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Arrivals Board

Please note that times are estimated, and may change due to unforseen circumstances.

Product Option ETA Notes Status
Miyagi Arrived! Buy Now
Mytimug 650 Arrived! Buy Now
Kepler Boxers ETA 3rd May On Time
Gnora Arrived! Buy Now
Parallax Late June Delayed
Koulin Trail Tights ETA 3rd May On Time
Zippy Late April On Time
Tetri Late May On Time
Viso 2 Late May On Time
Viso 3 Late May On Time
Gnaro Early May On Time
Bato Early May On Time
Fiana Early May On Time
Analoko Early May On Time
Tivaro Early May On Time
Lodo Early May On Time
Kepler Zip Top Arrived! Buy Now
Cloud Base ETA 10th May On Time
Dumo Arrived! Buy Now
Laika [Men's & Women's] Arrived! Buy Now
Pipedream 600 June 5th On Time
Pipedream 600 Long June 5th On Time
Pipedream 400 June 5th On Time
Pipedream 400 Long June 5th On Time
Concertina Arrived! Buy Now
Hunka XL ETA 8th May On Time
Koulin Trail 3/4 Tights [Men's & Women's] ETA 3rd May On Time
Broken Road ETA 23rd May On Time
Kraku Arrived! Buy Now
Carbonlite Poles ETA 12th May On Time
Airlok Tapered ETA 8th May Delayed
Brukit Jackal ETA 28th April Delayed
Brukit Wolf ETA 28th April Delayed
MytiMug 650 ETA 18th May On Time
Numo ETA 12th June On Time
MytiPot 900 ETA 18th May On Time
TiMigos ETA 18th May On Time
Kepler Boxers Mens & Womens ETA 27th April On Time
Rig 3.5 and 7 ETA 23rd June On Time
Gourdon 20 ETA 8th May On Time
Gourdon 30 ETA 8th May On Time

Disclaimer: We try to be as transparent as we can with expected delivery dates however in doing so we do expose ourselves to disappointing if things do not go to plans. These dates are subject to many factors changes out of our control. These reasons can be bad weather at sea, short delays in customs to longer delays caused by entire shipments being rejected, a factory surprising us with a new colour or even a factory going bust - it has happened. If the success of your trip or expedition is reliant on a certain product you should consider the consequences of late delivery.