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Candy Canes Tent Pegs

Round wire, aluminium, hook tent peg

Aluminium tent pegs
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  • - Aluminium tent pegs

They don't taste as good as they sound but they are a thing of beauty. Our general purpose pegs are ideal as replacements for any lost or bent pegs.

The classic design make them easy pegs to clean and an easy to pull out the ground by hand. As with all lightweight aluminium bar tent pegs, it is still possible to bend them in hard or rocky ground. Should you hit hard or rocky ground remove it and re-place it to prevent damage or bending the Candy Cane.

Jenni says, "these are the cheapest pegs that don't hurt your hands".

Key features
  • Anodized, red, aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Pack size: 10 pegs
  • Candy Canes are 180 mm long with a shaft diameter of 6 mm
  • Weight per peg: 15 g
Vital stats

Origin: China

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