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Momentum merino socks

Momentum merino sock


  • - Momentum merino sock

Momentum merino socks

3 pack of anti-bacterial, odour resistant mini merino socks for extended time on your feet or on two wheels


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Some days you need to feel like you could tackle any challenge, no matter the scale. On those days, you should probably put on your merino socks.

Momentum socks are made using merino wool for the ultimate adaptability: odour resistant, anti-bacterial, easy-to-wash, and comfortable no matter what the weatherman is predicting.

Ideal for riding, running and walking - and chilling out in between – you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason not to wear them every day. 

Key features
  • Odour resistant merino wool
  • Anti-bacterial merino wool
  • Comfortable in warm or cool climates
  • Synthetic fibres for durability
  • Spandex and elastic for stretch and recovery
  • Easy-to-wash fabric blend
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Fitting guide

Small: UK 3 – 5.5; EU 35.5 – 39; US 3.5 – 6
Medium: UK 6 – 8.5; EU 39.5 – 42.5; US 7 – 9.5
Large: UK 9 – 11; EU 43 – 46; US 10 – 12
X-Large: UK 11 – 13; EU 46 – 48; US 12 -14


40% Merino Wool
40% Acrylic
14% Spandex
4% Elastic
2% Nylon

Origin: China

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