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Top Tarp Tips Part 1 - Continuous Ridge Line

Continuous ridge line tarp config

Step 1. Home Prep. You can prepare your tarp at home by threading your line through any ridge risers you may have on your tarp. Attach a clipper to one end of the line and tie a prussik knot about halfway along the line with another clipper attached to it (There are plenty of videos online showing this knot). Now pack your tarp into a stuffbag trying the leave the 2 clippers hanging out the top for a swift set up.

Step 2. Find two trees that have enough room between them to pitch your tarp and choose what height you would like it. Run the clipper (without the prussik) around the first tree and clip it back through the ridgeline and attach it to the centre point of your tarp.

Step 3. Now work your way along the ridgeline to the other end of your tarp, slide the prussik knot along the line so you have enough line to  wrap it around the second tree and clip it into the centre point of this side of the tarp. Pull the prussik knot towards the tree to tighten.

Step 4. Work the line around the trees to slide the tarp left or right to position it over your camp or hammock, then attach guys to each corner of your tarp and peg them out.

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Updated: May 07, 2014

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