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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Arc 190 lumen head torch

Powerful 190 lumen cree red and white LED. Takes 2xAA's in its rear battery pack ... designed to swap batteries on the move swap in seconds

Arc 190 lumen headtorch
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  • Arc - Arc 190 lumen headtorch
This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Unless, you live in the arctic circle, you most likely have to deal with darkness every day. It’s not a bad thing, we love it. Stargazing, cosy evenings by the camp fire and even just snuggling up in bed for a blissful night’s sleep are just not quite the same in daylight.

Combining some of the best features of top selling headtorches; the Arc emits up to 150 m of 190 lumen light.

The most ingenious aspect of the Arc, has to be the quick-change batteries. A simple twist lock and release button ejects the battery pack from the torch which can be immediately swapped with a ready loaded spare battery pack. The change can be done in a matter of seconds and with no fumbling to work out which way round the batteries need to go - each Arc comes with two battery canisters, that way you can have your spares ready to go.

Consisting of 5 lights, Arc will show you the way wherever you go. The 190 lumen main beam gives enormous slay of light, the regulated ultra-bright side LEDs are devised for wide angle, close range lighting. On the lowest setting, the burn time lasts for up to 130 hours.

Arc also incorporates a red LED, perfect for night vision and emergency use. The strobe setting can be utilised on both the white and red LEDs. Great for when you want to be seen, perhaps when commuting by bike or for attaching to the back of your rucksack.

The red LED also has an SOS mode- hopefully, you won’t need this too often but it is comforting to know that it’s there!

Key features
  • 190 lumen main beam
  • Regulated, wide angle white LEDs
  • Red LED with SOS mode
  • Quick-change battery pack
  • Up to 150 m range
  • Up to 130 hour burn time
  • IPX6 water resistance
  • 154g excluding batteries
  • Rechargeable battery compatible (Lithium NiMH)
  • Spare battery canister for on-the-go changes
  • 2 AA batteries supplied
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Vital stats

Focussed (distance) mode
Medium power: 58 Lumen, Burn time 16 hours
High power: 190 Lumen, Burn time 5 hours

Floodlight mode
High power: 45 Lumen, Burn time 11 hours
Low power: 5 Lumen, Burn time 130 hours

Origin: China

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Excellent for use on technical trails

Bought this to use for a 10k race in the pitch black of night through woods and open ground. I found the both the strength of light and spread of light on the 190 lumen setting excellent.

A well designed general use torch

I much prefer heradtorches with a rear battery pack as it balances much more comfortably (with the exception of the Muon which is so light anyway). Good versatile choice of lights with an excellent burn time.
Two minor quibbles are - needs more tilt adjustment and needs a built in rear red light.

Good torch, minor niggle

The torch is great and it gives out plenty light but unfortunately I find that the range of tilt is limited. I can't seem to angle the beam low enough for my liking.

Nice bit of kit

Great head torch, fits on my cycle helmet perfectly. Great beam, easy to change batteries and does what it says on the tin.

Great Headtorch

Great piece of kit. Used a few times now and battery still great on full light. (only use this function when needed though!) It lights up the camp site on DofE trips when needed. Perfect for night walks and nav. Excellent idea with the second battery pack makes swapping batteries seamless. I've searched the market for ages and like for like, this is the best head torch you will get and saving well over £25 plus!