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Viper Head Torch

Viper head torch - 240 lumen, rainproof,


  • - Viper head torch - 240 lumen, rainproof,

240 lumen rainproof head torch with reactive lighting mode that strikes the balance between brightness and burn time. Compact, light, and handy for all-manner of adventures

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We climb, we run, we hike and we bike; why should we limit ourselves to the daylight hours? 

If you were only going to buy one head torch, the AK customer service heroes would recommend you get a Viper. Viper is reliable, rainproof, adaptable and compact, so we tend to have them in our cars/bags/jackets no matter where we’re off to.

Viper’s light sensor mode reacts to your environment and activity. Look up at the trail ahead and it will brighten up, when you peer at your map again it will switch to the sidelights so that you don’t dazzle yourself. This means you can focus on your activity and not your light settings and lets Viper operate at maximum efficiency. 

Viper has 5 standard lighting modes, from the 15 lumen sidelights for reading in your tent to the 240 lumen high power, with a 115 metre beam distance for when you’re running on the trail. With burn times that range from 5 hours at maximum to 115 hours on low, Viper strikes the balance between burn time, beam distance and brightness – which is what makes it such an excellent all-rounder! The light unit itself tilts forward for navigating, reading or not blinding your mates around camp. 

The removable and adjustable overhead strap helps you get a good, balanced fit, making Viper spot-on for more dynamic activites, and at just 95 grams it is light enough that you’ll forget you’re wearing it. 

The Viper is simple to use, with 1 button on the top to shimmy through the standard light modes, and another to activate light sensor mode. The buttons are large enough for you to use them with your liner gloves on.  

Viper has a water resistance rating of IPX6, so it’s rainproof but not submersible. It takes 3 x AAA batteries and is compatible with good quality alkaline, NiMh rechargeable or NiCd rechargeable batteries. 

Key features
  • Rainproof head torch with reactive light sensor mode for all-round use
  • Designed to strike the balance between brightness, burn time and beam distance
  • Light sensor mode reacts automatically to your proximity and environment
  • Overhead strap gives a secure fit that doesn’t bounce around as you run
  • Lightweight and compact, ideal for having on you just in case
  • 5 standard lighting modes, from 15 – 240 lumens
  • Maximum burn time of 115 hours (on low power)
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Weight: 95 g
Size: 62 x 48 x 40 mm


Light: 240 lumens
Bulb: 1 x Luxeon TX White LED, 1 x 6 mm Nichia white LED
Energy: 3 x AAA good quality alkaline, NiMh rechargeable or NiCd rechargeable
IP rating: IPX6 (Protected from total dust ingress. Protected from high pressure water jets from any direction.)


Mode Brightness Beam Distance Burn time
Main High 240 lm 115 m 5 h
Main Med 105 lm 75 m 13 h
Main Low 20 lm 35 m 115 h
Side 15 lm 7 m 17 h
Flashing NA NA 35 h

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

5 Reviews


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Very impressed with the head torch.

I have been very impressed with the head torch, very bright and not heavy at all on my head. It's fantastic for my night time running up and down the dark streets and lanes and the canal bank, everything is lit up brilliantly.
I did a lot of research about head torches and your company came out top with great reviews, great customer service and great prices, plus you are a group of people very passionate about your company.

Mark Johnson
Top Head Torch

Last week hiking from Haystacks to Buttermere my wife switched her head torch on which was bought from a well known high street retailer. It had little light for safe night time hiking. I switched my AlpKit Viper on and wow! There was enough light for me to stand a distance behind her and light the path for both of us.

It’s comfortable to wear & is super bright. I’d recommend 100%. A great buy at a great price!

Hill Belly
Best Viper yet

Having used mk1 and 2 I can say this is the best yet. The addition of the top strap helps the comfort as I don't need to have it so tight on my head. The functions/buttons seem better than on the mk2 version. Whilst the first thing that strikes you is how powerful the main beam is - a mention must be made of the tent mode, which whilst handy for low light in close surroundings, is also a great night walking light, as it gives a wide beam of subtle light, so much so that you hardly notice it - until you come up to a gate for example and it lights your way... without losing your night vision. As well as being used on my treks, it gets used every day/night on the farm - in dark skies territory, and happy to report no reliability issues. I'm quite happy using the lower beam settings to save battery power. The LEDs produce a very clean light.


Fantastic head torch
Easy to use
Great light for all outdoor sports
Perfect for camping ⛺️
Excellent value
Every rucksack should have one
Never get left in the dark
Brighten your life your be impressed

Perfect night nav torch

This torch has everything required for a good night nav session. The burn time is decent (5h on max which will cover most sessions), it is rainproof and, most importantly, it will not dazzle you when you go to consult the map, if used in the reactive mode.The beam is powerful, esp on max, and I never felt the need for it to be any brighter. I would have loved if it could be rechargeable but I'll just buy rechargeable AAA batteries, so not a big drama really. At this price it's an absolute bargain with no apparent sacrifices when it comes to quality.

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