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Lotic 2016 Swimming Wetsuit [Mens] Open Water Swimming Wetsuit

Lotic 2016 Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]


  • - Lotic 2016 Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]
  • - Lotic 2016 Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]

Lotic 2016 Swimming Wetsuit [Mens] Open Water Swimming Wetsuit

Fine-tuned to maximise comfort and time in the water, a combination of flexibility, thickness and stretch makes Lotic our best all-round swimming wetsuit. 

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In collaboration with Dean Jackson, we have developed Lotic; our own Alpkit wetsuit exclusively designed with open water and adventure swimming in mind.

Lotic is fine-tuned to enhance comfort for extended time in the water. The neoprene flexibilty, thickness and stretch combination is unmatched in the industry. This calibrates the buoyancy level for superior enhancement of the swimming experience. 3.5 mm at the back with 4 mm on the leg and butt give extra lift in the lower body to increase speed and reduce leg fatigue so that you can swim further! 2 mm arm pit and 2.5 mm chest and shoulder gives unrestricted arm movement. 1.5 mm on the collar and cuffs aid fit and comfort.

Glideskin outer give Lotic greater streamline through the water and gives the wetsuit excellent dirt and water repellency. It is also easier to clean and maintain. The low heat conduction of glideskin increases Lotic’s warmth.

The extremities features flashes of colour at the wrist and ankles for better visibility. Extra length in the leg for comfort coupled with nylon in the lower leg for durability in this high abrasion area.

See the Lotic in action in Katie Tunn's Mountain Short film.  Here's the trailer:

Katie Tunn Trailer from Alpkit on Vimeo.

The Lotic also comes in a Women's specific fit

Key features
  • Extra buoyancy in the legs for greater speed and energy conservation
  • Glideskin outer for reduced friction and easier maintenance
  • High flexibility around shoulders for unrestricted arm movement
  • Red flashes at wrists and ankles for visibilty
  • Abrasion resistant nylon on high wear points
  • Integrated pouch for valuables
  • Comfort neck
  • Proven in UK waters from 8ºC
Vital stats

Small - 5’0” to 5’6” and 56-65kg
Medium - 5’4” to 5’10” and 64-73kg
Large - 5’10’ to 6’3” and 77-85kg
Short and Strong - 5’5” to 5’11"and 78-86 kg
X-Large - 5’11’ to 6’4’ and 83-95 kg
Medium Tall - 5’9’ to 6’3’ and 68-74 kg

Panel Construction

2.5mm Chest (Glideskin) for core temperature retention
3.5mm Back (Glideskin) for core temperature retention
2.5mm Shoulder (Glideskin) for arm movement
1.5mm Lower Sleeve Cuff (Standard Neoprene) for durability and comfort
4mm Butt (Glideskin) for core temperature retention
2.5mm Crotch (Glideskin) for comfort
2mm Armpit Panel (Standard Neoprene) for ease of movement while swimming
4mm Upper Leg (Glideskin) for temperature retention and buoyancy
3mm Lower Leg Front (Standard Neoprene) for temperature retention and durability
2mm Lower Leg Back (Standard Neoprene) for temperature retention and durability
2.5mm Lower Leg Cuff (Standard Neoprene)  for temperature retention and durability

Care Guidance

• When you are pulling on your suit take care not to use your finger nails.
• Check your suit for fit and range of motion.  Your suit will feel different when wet
• The neoprene collar and cuffs can be trimmed with scissors if they extend too far
• Rinse your suit out with fresh water after each use.  Hang the wetsuit inside out and allow to dry away from direct sunlight or heat source.
• Store your suit in a cool room on a wide plastic coat hanger
• Roll your suit when transporting rather than fold
• Don’t use petroleum products with your suit as this will damage the neoprene
• Small tears can be reparid with neoprene cement/glue

Origin: United Kingdom

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Really good first wetsuit

I bought the Lotic to use swimming in the Hebrides while on holiday.

As a first wetsuit it was near perfect. Warm and buoyant and allowed me to swim easily in some choppy and cold waters.

I'd had a bad experience in my first open water swim (a cold river swim I was totally unprepared for) but the Lotic made open water swimming really fun for me! Top marks smile

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Mpora Lotic Review

Outdoor 100 2016/17 Product Shortlist

The Alpkit Lotic wetsuit has been tested in rivers, lakes and the sea around the UK by seasoned wild swimmers. It’s been praised for its good heat retention, flexibility and how easy it is to pull on and take off. If you can’t live without swimming outdoors year-round, the Lotic wetsuit is perfect for you.


Mpora November 2016 - Mpora

Countryfile Highlight Lotic

perfect for coasteering adventures – features various thicknesses of neoprene to provide the best balance between manoeuvrability, comfort and warmth


Countryfile May 2016 - Pat Kinsella

Lotic Wetsuit in Swim The Eden

Calum Hudson of Swim The Eden takes the Lotic through its paces testing it out at the swim leg of the Double Brutal Triathlon, this is a Double Ironman distance ultra triathlon in Wales and the swim was a 4.8 mile lake swim in 13 degree water, pretty chilly.

Very comfy, nice and flexible around the shoulders and knees and a really great fit.

Swim The Eden

Now this is the point where any wetsuit earns its stripes, halfway through the swim, 2.4 miles and over 1.15 hour of swimming and the thickness and warmth are key. This is where the Lotic stood out for me, I didn't feel the cold at all and this really helped my muscles stay warm and my breathing measured. I powered through and really began to enjoy the beautiful scenery, taking in the rising sun as we swam across the lake.

Swim The Eden

I couldn't recommed the Alpkit Lotic highly enough, super warm and thick without sacrificing on comfort and flexibility

Swim The Eden

Swim The Eden October 2015 - Calum Hudson

Lotic Wetsuit in H2O

Lotic wetsuit tried and tested in H2O magazine

"We particularly liked the neck of the Lotic - simple, soft nylon made it extremely comfortable ... Another nice touch was the little pocket on the inside of the suit..."

H2O Magazine

H2O Magazine September 2015 -

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