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Viper IIheadtorch

Bright, compact and light, the 280 lumen burst Viper 2 is designed for trail running, walking and climbing

Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers

Viper II headtorch

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  • Rocket - Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers
  • Lego - Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers
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Updated for 2017, Viper 2 now has a power output of 160 lumen with a new 280 lumen burst mode which provides a powerful beam when you need a short, intense boost of light.

When navigating gullies and couloirs at night or running through a haunted forest you need a torch that illuminates as much of the terrain as possible for as long as possible.. this what Viper 2 does best.

Viper 2 is light and compact with a range of features to support your walking, climbing and trail running activities. The light unit can be tilted down to illuminate the ground immediately in front of you for navigation or just reading in your tent. A single operation switch toggles between medium, high, low, red and red strobe modes. Medium power mode offers the best balance between illumination and battery life while high power is best saved for lighting up the road ahead. When that isn't enough a constant press of the burst button gives you 280 lumens to play with.

Viper 2 takes 3 x AAA batteries and is compatible with NiMH and NiCd rechargeables.

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • Powerful 280 lumen burst mode
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (included) to deliver 10 - 120 hrs of battery life
  • 2 x red LED for 6 lumens of light that will not affect your night vision
  • Water resistant, IPX6 (not submersible)
  • Pivotable head unit directs the light where you need it
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Vital stats
Main light

Main light: 1 x XPG2 R4 Cree focussed LED
Burst: 280 lumens
High power: 160 lumens constant for 2.5 hours before dropping off at 5 hours
Medium power: 51 lumens constant for 6 hours before dropping off at 10 hours
Low power: 6 lumens, 120 hours

Additional lights

Side lights: 2 x red LED
Constant: 6 lumens, 30 hours
Strobe: 250 hours


Supplied with 3 x AAA Alkaline

Alkaline: Yes
Li-Ion: Only Energizer Ultimate
Li-Ion rechargeable: No
NiMH rechargeable: Yes
NiCd rechargeable: Yes
NiZn rechargeable: Yes


Weight: 94 g
Size: 58 x 42 x 34 mm

Origin: China

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Simon Tate
Out of 5 stars this head torch gets 10 !!!!!!!!!

Out of 5 stars this head torch gets 10 !!!!!!!!!

1st - it is incredibly bright on both the main beam or the two smaller close up beams.

2nd - multiple light options on both beam settings very useful in a variety of scenarios.

3rd The price - nothing else comes close to this head torch for under the £20 - try and find another full price head torch with the spec that this has

4th lightweight, cool colours, ease of use.

5th Alp kit service - batteries are included, free delivery, quick delivery - why would you want to spend money anywhere else!

this was my first order with alp kit - it will not be my last.

Iain Nicolson
Thoroughly recommended!

“Excellent wee head torch, especially considering the price! Didn’t come with any instructions so it took me a few minutes to work out all the lighting options available from the 1 switch, but basically there are 2 modes: you can either have the bright central LED on, which gives a very strong beam useful for lighting the way ahead; or a long press on the switch will turn off the central LED and switch on the 2 smaller side LEDs, which give a wider spread of light for close-up tasks. Long press on the switch will swap you back to the main LED.
Within each of the 2 modes, a quick press on the switch allows you to vary the light intensity, or have it flashing – SOS flash on the main beam, or a regular flash on the side LEDs. The lowest light levels are comfortable for close-up use for reading a book or map. The head strap is comfortable, the lamp housing hinges down to about a 45 degree angle, and the plastic appears to be of good quality. I’m very pleased with this item and would thoroughly recommend it to others, the price even includes batteries and postage!”


Nice, lightweight, no fuss headtorch. Swift, hassle free service and delivery as per usual.
Came with a dual compartment stuff sack too. Nice touch. Very pleased

Viper original review...

I'm sure this guy is a bit better than the original, but figured I'd add my review anyway. Nothing else to do today! I have two of them and so far they're great. I carry lithium batteries as they last longer in colder temps and are lighter to carry as well. Even after falling asleep with my headlamp on one night in dim mode, I awoke at five AM to find her still no where near drained and used the batteries for another two days. Other headlamps I've owned didn't have a memory, I always had to scan through the other light settings to shut it down, ultimately wasting precious battery life. The Viper shuts down with one button push after you've had it on one setting for a period of time. I like the ambient light setting, I used to have to carry another solar lantern to hang for night use that wasn't a crazy blinding, SOS, or dim red light for things like reading and playing cards. Now I've reduced weight by just carrying this little guy.

Nick H
Great headlamp

I own the Viper which is still going strong but was intrigued to see what the Viper ll could do.
I've only used it a few times but I really am very impressed.
The other night I went bivvying and needed to be a bit discreet and found that the lowest setting was just perfect to perform tasks with out being seen from far. The red lights are also extremely useful for this and also to not blind any co-bivvyers.
My wife also used it a few times to run / ride to work in the dark and she said it was much better than the original Viper.
Finally there is the BURST mode which is fantastic. You can light up a field with it.
All in all super happy.

Adam H
Great head torch!

Over the last couple of years I have been thoroughly impressed by both the quality and value of Alpkit products.
I needed a new head torch as winter was drawing in at an alarming rate and hours of light were rapidly decreasing.
When the Viper 2 arrived, I was amazed to find that a small stuff sack is included to store and protect the lamp.
Initially I found the method of changing mode difficult and cumbersome but after my first use, it was second-nature and surprisingly intuitive.
After testing the lamp for a few months, trail running and normal use I can say that it is fantastic. Whilst running I found that the 'medium' beam normally sufficed but you could adjust appropriately. The SOS mode is also a nice feature.
My only gripe would be that the battery compartment requires some effort to get into, but overall - it's just brilliant!

Great little light

Great little head torch - much better than the Petzl it replaced.

excellent headtorch

I've been using this for years now. Camping, wild and non, racing (trail running), training outdoors when the days come short, under rain, and dry and climbing. Packed down in backpacks and hand-luggages on aeroplanes. Fell to the ground, and sit on it. The only thing this didn't end is falling directly in water.

While there may be better lights, I think that it's an excellent piece of kit for the price you pay.

yes having the option to slide-in new batteries when they run out will be very helpful but if you put new batteries before the dark, you won't probably run out of them before dawn.

Paul Mușescu
Great head torch!

I am into bicycle touring so I will write the review from this point of view because this torch can be great while in the woods and while on the bike too!

The torchlight feels very premium and tough made, the design of it is very good too! I don't know how many people out there really care about the aesthetics of an torchlight but this one looks great and it's colors are great too! Now let's talk about something more important: ergonomics. I think they are great too, there are two easy to press buttons: one is to change through the modes of light and one to activate the super bright 280 lumens light (it will stay on as long you press the button). I really love that after 3 seconds in a mode you can just close it with one press without the need to press anything else, several times.
The 280 lumens mode is really bright and helpful if you loose something or if you just are in need for that very bright light.

It is great too while on a bike. As you may know, especialy in the winter, you often find yourself cycling in low light or even dark so the lights are really important. I find myself cycling in remote places and sometimes is really hard to find sockets to charge all of the stuff and sometimes the batteries just end so I didn't choose any USB type bike lights. The ones on batteries are often considered low quality and cheap so their power isn't great therefore I've made a really good combo with this torchlight. I use both my bike lights and this torchlight on very dark but kind of busy roads at night. However, when there isn't so dark and I can just use only the bike light, the torchlight is still very useful! The two red lights can also flash so I strap the torchlight somewere on the back of my bike or head so I can be more visibile from the back.

There isn't a better torchlight at this price. Just get one and you will be happy for sure.

The customer care is the best I've ever seen. Many thanks to Elly!

Jim K
Alpkit Viper

“Have used the Viper for a year now (for up to 2 hour off-road training runs with my fell running club) in both wet, dry and freezing conditions. It's performed perfectly.
I tend to use the main beam on full or overdrive modes for running.
Not quite as bright as many of the awsome (and EXPENSIVE!!) headlights used by some of my other running club colleagues, but this light is perfectly adequate and seems of a robust design. Battery life is good, and DOES take rechargeable AAA's without modification.
I also ordered the Gamma to see if a rear battery pack arrangement made the headlight slightly more stable for running at speed and overall I now prefer the Gamma for that activity for that reason.
However, I can still recommend the Viper for night time off-road running in all conditions based upon on my experiences to date.”

1 year on, one of the hinges has broken so the light has been demoted to "spare", but it's still used daily for night time slower paced dog walking/outdoor night work etc.

For the price, you couldn't ask for more. I've had more expensive headlights break sooner than this one!

Scott Taylor
Good value for money

The lights good, it is easy to use and seems to be made well, strap can be a little uncomfortable though especially where the light sits on your forehead... wouldnt recommend for those with forehead acne like me

Good headtorch with an awkward battery compartment

Already own a Viper 1st gen. This Viper II headtorch replaces a cheap old, non-waterproof one from a well known battery manufacturer. That one is made from a harder more brittle feeling plastic that gave me the impression it would break every time I accessed the batteries. The plastic on both Vipers is better and holds up well. I prefer having red LEDs as the secondary light so the Viper II is an improvement for me, although a 2nd, lower brightness level would be nice. The headstrap is the same on both Vipers, is a good width and has not stretched and lost elasticity after a couple of years. A problem with both Vipers is how awkward it is to open the battery compartment. The battery cover has nothing that fingers can get some purchase on when trying to open the clasp. I end up trying to push the fingernail of my thumb into the tight gap between the battery cover and body of the torch whilst using my index finger to flip open the
clasp (or vice versa). To solve this problem, the manufacturer's mould for the plastic cover should be
changed to provide some texturing on the sides and a couple of short protrusions on the top, either side of the clasp (for lefties & righties!). On balance, I recommend this headtorch.

Great head torch

This head torch is bright enough for running in pitch darkness. I use it all through the winter for training in the Lake District in all conditions.

Fantastic for the price. One criticism though- the torch doesn't angle far enough down. Even on full tilt, it is still lighting the ground too far ahead for picking your way over difficult or technical terrain.

Mat h
Good but bad

Nice bit of kitnin your hand but in use not so. I had a couple of petzl tikkanas but gave them to my kids.
I use them for close work or walking. However, this is too much of a spot beam rather than defused and makes it difficult to gain periferal vision or context of what your looking at. In a nut shell, its a torch on your head rather than a defused 'area' light.

Same problem as the Gamma

I love Alpkit, I really do, and I has high hopes for the Viper (mine's the mark 1) but it's turned out to be as flimsy as the 5 Gammas I've had, all of which broke at the battery compartment. On my Viper the plastic hinge has broken, yes, you guessed it, on the battery compartment. These could be great torches but they're all made in a factory in China and made down to a price. I'd gladly pay 25% more for these if they were made out of better quality plastic. As it is you need to carry 2 for when one of them eventually breaks and leaves you stranded on a pitch black fell somewhere.


Best Buy

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A solid piece of kit for an incredibly good price

Daniel Neilson

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