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  • The Ant and The Whale
    A Mountain Journal Short - Personal stories for the love of outdoors. Based on a conversation with Ian Almond. Dom Bush has been making films for us over the last 4 or more years and what links many of these films is that they are not showy, if anything verging on the understated, but where the individuals story speaks loud. We caught up with him about the film and why this style is still very important. (Parental Advisory! Please be aware that a couple of naughty words slip out during this film)
  • SLEEP Better
    Jim examines the classic layering system for winter camping.
  • Winter Camping Tips
    The Alpkit team share some of their favourite winter camping tips.
  • Looking after your self inflating camping mat
    Some hints and tips on how to look after your self inflating camping mat.
  • Identify the problem
    How to identify what's wrong if you have a problem with your camping mat.
  • How comfortable is a self-inflating mat
    How comfortable is a camping mat compared to an airbed?
  • How a sleeping mat is constructed
    A brief overview on how we make our self inflating camping mats.
  • Deflating your sleeping mat
    A quick guide to deflating your self inflating camping mat.
  • Getting Started
    What to do when you first get your Alpkit sleeping mat through the door.
  • Locating the hole
    If you think you have a puncture this video describes several techniques for locating the hole.
  • You warm the bag
    Kenny shows why you need to think beyond your sleeping bag if you want to stay warm in winter.
  • Condensation
    Col explains why condensation sucks and why you should try and reduce it when camping in winter.
  • Pack Size
    How small does a self inflating sleeping mat pack down?
  • Using your self inflating mat in winter
    A tip for using your self inflating camping mat in Winter.
  • Repairing your self inflating mat
    Jim demonstrates how to repair a punctured self inflating camping mat.
  • Alternative methods of repairs
    If you have forgotten your repair kit there are several alternatives to get you through the night.