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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

HAAP 3 piece cook set with kettle

Durable, tough and such great value. H.A.A.P includes a frying pan, pot and kettle, everything you need to cook up an amazing meal

haap anodised aluminium pan set
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  • - haap anodised aluminium pan set
This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

It’s hard. It’s anodised aluminium. And it’s, well, a pan set. 

From your morning brew to your evening stew (followed by a little choc fondue), no matter which adventure you choose to pursue.

And whether you travel by foot, by bike or canoe, H.A.A.P. will offer you endless durability for great value.

A frying pan for a proper full english breakfast which doubles up as a lid for the 1.6 l pan. Perfect for family camping or rough and tough climbing trips, stealthy bushcrafting or relaxed fishing trips.

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • 1.6 l pan compatible with our hanging chains
  • 0.6 l kettle - enough for tea for two
  • Universal pan holder
  • Nylon webbing strap to keep the set neat and tidy
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Vital stats

Frying Pan:
External diameter: 19 cm
Internal diameter: 16 cm
Depth: 4 cm

1.6l Pan:
External diameter: 18 cm
Internal diameter: 16.5 cm
Depth: 17.5 cm
Capacity: 1.6 l

Diameter: 13 cm
Depth: 8 cm
Kettle lid diameter: 9.5 cm
Capacity: 0.6 l

Handle length: 13 cm
Webbing length: 68 cm


1.6 l Pan: 174 g
Frying Pan: 120 g
Kettle with lid: 146 g
Kettle lid: 30 g
Handle: 38 g
Webbing strap: 10 g
Total weight: 488 g

Origin: China

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What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Nice little set

I've enjoyed my haap cookset and have used it 3 times now. The lid fits 6-8 sausages as a frying pan, the pan does a good amount of pasta. The little kettle is cute and does exactly 2 mugs of tea, it boils really fast on a camping stove. Despite crusted burnt on fat the frying pan came up clean after a short soak. Am very happy so far.


I've used this set a few times now and it's served me well.
I will second a previous review in that the too pans are a pain to get to stay together whilst you tighten the strap. They slip all over the place! But I won't drop it a star for that.
I did have a lovely surprise though when I opened the box and found a kettle! I didn't realise that it came with a kettle!
Bargain and recommended.
Shane. Bikepacker, adventure biker and charity fundraiser.

Kiwi Nesa
Great kettle and pot size

The most infuriating thing about this cook set is the way it doesn't quite fit together for packing away, the fry pan is millimeters too small, hence it's very challenging to get it to stay on the pot when trying to use the wrap around strap to hold it all together.

The fry pan requires a lot of oil to prevent food from sticking.

What I do really like is the kettle and the size of the big pan is just right for a one pot meal for 2 people, these 2 items are what I bought the cook set for and they've served their purpose well!
Great value too.

Info on site incorrect

Kettle is only 0.4l capacity it is truly tiny. It sits in the palm of my hand. Bought this set hoping it would be enought for two but cant prepare 2 noodle pots or similar that require 300ml of water as the kettle isnt big enough. The pan seems ok and the correct size. The kettle has a huge amount of space around it when stored in the pan, so slides around alot. The frying pan come lid is a bit odd too the sides tapered so use of the grabbed handle is at a really strange angle.

Desperately disappointing

Bought to replace Trangia pans used on an Optimus Nova stove. I needed one saucepan & one frypan/lid - so didn't want to go the whole hog of buying a whole trangia system again. This seemed great, from the reviews, but what I didn't appreciate was that 'difficult to pack due to size/shape of pans' would also mean impossible to use the way I (now realise) normally cook - with the saucepan on the burner and the frypan/lid in the frypan mode on top (either frying gently or keeping things warm). It is impossible to use this set in this way, ruined by both the size/shape being mm's out, but also by the packing strap retaining metal lugs, which just get in the way (of the handles, of the other pan when trying to cook) and, quite frankly, wouldn't be necessary if it had been slightly better thought out.
Had my Trangia pans 20 (?) years, had these less than 6 months. Going in the bin and buying Trangia again.
One star because I think the kettle will fit in a Trangia 27 pan .....


Hi, I’m really sorry that you have not got along with the size of your HAAP set. This sort of feedback is taken into account by our product team for future designs. If you do decide that they no longer work for you, please consider donating to our Continuum Project(https://www.alpkit.com/continuum), selling on or recycling rather than binning! Drop support an email if you have any further queries on this. Many thanks, Ashleigh