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Gourdon 30 waterproof back pack



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Waterproof 30 litre roll top drybag with mesh pockets for extra carrying capacity. Gourdon is a functional rucksack you can take on any wet adventure


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Gourdon was designed to make carrying things easy, one large 30 litre roll top dry bag compartment you can fill with enough essentials for most adventures.

Featuring padded shoulder straps, an integrated waist and chest clip along with a sit pad and hydration bladder pocket, Gourdon is a functional rucksack you can take on any wet adventure. 

You’ve tailored the rest of your kit, weighed your sleep system, spent that extra dosh on some titanium cookware so why not remove the sit pad to turn Gourdon into a lightweight rucksack. Escape at weekends, meet your mates for an adventure, it’s that simple.

Product Insight
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Key features
  • Pouch for 1 l - 1.5 l hydration unit (450 mm long by 200 mm wide bladder)
  • Taped waterproof seams
  • Duraflex Buckle and toggle closure
  • Roll-top closure
  • A Taslan TPU Nylon bag
  • 30 litres of storage
  • Removable sit pad
  • Weight: 460 g
  • Height: 60 cm
  • Diameter: 30 cm
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

21 Reviews


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Love It

Having used the product in the Chamonix valley and as my carrying on bag on flights I would just say it meet all my needs. The side pockets are big and were great for dumping stuff in. My only request, as someone with wider shoulder is the straps be wider apart. But apart from that can not think of any reason why someone would not want to buy this great bag. Price, damn fine.

still going strong

I bought the *stealth* version of the Gourdon 30 when it was first offered- years ago- must be 10 by now. It's been everywhere with me, packed flat in the bottom of a bad and used as a daysack; lugging gear around; out on safety boats full of first aid stuff and snacks for the sailors; long sea trips; trips through the not so careful aircraft luggage handlers and carousel, and it has never once let me down. It's a bit grubby now, but still does its job well and will be with me on my next trip to Madeira.
Handy tip: swap the plastic insert where the water bladder can go for a shaped piece of carrymat for more comfort.


I have used this bag for canoeing in some very bad weather. Even when left out in torrential rain for many an hour in a puddle of water at the bottom of the canoe everything inside was bone dry. It also packs super small and can fit easily in another bag to use as a daysack. Thoroughly recommend if you want a waterproof bag for anything.

Mitch - the 5am biker
Best commuter bag

I bought this about 5-6 months ago during a rainy Spring in Ohio. Bought it specifically to carry a change of clothes with shoes in addition to a laptop and some miscellaneous cables to/from work. I had been using a 45L backpacking bag with a dry cover. This bag is a dream - carries all this without giving the appearance of a 'backpacking' bag. Moreover, if the waterproofing wears off, it won't break your bank to replace it (that being said, mine has held up to daily use). I price matched to similar size waterproof bags from TNF and Patagonia, using online discount sites and this bag is still better specced and better priced.
I bought the orange color and I strap a biking taillight to the roll top and I think it gives me a very visible posterior. Very highly recommended

Love it!!!!

Absolutely brilliant bag. Done two walks (8hrs & 4hrs) with it as my day bag and it was ideal, especially as it rained nonstop so everything was perfectly dry.
Had loads of room for all my gear, food, snacks, extra clothes & waters bottles. I used little stuff sacks to keep my bits & bobs together - one for keys, phone, purse etc and another one for food so that everything was quick & easy to grab.
I found it really comfortable and I’m buying a second one in lego blue

Love this backpack

I walked the Camino de Santiago with this backpack last year, and it was brilliant. Super lightweight, and I never had to worry about putting on a rain cover. There were many envious walkers!

I see they've added some mesh side pockets to the design now, which is excellent, as I previously found carrying water the only drawback. I'll be ordering another!

Simple & Elegant

I recently bought this model and found it amazing. I use it for daily commute to office and fits all the logistics I need. It is definitely waterproof. It has loads of space to even to carry some groceries back home. It is perfectly designed for daily commute.

I am a bit skeptical about its comfort for a bike tour though. However, the external pouch easily holds my 3l hydration pack, which is great. I will definitely try this on a bike tour to be able to see it for myself.

Awesome bag for an awesome price.

Lovely product, brilliant company!

I bought this for watery adventures, scrambling down to hidden sea swims, long days at rowing events but also for hikes. I absolutely love it! The colour is beautiful (I got the Jaffa) and the bag is really well made. I'd specifically wanted a back pack dry bag but not a heavy vinyl one. The fabric is a really nice weight - not heavy but not as thin as the lighter bags on the market. I also really wanted an ethical product. Customer service was great when I phoned to make an enquiry, and the bag was dispatched really quickly. So glad I've discovered Alpkit - I will be buying more.... wetsuit is already on my wishlist!

Richard Leslie
Gourdon 30

This was my first purchase from Appkit. Before I received the back bag I was feeling dubious since the price was relatively low compared to other packs. This pack is great, comfy straps, handy carry loop, good deep mesh pockets on the sides. Very well made and has a quality feel to the fabric. I cannot recommend highly enough this pack. If I had to be very, very picky then I would like to see in future packs a small loop on the inside to attach a carabiner for keys! Cheers Richard

Great buy for price

I have walking for over 25 years and this is my best ever buy for price!!!I have used this for a one wild camp high up in the lakes full loaded it did feel comfy on only having a tee shirt on, despite its not so padded hip belt which was a concern when I first bought it, so yes very comfy on. Nice one guys

Best bag I've ever had

I love this bag and use it all the time, from commuting across the city to taking camping. I don't find it uncomfortable at all but really simple and practical, and it is waterproof. I've ridden through thunderstorms and everythings totally dry. I'm thinking about getting another one, for under £30 I think it's inconceivable you will find better value.

Gourdon 30

first may i say alpkit staff deserve 5 stars first class service from start to finish. For the Gourdon 30 great for my purpose light hill walking,i would be no expert on rucksacks as this is my first but i have to say it meets all my needs and very comfortable to wear and also finding it handy for light shopping great!

Gourdon 30

“still such a fantastic sack. Please don't lose the mesh pockets, but would be good to have an internal clip for keys OR a small zip pocket that can be attached.. I use it daily for a bike ride to work, rain or shine knowing nothing will get wet”

Bugbear 64
Gourdon 30

Great bag,super light with well spaced straps for big blokes so it doesn't cut into my neck whilst carrying stuff.
Totally waterproof so that when you spill your stupidly smelly fishing bait inside of the bag ,just turn it inside out and wash it,nice and easy.
My wife likes it so I might buy another colour but not for her

Durable and trusted

I purchased this bag in October 2016, mainly for its waterproof design. Not sure what I intended to use it for. Initially, I used it as a climbing bag, which held my rack, 40m rope, harness and shoes. It perfomed well on a dusty trip to Tenerife. More than enough storage.

More recently I took it as my sole bag for 2 weeks in Vietnam, never let me down. It kept all my gear dry and would be harder for someone to theive anything from it. Has a handy velcro pocket on the back to store travel docs.

My only niggle, is the straps can be abrasive when wearing a tank top, which i often do! And the stitching is slightly coming away on the straps, but not in a big way (think its cus of carrying heavy climbing loads).

If you're looking for a do it all backpack this is the one, it's waterproofness is an added bonus!

Mr R

Bought one of these for the daily cycle commute. It's great, though the padding in the straps and back piece could be a bit more robust. That and the lack of a small internal secure pocket (phone, wallet..essentials you want to fine quickly not root around for) are the only down sides. As I said originally bought for the commute but it soon became as attached to me as my springer. Kayaking, hiking, abseiling, bouldering, mountain biking...the list goes on. Put a secure internal pocket in it near the top, make the back padding (seat for getting your bru on) thicker and make the shoulder straps a bit more comfortable and it'd be perfect. Oh i got the day-glo yellow and it stand out amongst everything :D


Arrived pretty quick over the Atlantic! Want to use it for winter hikes, looking forward to that. For daily use and the regular big grocery and beer can shopping I'm not sure, the material is oon the thinner side.
One flaw: it really smells quite chemically inside, stays outside for venting at the moment... I know, waterproof sealing...

Good but folds in half if not full

A good backpack with plenty of room. Big enough for a weeks youth hostelling in summer. Problem is when the pack isn't full it bends in half because of lack of a rigid back padding. This gets annoying when used as a day sac.

Thin fabric.

I like the design of the bag and customer service is great. The let down for me was the super thin fabric used. I own 2 ortlieb bags and i can't see my hand on the other side of them unlike this bag that's how thin this fabric is. I was hoping to use it to carry my camera gear and clothes but am now worried the bag will rip. The patches to repair rips are great but if my £3000 camera gear hits the floor the repair patch is not going help.

Garrett Turbett
No good for actually wearing.

Brightly coloured

Unless full, lacks shape and doesn't sit against my back.
Straps not well padded, so if filled it's uncomfortable for any length of time.
Shoulder straps too close at the top - I've been using for a fortnight on the bike and it results in neck pain where the hard, insufficiently padded straps dig into my neck (I've a 15" neck, so not as though I'm above average size!).

This last point, in my opinion, makes it unusable for cycling and I've now ordered another bag. In truth, I think this is not a useful 30l pack: must be full to offer shape, but strap padding insufficient for the potential weight of a 30l filled pack; and, it's basically unusable on the bike (my commute is just 40min).

I'll use this for throwing my wetsuit into -which means carrying for a couple of hundred metres from car to lake- but I don't see any other useful function.

Paul Elliott
Epic fail

Sternum strap failure with one use. Not worth the postage to return to the U.K.


Hi Paul,
We’ve contacted you directly as all our products are warrantied for 3 years against defects in materials or workmanship. If the product is faulty, we’ll cover the cost of the postage as long as we are contacted in advance.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites
Great Value

Gourdon 30 Gets “Great Value”

a big waterproof dry bag you can wear, at a bargain price.


Walk Magazine March 2018 - Oli Reed

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