint is that the ‘on’ switch could use some sort of cover - it’s turned on in my bag by itself before.

21 June, 2010 by Dino

Coolest torch ever, got plenty of use for it when snooping around in peak district and scotish highlands ( when going up the ben ) cant’ wait to freak out some more people using the green led when creeping about cornwall in the dark , Nice one alpkit

25 May, 2010 by seth dunn age 11

Heard a lot about the Gamma from friends and on UKC so I had some high expectations, but they were surpassed by its performance.
Great bit of kit that really came to its own when we walked back after a beach BBQ at 3 Cliffs Bay in the pitch black. The same torch prevented me from turning my meat to charcoal and then helped myself and a torchless friend up that steep hill safely afterwards! A great all in one package for everyday people doing fun stuff!

24 May, 2010 by Ingrid

The Gamma - what an cracking head-light!
I’ve used several LED head torches over the years and bought a Gamma on recommendation; fabulous.
Easy to use, very comfortable to wear, super bright LED and useful ancilliary modes.  Adjustable lamp housing ‘clicks’, so locks in position and doesn’t slip like others I’ve used.
Don’t get me wrong, you wouldn’t pot hole with one of these; but for the normal general use such as camping, light-weight climbing etc., you can’t go wrong and an absolute snip at £12.50 inclusive.
Well done Alpkit.

15 May, 2010 by Charlie

Hi folks.  A review from one of our customers for Gamma users who wear glasses.  Thanks, Jenni.

“It seems that the smaller LEDs are protruding just a small amount more than would be ideal, as when I wear it, it kind of lights up the very tip of my nose and the edge of my glasses frame, causing a distraction to whatever I’m trying to see ahead. I don’t have a particularly large nose.  A small bit of tape on the bottom of the LED stopped that little light leak. I have no such problems with the brighter LED as it’s more recessed, something I guess could be done with the others?

Addendum: the tape I put on eventually peeled off, but a couple of layers of Mrs L’s nail varnish on the edge of the LED did the trick.

Phil L.”

12 May, 2010 by Jenni

Second order I’ve made with Alpkit this one, and once again here within 24hrs.
Quality product this, absolutely perfect for my needs. Amazed at the quality for only £12.50!
Wish I’d come across Alpkit ages ago, wasted so much money buying outdoor equipment form other places at 4 times the price!
Thanks again you lot!

14 April, 2010 by Luca

An absolute steal of a deal! Ive had my Gamma for over a year now and it never disappointments with a bright main LED and useful secondary ones, its comfortable, light and does its job for pittance, what more could you want?

One note about Alpkit’s service, its pretty damn amazing! My original Gamma unfortunately died the week before the national student rodeo (I think it was due to salt water exposure) and with no time to get a replacement to me in the post Alpkit offered to bring it to HPP for me to pickup on the day, thanks so much Tom! (awesome Mini btw)

17 March, 2010 by Harry

I bought this for cycling. The straps are easily weaved onto the helmet and it works perfectly and has a built in rear red strobe. Excellent value - all cyclists should have one and avoid the overpriced versions on cycling sites

21 February, 2010 by Max

I hate shopping around for new stuff, ‘cos you’re never sure if the product you’re about to buy just looks good on paper, or is actually good in the real world.

So, for all of you like me, a review of Alpkit Gamma vs Petzl Myo XP (the old / pre 2008 model).

Alpkit Gamma:
* 118g with 3 x Duracell AAA batteries
* BRIGHTER THAN THE PETZL (even on “boost” mode!)
* Secondary white LED is perfectly good enough for seeing where you’re putting your feed.
* Red & green LEDS are a nice extra, for night vision and anti-bug respectively, but you have to scroll through white & green before you get to red, so of limited use to preserve night vision.
* Red LED on the battery compartment on the rear is a nice touch for walking on roads etc at night.
* Bigger buttons - easier to use with gloves on. 
* Also, doesn’t have the silly recessed button like the Petzl - supposed to stop you turning it on accidentally in your sack, but makes it a faf in normal use.

Petzl Myo XP:
* 176g with 3 x Duracell Procell AA batteries
* Has a diffuser so can change between spot & flood modes
* Better headstrap - only about 6-7mm wider, but seems stiffer / gets tangled up less.

I’ve not had chance to compare run-times or useful distance of light throw at night yet (too much street light pollution around here, need to get out onto the fells) but I’ll try to do that soon.

Bottom line: buy the Gamma.

If the Petzl were £20 rather than £40+ then it would be a tough call to make.  If you have the money to blow on a Petzl, then buy 3 Gammas - one of each colour - then you have a backup!

11 February, 2010 by Chris Shaw

Brilliant torch!!! You will have to spend over 3 times the cost to get better. Shines much further and brighter and is half the weight than my 1watt Cybalite Head torch which cost a lot more. Try 1 before buying a much more expensive torch you will not be dissapointed. As usual the service from Alpkit is brill. Ordered it on a Monday night and got it on Wed morning.

04 February, 2010 by Paul Macdonald

The Gamma is an excellent and versatile headtorch and great value. I’ve used it in a whole range of situations, both home and abroad, above and below ground. It is cheap, reasonably robust and is a pretty good backup caving lamp - but be warned, it may be water resistant but it certainly isn’t waterproof. I ruined one of mine in a sump. Still, mustn’t grumble and I am going ton replace it like for like.

02 February, 2010 by BARRY HULATT

Awesome product! The Gamma is Brighter then my petzl tactikka. Great to get the extra functions,

Overall Fantastic bit of kit,it screams of quality, and looks every bit as good as a more expensive headtorch, awesome service! Well done Alpkit

28 January, 2010 by Adam

So , if you hadn’t gathered , the best torch I have ever bought.

My stretch nowadays is probably a week at most over Derbyshire high bits . Two spare sets of batteries is all I ever carry , and it should suffice .

Fantastic , and a dream come true . Signalling is the icing I hope I never need ; but wish it had been so easy back then.

11 January, 2010 by Ian

All I can say is that anything is better than the torches you used to buy in 1979 as you approach 60

On the serious note obviously batteries weigh less and worry less (carrying) , and it is very bright . I hope I am old enough to net get caught out , but the flashing light in two mode might save me ; and I am grateful . It would be nice if red or green came on first.

I really can’t fault this torch since it’s just seen across Bleaklow at the time when the UK got mollycoddly on snow - oh , and battery time suits this old codger - beats what you had to carry in 1963 .

11 January, 2010 by Ian

Awesome! Brighter than my Petzl Tikka xp and a third of the price. Great to get the extra functions, and the quality is good.

I wear mine on my bike helmet. The flashing red at the back and small white front are ideal and the straps are detachable to thread through vents. I’m planning to go night riding in the woods with the stronger led and a bar mounted light.

Another alpkit success.

18 December, 2009 by HermanShake

Lovely bit of kit, especially for the price.  So I bought two !  I may even buy more next payday for the children.

04 December, 2009 by Richard Marshall

What else can you buy in this market for the same price and get this quality? the answer is simply nothing. No other manufacturer can match the features and quality for the price of £15. A friend and I recentley did a night hike up Snowdon using the GAMMA and we were so pleased how well it performed. I think the variable light function and different coloured LEDs are a massive plus for walking in different weather conditions such as fog. The rear light was superb for the walk back along a very dark road. I cannot praise this product enough. In a word OUTSTANDING!

01 November, 2009 by Jay Jordan

What a headtorch…..what service.
Only just got it (Tuesday morning….ordered Sunday evening) which is jolly quick given the £15 includes delivery. Not super slow delivery.
Personal note in the packet is a nice touch in this day and age.
Torch itself is very good, very bright. It appears well constructed.
The rear red flashing light and the small three LEDs (green, red, clear) are completely unnecessary. I’d rather you made it cheaper, lighter or with a more powerful main bulb than mess around with those additions. Never seen a headtorch made by anyone else with them and there’s a reason.
Could do with something stopping it being accidentally switched on. Maybe if the main unit pivoted back inside the plastic cover to stop unwanted activation in the bag.
Very good torch, very bright, very cheap and light. 11 out of 10 Alpkit. Will recommend to everyone!

13 October, 2009 by Will P

Superb product, superb service, superb price.  What’s more to say?
Thanks Alpkit guys and gals

09 October, 2009 by Alan

Thank you for your speedy service and great great product… I been showing it off to all my colleagues!

07 October, 2009 by Julie

Stuff does break, if you want to get in touch we can sort out a new battery cover.



21 September, 2009 by nick from alpkit

Seemed a bit too good to be true when first delivered (first class service on that front by the way) but, after about 6 months the clip on the battery pack has broken meaning batteries are now held in using climbing tape! Also, could do with a switch or something to lock the on/off switch to stop turning itself on in your bag. Still incredibly cheap though.

20 September, 2009 by Mushy Peas

I love it, it’s perfect for what i do!

Amazing value for money. Brilliant build quality.

Great personal note sent with package as well!!

03 September, 2009 by Paul

Great bit of kit, small enough to kit in any pocket, large enough to light up your life!!!!

29 August, 2009 by Peat

This piece of kit is sensational , firstly I recieved it within 24 hours of ordering ( as with everything I’ve ordered , service is phenomenal ) ... Sorry I’m waffling , the gamma is extremely comfortable , the main LED on high lit up the whole countryside , even the low setting and the white 5mm light provided adequate lighting and all this for 15 quid , don’t buy expensive immitations , this is the real deal ...I LOVE IT , cheers Alpkit

13 August, 2009 by Nick Fisher

This is an excellent torch (I’ve just bought a second one) - very bright, well made and good battery life.

However, it does have a potentially serious failing. I have wasted several sets of batteries through the torch turning itself on when packed in a backpack. It seems that other objects pressing against the torch can turn it on far too easily. Luckily, so far this hasn’t happened when I really needed it. However, I was using this torch for winter climbing last winter where a dead torch could be very serious. For future use, I’m wondering about carrying it with the batteries removed or trying to glue a cover over the button so it can’t turn itself on.

10 August, 2009 by Will Smith

Yet another bit of brilliant kit. A friend of mine had one and when we compared it to both of my Petzls, there was no comparison. The beam was so much brighter and you get all the additional functions as well!

03 July, 2009 by Michael Robinson

got mine through the post this morning, second one iv bought as the first went to my dad for running at night and as he loved it so much i didn’t have the heart to nick it off him, cheers for another awesome bit of gear guys x

29 June, 2009 by Adam

just bought a new gamma to replace the one i dropped down great gully in wales a couple of weeks ago (the final pitch is in a cave. Great torch for the money. thanks

29 May, 2009 by Dafydd Prichard


Bought one of these for seeing what I was doing while re-painting a projection room ceiling while films were on (I know - not exactly what they were designed for but it worked a treat) oh, and camping. Light, comfortable and bright (especially with the 1 Watt LED on full). Well made and packed with features. The flashing red LED on the battery pack is a really nice touch for staggering back to the tent from the pub. Another Alpkit bargain, I’d certainly recommend it to anyone for fifteen quid. It even comes with Duracell batteries. Switching modes from the 1 Watt LED to the 5mm LEDs and back and cycling through the variety of options is easy and logical. The only thing I’d suggest is the option of having an distress mode that flashed the SOS morse code instead of just flashing - I’ve seen that on torches. Just an idea - I don’t know how popular that option would be. One thing I’ve learnt from reading these reviews is that different people have all sorts of requirements and that you can’t make a product that suits everyone’s particular wants. All in all I love this headtorch even though my wife told me I looked stupid. I was wearing it round the house during the day at the time so I can kind of see her point though.

28 May, 2009 by SimonLewis

Fantastic headtorch - has served me very well for the last year, and still looks brand new.

One little quibble though - if you ever amended the design, could you have the red as the first mode for the small LED, so you can turn it on without wiping out your night vision?

22 May, 2009 by Dan

Fantastic piece of kit. Cheap, light, well designed and functional.  Bargain (it came with batteries!).

21 April, 2009 by Damian

The best and cheapest headtorch I have owned so far. Good attention to detail, such as the ridges round the buttons to prevent the Gamma being accidentaly switched on whilst being carried in your bag.

08 April, 2009 by Alan Russel

I bought my Gamma headtorch from the CTC rally at York. It is made in China like nearly all the others but believe me as soon as you pick it up you can feel the quality - it is very well made. Mine has performed really well and the different coloured led’s are fantastic for outdoors. It is the best torch I have ever bought.

02 April, 2009 by Tony Wilson

Just to echo what has already been put - a cracking bit of kit, versatile enough for all sorts of nighttime activities (running, camping, hiking, or just working on the car in the evening!). Find the design is comfortable and balanced on the head so it doesn’t ‘bounce’ when running, and the light is more than adequate, even on economy settings.

Loved the handwritten note, and service was outstanding. Keep it up guys.

22 March, 2009 by Rob

I can’t believe the quality of this product, how do they do it for the price?? I was using a Petzl Myo, but that’s consigned to be a (very expensive) back-up now. No question, this headtorch is fantastic!!

22 March, 2009 by Pete

I love to run at night time and wherever my feet take me! I have toyed with the idea of a petzl myo xp (£55).... am so glad I found the alpkit gamma!!! This is an amazing piece of kit and every runner should get one. I actually bought 2 it is that good!

The service I received both on the Internet and the phone was exceptional and I cannot believe they produce this for so little cost. I got a hand written note which I thought was a nice touch and received it the next day…. WOW if only I was into their other gear I would definitely purchase from them all the time. I have recommended this head torch to all my fellow runners, and have also posted it on the Nike plus forum website so…
Alpkit… all royalties greatly received!!

19 January, 2009 by Cat

A great headtorch.
As good, or even better than similar torches costing £40 or more.
Great product :D
Buy one.
Thanks Alpkit.

15 January, 2009 by Bertie Styles

An amazing bit of kit. Used it caving and running and it is wonderful. So bright, so many functions, I love the rear red light when running. I tested it against other similar design torches from big name companies and in my opinion this one is not only way better value but exceeds the performance of those costing twice or three times as much. Buy one now. No, Two! You wont regret it.

12 January, 2009 by Matt Bibbings

What can I say, another superb drop of kit from the kit meisters! and it came with batteries. Great features, well made and well just “Alpkitty”

08 January, 2009 by Mark Stapleton

Mine didnt arrive with batteries either :(

Great headtorch, hubby loves it and its very handy for use when feeding the horses after dark!

26 December, 2008 by /deborah Joynson-Ellis

great bit of kit we sell similar headtorches in the shop where i work which retail for £30.00 so it’s a very good price and duracell batteries are included.
super fast service as well ordered monday morning and arrived tuesday, cheers guys.

16 December, 2008 by dave

Fantastic service - fantastic value for money! Ordered late on a Weds night along with other AK stuff, arrived 3pm on Friday. With P+P inc it puts other retailers to shame! Great bit of kit at a fraction of the price of other brands of headtorches. Highly recommended. Great stuff guys and gals at AK!

14 December, 2008 by Neil Culross

Thanks for the swift return chaps and chapesses. I’ve just given it its first airing, unfortunately nothing more exciting than taking the vegetable peelings to the composter at the end of the garden but it cut through the gloom of a damp Welsh night with ease. The only thing I would say is that the band is a bit tight and I’m not well known for having a huge cranium. Well, thanks again.

13 December, 2008 by Adam Neill

bought this torch due to my old one being twice the price and to be honest, a bit crap! best head torch I have ever used. walked off from a climb in coire an t´ sneachta in the pitch black twice in the last week with this baby. the small white LED is great for climbing and illuminating stuff in your rucksack, the large LED casts a bright beam that put my climbing partners petzl myo to shame, (the conversation went something along the lines of ¨£45! pah, check THIS out!¨) and the red and green lights cause much disco orientated entertainment and morale boosting at cold, wet, dark belays in the spindrift! all in all, I would wager that this product is coming on the best non-alcohol related use of £12.50 I have ever found. alpkit, I love you!

12 December, 2008 by Balls Of Steel

The best way to get this quality at this price is to look for the alpkit logo. Another great product and quick delivery. I walk the pennines at night (cause I walk slower than I think I can) and my old twice the price 1/2 the functions torch has been thrown in a drawer.

11 December, 2008 by Huw

torch came this morning, bought it for my dad for christmas but i’ve been playing around with it all morning so i’m definitely going to have to buy another for me smile so much better value than the petzl ones i was checking out, keep up the good work guys you rock x

05 December, 2008 by Adam

Agree with all that’s been said. Great headtorch, and simply amazing value for the price. Be aware that it doesn’t work AT ALL with rechargeable batteries however - or at least not with mine which are 1.2V 800mA (I realise you specifically don’t recommend using rechargeables, but I’ve used them quite happily with some other makes of headtorch, and just carried spares). Still, can’t recommend the Gamma enough, and great (quick) service from Alpkit. Many thanks.

30 November, 2008 by John Byrne

Brilliant…although it should warn on the page not to look into the beam….its rather bright! brilliant again from ALPKIT. another top notch piece of kit. only thing is my batteries weren;t included. no biggy though. Cheers guys.

05 November, 2008 by Paul Rogers

Very pleased with my new headtorch. Product is well made and great vfm!

04 November, 2008 by Andy Kitts

The torches arrived with batteries and surpass all i,b used before including the named brands.  Downside is that I neglected to stroll down on your site to find out how to operate this awesome piece of kit.  My girlfried however sussed it out and now the humble pie is starting to get boring.  As always great service and the kit lives up to exspection.  No doubt my buddies in the army will be flocking for them when I turn up with it on the next ex

30 October, 2008 by Tony

got the batteries today - brilliant product; better than anyone else’s headtorch i have seen, and that has made them very jealous :D

24 October, 2008 by Ben Ainley

What a phenomenal piece of kit!! Ultra-lightweight and full of optional variations for the four LEDs! Estimate that it out-shines my Petzl threefold! I have already spoken to Jennie at Alpkit asking how the hell they produce such a quality headlight for the money!  Keep the kit coming, I say!

22 October, 2008 by Mike Rees

Batteries turned up this morning, thanks a lot.  It looks a great piece of kit.

21 October, 2008 by Matthew Dowson

Great piece of kit for the money, it will get plenty of use.  There were no batteries included with the light though, as described.

Worth the money though!

21 October, 2008 by Paul


Thanks for the feedback grin  Batteries received this morning in the post, nice one!

The rechargeables I use have a nice flat discharge curve so would work nicely I think it’s just the internals of the Gamma have to have around 4.5v (I’m assuming 3 x 1.5v alkaline in series) and rechargeables have a voltage of 1.2v so 3.6v in total which falls well short :(  Just thought I’d mention it in case this could be considered for any future LED torch productions.

All the best, Phil

20 October, 2008 by pippyd

Hi pippyd

As per Kenny’s post on the 16 October, the batteries were sent at the end of last week so you should have them real soon
We don’t recommend using rechargeable batteries with any outdoor equipment that you may need in an emergency situation.  Rechargeable batteries don’t tend to gradually run out like their non-rechargeable counterparts and could leave you in the lurch.  It’s obvious when non-rechargeables are running out as they gradually lose their power.  I’ve asked Kenny to update the product page to state this.  Cheers.

20 October, 2008 by Jenni

An excellent product at an unbelievable price! As good as or better than implied by reviews. Very very fast delivery. Great build quality - batteries included! Very safely does not use Nimhs as these would burn your head off - use nicads instead! I cannot believe that this quality piece of kit is so good and costs so little. And I got a hand written note with my name spelt correctly. My son bought one within five minutes of seeing mine.

Cheers! Buy with confidence and be amazed! (Watch out it is that bright!

19 October, 2008 by Andrew Lee

Excellent head torch. But…. 

1. It didn’t come with batteries :(
2. Most importantly it doesn’t seem to run on rechargeable NiMH batteries which is a major limitation.  I really don’t want to have to be buying and disposing of alkaline batteries constantly when I could run it on rechargeable batteries.

I’m assuming the rechargeable batteries don’t work because they are a lower voltage 1.2v rather than the 1.5v of alkalines?

If the headtorch won’t work with any NiMH rechargeable batteries then it really should be mentioned on the product page like you’ve done with Lithiums.

A Gamma that worked with NiMHs would be perfect smile

19 October, 2008 by pippyd

My Torch has arrive, with batteries and looks a very good bit of kit, can’t wait for my first night out. Good idea with the light on the back.
cheers Alpkit

17 October, 2008 by Ray

Hi guys batteries are going out today, let us know if you do not get them within the next couple of days.

16 October, 2008 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Fantastic product which doesw indeed outperform the other half dozen headtorches I have owned up to now. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

P.S. No batteries included but it’s such a great value product I feel churlish mentioning it…

15 October, 2008 by Les

sadly i havn’t yet been able to use my gamma headtorch as it didn’t arrive with batteries??? please could you let me know why this has happened, thanks.

14 October, 2008 by Ben Ainley & Penny Ainley

Gamma has turned up promptly as usual but unfortunately no batteries included so haven’t been able to try it out yet! Plus the hand written note had my name wrong.

14 October, 2008 by Matthew Dowson

My gamma worked great and never let me down on my trek through the Mongolian steppes and in the Gobi. Thanks again for such great products Alpkit!

14 October, 2008 by Casey

Awesome, used it on Arran for the walk back from the pub to the tent and the rear flash was useful.  Tip for those switching it on.  Switch it on at night into a sleeping bag or something so only a finite ammount of light can creep out.

12 September, 2008 by symo

Fantastic product. I have a Petzl Tikka Plus and was disappointed by the brightness. Saw several favourable mentions of the Gamma on the Fell Runners’ Association forum, and thought I’d give one a go. The difference in brightness between the 2 is astonishing. I feel a lot safer running at night with the Gamma. Thank you AlpKit!

11 September, 2008 by Julie

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the service - very quick and they even hand write you a little thank you note. Top quality service, top product. 10/10.

06 September, 2008 by Alex

First impressions are that it’s a great bit of kit for the price. It’s light and easy to attach to a bike helmet (handy red strobe on the battery pack) and to bike handlebars as bike lights. Completely blows my other lights out of the water so a couple on the hadlebars and one on the helmet should be bright enough for night mountain biking. The only other improvement would be to have the red LED come on first in the LED sequence but for £12.50 who’s complaining?! Just don’t look at the lights - I did accidentally about 20 mins ago and I’m still practically blind!

06 September, 2008 by Alex

Ive used it on and off for a few months, but a few weeks ago i did an 8 hour epic night run across dartmoor - wet and cold - used the torch throughout the night, without any complaint…performance outstripped the other runners Petzl, and comfort was second to none

28 August, 2008 by Gucci

This torch is fantastic.  Way better than most that cost over double - I already have a Black Diamond and two Petzls.  For £12.50 with batteries I am going to get some more for Christmas presents.

This was my first purchase from AlpKit and the service had a lot to live up to following my trawl of the reviews.  I have to report that it was right up to the mark and my product arrived promptly 18 hours after ordering.

Thank you and I am rapidly recommending you to my friends.

10 July, 2008 by Rich

I’ve been hankering after a Petzl for years but have always been put off by the £30+ price tag, instead settling for a heavy midiMagLite and headband.

So it was with a bit of trepidation that I added the Gamma to my basket, thinking ‘you get what you pay for’  ...that was until it arrived (the next day!!!). What an absolutely stunning piece of kit for the price.

First thing I did was blind myself turning it on (in a bright sunshine-lit office) of course. After the blue blobs faded away from my vision, I realised that I was holding what must be the bargain of the decade in my hands.

Very very well done AlpKit, this is a remarkable headtorch. I am at a loss as to how you’ve managed this for £12.50 inc Duracells and p&p;.


09 July, 2008 by Rick S

Have been using the Gamma for the past month. Really impressed with the quality and performance of this product. Even more impressed by the customer service and rapid delivery.

07 July, 2008 by Richie Campbell

Almost blinded myself testing it out! Fantastic bit of kit. I’m sure single LED is almost as good as my old Petzl and big light mus beat all the opposition at that price

07 July, 2008 by Andrew

Good - really fast delivery.
Bad - it’s crap…......



....only saying this to make sure the prices don’t jump up! Superb piece of kit!

03 July, 2008 by Paul Cochrane

Forgot to mention - extremely fast delivery (and free)
I ordered at about 10 pm Sunday night and it arrived Tuesday morning including a handwritten note thanking me for my order - very pleased with service from Alpkit.
Keep up the good work

01 July, 2008 by Jules

This has got to be the best headlamp I have tried. Its small, VERY bright and light. The rear led is a bonus as well. I would happily of paid 3 times this price or more for a lamp of this quality and feature set. Will definately recommend to friends. Might even get a spare just for the hell of it!

01 July, 2008 by Jules

I’ve had my Gamma for 4 Month’s now, and it has seen plenty of action bieng used assisting on Mountain Rescue night training, Midnight bouldering, Fixing the car, camping and even a small outing on the Bike.

After initially thinking it was a perhaps a bit flimsy when i opened the packaging, Here i am with the Alpkit Gamma taking pride of place as my first choice Head Torch with a powerful 1W main beam that beats most other halogen lamps, and suffiecent output from the 5mm leds that battery life is something you don’t have to worry about.

Great piece of kit! Keep it up Alpkit!

28 June, 2008 by Anthony

I bought this headtorch thinking “it ain’t gonna be better than my Black Diamond”.  Well I’m jealous as I bought it for a friend who is off to South Amerika shortly, I guess she will write a review here and let you know about all the bugs she encounters.  Fab product though, took a bit of working out how to make it all work (+ an email to the lovely people at ALPKIT)

26 June, 2008 by Molly 'ALPKITTEN' Michael

I took the Alpkit for a spin in a overnight cross-channel yacht race last weekend, and despite being rained on and covered in salt water, it worked brilliantly. The bright LED was more than enough for everything even in torrential rain.

Also quite reassuring having something with two bright flashing LEDs on your head should you end up in the water.

Couple of things though with the interface on the lighting modes:
To get to red or green, you need to turn on the small white LED, wrecking your night vision. It would be good if it remembered which LED mode it was on.
If you are swapping between big/small LEDs (long press), if you do it right after turning the light on, they swap without going off. If the light has been on for more than a minute, the light will go off during the swap. Would be nice if you had light at all times.

29 May, 2008 by Cybergibbons

Anyone who buys a Petzl over this product clearly has money to burn - Fantastic!

27 May, 2008 by Simon Moore

Just had the Gamma delivered.  A word of warning, do not be foolish and look into the bright one, you will go blind - ignoe this advice at your own peril.  Great bit of kit, looking forward to using at the weekend (if my vision returns)

15 May, 2008 by Jonny Rock

Fantastic once again - am away with my Siver DofE group this weekend and hope to convince several of them that it would be a good addition to their kit, at a much better price than comparable products.

Only suggestion is that including instructions for the modes would be useful - perhaps with email acknowledgement of order to save paper?

14 May, 2008 by Ian Horsewell

Just used this on a rock route in Dorset ‘Benny’. It’s ideal, light and shows what lies ahead!

11 May, 2008 by Alex More

Good quality bit of kit which makes my 22 year old Petzl Zoom look like a candle in a brown beer bottle. Nice work!

10 May, 2008 by Simon

Bought one of these at the Outdoor Show - couldn’t be more impressed! Fantastic kit! I could comment more be I’d only repeat the praise piled on from all the other posts!

There is a question on the power source options though: performance aside, is it safe for the Gamma to be run off the new generation of rechargeable batteries - Ni-Mh (nickel metal hydride) or would it be damage as if run off lithiums?

Whatever the answer, gonna be ordering another three for prezzies anyway…top stuff Alpkit!

25 April, 2008 by Dan Y

got it last week and blinded myself!! thanks! - seems like a fantastic bit of kit, easily as good quality as petzls, but a fraction of the price…and that rear red light will save my ass when running to work in the dark!

01 April, 2008 by gucci

Excellent headtorch & it weighs nothing - brilliant!  It would be even better if it worked with rechargeables - may be the next improved version will?  Cheers grin

28 March, 2008 by ID

Next day (FREE!!) delivery.
Superb bit of kit every bit as good as the £50.00+ models available elsewhere.
More functions than you know what to do with and extremely bright.
Rear light also a stroke of genius.

You can’t buy a better headtorch for the price of 4/5 pints of lager!!


28 March, 2008 by Hicky

Bought one of these on the strength of the reviews on Outdoors magic website. Every bit as good as the reviews say. Even better than I was expecting. Noticeably brighter than my Tikka XP, even on its boost mode and almost a third of the price. In fact not that much difference between it and a Myo 5 in halogen mode. Fast and free delivery. Can’t ask for much more. Excellent all round, product and service.

24 March, 2008 by Nial330

Picked up one of these little torches at the NEC last weekend. It’s a lovely bit of kit. Already tried it out and its excellent. The staff on your stand were a delight too. She convinced me to buy one of your drybag rucksacky things to store all my other loot in. Nice one!

21 March, 2008 by Tim

Wow! Had been eyeing up a rather nice silva head torch at about 60 quid to replace my lost petzl (which was a must have bit of kit), swore i would never buy a cheap head torch but saw the gamma at the outdoors show. Totally blown away by the build and quality and versatility of the lighting options. Been using it since sat night and am now even more impressed. Top quality and now recommended to several friends as a £70+ beater. Nice one!

17 March, 2008 by greeneggcat

What a little cracker! of a headtorch.Alpkit have managed to tick all the right boxes with this product.

08 March, 2008 by Frank

What a superb bit of kit. Excellent build quality and super-bright main LED. Cannot fault. All this for £12-50 with free delivery! Just trying to work out how to hide the next purchases from the wife!

26 February, 2008 by Kevin Steele

Great product, well built and very bright.  Also much smaller than it looks from the web-site.  I don’t know how you do it for £12:50.  Bargain!


24 February, 2008 by Paul Emerton

Usual super speedy Alpkit delivery…!

Neat little headtorch - seems robust, bung it in the pack and forget about it till you need it. The light is very effective on all settings. I like the addition of a green LED and the low power option for the big LED.

Keep up the good work guys!


22 February, 2008 by Jamie

brilliant (in every sense of the word)!

I ordered this late on Tues & it turned up on thurs.

The gamma itself is a lovely piece of kit, very light & very very bright.  I have not taken it out into the not so great outdoors yet.  Will do so tonight when taking the dog for a walk in the park but if anyone catches a news report tomorrow concerning U.F.O. sightings in Devon, it might be me.

I did have to check online to find out how to use all the options but fair enough, saves on the cost of an instruction booklet which I will only read once any way.

I would recommend this item.

21 February, 2008 by Matt Richards

Ordered yesterday - delivered within 24h. great service.

Cracking little unit - bright and feature packed. I expect several more people will order this when they see mine grin. Will be ordering another to modify for fitting to a cycle helmet.

21 February, 2008 by Mark

There is only one word to describe the Gamma. Excellent!

21 February, 2008 by Lee Tester

Just got my new Gamma headtorch, wow! Also have a Petzl Tikka XP and the performance of the Gamma totally eclipses the Tikka which is more than 3 times the price, it is much brighter, even with the Tikka on boost. The smaller white, green and red LED’s give the Gamma an even greater edge over the Tikka, they are also much brighter and more useable than I expected. All in all a fantastic bit of kit.

20 February, 2008 by andy brown

I have just started running at night, and needed a new headtorch to keep me safe on the roads (the old petzl zoom being way too big). I though I would be shelling out 40 quid or so for a decent, compact LED number, so to get change from £15 is fantastic!

So far its been used in the cold and rain with no complaints, buttons are a bit fiddly, but its good to have various modes, and the addition of the red light on the back is most welcome. I will let you know about the battery life in due course. Thanks Alpkit!

20 February, 2008 by Phil

What a Valentines Pressie very well recieved, although that scuppers my plans to pinch it from her :(

Really presently surprised wuth the gamma, it looked good buts its alot better than i expected, the rear LED is great!

thanks Alpkit!

15 February, 2008 by mike

Mega next day delivery,mega product beats my petzl head lamps by miles and the bonus of red led’s on the back is well thought and well delivered on the safety pointers… CJ

14 February, 2008 by Colin

Jim has just uploaded a Heath Robinson power test, follow the link below.

13 February, 2008 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Great build quality, great price, very light and very bright. Fantastic delivery and good service - can you tell that I’m impressed! So good I’ve just bought another one for the missus! Keep up the good work!

09 February, 2008 by Simon

Can you use Lithium batteries in the Gamma?  I’m guessing not as it seems to be mainly the high-power LED headtorches that aren’t.

08 February, 2008 by Martin W

Splendid. Early impressions excellent, good enough to run with. Slightly idiosyncratic button sequence the only thing I can quibble over - but probably a better solution than multiple buttons.

08 February, 2008 by Steve R

This is a fantastic bit of kit in terms of price, quality and funtion. Why would anyone want to buy a Petzel or Black Diamond headtorch after seeing the Gamma? The main LED gives excellent light and the smaller LEDs (White/Green/Red) are great for around camp and for night navigation. Supplied with Duracell batteries too. How do you do it for the money. Anyone in the market for a headtorch would be foolish not to buy one of these at this price.

08 February, 2008 by Mick Langton

Brilliant in all senses of the word - Alpkit quality, super rapid delivery and, er, brilliant LEDs - so good OH made me order her one

06 February, 2008 by SimonL

Ordered late Sunday arrived Tuesday morning so excellent service.  I’ve been locked in my toilet playing with it for hours (steady now).Great piece of gear. 

Thanks guys.

05 February, 2008 by Bernie

Been looking for a red led headtorch to use with my GCSE Astronomy students to preserve night vision while doing coursework - is exactly what we need and excellent value for money.

05 February, 2008 by Ruth

Smashing! Next day delivery. Build quality is tip and the spot is mega bright - I still see spots when I blink! Great work alpkit

05 February, 2008 by Rich

Well made and bright too.Great value. Could you reprogram the night mode lights so the red comes on first and not the white so night vision is not lost? Otherwise, great bit of kit!

05 February, 2008 by Jaz

Looks like a great product,I woudl expect to pay two or even three times what you charge. Feels very well made and is a lovely well thought of piece of design. The lack of intstructions for the diffferent light modes confused me at first but I quickly worked out how to get all the functions working. Amazingly good value & design

05 February, 2008 by Claire M

This is brilliant.  Well made, great spot light and loads of flexibility with the smaller LEDs and the rear light.  And it is really compact and light.  Another great product!

01 February, 2008 by Rob P

Arrived this morning - free next day delivery!!!

Fantastic bit of kit, it screams of quality, and looks every bit as good as a more expensive one! I also nearly blinded myself with the 1w LED, and the 0.5 white is bright enough for walking too.

Get one, with free batteries, you just cannot go wrong for the miserly sum of £12.50!!

As always, great kit, great price, awesome service! Well done Alpkit!!

01 February, 2008 by Phil Walker

What a cracker! Packed with useful features. 1 Watt is more of a spot, great out to 50m plus. The white 5mm is a nice broad pattern, throwing light out over 20m, great for walking off a tricky hill at night. Red 5mm for night navigation, green is also good for night vision, but also shows up blood trails ( deer stalkers following a trail after last light). That rear solid or flashing red is a well thought out solution for people following you off that tricky hill i mentioned earlier. Unbelieveable value, even comes with 3 Duracells, nice build, you cant go wrong.

31 January, 2008 by mark s

Compared mine to a Petzl e+lite that SWMBO bought last week - I won, on light and price.

Looking good.

31 January, 2008 by Paul C

genius again alpkit. I bought this to give to my son to stop him playing with my expensive tikka xp which the main beam seems comparable to . But i’m not sure now about letting him have it. I’m off to play in the new snow in the galloways this weekend so will see how it does.
Very good first impression well done. you can tell a lot of thought has gone into this gizmo

31 January, 2008 by gavin ferguson

brilliant piece of kit. almost blinded myself when i first turned it on. feels a lot nicer than my petzl tikka plus and it goes onto a helmet (bd tracer) a bit better. i was a little confused at first about putting the batteries in as the little sticker which says how to put them in was hard to see in the dark, but eventually found it. i’m goign to go out and do some night navigation tonight to see how it does. i think i’m going to force my mates/people at college/people i work with to buy themselves this torch. thanks for a brilliant product!

31 January, 2008 by tom kelly

Great piece of kit! Arrived this morning, green light will be great for spotting them map contours at night! Loving the backlight too, now i wont lose the man behind (or infront once i force all me mates to buy 1!) Excellent as always!

30 January, 2008 by Adam Cole
Best Value

Gamma head torch offers unbeatable value

Trail February 2013 - Graham Thompson

Our Gamma LED head torch scoops yet another Best Value award in the Feburary edition of Trail magazine. If you didn't get a copy you can still see the full review is available now on Live for the Outdoors.

When you consider this performance alongside the price it is clear that the Alpkit Gamma offers unbeatable value..

Graham Thompson

The Alpkit Gamma is a good headtorch for hillwalking and camping, offering remarkable value at just £15.

Graham Thompson

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Fiona Outdoors January 2014 - Fiona Russell

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I’ve got this Alpkit Gamma head torch for just £15. It is superb quality and value.

Chris Highcock
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Gamma in GQ headtorch Lab Test

GQ March 2014 - Charlie Burton

GQ magazine reviews some of the best head torches for running through the winter. Our Gamma torch, despite being the lowest price comes out top in test!

Comfortable and inexpensive, the Alpkit Gamma is the new go-to bit of kit for the late-night pavement pounder

Stuart McGurk
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For £13 you should not be expecting much; but with the Alpkit Gamma you are getting far better performance than expected, and for general walking and camping it is an able product.

Graham Thompson

Ultimate Headtorch Beam Shoot-out

Outdoors Magic December 2013 - Jon Doran

Just how do our Gamma and Manta head torches compare to some of their more expensive rivals? Outdoors Magic runs some simple tests.

[Gamma] The definitive budget torch, the Gamma gives quite a tight beam with reasonable penetration, but not much spread and is a cracking all-rounder at the price, though seriously burned out by the real heavyweights. Has the bonus of a rear-facing red light on the battery box. Brilliant value and very capable at the price.

Jon Doran

[Manta] The new challenger to the Alpkit Gamma's crown as budget king comes from Alpkit itself. The single main LED is zoomable and gives a clear and decently bright beam that's arguably better than the Gamma's and weighs very slightly less too.

Jon Doran
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Trail magazine review the Gamma

Trail February 2010 - Graham Thompson

Trail magazine's technical editor Graham Thompson includes the Gamma in this years LED head torch round up.

Alpkit is well-known for providing incredible value for money, and so it is perhaps no surprise that the Gamma’s performance matches that of many headtorches costing twice the price.

Graham Thompson

UKClimbing reviews the Gamma and Manta headtorch

UKClimbing.com December 2013 - Jack Geldard

UKClimbing review a wide range of headtorches, from budget torches up to £250 monster lights. The Alpkit Gamma and Manta being the former - tested over a long period of time in a range of settings.

[The Manta] Overall this is an amazingly good value headtorch that provides a level of performance close to several more expensive rivals.

Jack Geldard

[The Gamma is a] great value offering from Alpkit which is a good option for runners and cyclists.

Jack Geldard

It had been a good day, they had climbed the Fiamma but they had also missed the very last cable car. They faced a long dark descent through thick woodland which, without a torch, was a real drag. The day was saved by Charles who pulled out his Gamma; that little torch just lived in his sack and he had been dying for an opportunity to use it. The team filed in behind him and followed the flashing red light off the mountain.

AK Tall Story