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High powered 850 lumen torch, strong aluminium body, rechargeable with handlebar mount for your bike


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A powerful bike light with tough aluminium shell suitable for mountain biking and road biking. Boson is small and compact with a Li-ion rechargeable battery and a Micro USB port.

Boson has 5 lighting modes which are cycled through (excuse the pun) with a single illuminated switch. High power pumps out 850 lumens making even the darkest commute a tunnel of light. Turn it down to medium power and you still have 320 lumens to play with - more than enough for negotiating un-lit cycle ways and paths. 

If you want to be seen rather than see where you are going switch out to the 6 or 3 Hz flashing modes. Bright enough to be seen even during daylight hours, it really comes into its own during the hours of twilight and dusk. 

A mounting bracket is included (fits 18 - 36 mm bars and no special tools needed). Once attached Boson can be fixed or removed with ease. It allows 360 degree rotation for complete control over your beam of light; the textured lens projects a smooth wide beam ideal for nocturnal riding.

Note: Boson doesn’t take a “standard” 18650 battery -  the battery has both anode and cathode at the same end. Do not switch on Boson during charging as it could damage the battery

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Key features
  • Strong aluminium housing
  • Maximum 850 lumen power output
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery via Micro USB cable
  • Handlebar mounting bracket
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Main light

1 x XP-L Cree white LED
High power: 850 lumens / 3 hours
Medium power: 320 lumens / 7 hours
Low power: 100 lumens / 17 hours
6 Hz flashing: 20 hours
3 Hz flashing: 20 hours


1 x 3.7 V 2600 mAh Li-ion rechargeable
4 hrs charging time (DC5V 1000 mA input) via micro USB cable
Protected circuit


Weight: 185 g (inc battery)
Size: 30 x 128 x 30 mm (without bracket)
Size: 30 x 128 x 72 mm (with bracket)

Origin: China

Product Care Information


What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

16 Reviews


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Charlotte Wilson
Awesome little light

Awesome rigged little light. It has survived a few falls without any scratches. No flickering problems, and is plenty bright enough for the odd unlit road. The mount and connector as solid enough that I don't fear losing it, and easy enough to disconnect that I can remove it when I park the bike up. A battery charge lasts me about 2 weeks, using the torch on full brightness.


I was a little bit sceptical having read some of the reviews.... no need to worry.
Contrary to what u might read elsewhere this amazing compact and rugged light is perfect for biking in complete darkness at speed on a road bike in country lanes with no road lighting.
Battery life is superb, easy to operate, mount is excellent and really solid.
Would have been happy paying twice this price (don’t get any ideas alpkit, wouldn’t have actually purchased if it was more expensive)

Like driving on main beam.

Illuminates a pitch black cycle path so well that I feel wasteful using "high" power, even though, at an hour each way, I should have the battery life for it.
I was surprised when the button first went from green to red (didn't get any instruction paperwork?) and be aware that once in that mode the lumens come and go.
It survived an impressive dismount on to tarmac (I don't think I clipped it on properly) and I've not experienced any bump induced blackouts as previously mentioned.

Rob Andrews
5p to solve flickering over bumps

I love my Boson.

It's taken me several weeks, a replacement from Alpkit and a five pence piece to come to this conclusion.

I, too, had the flickering over bumps problem, accompanied by the charge light going almost instantly red after a full charge. I sent my first Boson back and promptly received a replacement. Which had the same problem!

Taking the battery out, revealed that there are spring terminals at one end of the battery compartment, with another retaining spring at the other end of the compartment. These springs aren't very strong and, between them, aren't enough to stop the battery wobbling up-and-down in the torch, causing the flickering over bumps.

I placed a 5p coin in behind the battery, before screwing the cover back on.

Now it's perfect. A lovely diffuse, rectangular beam which doesn't flicker at all, is really bright and lasts for ages.

Good design, solid build and lights the way.

I came to replace my bike light (stolen) and was shocked at the prices for what is essentially a torch with a clip...then I came across the Alpkit Boson. The price was much cheaper than the ones on offer at the bike shop local to me. I gave it a try and am pleased I did. The battery lasts ages, is super bright and shaped sensibly for my type of commute. It's also easy to take off the supplied "frame clip" which makes it good for a quick torch if needed.

Excellent Light

An excellent light that clips onto my handlebars, and unlike others, doesn't move once I've put it in place.

Lasts me for my two hour (total) commute on the medium setting with no issues at all (as this one was bought to replace a competitors light that stated that it would do the same but didn't). Easily lights up the path on a dark commute.

Alpkit could improve it by offering the mount to purchase separately so I could switch between bikes without removing the mount as the quick fit for the light is handy, but the mount is more of an issue to switch between bikes.


A great light that is easy to use, and has a really sensible shaped beam. Best and easiest light I've had by far. Really well built too!


Handlebar mount didn't need to be such a fiddle and next model hopefully will have the superior thick rubber securing method. The light is just brilliant !

Great light, but......

This is a great light for commuting, really bright on full power, adequately bright on mid power. I too had to put a 5 pence coin in the bike to stop it flickering but thats no problem. Battery length is quite good. Now the 'but'.... the clip on the light which 'secures' it onto the handle bar mount isn't strong enough, mine has been replaced once and within 6 months it has broken again in exactly the same place, one of the two prongs eventually cracks and breaks off. This isn't through misuse or heavy operation as I have been very careful with the second one. The plastic prongs are too thin/brittle. Other than that it's a very good light.

Good light

This is a decent light. I found the type of light mixed with the vibration through handlebar makes the light look like it flickers. Sorted it by using an additional piece of elastic to secure to the handlebar. Use it to commute and the different modes are useful and high beam enough on the darkest unlit path.

Bit of a mixed bag

Great deal with decent light output but with a few flaws...

...firstly the attachment broke very soon after purchase. Secondly the light indicator doesn't seem to correlate to anything - goes red soon after full charge indicating low battery. Light flickers when going over bumps. Handlebar attachment not all that tight so can move around. The textured lens seems to dull the light which affects the range of the beam.

However, alpkit have been great and replaced and for this price it is a good deal for at least a backup or commuting light with a decent runtime.

Poor design - much to be desired

The torch itself is decent enough - powerful beam, decent battery life, if a little heavy. The problem is the plastic spring-loaded fork that attaches the torch to the bar bracket. Both sides of the fork have now sheered off (after moderate use), meaning that the only way of securing the torch to the bracket is by using a rubber band. Further, it has always proven difficult to get sufficient tension to fully secure the bracket to the handlebar, which causes the torch to rotate upwards away from the road surface, especially on uneven ground. There's got to be a way of improving the design! Sorry, but won't be buying another and am now having to source another brand of torch.

Daniel Jones

As said previously the red light of doom comes straight on and I haven't been able to rectify this problem.
The battery life is insane and lasted about 10 hours on full charge, despite the red light coming on instantly, however, the red light makes me nervous to use it properly in real life situations by itself.
The battery is a strange one off design that makes me very nervous, I did ask Alpkit for a CE certificate for this design and asked if it is safe to use in the EU & UK, which they have failed to send me. Having the + and - so close (mm apart) on a battery like this makes the possibility of a short very high. You can't buy a replacement battery, and there's a good reason why, which makes the longevity of this product (batteries fail) questionable, also, even if you could get a replacement, there's no way I'm carrying a spare one in my bag with their current design.
When in use the beam is good and bright, not as bright as advertised, but bright enough to use on dark lanes etc..
The clamp is good and strong.
It's a shame the battery and battery chip aren't fit for use, as they seemed to be on to something here.


Thanks for the feedback. I am very sorry for the delay with obtaining the information, we have been chasing this but it can be a slow process communicating with the factories. However, in order to sell these within the UK, they have to have passed the appropriate testing so it is just a case of getting the exact results from the factory that is takes time. I will drop you an email now regarding a return due to the power light issue.

Many bike rides some quite far.
Good light when it's working.

On my second light after I kept getting a red light even when fully charged. As mentioned by another review the springs are a bit naff and don't connect properly. I removed the one in the screw bit and made it a bit longer to try make a better connection. Works most of the time. The connection area on the bottom of the battery is also really small so the spring bit that wasn't all that central to start never really made a good contact. Being a bit rough I trimmed the plastic on the bottom of the battery to give a bigger contact area. With these to shabby changes the light works pretty well. Medium mode is more than bright enough for full night riding. The beam is pretty defuse so works a treat off road more than on road when a more accurate beam for me is better. I only use mine for commuting when I know the journey is short, if there wasn't a connection issue I would happily use it on overnight audax etc.

Bright but unreliable

I'm a big fan of alpkit and I've got a fair amount of their gear. Everything I've gotten from them has been spot on... except this light. I bought the light for audax/bikepacking/ultra long rides with an early start or late finish. I've been injured and haven't been able to use the light on the road. But the light doesn't charge correctly... It shows that it is fully charged and then after 2 seconds of being on it tells me the battery is dead. Unscrewing the battery and reconnecting works some but not all the time. Can't say that I've got enough confidence in this light to be out on country roads at night with it.

Design fault

Light doesn't work. Had two, both had same fault. They flickered over bumps and the battery level light showed flat 10mins after charging.

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