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Atom ultra lightweight day pack

Atom - Ultra-lightweight and compact 11 litre activity pack


  • Atom - Chilli - Atom - Ultra-lightweight and compact 11 litre activity pack
    Atom - Chilli
  • Atom - Plum - Atom - Ultra-lightweight and compact 11 litre activity pack
    Atom - Plum

Featherweight 11 litre activity pack that folds down into the size of your palm

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Constructed from the same 30D siliconised cordura as our Airlok drybags, the LitePak can be packed down to pocket size. 

Ideal for keeping in a rucksack when traveling for toting items when you don’t need your main bag. Invaluable for long trips such as gap year travels and expeditions, but also for short commutes by bike or just nipping to the shops.

The siliconised cordura is fully waterproof but the zips and seams are not taped. It is a great option for kayaking, fishing and sailing. This daypack comprises of a main compartment and a small side pocket. The bag can be stuffed into the side pocket for storage and transport.

The perfect size for valuables plus drinks and snacks or spare clothes.

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Key features
Vital stats

Approx volume: 11 litres
41 cm tall
29 cm wide at bottom tapering to 25 cm at top
12 cm depth at bottom tapering to 8 cm at top

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

8 Reviews


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Brilliant piece of kit

It packs up to virtually nothing and I so useful. When I go for a bike ride in the morning it's cold so I wear a jacket and soon I'll be wearing over trousers, on the return journey it's much warmer so I unpack the rucksack and put the jacket and trousers inside. It's very comfortable to wear and I hardly know it's on.

Neil Cottam
My favourite travel accessory.

I reviewed this on my blog in December 2015 after plenty of abuse. It is still going strong today. It was so good that I bought a spare one and that still hasn't been used smile

Mark C
Good but Strength is an Issue

Bought one July 17. Very compact and useful. Used for cycling to stow helmet and heavy duty D Lock. Do not overload it. The stitching at base has come apart on mine and when you hold it up to the light there are small fissures visible through the back section which look about to become tears.

Great concept, but of very limited use

The concept is great, but the actual bag isn't anywhere robust enough to be of much use. Pens, keys, beer bottle tops all pierce the fabric. The stitching looks like it's ready to give way with only the slightest weight in the bag. Ideal for carrying small soft items like a travel towel and shorts, but don't expect to carry a bottle of water, or a camera, or anything bulky.

Y Zhang
Very good pack size and comfortable to wear for its weight, but stitching could be stronger...

Bought it about two weeks ago to be used as a spare bag for a planned trip in Europe.

Thought I'd test it out by using it for some light grocery runs on the way home.

It worked very well for the first few times, but the bottom came off earlier today while only carrying some milk and bread.

Slightly disappointed since this is rather different from the high quality Alpkit stuff I'm used to... Would try to send it in for a repair/replacement in the near future and hopefully would have better luck this time!

Not strong enough

Unfortunately, the pack is useless. The same thing happened to me as to most of the other reviewers: the seam at the bottom simply gave way. It was during the first use after about an hour of carrying some spare clothes and a 1 litre water bottle in it. The construction is really poor: even if it was replaced, I wouldn't be able to trust this product to keep my things safely inside.


Thank you to everyone who has let us know about any seam issue on the Atom Pack.

Although this is a lightweight pack, we would expect it to able to handle weights of around 1kg - sufficient for a 1 litre bottle of water (although I admit I have gone over this a little with my Atom to carry the occasional bottle of wine!)

The Product Team have investigated the issue further, and although the analysis has shown that the failure rate is low on this product, this feedback has highlighted improvements we can make to increase the strength in future designs.

We have contacted Philip and hopefully can help out with his particular pack. Thanks again, everybody!

Needs a bigger seam allowance

I'm a big Alpkit fan and want to love this bag but it is poorly made. Alpkit exchanged my first one because of a stitching fault and the stitching has also given way on the replacement. Luckily, an eagle eyed train guard spotted my purse as it fell out of the bottom of the bag. I've mended the bag in multiple places as various seams have given way. The restitched seams have been much stronger and it looks like the original seam allowance is not sufficient to hold the cordura firmly. Please Alpkit talk to the manufacturers to rectify this in future, as the concept is excellent.

Will Adams
Very poor construction

During the first use of this bag I was using to carry my Canon EOS 550D with 28-80mm lens. I heard a thud behind me and found my camera on the floor, fortunately it landed in a pile of leaves and not on the rock next to the leaves. I would definitely not trust this product again.


We got Will’s Atom back and it was found to have a stitching fault

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