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Gourdon 20 waterproof back pack

Alpkit Gourdon 20 day sack


  • Lego - Alpkit Gourdon 20 day sack
  • Black - Alpkit Gourdon 20 day sack in black

Waterproof 20 litre roll-top drybag with bungee straps and mesh pockets for added capacity, ideal for anything from adventure races to the daily commute.


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Simple is a complicated design brief. Just a drybag with straps?

We made Gourdon durable and waterproof because we wanted a go anywhere rucksack and our customers have really taken this to heart. Gourdon 20 has been used at over 6000m, taken part in adventure races and seen a lot of canoe journeys. Some people have even used it to just walk round the park with the dog.

As a day bag Gourdon 20 is the perfect volume - it swallows a big lunch, waterproofs, jumper and space for all those little things. The single roll top opening keeps everything inside dry and secure - more than any other rucksack we’ve tried.

Gourdon gets used day after day; it has a removable stiff back pad, comfy foam mesh padded straps, a waist belt and chest straps. Wear it all weekend; biking one day, on the hill the next and commute to work on Monday.

Not content with Gourdon being an extremely versatile bag already, we added mesh pockets for easy access to your water bottle and snacks on the go. Elasticated straps let you attach anything you want on the outside - from a wet waterproof to little Tommy’s cuddly dinosaur toy.

Product Insight
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Key features
  • Pouch for 1 l - 1.5 l hydration unit (450 mm long by 200 mm wide bladder)
  • Twin mesh side pocket fit std cycle water bottle and smaller Siggs
  • Roll-top waterproof closure
  • Removeable padded back
  • Elasticated accessory cord
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Fabric: Taslan TPU nylon
Taped waterproof seams
Duraflex buckles


Total weight: 380 g
Removable back insert: 50 g
Height (laid flat): 50 cm
Width (laid flat): 32 cm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

57 Reviews


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Great bag

Really useful, amazing how much you can get in/on it. Just a shame the bigger versions aren't offered with the bungee straps.

Rich McG
Great little pack

There's a simple reason why this small backpack has so many good reviews...it's great. Despite it's size, I use this for most of my day hikes and can easily fit in a brew kit, waterproofs, bivi bag and extra clothing. It's also suitable for work and travel, you could pack it into a suitcase if walking on holiday and aside from all that you feel confident of it's ability to keep everything dry, as it's basically built around a dry bag.

Laura M
Fantastic bag

I bought the Gourdon 25 for my boyfriend a year ago and having been "borrowing" it from him ever since! This bag, despite being a wee bit smaller is even more perfect for me, I love the mesh pockets and elastic straps and sleek design. Only way it could be improved would be a small internal key/change pocket as I am forever rootling around in the bottom

No comparison

I own 3 of these and have given 3 away - simply the best, most reliable rucksack I have ever had. It has carried my laptop and work gear reliably to work on my bike, on the train, up the fells year in year out.

Never leaked. Never torn. Carries loads extra in the mesh pockets and webbing. Space for water bladder in the pouch on the back.

I’d buy a couple more to cover me if I ever found out they were on the last production run.


So I got this bag after two Atom bags failed on me and the wonderful folk at Alpkit allowed me to upgrade to the 20. This bag is awesome. I wear it to commute daily by bike. I take it with me on holiday. It carry many bottles of wine! I can carry all I need, the bag is comfy, and most definitely waterproof. If there's a downside it's the lack of internal pockets, but that's not what this bag is about.
Just get one.

Strong as ten oxes

Had it for three years now, it’s been well and truly battered. Cycle commuting daily, walks in the mountains, go to bag for the beach. Simple and perfectly executed, it’s the cheese on toast of rucksacks

Martin Hayes
Cannot be faulted

I've had mine 5 or 6 years cycling and mountain hiking and still going strong - just seems to swallow loads and then more room on the outside with the pockets that also seem to swallow stuff. Plus it's waterproof and like a previous poster said it comes within the size for Carry on with Ryanair. I recent took it as my only bag for a 3 week trip around the Caribbean - it managed to hold sandals and deck shoes, snorkel, Shamag, clothes PLUS a Hennessey Hammock. The fact that it fits in the overhead bin on the Virgin Atlantic flight from Gatwick to St Lucia also saved me shelling out £60 each way for a Hold bag. Awesome is it's middle name.

8 years and still in perfect shape!

I left a review of my Gourdon 20 some 5 years ago, and said it was the best thing ever. Well it still is!

I got mine in 2010 and eight and a half busy years later it is still going everywhere with me and get used week in week out, on the hills, in my bike, in the car and out shopping. It is still fully waterproof (though it has delaminated a little by the top of the roll closure) and as good as new.

The design is just about perfect. Lightweight but very robust. The side pockets are very useful and deep enough t put loose items in, as well as water bottles, buffs, binoculars and cameras. The bungee cord is perfect for carrying a coat or a bundled tarp.

When my Gourdon finally gives up the ghost (and that doesn't look like any time soon) then there will only be one thing to replace him with.... a new Gourdon!

Chris W
Excellent Backpack

This was the first item i bought from Alpkit (had about 2 years now) and from then on i have been slowly adding Alpkit stuff to me & my wifes collection, it is now my go-to brand (plus i like the discrete logos on my clothing) . This is an excellent Backpack in loads of ways, it is one of the lightest bags around, Waterproof, very durable and a great price, I can fit more than enough gear into it for walking, There is a removable sit mat that i occasionally use. There is two pockets that easily hold (biking) Water bottles, The Bungie is great for Stuffing a Waterproof or fleece into, it is comfy to carry due to its lightweight. The top access is slightly more fiddlely than a Zip or Toggle (but do to nature of being a good waterproof seal is acceptable) but you soon get used to opening and closing the top without having to stop. The only very minor improvement would be to have slightly more elasticated bottle holder pockets to stop water bottles falling out on the hand full of occasions that i have experienced when 1/4 to 1/2 full bag was taken off. This bag is still going strong with no signs of wear.

Ants Pants
Quietly brilliant

Hiking, biking, camping, commuting and lots of shopping. This pack does it all: no fuss, no muss. Few products of any category are this well made, simple, versatile, rugged and good value. Not only the product, but the fact that it comes with repair patches and the design has not changed is testament to the company philosophy. After 8+ years, it's time to buy another one.

Some mods that I have made to take it to the next level: removable waist strap, loops at the base of the shoulder straps to clip things to, reflective tape on the rear, velcro loop inside the pack to keep the bike pump out of the way.

Perfect for the winter commute

Bought the 20 litre bag a few weeks ago, it has proved perfect for my winter cycle commute. I would say it's bigger than the stated volume. Looks well enough made to last years. Another one ordered yesterday after my partner got jealous

several years of good service

Barely weighs more than the drybag itself, can take a water bladder too, and straps at chest and waist help on more protracted duties. Had this ?circa 4-5 years now and still going strong, used as my daily work bag as well as any other excuse. Some fretting of the lightweight side pocket mesh, but my fault for keeping pens and mechanical pencils in them, and having them constantly overloaded. Just posting this review because I read that the new ryanair rules are to be for a max 20L cabin bag included in standard ticket price. I know what I'll be using. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45289432

Marc Stapleford
Best Back pack Out There! #Hardcore

I have had my Gourdon 20 for 2 yrs now and its still going strong, best bag ever!

I mountain bike & hike in Snowdonia, Kayak in the Sea and lakes and the Gourdon has never let me down.. BEST EVER WELL DONE ALPKIT smile.

ps will be using it again for this weekend to compete in a 2 day mountain marathon in Snowdonia smile #bombproof


Brilliantly designed, simple, comfortable and insanely cheap. Useful for everything from shopping to fell walking. My favourite bag.

Apocalypse proof piece of kit

I've had a red Gourdon 20 for so long I can't actually recall how old it is but I'm sure it is 8+ yrs of fairly frequent use..apart from fading a bit over that time all the straps / elastics / clips still work perfectly - it is just starting to look shabby and a little leaky in extreme circumstances - like it's owner - but considering it's age and the abuse it's had (overloaded so I can hardly lift it, wet/dry/dust/mud/chucked about/beaches/towns ..walking+ cycling etc) I can't complain. It can hold an incredible amount of stuff, it's comfy - a bit sweaty on the back is the only criticism I can make - you can bungee a bike helmet / clothes whatever on the back plus the side pockets are so handy. I've just ordered a kelp replacement hoping it's as tough- I'll tell you when I order another in 8+yrs! For the price it's a no brainer. A simple, tough and versatile piece of kit. Very Highly recommended.

Bomb proof!

Had one of these for 4 years, used on the daily cycle commute. Comfortable, keeps everything dry and looks great. Still going strong. Classic Alpkit

I love Gourdon

I love this bag, perfect for day hikes in soggy Cornwall. I had a problem with the chest strap on my first one, but it was replaced by Alpkit with no quibbles. Apparently the materials for the chest straps has changed now, so hopefully there won't be any more problems. Top marks for the bag, and for customer service

Banana Hammock
Brilliant piece of kit

I use this all the time, from cycling in the rain, to wading through swamps, to going on diving trips through rough seas. Nothing has ever got wet inside it. It is comfortable and spacious. I even used it as bucket once, since it is obviously waterproof from the inside too. My mates are always jealous of it and ask me where I bought it. It's gone up in price since I bought it for 20 quid about 7 years ago, but it's still an amazing bargain.

You need this rucksack

Quick story:

I've owned a 22l rucksack from Osprey for 8 years. It's served me well on hundreds of commutes and numerous extended road trips.
Then I saw the Gourdon (two of my close friends both purchased one in the same month). I liked it, but I didn't need it.
Then someone bought me one for my birthday. Nice.

One short road bike commute (10 miles), one long road bike commute (50 miles) and one long run home (13 miles) and the Gourdon has shown itself to be light, comfortable, a great fit (I'm average build and 5'11) and as a bonus, it's a dry bag!!!
£32? Buy one. Buy your friends one. Buy you dog one. This rucksack is THE rucksack and you need one in your life.

Very Durable

I bought this pack to replace an old $10 backpack that survived five years of college. At first, I was hesitant about switching from a generic black backpack with tons of compartments to a flashy red pack with one chamber. Since making the switch, I haven't gone back. My favorite features are:
- waterproof roll top
- water bottle holders on both sides
- simplified storage
- super lightweight
- padded straps
- velcro compartment can fit a 2.5 L hydro pack

You just can't get a backpack this versatile, lightweight, and waterproof for such a small price tag. Everyone should have one of these.

Jim L
Best cycling bag I've ever owned

Been using this for a year or two and it's without a doubt the best cycling bag I've owned.

100% waterproof. Bulletproof. Comfortable.

Never going back to the usual cycling hydration packs.

Buy one. You won't regret it!

These are awesome

I've got a 30L version, and a 20L one I've been using for the last 4 years commuting on the bike. Fully waterproof and very comfy. My current commute is 35k each way, and I hardly notice I'm wearing it. The side pockets are very handy, and I attach a flare light to the webbing for extra visibility. I'm about to order a Chilli one for a bit of extra visibility.

Ideal back pack

I bought this back pack for a trip to the peaks. I need something more than your usual CamelBak. I had plenty of space for all my gear and carried a 1.5 litre bladder, great little touch having a pocket for that. It was really comfy throughout the ride and distributed the weight evenly. The only mod I made was to place a clip on the lower part of the shoulder strap to retain the drinking pipe for the bladder. Still rate the pack as a 5 star. Superb.

Endee M
Gourdon Brown, Texture, Like Sun

Brilliant in every way. In fact, my better half has asked me not to keep going on about it's comfort, great design, good size, great waterproofing...
Props to the team in the Ambleside shop too, lovely bunch & very helpful.

Tom Kennish
Best Rucksack, best customer support

Had a problem with the rod that the chest strap clips to. On our way back from Scotland we stopped off at the Ambleside store, walked back out with a replacement in 2 minutes. Awesome people.

Festival staple

The Gourdon is at the top of my checklist for my yearly weekend pop festival - Indietracks. It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear, even for a short person (5' 4"). I love that I can chuck whatever I want in it without fearing the inevitable rain. Without it, I probably wouldn't risk taking my camera, and would have missed some fantastic shots over the years.

Every day

I've had this bag almost a year and have used it for commuting by bike year round, race day necessities, and carrying groceries. At 20l, it's small enough that it doesn't feel wasted when empty, and is surprisingly large when I need to carry extra gear. Best bag I've owned.

Stephen Williams
Great Wee Bag

Really pleased with the bag, bought it to replace my cycling bag and it fill the need perfectly. While it doesn't have all the nice compartments of my last bag the large opening makes it easy enough to navigate the internals and find what you need.
We have also used it for walks as a family and it preforms well, my back gets a bit sweaty but thats to be expected from a day sack of this type.
The fact it's waterproof it great, my last bag would fail on the zip line needing either a dry bag inside our an outer cover, neither of which are a great solution.
This just works and at a great price! I hope Alpkit keep producing it incase mine ever gets damaged so I can get another.....

Great bag

I bought this bag to use on my cycle to work, but ended up using it all the time. I just love it. Would love it even more if it had inside pouch or attachment hook.


Easily the best bag I've ever bought, water tight, super light and comfortable, easy access, super durable. I've used this bag every day for the past 4 years, no rips, no snags, it just keep going.


Nice job mates! Super fast shipping to the Czech republic!!! I love this pack. I will disseminate your cool brand here in central Europe:)

Versatile and trusty.

I've had my Gourdon for nearly 4 years and it's still as good as the day I got it. I've used it on my daily MTB commute for the last year and a half, it's never let a drop of rain in (it's even survived a few accidents). Before that I used it as my rucksack at University, carrying books and a laptop every day. Since day 1 it's also been used as a day sack in the mountains around the UK, a weekend bag and it's even been abroad a few times! These bags are so versatile and I trust it to keep my things dry every time. Everyone should own a Gourdon!

dave knowles
great MTB backpack

Bought this for mountain biking in Torridon. Hard to beat. Its light, comfy, waterproof and roomy.

No nonsense backpack.

This is the 3rd bit of kit from Alpkit, and again they have nailed it. A product that works. Packed correctly can hold an entire days kit with ease. It's waterproof with no flapping about cover. It's comfortable and even has a removable pad to sit on when you stop for lunch. Price point is great like all Alpkit stuff. I buy kit on a regular basis and I can guarantee more purchases will be made with Alpkit. Great products, Great company values.

Mike L
Excellent bag

Bought this pack 4 years ago, to use for daily bike commute.

Its light, comfortable and surprisingly spacious and endured all manner of weather conditions in those 4 years with aplomb.
It has been completely waterproof and the material is very flexible unlike the usual tarp type roll top bags seen.

The mesh pockets are handy and being deep have no worries about items coming out whilst walking or riding.

Was fortunate enough to get one of these in a bright fluro yellow for £25. Massive bargain.

Apart from some colour fading, the rest of the bag is still in great condition. When mine wears out will definitely get another.

Only drawback is the lack of brighter colour options.
Bring back orange and yellow fluro!

Great product and service!

Put my order for a 13l tapered dry bag, a gourdon 20 backpack and koala straps last saturday and received the items this wednesday (even with a personal note!).

First of all great service!

Second, the backpack looks and feels amazingly good!!!!!!
I have tried to attach the drybag on my bike, but it is a little bit moving around. I will look for further solutions and if that will not work out, I will certainly order the Koala!

Third, I will certainly will buy more Alpkit items in the future!

For the money, unbeatable.

Had mine for about 3 years, use it regularly, not at all careful with it and it's as good as the day I bought it. It has been carry-on luggage, a shopping bag for bike trips and a pannier top dry bag so far. Planning on DIY vertical bar bag harness made from tipped forward aero bars and this will be the first thing I strap to it.
The side mesh pockets hold all sorts of things and can be reached around to without taking it off and the stretchy cord will comfortably look after my bike helmet.
Wouldn't be without it. Me and Gourdon, we're mates!

Gordon 20

Got 2 of these backpacks used for everything bike walk beach day pack keeps everything dry does the job without any let down

Phil Luminous
My everyday carry.

I bought this little wonder on the off chance after seeing one or two at the Kendal Mountain Festi. thought it looked like a nice option for when I need a waterproof bag. Nothing too large or awkward and it's become my go-to daily!

It's super tough and beautifully finished and holds a lot more than I expected. I live and work as a solopreneur in London and will often carry around a 13" MacBook Air, notebook, warm layer, along with cables etc and that all fit's beautifully in there with room to spare. That coupled with the knowledge that my goodies will stay dry in amongst the frequent showers makes this a winner for me.

Also wonderful for a camera equipment carry-there's no padding beyond that which sits on my back-which is very comfortable by the way, so as long as cameras and lenses are in cases and padded layers, I can throw them in here knowing they'll stay dry and and have super easy access due to the large roll top aperture.

Mesh side pockets are great for my Sigg bottle and a beanie

All in all very happy with this wonderful little bag.

It is just so good

I love this bag, I have a 20l and a 25l - they really are multi use. The simple design made it perfect to bungee onto my pannier and it got from John O Groats to lands end with the contents perfectly dry. When not on an adventure I use it as a shopping bag - it fits lots in and is comfortable to carry. The woman on the checkout noticed it when I was shopping today and asked where it came from. A top backpack.

Best 20l backpack of all time

Been using this to commute on my bike every day for a few months now and can't fault it. Big enough for a change of clothes, tools, lock, lunch and other bits you might pick up throughout the day -- I find it's bigger than the advertised 20 litres at capacity. I keep keys / lights / gloves in the side pockets; my previous commuting backpack was one massive cavern so it's good to have these things easily accessible, and so far nothing's ever fallen out of them.

I have used the outside cord to attach a smaller backpack to this while travelling, as well as extra clothes and it works very well. Secure.

As for the waterproof properties, well, yep, 100% waterproof for a 40 minute commute.

It's also very comfy, I like the thin waist strap and the padded back means that my lock doesn't dig into my back. The only small criticism is that it can leave your back a bit sweaty in hot weather, but this isn't a problem as I change my clothes when I arrive at work.

If mine ever dies I will be replacing it with exactly the same product. That's how good it is.

Incredibly good

I've been a user of Alpkit products since pretty much day one. They continue to deliver remarkably well produced goods at remarkable prices. This was my latest purchase and it feels ultra robust as well as looking good. It's so far been used for a daily cycle commute but will be tested on a recce of the Langdale fel race this weekend. I'd sincerely love it if the company could develop a race vest or modified version of this for the demands of long fell races and mountain marathons; the current back area would need to be developed. Bring it on folks!

Great bag!

I love this pack. I've had it for years and taken it everywhere. It has so far remained waterproof and is perfect for anything from shopping to kayaking!
If I was being picky, the things I would like are a small pocket inside so I can find my keys, and a better waste strap, especially if it had a small pocket too.
Altogether though, at this price, you can't go wrong. (Also wish the bigger sizes had the features of this one.)

Angry pirate
Phenomenal lightweight pack

You know when you really don't need a new pack but really want one. That was the case with the Gourdon. And I'm so glad I did: it has been used almost daily for years now and has taken enormous amounts of abuse.
I use it as a gym bag for indoor climbing, as a lightweight hill bag, as a general day pack for family excursions (it fits changes of clothes for my two boys, nappies, wet wipes, drinks, snacks etc happily) and as a shopping bag for quick raids of the local shop's drinks section (the lady behind the counter is astounded by its ability to swallow an eight pack of beer and multiple bottles of wine plus random snacks)
It is still in great nick after about seven years of real abuse except for a tiny tear in the fabric and the seam tape having torn off behind the mesh pockets (from forcing trainers in an overstuffed bag)
Considering I didn't really "need" it in the first place, the Gourdon has rapidly become indispensable. When it eventually dies, I'll buy another but this time in orange smile

Perfect companion

When I popped down to AKHQ and bought this bag, I took it out the following day to put it to the test. And straight away as I was putting my kit into it i realised just how much kit you can actually can get in it.(lol) its proper impressive and it looks good also it's bloody comfortable to carry as well. It's the PERFECT COMPANION
I can really recommend this bag and it's so good I'm looking at getting the 30l one next for those longer weekends.

My go to day bag

I've had one of these bags for a few years now and it's an amazing piece of kit. The addition of the mesh pockets and the strapping turn this bag from a useful roll top ruck bag to a must have piece of kit.

Mine has been with me up mountains, to the beach and canoeing down rivers; It's been to the wilds of Alaska, it's been all across Europe and, when I've saved enough money, it will travel with me to New Zealand.

Ian Stuart
Really impressed

I bought this in a bit of a rush and didn't look too closely at the product description. I was looking for a slightly larger waterproof daypack than my current one and reckoned that for the price and as it was by Alpkit, who have never disappointed me, it would be fine. It's just arrived and I have to say I am chuffed to bits. It oozes quality and how they can sell such a well-made, feature rich pack for such a low price I don't know.

Bomb proof even after 3 years!

I've owned my 20L Gourdon for a little over 3 years now and it still preforms just as well as the day I brought it - absolutely bomb proof!

The 20L pack size is perfect for day hikes and adventures. Given that the main body of the bag has no dividers it can be a little tricky to find things lurking in the bottom, but this simple means you're encouraged to regularly empty out the things you don't need for that day and keep your pack to a minimum wink! For things you need quick access to such as gloves, water bottles or whatever, the two mesh side pockets come in extremely handy, as do the anchor points, should you want to strap/carabiner anything else to the bag.

I use this bag almost everyday out in the field in all imaginable conditions! Not only has its stood the test of time but the test of life; being dragged through endless hedges, worn whilst snorkling (yes it kept my camera dry, thanks for asking), used as a pillow whilst wild camping, as a day bag when travelling and even taking my lunch into work, Gourdon (or Gourdo as he...yes my bag is a dude...has become lovingly known) will not let you down!

AWESOME KIT. Superb value

£22.50 for a 20 litre waterproof, roll top drybag is a good price, but then add in that it’s full featured light backpack, with padded back pad, bladder pocket and decent padded shoulder straps (with adjustable chest straps) and waist strap. Then add in two mesh side pockets and elasticated compression cord running across the front of the bag.
The Gourdon 20 pack come drybag is outstanding. Alpkit, what an amazing bargain. Thanks.
2016 UPDATE: Been using for 3 years, has never let me down. I've even used it to carry Sony full frame camera kit (in a padded bag). Kept it all dust free and water tight during a tour of South Pacific

Top product

I've had the 20 for years now (probably more than 4, it has been so long I can't remember) and use it almost every day for mountain biking, commuting, climbing, shopping, sledging etc. Well happy. It is perfect for me- just the right size, light, simple and effective. It has had a hard life, has been all over the world and has a few small holes in it from all the abuse it has taken but is still going strong.

All in all it is an excellent bag and that's without considering the price. Bargain

Still going strong

Have now used the Gordon 20 for 18 months 5K miles commuting, never let in water, straps very comfortable, survived being scrapped down the road during a crash, mesh pockets a great size for bottle, gloves etc....The yellow has faded a little, Been great value so far

The go to bag

Brilliant quality, perfect size for a run or short walk. Highly waterproof with great additional side netting for bits, bobs and bottles.
Only disappointing issue is the stitching has come undone and the buckle fallen off on the waist strap after a few uses. I’m 6’3 and slim build so not putting it under duress too much!

Fantastic bit of kit

I use this for commuting on a bicycle in autumn and winter. It's easily big enough to fit a full change of clothes in, plus lunch and shoes if required.

The side pockets are great for putting kit in like puncture repair or gloves if you get too hot. One improvement that could be made is that they should be able to be tightened with a drawstring?

The orange is really bright and stands out but I would like to see some reflective detailing on these rucksacks for future versions.

It holds up really well to abuse like being dropped and stuffed in a locker and the roll-top is easy to use.

dartmoor keith
a classic

great sack, great value. I had a similar designed backpack from an american company and was expecting this to be similar, however, the fabrics and construction on this make a far more robust package.
I'ts highly comfortable and I use it for running, commuting and just about everything else.
Uncluttered and sleek in black I reckon its in the same design league as the opinel or maglight.
only draw back for me is the chest strap rides up but thats a problem I have on other sacks too so probably just me.
If the 25 and 30 were carbon copies in terms of pockets/ compression I'd have one each of those too!

Peter Urwin

Great little bag. The exterior pockets are a perfect fit for the typical sigg water bottle. The fabric used is very tough so you needn't be overprotective of the bag. The shoulder buckle did break on me and alpkit sent me a new one free of charge. This is typical of alpkit's customer service and is one of the main reasons why I keep buying their stuff! The only addition I would like to see is a small interior pocket for a wallet, phone and keys, hence the 4* rather than 5*

Not for me

I bought this bag on the basis of the comments and reviews. My initial reaction was it was an ideal bag that is well made and should be long lasting.

Unfortunately, as one of your larger users (I normally wear XL in most of the Alpkit gear I own) the waist strap will not go round my waist and the chest strap is about 2 inches too short.

I so wanted to like the bag but it just doesn’t fit me.

Some good bits and some bad bits

Main bag section is well constructed, waterproof, and has a safe fastening roll top closure. Fits all my day to day stuff in it no worries. Back panel is comfortable but may be a bit sweaty when warmer/cycling. Using it as my day to day commute, gym, travel bag as a waterproof replacement for an old OMM adventure light.

Fit is not great for someone like me with a fairly wide back and largish chest (43 inches). The top where straps attach digs into back of my neck and is perhaps because straps are fairly close together and pack sits high up. When pack is full and for regular wear (not cinched down tight) this avoids the neck issue, but shoulder straps are at the limit of their maximum extension, so with many layers on a bit awkward to get off and on. Where shoulder straps attach at base material can dig into your back again probably due to the narrow profile of the bag. Both these issues less noticeable when wearing a coat vs when wearing a single layer. Waist strap long and when not in use hangs down massively far so requires tucking in to back of pack elasticated cord.

Build quality is a bit suspect as 2 months old and already lost one of the little tags that hold the roll top down and the netting in both side pockets has pulled away from the elasticated cuff, risking loss of smaller items through the gaps.

Overall a useful bag but with some design niggles and build quality not at the level of my other Alpkit gear at a sensible price.

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