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Gourdon 25 waterproof back pack

Gourdon 25 drybag day sack chilli red


  • Chilli - Gourdon 25 drybag day sack chilli red
  • Black - Gourdon 25 drybag day sack black

Waterproof 25 litre roll-top drybag, simple, not fuss clean lines, ideal for anything from adventure races to the daily commute.


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The difficult middle child? Gourdon 25 is a delight actually! We chose to go super clean with the larger Gourdons, to enable you to get out there looking like a pro.

Gone are the days of pots and pans hanging off the back of your sack, or one of those rucksack covers that never really worked. You don’t need the waterproof cover any more, the roll top closure and drybag design means it can last any shower and even the occasional dunking. One large 25 litre compartment is all you need for all those bits and pieces for a wild camp away from the masses.

Taped seams, durable nylon fabric and the simple design means a rucksack weighing under 400 grams. This includes integrated padded rucksack straps, a hydration pocket, chest strap and waist belt. Your companion for adventures in the UK; you never know when it is going to get a bit damp - but it will eventually...

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Key features
  • Pouch for 1 l - 1.5 l hydration unit (450 mm long by 200 mm wide bladder)
  • Roll-top closure
  • Removable padded back
  • Taped waterproof seams
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Fabric: Taslan TPU nylon
Taped waterproof seams
Duraflex buckles


Total weight: 355 g
Removable back insert: 50 g
Height (laid flat): 55 cm
Diameter: 25 cm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

15 Reviews


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L Murray
Favourite bag

Bought this bag as a present for my boyfriend over a year ago and it has lasted really well, we will be stuffing our things into it on adventures for many years to come! Has been skiing, hill walking, sightseeing and cycling to name a few!! I eventually bought myself a 20 because I kept nicking his, and I like the outside pockets on that one but this design is super sleek so... good for different reasons! Only thing missing is a small internal pocket

Genevieve Devroey
Fantastic value for money, just needs a pocket

I have had my bag for 3 years and seriously rate it. I commute with it everyday on my bike and its very comfortable to wear and really light weight. The fabric is strong and although i tore a hole in it once i re sealed it and it was as good as new.

My only fault is it would be really useful to have one small external pocket on it. As the bag is one compartment it makes rummaging for things a nightmare. A small pocket for essiential like bank cards and keys etc would really help.

Love it

I had no specific need for the gourdon and my past experience of dry packs (by Overboard & Ortlieb) is that I hate the weight, they seem unbalanced and never swallow much gear despite being in theory voluminous. I bought this as part of the day ride bundle as I was after a fuel pod & stem cell which made the price a no brainier. Turns out I love this bag and find myself wanting to take it with me! So light and comfy - full or empty - it’s the only pack I’ve ever had that I’m happy to cycle with (except smaller bladder packs). Chilli colour is really nice and have added some reflective bits for commuting (I hope it doesn’t effect waterproofing). I wish it had a loop or internal pocket for valuables.

Jon M
Gourdon, works really well

OK, I'll add a review. Because I really like Alpkit, they have some great stuff. I have an earlier version of the backpack, which has a transparent window, so you can see what you're packing.

I bought it years ago, so I'm reviewing an older model, but at the same time, I'm also offering feedback on 5 years of usage.

Fabric seems quite light weight, yet it's tough as anything. I do look after all my stuff, I'm very carefu.

I've used it very effectively on major ocean yacht crossings. We also used it for packing emergency equipment. I use it daily for cycle trips, look after it, and it's tough as anything.

Whilst it may seem I'm criticising the lightness of the materials, a huge advantage is that it doesn't weigh much, you can easily put this backpack on a diet.

it's a great backpack if you're out swimming. I've swum out to lots of boats, using the bag to hold my clothes, phone, fishing kit, etc., The bag is just totally waterproof, and let's you do all sorts of things you probably wouldn't have thought you could do.

In short, a brilliant bit of equipment.


I have been looking for a pack to run commute in London. Having tried a couple (and returned) I stumbled across Alpkit, and ordered this.
It is absolutely perfect. I carry quite heavy stuff (Laptop, Clothes, Toiletries etc) and the bag stays in place. I would highly recommend.

Buy it!

I've had two of these bags. The only reason I replaced my original was due to being careless with a knife (totally not an Alpkit problem). Have used in all weathers cycle commuting, walking and as a general day to day back pack and literally cannot fault it. I've never had a bag last so long in everyday use.

Love how simple it is no stupid excess pockets like most backpacks. I know where my stuff is when it's in my bag(although bladder pouch is great addition).

Would instantly replace this with another Gourdon if it ever breaks or gets lost. I would honestly feel like I was missing out if I bought something else. And it's so cheap! Just buy it you won't regret it.

Would give 6 stars if this was an option!

Buy One!

I bought my Gourdon 25 3 years ago for cycling to work every day. I've used it in some truly foul weather and it has stayed 100% waterproof. I'm thinking about another but, truthfully, I don't need it. The old one is fine, just a bit grubby... from all the foul weather commuting!

A modern classic

The perfect daysack, I've had mine for five years, it's still as good as new and it's had a lot of use. Can't fault it a modern classic.

A week in with my Gourdon 25

This is my first purchase from Alpkit, previously an unknown world discovered through reading 'Microadventures'. All I can say is 'where has this bag been all my life'? It's excellent. It's spacious. It's light. It's stylish. I've loaded it up with shopping. I've carried tins of paint in it this week. I've cycled in pouring rain with my work laptop inside, confident it'll still work when I get home.

As a cycle commuter this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. It swallows all my stuff. This week I've lugged my laptop and associated cabling, a change of work clothes, my lunch, a hefty D-lock and bike repair stuff. Felt totally secure even when out of the saddle riding uphill.

It seems bombproof and has the features you'd want and none of the extraneous stuff. The minimal design aesthetic just looks cool and the kind of thing that ought to cost a shed load more. Having just read 'Microadventures' I'm now planning my own escapades using the Gourdon.

EVEN better, buying from Alpkit gives confidence it wasn't put together in a sweatshop. I'll be back for more stuff if its all this good!

Jasper Law
Bloody sweat and tear stained but still going strong

I have had this bag for about 4 years and use it every single day for everything from my commuter bag, to the weekly super overloaded shopping run to caving mountain biking

Literally the best bag ever

I've had mine for 2 years and I adore it. It is the perfect size for my daily commute and keeps my clothes happy and dry.

Chopstick lover
Spot on

I've used this for the last few years as a do anything kit bag, and most recently as a bag to commute swimming/running stuff to work in. It's robust, simple and highly admired by many people.

Perfect piece of kit

Just perfect. Simple. Practical and well made. Great service and good price too.

Day in day out ....

I have used a Gourdon 25 as a my bag for cycle-commuting for the last few years. In all weathers, day in / day out. It is without doubt the best rucksack I have ever had for the job. Waterproof, perfect size for my lunch, a book and a change of gear. I love it and would gladly recommend it to any of my cycling buddies.

Top notch

Best pack i have ever bought. It hasn't leaked once, really light and at a good price.
The only things I would add are some elastic to tidy the waist straps (soon sorted with some slim black hairbands)
Place to put keys (Using Velcro I secured a clear pencil case inside)
Quality stuff Alpkit.
A tip for those of you that cycle with it. (I do everyday)
Sandwich your D lock between two pieces of cardboard inside the hydration storage pouch. Keeps it from digging into your back and rattling around.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Trek and Mountain review the Gourdon 25

Trek and Mountain review the Gourdon 25 and award it 8/10.

A bit different, but good value and surprisingly useful

Trek and Mountain

Trek and Mountain June 2011 -

Countryfile features Gourdon 25 as one of the best waterproof products

Counrtyfile pick three of the best waterproof products to feature in the May 2011 issue. Gourdon is one of the top picks.

Genuinely waterproof day-packs are few and far between, which makes Alpkit's excellent Gourdon packs a rare beast

Jon Doran

Countryfile May 2013 - Jon Doran

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