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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Stem Cell accessory bag

Stem Cell Stem mounted accessory bag blue


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Stem Cell accessory bag

Lightweight stem-mounted padded bottle bag for gels, water bottle, camera, Mytimug and other riding equipment; UK-made to last

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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Refuelling with an energy gel, taking a swig of water, capturing a sunset on camera… Some things just can’t wait until you hunka down for the night.

Stem Cell provides easy-to-access, protective storage space for the stuff that you’ll need frequently during your ride.

Constructed from waterproof VX21 fabric with a minimalist design in our UK factory, with protective padded walls to protect your stuff, Stem Cell is made to endure the demands of life on the road without compromising on weight.

A webbing ladder offers endless attachment points around the flight deck; simply cut the VELCRO® strap provided to size.

Drawcord closure creates a 5 cm extension tube to fit a 600 ml bottle or 750 ml Nalgene; the Stem Cell also fits a Mytimug 650 (it’s a snug fit).

"Is it waterproof?"

Although highly weather resistant, this product is not fully waterproof due to its stitched construction and drawcord closure. If you are carrying valuables or electronic equipment, make sure to put it in a dry bag. 

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Key features
  • Easy-to-access storage
  • Made to last in the UK
  • Fully customisable (contact support@alpkit.com)
  • Made with waterproof and highly abrasion-resistant fabrics
  • Minimalist design for lightweight storage
  • Elasticated drawcord closure maximises capacity
  • Padded walls protect your stuff
  • Bar-tacked webbing ladder for endless attachment points
  • Attaches to either side of stem
  • VELCRO® strap provided
  • 25 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Fabric: VX21
Stitched Seams
Elasticated drawcord closure
VELCRO® strap


Weight: 63 g
Width: 9 cm
Min height: 15 cm
Max height: 20 cm

Origin: United Kingdom

Product Care Information

Stem Cell has a C6 DWR coating which helps it to repel water and dirt. After your two-wheeled epic, wipe down your Stem Cell with a damp cloth to remove dirt.

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

5 Reviews


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Bought one of these for a trip last year. Just popping an order in for another to expand my cockpit storage space. Good work once again Alpkit!

Andy Pryke
Great bit of Kit

Have used this on a number of occasions, and no its not waterproof, but its really handy!

Its round shape means its great for items, easy to dip into when riding, bags of nuts etc, I have a dry version, which I don't rate - More work on that one guys
Drops a point due to the velcro

Thomas O'Moore
great little bags.

I use two of these up front to help disperse some weight and keep handy bits ... handy.. smile.

I have in the past put two 1 ltr Nalgene bottles in them with no problems as I had a full size frame bag. The draw cord fits perfectly tight and snug just under the Nalgene screw lid which is fine as there's no need to have these fully enclosed as its just water bottles.

More often than not though now I have ditched the full size frame bag off my Sonder Camino Ti they are used for bits and pieces i require handy.

I will upgrade to the waterproof versions soon I think.

amazing little bag

Use this bag fulltime for commuting use carrying my phone and battery charging stuff (Cinq - Son hub). For bigger tours the GPS will also fit.
Only used it for road use and very light offroad and it kept the contents well. Even in rain the phone stayed quite dry

Let's design a great outdoors bag then stick a hole in the top for the rain to get in

As above.
Love Alpkit gear but my sister bought this for me at my request for xmas pressie a few years ago and I saw the flaw straight away so have never used it.
Great bag but if there is a hole in the top to let the water in then is crap for UK use or any other country where it rains.
Am very surprised it is still sold now. Have the Alpkit people actually used it for storing their snacks in the British climate?
Storing anything other than a plastic bottle in this is pointless.

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