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Muon Compact head torch

Alpkit Muon head torch, 450 lumens, bright and compact


  • - Alpkit Muon head torch, 450 lumens, bright and compact

Light and compact 450 lumen head torch with 2 hours burn time for done-in-an-evening adventures, early mornings at camp and crag escapes

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No matter how long the days are, the sunset always seems to creep up on us and catch us unawares. And no matter how organised you are, it always seems to be those evenings that you head torch stays at home on the kitchen table… 

Muon shines 450 lumens of light wherever you point it to let you get on with your adventure after the sun goes down (or before it comes up!). Compact and lightweight, there’s no reason not to keep it in your bag ready for crag escapes or after-work sessions. 

6 lighting modes give you loads of adaptability to your environment and activity, with a main white LED ranging from 20 – 450 lumens, a red LED at 20 lumens for preserving your night vision, and flashing modes for both bulbs. The burn time ranges from 2 hours on max power to 40 hours on low power, making it ideal for shorter adventures (think those post-work crag trips where you always seem to get carried away).

Two large buttons on the top of the torch make it simple to switch between the settings and bulbs. You can use the buttons with your liner gloves on, meaning you don’t need to deglove every time you go from studying your map to scouting out the next bit of trail. The light unit can be tilted down for navigation, reading in your tent, or not blinding your mates round the campfire.

Muon has a water resistance rating of IP64, so it can sustain showers (but not submersion). It takes 3 x AAA batteries and is compatible with good quality alkaline, NiMh rechargeable or NiCd rechargeable batteries. 

Key features
  • Bright, light and compact 450 lumen head torch for anything from evening running to campsite chores
  • 6 lighting modes let you adapt to your environment or activity
  • Red LED preserves night vision and stops you from dazzling your friends 
  • Simple to use – 2 large buttons that you can use with your liner gloves on
  • Lightweight and compact, makes an ideal  emergency torch
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Weight: 105 g 
Size: 62 x 46 x 40 mm 


Light output: 20 - 450 lumens 
Bulb: White COB LED Strip, Red COB LED Strip 
Energy: 3 x AAA batteries, good quality alkaline, NiMh rechargeable or NiCd rechargeable 
IP rating: IP64 (Protected from total dust ingress. Protected from water spray (rain) from any direction.)


Mode Brightness Beam Distance Burn time
White High 450 lm 23 m 2 h
White Med 100 lm 15 m 10 h
White Low 20 lm 7 m 40 h
White Flashing NA NA 25 h
Red 20 lm 6 m 10 h
Red Flashing NA NA 30 h

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Great little head torch

I bought a Muon head torch having read a review in Summit magazine. I have just returned from an expedition in Nepal and have been really pleased with my new buy. Firstly, it arrived quickly and I could test it straight away with batteries that were kindly provided. It is light, comfortable to wear and the control switches are easy to use. I particularly like the choice of three brightnesses, with the lowest level being quite adequate for many tasks, and the highest, perfect for the darkest, most rugged conditions. I read that it was good as a backup torch ... well it has immediately moved up through the ranks of my other two, good quality, much more expensive torches and is now my favourite. Many thanks Alpkit. (I am about to buy another to give to a friend.)

Trail running at night

Bought this for night trail running. Combination of light settings suits the variable conditions met while running at night through trails and off road routes. At highest setting, more than enough light is provided in complete darkness. Great fit and easy to switch between light modes. Comes with a small bag and three batteries. Very pleased with this purchase especially at £15!

Peak District In On & Above

I reviewed this head torch before i bought one for myself. I bought my son the torch and we headed off out on a night run, not out of the ordinary as we night run on a regular basis. So i ran with my Alpkit Qark, well ill say i had to run behind my son as the Muon was so bright that it made my shadow huge and difficult to run with that in front of you. The Muon has a super wide beam which has no halo. The halo on some torches i find a bit annoying but its a useful asset as it lights up the edges of the run path your on. We ran up Crowden brook onto Kinder then down via the woolpacks and into the cloughs and jacobs ladder and back to tipps cp. The torch was amazing, on that note i went to Hathersage the next day and bought one for me. So Alpkit get 5 stars for this piece of kit. Oh, and there was an amazing amount of battery life still left after 1.5hrs on full blast. The picture is me in front being lit up by the Muon.

Super bright

Really pleased with this headtorch, it's über-bright on the highest setting and the wide head straps make it a comfortable fit. Love that the light is adjustable to shine downwards. Looking forward to extending the outdoor hours this winter thanks to this super torch!


What a great

A brilliant little head torch

I was bought this by my partner as an aid when walking our pet dog. What a great head torch, good adjustment in the straps, and brightness of the lamp excellent value for money and questioning myself why I didn’t buy one sooner!

Not as good as other Alpkit headtorches

I am a big fan of Alpkit and have two other of their head torches for various reasons. However when i bought a Muon I found it lacked a direct beam . I find this hard going when running. The peripheral light is great and gives great all round near vision but could not get on with not having a longer distance 'spotter '. It hasn't put me off Alpkit , They appear to be very ethical and great value for money.

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